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Norwood's Churches

Listing is in alphabetical order. Remember, this is a historical listing and a church may have moved, changed name or may no longer be active. The buildings may be demolished or may be used by other denominations.

  • 4th Presbyterian Church of Norwood - [Presbyterian] near Highland Avenue, east of R.R. tracks?
  • Ashland Avenue Baptist - [Baptist] founded 1915; 4255 Ashland Avenue
  • Baptist-Harmon Memorial - [Baptist]
    (also, see
    Norwood Baptist - same church)
    External Link to more Norwood Baptist Church history
    • fall, 1887– first services were at the Norwood Town Hall
    • April 19, 1892– the Harmon Memorial Baptist Church, was built on Sherman Avenue
    • March, 1917– the Moose Lodge of Norwood bought the old Baptist church building at Sherman & Station; it was to be converted into a "modern club house."
    • October 1919– dedication of the current church building on the south side of Courtland Avenue, between Montgomery Road and Allison Avenue (ground was broken in July 1911) (note: the church address was Courtland Avenue in the 1917-18 and later city directories.)
  • Berean Baptist - [Baptist] Smith Road
    • June 15, 1873–started in Cincinnati
    • fall, 1890–services held at Mission Hall, Norwood
    • 1891–church built on Smith Road
  • The Bosworth Chapel - [The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints] 5505 Bosworth Place
    • January 14, 1955—land purchased
    • July 16, 1955—groundbreaking
    • September 1, 1955—construction begins
    • May 21, 1958—dedication
    • home of the Cincinnati Branch, then the Southern Ohio District, and later, the Cincinnati Stake
  • Church of Christ of Norwood - [Disciples of Christ] 2359 Norwood Avenue
  • Church of God - [church] 4211 Elsmere Avenue
  • Church of God - [church] 1900 Sherman Avenue
  • Church of God - [church] 3728 Floral Avenue
  • Church of the Good Shepherd - [Episcopal]
    • swc Ashland and Monroe Avenue (some pre-1924 directories say northwest corner and later directories give southwest corner)
    • June 23, 1891–organized at home of George Bonte
    • July, 1892–first services at new church, corner of Ashland & Monroe
  • Duck Creek Baptist - [Baptist]
    • started as the Columbia Baptist Church at the first pioneer settlement, near today’sLunken Airport
    • 1803–log church built at a site overlooking the Duck Creek along what became Edmondson Road
    • 1808–moved from Columbia to the Duck Creek church
    • 1835–the log church was replaced with a low brick building
    • 1876–moved to Grace Avenue in Mt. Lookout; name changed to Duck Creek Baptist Church at Mt. Lookout
    • June, 1890–last annual meeting at the Duck Creek Church
    • 1904–membership voted to move to current location at Hyde Park Square, where the name was changed to the Hyde Park Baptist Church
    • 1907–chapel built
    • 1926–main sanctuary and fellowship hall were completed
  • First Church of Christ Scientist - [Christian Science]
    • December 15, 1914–met at Mr. & Mrs. G. E. Fischman's home, 3839 Forest Avenue
    • January 31, 1915–began services in Ideson Auditorium on the west side of Elsmere Avenue, between Cameron and Ashland Avenues
    • March 1915– a reading room was was opened to the public at the First National Bank building
    • April 1915– the church officially became an authorized branch of the First Church of Christ, Scientist, of Boston, Mass.
    • February 8 (9?), 1920–purchased a lot on Weyer Avenue
    • May 1923–excavation was started for the new church building
    • October 25, 1923–cornerstone was laid
    • October 19, 1924–new, but not finished, building opened at 2039-2041 Weyer Avenue, on the south side of Weyer, between Montgomery and Allison
    • July 15, 1928–first services in new auditorium of the completed building
    • November 23, 1940–dedication services after the church building costs were completely paid
    • a free lending library a t4318 Montgomery Road, across from the Norwood Public Library, was opened to the public
    • Church building at 2039 Weyer is currently occupied by the Word of Truth Ministries
  • First Church of the Nazarene - [Church of the Nazarene]
    • founded 1920
    • 4424 Floral Avenue, or southeast corner Smith and Floral
    • a.k.a Norwood Church of the Nazarene
  • Freedom Baptist Church - [Baptist] 1924 Crown
  • God’s Bible School - sec Ashland Avenue and Montgomery Road (this is the location of the old Hopkins Avenue Railroad Station!)
