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A visit to the Muskingum County Genealogical Society Library, the John McIntire Library and the Family History Center in Zanesville will be of help in tracing your ancestors. They have publications, microfilm, microfiche, and CD's  of not only local records but of other areas as well. County Histories are a good source of information even though they are not a primary source accepted by lineage organizations such as DAR (Daughters of  America Revolution), or First Families for example. Some of the county histories you will find are :

Everhart,1882; Goodspeed 1892; Sutor 1906; Lewis 1927 (3 Volumes); Y-Bridge City  by Norris Schneider 1950 and 1983; Muskingum County Annals by Jeff Carskadden and Morton; Early History of Zanesville by Jeff Carskadden 1986. This latter publication was originally  a series of newspaper articles by Elijah Hart Church which appeared in 1874-1880 in the Zanesville Courier. Biographical information is given as well as articles of historic interest and photographs.

Also helpful are:
Muskingum County Footprints by Hargrove and Yinger (9 Volumes) 1984-1988 which is a series of Muskingum County records, abstracts, and indexes, some of which have never been published. Death records, church records, mortality schedules, land transfers, census records, cemetery inscriptions and Declarations of Intention to name a few  subjects which are covered.

1833 Plat Map - gives property owners
1852 Plat Map - gives property owners
1866 Beers Atlas of Muskingum County
1875 Atlas of Muskingum County
Census records - 1820 thru 1930 Muskingum County,  Ohio counties and   various states.
Newspapers of Muskingum County area
Obituary file - Began in 1960 but earlier ones are added as they are found
All of the above can be found in the library of the Muskingum County Genealogical Society plus there are other resources in the library and court records that I have not mentioned and as you travel along the path of your ancestor you will find many other records such as funeral home, directory, deed, chancery, divorce, name change,etc. which will  give you clues to continue. You will, also, discover that what you have been seeking pops up when you  least expect it. That is what keeps you excited and hopeful. Grandpa could be on that very next page or in that very next record! WOW!!
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