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Marriages for Grooms' Surnames beginning with "R"

Wilson Rice - Amanda E. O'Neill
Dayton Daily Journal - December 26, 1884, Pg 1

By Rev. M. Louck, at his residence, December 23d, 1884, Mr. Wilson Rice and Miss Amanda E. O'Neill, both of Dayton.

William C. Ricker - Marie Edith Johnson
Dayton Journal - August 29, 1902, Page 5

The following announcement has been received: Mr. and Mrs. Harold F. Johnson announce the marriage of their daughter, Marie Edith to William C. Ricker, Sunday evening, August 24, nineteen hundred and two, eight o'clock, Dayton, Ohio. At home after October 15, St. Paul, Minnesota.

Kermit Roosevelt - Mary Lowe Gaddis
Dayton Journal Herald, July 4, 1937, Page 2

Daytonians will be interested in the report of the marriage of Miss Mary Lowe Gaddis, daughter of Mrs. Avery Gaddis of Milton, Mass., and of Houston Lowe Gaddis of Marshall, Va., and Kermit Roosevelt at Oyster Bay, L.I., Monday.

The bride's father was born in Dayton and lived here until some 20 years ago. He is the cousin of the late Mrs. H. E. Talbott, of R. T Houk, Sr., of Mrs. Ella Lowe Gunckel, of Mrs. Robert Dun Patterson, of Mrs. Stoddard Schenck, and others of this wide and important Dayton connection. Another cousin is Mrs. John Lowe of New York.

The bride is also a grand niece of Miss Sarah Porter, founder of Miss Porter's school, and of Noah Porter, Jr., eleventh president of Yale.

The bridegroom is a grandson of the late President Theodore Roosevelt, whose widow was among those present at the wedding, which took place at the home of Mrs. Robert Porter Kemp, principal of Miss Porter's school.

William Earl Russ - Marie Ethel Bell
Dayton Daily Journal - January 2, 1904, Page 5

Miss Gertrude Waymire gave a charming luncheon at 1 o'clock Thursday at the Algonquin in honor of Miss Marie Ethel Bell, and the occasion was made of delightful interest when the announcement of the engagement of Miss Bell and William Earl Russ was formally made to the guests.

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