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 The following is from a page of the book A HISTORICAL REVIEW, AUSWV, DEPARTMENT OF OHIO, 1901-1927. (The AUSVW is Auxiliaries United Spanish War Veterans).


Auxiliary to Zanesville Camp No. 67 United Spanish War Veterans
Meeting place: Veterans of Foreign Wars Hall, fourth Friday evening.
Organized by C. P. Moss and Daisy A Wragg, Department Chief of Staff
Mustered April 29,1926, by Edith Noble, Past Department President
Number of charter members: Twenty-nine
Number of members, 1927: Thirty

President of Auxiliary
1926 Nell Scott    1927 Juliet Stockdale    1928 Carrie Bridewell


*Brown, Lelia
*Moss, Harriet
*Bridewell, Carrie
  Nowell, Pearl
  Bridwell, Louise
*Nichols, Anna
*Beckard, Edith
*Paul, Susan
*Black, Sarah
  Staley, Edna
*Corbin, Alice
*Staley, Rose
  Carson, Lizzie
*Stockdale, Alta
*Hamilton, Margaret
*Stockdale, Juliet
* Harris, Helen M
 Stockdale, Jeanette
*Kreamer, Edna
*Savage, Pearl
*Longley, Elizabeth
*Sprague, Grace
*Moorehead, Rose
  Schroyer, Anna
*Mitchell, Elizabeth
*Shell, Myrtle
*Musselman, Catherine
*Kreamer, Katherine
Musselman, Anna

            *denotes charter members
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