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1     Mary Smith, 54, w/o Henry S  buried Greenwood
       Pauline Hyser, 7 dys, d/o A R Hyser
       Henry Stockman, 73, buried Pleasant Grove
2     Mary Williams, w/o Lafayette Williams of Cottage Hill, buried Macedona Church Cemetery
       Mrs Cora Huffman, 33
3     Charles McKinney, 72, h/o Nora Mattingly McKinney
       Mrs Eliza K Brown, 86, buried Greenwood
4     C S Guthrie
5     Mrs Thomas L Bloomer, ca 57, buried Mt Calvary
       Jesse Ridgway, buried Otsego Cemetery
6     Enoch Huff, 79, buried Greenwood
10   William Rhyne, 24, buried Greenwood
       Regina May Korn, 19 mo, d/o Frank Korn, buried St Nicholas
11   Dr Rainey Harper
       David H Pitman, 77, buried Greenwood
       Henry Bixon, buried Greenwood
       Eliza Vandenbark, 76
       Miss Emma J Smith, 44, buried Greenwood
       Harrison F Slater, 78
       Mrs Thomas Fowler
       Sarah Maher, wid/o Wm Maher, ca 65, buried Mt Calvary
12   Miss Mary Ann McMichael, 82
       Charles Starret
       Francena Gibbs, 10, d/o Walter A Gibbs, buried in Massachusetts
13   William Martin, ca 45, R/R accident
       Michael Henry, 59, Civil War Veteran, buried Greenwood
15   Jacob Mast, 64,  buried Duncan Falls
       Esther E Wilson, buried Springfield Chapel
       Martha Hamilton, Infant d/o Stanloy Hamilton, buried Fultonham
       Vera May Russell, 3, d/o Frank Russell, buried Greenwood
16   Mrs Grant Turnbaugh, nee Chambers, 30
18   Judge William Chambers, 63 (Mrs Turnbaugh's father)
        Mrs Henry Swingle, 50, buried Stovertown Lutheran
        Mrs Nina Echelberry, 69, w/o Lewellyn
       Winifred Thomas, 6, d/o C W Thomas, buried Frazeysburg
19   Mrs Carrie R Moore (Rebecca Forsythe), 58, w/o J M Moore, buried in Greenwood
       Mrs H S Foley, 29, buried in Norwich Methodist
20   Mrs Hortense Dunn, 6 mo, d/o A R Dunn, buried Galesburg, IL
       Zacariah McCammon, 82
       Frederick D Sturges, 73, buried in Woodlawn
22   Mrs Izette Dare, 91, wid/o Thomas J, buried Greenwood
       John L Bluthart, 51, buried Greenwood
       W E Janes, buried Greenwood
       Henry T Ungemach, 60
       Mrs Nancy Gibson, 84
23   Mason S Stannus, 54, buried Woodlwan
       Mrs Sarah J Finley, 76, buried in Crooked Creek
25   Benjamin Uphold, 62, Civil War Veteran, buried Greenwood
       Thomas E Roberts, 43, buried Woodlwan
       Mrs Mary Nicholas, wid/o Henry, 75
       George Adams, buried Adamsville Lutheran
       Louis A Deavers, 34, buried Greenwood
27   Mrs Eliza Bush, ca 60
29   Thomas Woods, 69, buried Woodlawn
       Cary R McWhirter, 27, buried Greenwood
       Paul McGinnis, 17, R/R accidenr, buried Frazeysburg
       Bettie Mennypenny, 70, buried Greenwood
       Mary C Bowen, w/o Rev C A Bowen, buried Woodlawn
       Edna May Maneely, 19 mo, d/o Bernard Maneely, buried Greenwood
       Miss Angli  M Musselman, 43, buried Mt Calvary
30   Charles A Taylor, s/o Margaret Taylor, buried in Montana
       Andrew Williams, 14 mo, s/o Henry, buried Woodlawn
31   Raymond C McFarland, 18, s/o G K McFarland, buried Woodlawn
       Robert Brown, 67, buried Woodlawn
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