Muskingum County, Ohio Towns and Villages

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Adams Mills Cass 2 400924N0815649W
Adamsville Salem 4,7 400411N0815257W
Ashcraft Ford Jackson 3 400921N0820849W
Avondale Newton 15 395214N0820335W
Black Run Jackson 24,25400601N0821016W
Bloomfield Highland 9 400301N0814433W
Bridgeville Perry 13 395810N0815204W
Buckeye Brush Creek5 395318N0815936W
Cannelville Brush Creek26,27394850N0815950W
Cannon Newton 36 394938N0820818W
Chandlersville Salt Creek 14 395354N0814939W
Coal Hill Meigs 25 394730N0814308W
Cottage Hill Hopewell 5 400058N0821118W
Darlington Newton 11 395252N0820200W
Dillon Falls Falls 1 395822N0820322W
Drake Muskingum 3 400115N0815933W
Dresden Jefferson 400717N0820039W
Duncan Falls Wayne 30 395219N0815434W
East Fultonham Newton 19 395100N0820720W
Elizabeth Newton 10,15395231N0820343W
Ellis Muskingum 3 400246N0815859W
Fairview Springfield8 395533N0820401W
Frazeysburg Jackson 19 400702N0820710W
Frazier Brush Creek7 395245N0815844W
Freeland Rich Hill 20 395252N0814632W
Fultonham Newton 24 395120N0820830W
Gaysport (Blue Rock PO) Blue Rock 20 394810N0815327W
Gilbert Washington 3 400117N0815836W
Griffin Wayne 10 395523N0815535W
High Hill Meigs 9 394955N0814556W
Hopewell Hopewell 23,24395720N0821015W
Ironspot Newton 34 394907N0820341W
Irville Licking 4 400257N0820738W
Licking View Falls 1 395714N0820200W
Lytlesburg (Young Hickory)Meigs 27 394646N0814458W
Marquand Mills Monroe 5 400845N0814751W
Maysville Newton 395346N0820203W
McDonald Salt Creek 34 395145N0815050W
Meadowbrook Falls 1 395952N0820207W
Merriam Blue Rock 20 394812N0815400W
Mount Sterling Hopewell 24 399562N0821500W
Museville Meigs 30 394719N0814754W
Nashport Licking 2 400414N0821033W
New Concord Union 1 395937N0814403W
North Zanesville Falls 1 395843N0820013W
Norwich Union 7 395906N0814730W
Otsego Monroe 13 400717N0814554W
Philo (Taylorsville) Salt Creek 31 395140N0815425W
Pleasant Grove Wayne 4 395707N0815733W
Riverview Wayne 3 395840N0815901W
Rix Mills Rich Hill 3 395527N0814447W
Roberts Newton 8 395237N0820522W
Rock Cut Muskingum 2 400404N0815836W
Roseville Clay 3,4 394826N0820417W
Ruraldale Blue Rock 26 394655N0815038W
Russells Springfield11 395523N0820156W
Shannon Muskingum 5 400503N0820519W
Smith Mill Salt Creek 3 395539N0815119W
Sonora Perry 6 395903N0815416W
South Zanesville Newton 1 395357N0820023W
Spratt Rich Hill 7 395220N0814359W
Stone Blue Rock 30 394700N0815432W
Stovertown Brush Creek17,24395029N0815913W
Stringtown Muskingum 20 400144N0820051W
Sundale Union 7,14 395838N0814730W
Trinway Cass 2 400828N0820036W
Wesley Newton 15 395529N0821033W
White Cottage Newton 17 395218N0820552W
Wortley Wayne 3 395732N0815843W
Young Hickory (Lytlesburg)Meigs 27 394646N0814458W
Zanesville Zanesville 395625N0820048W
Zanesville Terrace Newton 2 395358N0820202W
Zeno Meigs 22,23394754N0814401W

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