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May 3
At the Council meeting this night some of the items discussed were:
  • The threat of forcing the streetcar company to remove the double-track that had been laid between Mound and the northern corporation limit was a topic. It appeared that a franchise had not been given. If better streetcar service would be provided, the issue would be dropped.
  • An ordinance to accept the dedication of property to extend Beech Street was passed.
  • An ordinance was referred to the Safety Committee to dedicate property bounded by Ivanhoe, Lincoln, Franklin and Courtland for park purposes. Some Councilmen thought the money would be better spent on improving the existing parks, while others though the property could be acquired at the best price now.
  • A petition requesting fast action to extend Crown Avenue to Montgomery Road was referred to the Streets and Grades Committee.
  • A resolution to place a sanitary sewer in Lexington Avenue was passed.

May 6
A seventy-two-year old Norwood resident was killed, when he was struck by the southbound Interurban Car No. 66 at Montgomery and Highland Avenue. The car had to be jacked up so the body could be removed.

May 11
The Board of Control awarded to contractor George Murdock the contracts for constructing curbs and gutters on Madison Avenue, from Lafayette to Forest, and for paving with bituminous macadam and installing a sanitary sewer on Baker Avenue, from Sherman to the northern end.

May 14
A water main on Montgomery Road, near the bridge, burst this afternoon. Rumors spread that the bridge had been damaged, but city workers discovered that the water had not flowed to the bridge and the street damage was minor and quickly repaired.

May 17
A stir arose at the Council meeting this evening, when an ordinance was introduced to allow the Service Director to advertise for bids and enter into a contract for the erection of a garbage crematory on Sherman Avenue, near the entrance to the proposed boulevard connecting Norwood with Cincinnati. The Councilman for the Third Ward said his constituents would fight the placing of a incinerator there. It would be better placed in the East Norwood park where the city stables and Waterworks wells were located.

Some ordinances passed:
  • Improve Hannaford Avenue from Carthage to Fenwick
  • Improve Buxton from Marion to Montgomery
  • Include Wesley and Steward Park in the general improvement plan for that part of Norwood.

May 23
It was reported that within the next 30 days residents south of Williams Avenue would have the new alternating current light system installed in their homes. The new streetlights had already been connected there.

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