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Source: Zanesville Signal, Zanesville, Ohio
June 5, 1938
Contributed by Debbie Noland Nitsche

Turning Back, the Pages --- News From The Old Scrap Book


A few weeks ago we presented a rather complete early day history of the Putnam Presbyterian church, giving many facts, dates, and information of interest not only to members of that church but to many of our citizens, especially those of the pioneer section of our city, good old Putnam.

Today, the writer of that story has compiled another which contains the names of the congregation of that church on January 1, 1877. Many of our present citizens are descended from the good folk named in the story while our older citizens will remember fondly business, civic, and social contacts with more than one of the group.

The writer of this story, a prominent local citizen desires to with hold his name, but we can say that his information is always accurate and dependable and that he ranks as probably the best of our present day historians.

His story follows:

In a recent article published in the Times-Signal I quoted from two small books by the pastor of the above church from 1840 to 1877. I wish to add a little to this article and to copy therefrom the membership in 1877 (Jan.1st);

    ABBOT, Mrs. Ella B.
    ACKLEY, Mrs. Julia B.
    BALDWIN, Miss Frances L.
    BALDWIN, Miss Mary H.
    BALLINGER, Mrs. Marietta F.
    BARRON, Alfred
    BARRON, Mrs. Isabella
    BARRON, Miss Alice
    BELL, Mrs. Isabella M.
    BLANEY, Brin C.
    BLANEY, Mrs. Caroline
    BOWEN, Edward
    BOWEN, Mrs. Ella
    BROWN, Miss Alice
    BROWN, Miss Anna
    BUCKINGHAM, Mr. James
    BUCKINGHAM, Mrs. Jane W.
    BURWELL, Thompson
    BURWELL, Mrs. Sarah A.
    BURWELL, Carson
    BURWELL, Lindon
    CARY, H. G. O.
    CARY, Mrs. Matilda A.
    CHAPMAN, Miss Mary
    COCKREL, Mr. Reuben
    COON, Mrs. Clara K.
    COX, Mrs. Lucy Ann
    COX, William V.
    COX, Miss Lizzie M.
    COX, James B.
    DICKSON, Mrs. Jane
    DIETERICH, Frederick
    DRAKE, Mrs. Rosetta
    DRAKE, Miss Catherine
    DRAKE, Carrie Eva
    DUNLAP, Mrs. Martha
    DUNLAP, Miss Mary S. (Zanesville art teacher for years)
    EDGAR, Mrs. Margaret E.
    ELDER, Mrs. Susan
    EMERY, James
    EMERY, Mrs. Catherine
    EMERY, Abraham (of Coopermill Road)
    EMERY, Mrs. Linda P.
    EMERY, John
    EMERY, Miss Semiramis
    ERWIN, Dr. James B.
    ERWIN, Mrs. Mary
    FORQUHAR, Dr. E. A.
    FORQUHAR, Mrs. Augusta A.
    FORQUHAR, Miss Esther E.
    FORQUHAR, Dr. E. A. Jr.
    FORQUHAR, Mrs. Lucy
    FORQUHAR, Mrs. Mary L.
    FULTON, Miss Laura
    GAMEL, Miss Mary
    GILBERT, Miss Elizabeth
    GILLESPIE, James C.
    GILLE, Mrs. Augusta
    GILLE, Miss Amelia
    GUTHRIE, Mrs. Amelia
    GUTHRIE, Stephen H.
    GUTHRIE, Stephen A.
    GUTHRIE, Miss Harriet E.
    GUTHRIE, George N.
    GUTHRIE, Mrs. Sarah A.
    GUTHRIE, William E.
    GUTHRIE, Miss Clara D.
    HALL, Mrs. Margaret E.
    HALL, Mrs. Mary
    HALL, George
    HARVEY, James
    HARVEY, Mrs. Elizabeth
    HAVER, Samuel C.
    HAVER, Mrs. Sophia
    HAVER, Samuel C. Jr.
    HAVER, Mrs. Ellan A.
    HAVER, George W.
    HAVER, Mrs. Irene S.
    HAVER, Miss Augusta
    HAVER, Miss Lillian
    HERFORD, Miss Etta
    HERFORD, Miss Anna M.
    HOGE, Mrs. Elizabeth M.
    JENNINGS, Mrs. Margaret C.
    JOHNSON, Mrs. Mary C.
    KINGSBURY, Mrs. M. F. P.
    KINGSBURY, Mrs. M. E.
    LACY, Mrs. Elizabeth T.
    LARZALEAR, Mrs. Annie E.
    LINN, Mrs. Mary W.
    LINN, Miss Mary F.
    MATTHEWS, Miss Sarah
    McBEE, Ninian S.
    McBEE, Mrs. Cornelia H.
    McBRIDE, Mrs. Henrietta F.
    McKINNEY, Mrs. Elizabeth
    MILLIGAN, James B.
    MUNCH, Mrs. Elizabeth
    MUNCH, Walter
    MUNCH, Mrs. Ella W.
    MUNSON, Mrs. Lucy P.
    NICHOLSON, Mrs. Elizabeth
    NYE, Dr. Horance S.
    NYE, Mrs. Mary N.
    NYE, Mrs. Minerva T.
    NYE, William A.
    NYE, Miss Mary
    PARSHALL, Mrs. Elizabeth
    PARSONS, Robert D.
    PARSONS, Miss Maria
    PARSONS, Miss Mary
    PARSONS, Hannah
    PARSONS, William
    PARSONS, Ruth E.
    POTTS, Mrs. Mary F.
    POTWIN, Charles W.
    POTWIN, Charles A.
    RANKIN, Mrs. Caroline
    REEVE, Mrs. Agnes E.
    RICHARDS, Thomas E.
    RICHARDS, Mrs. Sarah
    SAFFORD, Mrs. Sarah E.
    SAFFORD, Miss Mary P
    SAFFORD, Mrs. Cornelia M.
    SAFFORD, Harry P
    SCARVILLE, Mrs. Amelia
    SCOTT, Ernest M.
    SHOREY, Miss Mary
    SHIVEY, Mrs. Esther G.
    SMITH, Mrs. Martha F.
    SMITLEY, George W.
    SMITLEY, Frances H.
    SAFFORD, Miss Cornelia M. (later wife of Rev. MILLER of Scranton, PA)
    SNYDER, Miss Louisa
    SPRINGER, Miss Lucinda
    SPRINGER, Miss Jane
    STILLWELL, Miss Susan
    STILLWELL, Miss Margaret (librarian McIntire Library for years)
    STONESIPHER, Mrs. Susan
    STURGES, Mrs. Amelia
    THOMAS, Miss Mary
    THOMPSON, George W.
    THOMPSON, Mrs. Francis A.
    THOMPSON, Miss Eva
    THOMPSON, Miss Augusta
    TRAIN, W. W. (noted attorney)
    WAITE, Mrs. Lillian
    WARD, Hudson C.
    WARD, Jane E.
    WARD, William V.
    WARD, Vernon C.
    WEAVER, Mrs. Templeton G.
    WILLS, Mrs. Eliza
    WORSTALL, Noyce S.
    WORSTALL, Mrs. Rebecca


