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NHS Centennial Celebration

Norwood High School Building (now used as the Norwood Middle School) is 100 years old this year. The celebration was Satuday, March 15. The old and beautiful auditorium was the starting place as several speakers highlighted the historical day. Afterwards, the assembly went outside to the front of the building for the unveiling of the Ohio Historical Marker. Then, the alumni filled the main entrance steps for a group photo. Those who had made reservations for lunch went to the high school cafeteria and followed that with tours of the high school and middle school buildings. Others went on tours after the unveiling.

 April 9, 2014

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The May 10th meeting of the Society will be in the McCullough House at Lindner Park on Cypress Way. Non-members are welcome.
The April meeting has been replaced with a trip to the American Sign Museum.

Next business meeting - May 10, 2014

April 4, 1914
The Boss Washing Machine Company announced that it had hired Frank Hill Smith as the architect and contractor to rebuild its Harris Avenue plant after it had been destroyed by fire.

April 12, 1914
The new Norwood Christian Church, on Washington Avenue, was dedicated this Easter morning. The congregation and Sunday school of more than 1,000 people marched from the old building on Sherman Avenue the three blocks to the new church. The church had been organized in December, 1897, with 31 members. The new church had 600 members. The lot had been bought on July 1, 1908, the foundation completed in the fall of 1911, and the building was started in Jume, 1913. The Total cost was $37,000.

April 12, 1914
Sid Berte's Norwood baseball team played the Richmond, Indiana, team on this Norwood baseball opening day. The Norwood Citizen's Band lead the players and fans in a parade before the game. Mayor Harry Engelhardt formally opened the new season.

April 16, 1914
Early this morning, an old shed at Forest and Robertson Avenues was destroyed by fire. The abandoned building had been used as a playhouse for neighborhood children for the last few months.

April 18, 1914
A special election for Norwood school bonds was held today. The vote was $35,000 for the completion of the Marion School (Norwood Norwood) and $25,000 for the acquistion of additional property on Sherman Avenue, Station Avenue and a lot on the southwest corner of Section and Elm Avenues.

April 21, 1914
The Firemen's Relief Association of Norwood was incorporated today.

April 22, 1914
Contracts for the construction of an addition to the U. S. Can Company's plant in Norwood were let.

April 23, 1914
In bringing up the question of taxes, it was discovered that 43 Cincinnati teachers were living in Norwood - almost half of the 84 Cincinnati teachers not living in the city. The next largest number was in Wyoming and Covington, Kentucky - 5 each.

April 23, 1914
An awning in front of the Elite confectionery at Harris and Montgomery Road caught fire. The Norwood Fire Department quickly extinguished the fire, saving the two-story frame building. It was thought that a lighted cigar or cigarette had been tossed onto the awning.

April 24, 1914
Two workers were seriously injured by a falling derrick being erected for the excavation at Harris and Pine for the new Boss Washing Machine plant.

April 28, 1914
The Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus came to Norwood this Tuesday, after performing two shows in Cumminsville. The performances included 300 acrobats, gymnasts, riders, contortionists and other athletes and 50 clowns. Hundreds of animals, including lions, tigers, elephants, seals, baboons, monkeys and 500 horses were part of the show. Eighty-Seven railroad cars were used to transport the circus. There were two shows — one at 2 p. m. and the second at 8 p.m.

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