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August 3, 1914
Governor James Cox was the guest Monday of Mrs. and Mrs. W. M. Fridman (former Norwood mayor), having come to Cincinnati to deliver an address at Norwood last night. Mr. and Mrs. Fridman are old friends of the Governor, having known him for several years past. At their home on (2256) Jefferson avenue, Norwood, Mr. and Mrs. Fridman entertained with a six o’clock dinner last night in honor of Governor Cox. Seated about the hospitable board were Governor Cox, Mr. T. F. Tarbell, Mr. Hiram Bolsinger, Mr. John Robson, Mr. Frederick Surkamp, Mr. John H. Schulte and Mr. and Mrs. Fridman.

August 6, 1914
At the next regular meeting of the Board of Education … a delegation that will want to know if pupils of the parochial schools are to be given privilege of using the swimming pool at the Sherman Avenue High School, the same as will be accorded pupils of the public schools.

August 7, 1914
The first deposit in the United States Subtreasury in this city for the relief of a Cincinnatian in Europe was that of Dr. Alfred Springer, of Norwood, for the relief of his daughter, who, when last heard from, was a guest at the Hotel Esplanade, Hamburg. Immediately upon receipt of the deposit, Cashier Barrett notified the United States Treasurer at Washington, who in turn will advise the State Department, which will cable the United States Embassy at Hamburg to locate Dr. Springer’s daughter and provide her with the funds necessary for her transportation back to the United States.

August 8, 1914
James A. Stewart, who for more than 16 years was employed as civil engineer for Norwood, filed suit in the Common Pleas Court yesterday against the city of Norwood, in which he demands a total of $27,242.12 under a contract which he claims he had with the last city administration there.

Augut 8, 1914
Just before the storm passed over Norwood last night there was a vivid flash of lightning, followed by an unusually heavy crash of thunder. And a moment later pedestrians near the residence of W. H. Parchman, 5313 Carthage avenue, were startled by a shower of bricks raining down on the sidewalk. The lightning struck a chimney on the Parchman residence.

August 13, 1914
Dr. Alfred Springer has secured plans from Architects Elzner & Elzner for the construction of a Brooklyn apartment, or a building of four flats of five rooms each, to be constructed south of his residence, 5160 Montgomery avenue, Norwood, where he is making a subdivision

August 15, 1914
A letter was received yesterday by Mr. and Mrs. John H. Morton, of 2315 Washington avenue, from their daughter, who is touring with the Misses Foote, of Norwood. The letter (dated August 5th) added that they were having considerable trouble getting money, but had no trouble booking passage. Americans having children in schools in France and Germany were considerably worried about their children, according to the letter.

August 20, 1914
Property owners on Harper avenue have refused to sell the holdings to the Board of Education which needed to enlarge the Marion Street School grounds at the prices offered. The board offered to buy the properties at their market value, and then make an additional payment on each of them that would amount to 10 per cent of the cost price. The board … requested Solicitor Headley to bring condemnation proceeding for their acquirement.

August 22, 1914
Architect Franz stated yesterday that the following contracts have been awarded for equipment for the new Norwood electric light plant. The Heins Safety and Boiler Works, of St. Louis, secured the contract for boilers and stokers, and the Laidlaw-Dunn-Gordon Company of this city, was awarded the contract for air compression. Other contracts for various portions of the equipment will be let next week.

August 22, 1914
Numerous entries are being received for the annual Hamilton County Tennis Tournament. The grounds of the Norwood Club are within easy walking distance of the end of the Norwood car line. The roomy, well-equipped clubhouse is at the disposal of players and guest and has every convenience for their comfort. A natural amphitheater surrounds the grounds, providing plenty of vantage space for the spectators.

August 23, 1914
Oliver E. Conner has secured for Messrs. Edward and Harry Hart options on two of the most prominent corners in Norwood, it being the intention to build one of the most modern up-to-date vaudeville theaters in the country. The cost of the proposed theater is said to be in the neighborhood of $150,000. It is the intention of the builders to use the theater as one of their circuit, which is known all over the country. For several years they have attempted to get into Norwood, but were unable to get a suitable location.

August 24, 1914
William Becker, 18, a driver for Schwatz Brothers, Oakley florists, was drowned in the lake at Madison Park, near the end of the Oakley car line, yesterday afternoon. Becker, who was a good swimmer, was seized with cramps in about 30 feet of water. His calls for help were answered by Robert Winkelman, of Norwood. Winkelman seized Becker’s arms, but the drowning man struggled, and his rescuer was forced to release him. (Becker) boarded with his employers (at 4340) Smith road.

August 25, 1914
Charles Woertz, member of Fire Company No. 3, fell off a Norwood car, northbound, in front of the home of Company No. 1, last night and was badly bruise about the head and body. Firemen who witnesses the accident carried him into the One’s house and summoned Dr. Dickson. Woertz’s condition is not serious.
While attempting to board a car at Norwood avenue and Ash street last night, John Letchner slipped on the running board and fell into the street. He received a bruise on his arm. He lives at 2107 Norwood avenue.

August 30, 1914
Out at Norwood a double-header has been booked. In the first contest of the afternoon the Textor Bloomer Girls will line up against Norwood. Marie Flammer, a sixteen-year miss, with a strong southpaw, will twirl for Norwood.

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