  • Gospel Baptist - 4107 Forest Avenue
  • Grace Methodist-Episcopal - [Methodist]
    (a.k.a. Grace United Methodist )
    (see Ivanhoe Methodist Church)
    • started in 1886 (one source gives June 6, 1886 as the dedication of the church at Montgomery and Ivanhoe)
    • June 2, 1906 (about) — Slane Avenue property (Curry Tract One, from Slane to Williams) bought for $6,350
    • March 10, 1910 — ground broken on Slane Avenue church; architect was George Kramer of New York
    • June 11, 1911 — the Slane Avenue church was dedicated
    • south side of Slane, between Floral and Elsmere Avenues, 2219 Slane Avenue
    • 2221 Slane Avenue at 4100 Montgomery Road
  • Grace Missionary Baptist - [Baptist] founded 1958, 4336 Ashland Avenue
  • The "Growing Place" Church of God - [Church of God] founded 1962, 3728 Floral Avenue
  • Harris Avenue M. E. Church - [Methodist-Episcopal] Harris Avenue; August 31, 1884– 1st organized; May 2, 1886–church building dedicated. Photo of Harris Avenue Church →
    [See Norwood First Methodist-Episcopal for later building]
  • Holy Trinity Church - [Roman Catholic] founded 1994, 2420 Drex Avenue
    External Link to Holy Trinity R.C. Church history
  • Immaculate Conception - [Latin Rite Roman Catholic] 2310 Robertson Avenue
  • Ivanhoe Methodist - [Methodist] Ivanhoe Avenue
    • 1885–start of a mission Sunday school, which developed into the church (Another source gives the date as the fall of 1884)
    • April 1, 1885 — church organized at lot at Montgomery and Ivanhoe donated by Durrell brothers.
    • June 6, 1886–dedication of church on Ivanhoe Avenue
    • name changed to Ivanhoe Methodist-Episcopal, then, in 1896, to Grace Methodist (see Grace Methodist-Episcopal)
    • June 2, 1906 (about) — Slane Avenue property (Curry Tract One, from Slane to Williams Aves.) bought for $6,3500
    • January 1910–Ivanhoe building sold to Norwood English Lutheran Church
  • Kingdom Hall - [church] 5002 Montgomery Road
  • Liberty Baptist - [Baptist] founded 1948; 5301 Carthage Avenue
  • Light House of God - [church] south? side Smith Road, near Duck Creek
  • Love Divine Missonary Baptist Church - [Baptist]
    • 2001 Hopkins Avenue
    • late moved to 4107 Forest Avenue
  • Lutheran Church of Our Savior - [Lutheran]
    • 1906–the Norwood Lutheran Church (Evangelical Lutheran Church of Our Savior) is started
    • 1917-1922 records list the location as the south side of Williams Avenue, between Elsmere and Spencer Avenues
    • later, the listings are 3959 Elsmere Avenue and swc Elsmere & Williams
    • and later as 2141 Williams Avenue
  • Nazarene Mission - 5201 Hunter Avenue
  • New Apostolic - [church] 5129 Montgomery Road
  • New Bethel Baptist - [Baptist] founded 1952, 2400 Norwood Avenue; cor Forest & Norwood Avenues
  • New Haven Baptist - [Baptist] 2417 Indian Mound Avenue
  • Norwood Baptist - [Baptist]
    (see Baptist-Harmon Memorial - same church)
    • 2037 Courtland Avenue (note: the church’s address was Courtland Avenue in the 1917-18 and later city directories.)
    • incorporated in Ohio on June 14, 1892
    • still active
  • Norwood Church of Christ - [church] 2312 Indian Mound Avenue ; October 23, 1951-incorporated; still active
  • Norwood Christian - [Disciples of Christ] 4400 Ashland Avenue; 4400 Ashland Avenue
    • founded 1897 by 31 members, mostly from the old Central Christian Church and the Richmond Street Christian Church in downtown Cincinnati
    • March 9, 1898–incorporated in Ohio; still active
    • a 1952 newspaper article stated that a building on Smith Road was originally the Norwood Christian Church. Sometime in the 1920s, it was converted to a varnish factory by Burgett Varnish Company, sold to Heekin Can Company around 1937 (which still operated it as a varnish factory until closing it in December 1951) and then sold to General Motors in August 1952. A history of the church printed in a 1954 newspaper article states that the first church was a brick building on Smith Road; the church moved to 2126 Washington Avenue during Rev. C. R. Stauffer's term (1912-22); and addition to this church was completed in 1926. A house at 2128 was donated to the church by Mr. and Mrs. T. J. McFarland–it was used as a custodian's residence, with one floor rented.
