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Source: The Zanesville Daily Courier, Zanesville, Muskingum Co., Ohio
Monday, February 25, 1878, page 3, column 3
Contributed by Ky Longley

Not Dead, but Living.

    Lewis Grigsby, brother of E.L., and J.N. Grigsby of this city, who has been mourned as dead for some years past, turns up as an elisted soldier at the new Red Cloud Agengy in Dakota territory. Lewis enlisted in one of the first Ohio regiments at the outbreak of the rebellion for three monts, then re-enlisted for three years, served out his time, came back to Zanesville and lived here two years, when he went West. Since that time nothing has been heard of him until one day last week, E.L. Grigsby recieved a letter from his long lost brother.

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