In my former article, I forgot to mention Julius C. GUTHRIE, a devoted member who was born near Belpre, Ohio April 26, 1792 and died in Putnam, July 25, 1849. He was the first white person born in the Northwest Territory.


By oversight George ALLEN was overlooked. He was a great church worker and lived in Putnam many years. One of his daughters, Ellen, married our esteemed townsman Dwight MUNSON of the Munson Music Co. and of this union one daughter was Marian, wife of Pres. Frank T. HOWARD of the First National Bank; also Mrs. Joseph BRELSFORD and Mrs. Helen FRYE. H. G. O. CARY who lived in the residence on Woodlawn Ave. and owned by the late T. F. SPANGLER, was an active officer in this church in 1877. He was a wholesale druggist at the corner of Main and Second street.


Rev. Addison KINGSBURY resigned the patrorate in 1877 and retired from active work. He is buried in WOODLAWN Cemetery. He was succeeded by Rev. MOORE, a brilliant man., called later to Andover, Mass. Succeeding him was Rev. WORKMAN. A few years later Rev. ROGERS became the pastor and remained for a number of years.

During his pastorate he built a wooden structure, a boys academy being a preparatory school for boys attended by a large number of boys from Zanesville and Putnam.

This was later made into a duplex residence. After Rev. ROGERS left Putnam he was succeeded by Rev. George DICKINSON who was the pastor for a number of years. His son, George, is Professor of piano and organ in the famous Vassar College for girls. Succeeding Rev. DICKINSON and Rev. JOHNSTON, who later was succeeded by Rev. BREESE. Succeeding Rev. BREESE and the present Pastor--is Rev. KERR.

One very active worker in this church was our esteemed fellow townsman, Hudson C. WARD, who owned a large grocery on Third S. We remember well his sons---Will, Vernon and Hubert.

During Rev. DICKINSONíS pastorate he wrote a history of the church giving a more detailed account after 1877.

This article was transcribed by Debbie (Noland) Nitsche on November 5, 2003. For the use of historical and genealogy purposes only. Surnames have been capitalized for easy identification.

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