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Source: The Zanesville Signal, Zanesville, Muskingum Co., Ohio
June 13, 1838
Contributed by Linda M. McDonald

River Dangers

    Zanesville's first drowning of the season again brings attention the danger which lurks beneath the inviting surface of the river.

    Once more, it is necessary to warn small boys to beware of the river unless they are accompanied by an elder who is a capable swimmer.

    The old swimmin' hole, although filled with many a happy memory for almost every adult, has claimed many lives.

    It is much better to swim in a pool under the watchful eye of a lifeguard or qualified supervisor than to risk the danger of the river's treacherous currents alone.

    Again, we are reminded of the need for a municipal swimming pool in Zanesville.

    Saturday's tragedy was the result of a praiseworthy heroism. Thirteen-year-old Walter Drumheller is a hero in death. He gave his own life to save that of Benjamin Owens, a 12-year-old colored boy.

    Had these boys been splashing about in a municipal swimming pool, instead of the swirling eddies of the Muskingum river, the tragedy would never have occurerd.

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