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Montgomery County Chapter
Ohio Genealogical Society

Requirements for Application to
First Families of Montgomery County, Ohio

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Membership in First Families of Montgomery County is open to any person who meets the following qualifications:
  • The individual is a member of the Montgomery County Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society. Dues must be paid for a full year's membership running from January 1 through December 31. A single membership is $12.00; family membership is $15.00.

  • The individual is a direct descendent of an individual who settled in the area once defined as Montgomery County, Ohio on or before December 31, 1830. The individual must provide an application with sufficient proof of such descent. The application fee is $10. Applications must be received by April 1 and will be reviewed by June of the same year. Awards for those applications that are approved are presented at the Chapter's June meeting. Successful candidates receive a certificate and a First Families name badge.


The application must be accompanied by copies of documents that prove:
  1. The ancestorís residence in Montgomery County Ohio before the end of 1830.
  2. Each step of the descent from the ancestor to the applicant.
All documents of proof must be referenced to their source and location.

Rules of Evidence

  1. Primary or collateral evidence from vital statistics government records, church, or school records are usually considered to be excellent proof.
  2. Secondary evidence, such as census records, newspaper articles, old letters, Bible or family records that are contemporary to the fact reported are considered to be almost as authentic.
  3. Circumstantial evidence, implied facts, or hearsay are not considered as proof unless supported by primary or secondary evidence.
  4. Oral, written, or published family histories may be wrong and are not accepted as proof.
To obtain more information about First Families or to request an application, send an e-mail message that includes your postal mailing address to Diane Dean, First Families Committee Chairman.

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