    • a 1917 record lists the church's address as the north side of Washington Avenue, between Montgomery Road and Judge Street
    • 2126 Washington Avenue; (moved to Ashland Avenue when the 1970’s Urban Renewal removed Washington Avenue between Montgomery Road and Lafayette Avenue)
    • Pastors:
      • Dr. Alva Taylor, 1897-1901
      • Thaddeus Tinsley, 1901-03
      • H. H. Clark, 1903-05
      • Joseph D. Armistead, 1905-07
      • W. J. Shelturne, 1908-12
      • Clarence R. Stauffer, 1912-22
      • J. H. MacNeill, 1922-31
  • Norwood Christian Assembly - [church] 2145 Washington Avenue
  • Norwood English Lutheran - [Lutheran]
    • June 13, 1909– met at Ernst home, Washington Avenue
    • late June, 1909– first services in the First National Bank Building
    • January, 1910– lot and church building at 3851 Montgomery Road (at nwc Montgomery & Ivanhoe) was purchased from Grace Methodist Church; also, described as west side of Montgomery Road, opposite Wayland Avenue
    • June 6, 1910-incorporated in Ohio
    • 1926– old building coverted to educational purposes and new church built
    • Sept. 26, 2002– incorporation canceled
  • Norwood First Methodist-Episcopal (a.ka. Norwood First United Methodist) - [Methodist]
  • Norwood Gospel Chapel - [church] 2118 Ross Avenue; a.k.a. Norwood Gospel Hall
  • Norwood-Hyde Park Church of Christ - [church] 3834 South Madison
  • Norwood Presbyterian - [Presbyterian]
    • early 1900’s–s.e.c. Floral and Smith Road
    • current location–n.e.c. Floral and Washington Avenues, 4400 Floral Avenue
    • founded in May 1887 with services at the Norwood Town Hall
    • April 8, 1889–incorporated in Ohio, still active
    • February, 1891–first church building at Floral and Smith;
  • Norwood Weslyan - [Weslyan] 5407 Warren Avenue
  • Salem Evangelical & Reformed - [Evangelical]
    • south side of Courtland Avenue, between Montgomery Road and Allison, was the recorded location in 1919
    • later, the address was given as 2057 Courtland Avenue or southwest corner of Courtland and Montgomery
    • ? name changed to Salem United Church of Christ - 2053 Courtland
  • Sons of Abraham - [Jewish]
    • in 1917-1922, it was listed at 2112 East Sherman Avenue
    • later records give the location at the n.e.c. Hopkins Ave at end of Allison and 2000 Hopkins Avenue
      [Click here for photograph]
  • The South Norwood Church of Christ - [church]
    • founded 1946
    • April 7, 1948-incorporated in Ohio
    • May 2, 1959-changed name
    • 3836 South Madison Avenue
  • St. Elizabeth's R. C. Church - [Roman Catholic]
    • swc Mills & Carter Avenues
    • August 31, 1884–creation of St. Joseph's Catholic Men's Society of Norwood
    • October 3, 1886–dedication of 1st church building at Mills and Carter Avenues
    • 1890–church was moved to Lincoln & Carter and enlarged
    • July 11, 1901–construction of a new church is started;
    • May 17, 1903–new church building is dedicated
  • St. John's Evangelical German Protestant - [German Protestant] - Montgomery road
    • March 27, 1892-first organized
    • April 21, 1892-incorporated in Ohio
    • 1893-church was dedicated
    • September 30, 1966-incorporation canceled for failure to file a statement of continued existence
  • St. Matthew's R. C. Church - [Roman Catholic]
    • 1917-1922 directories list location as sec Floral and Kenilworth Avenues
    • later listings give nec Floral Avenue & Robertson Avenue (Floral between Robertson and Kenilworth)
    • 1906–dedicated
  • SS Peter & Paul R. C. Church - [Roman Catholic]
    • n.w.c. Drex Avenue and Montgomery Road
    • 1906–first organized
    • July 21, 1907–dedicated
  • Trinity Baptist Church of Norwood - [Baptist]
    • November 26, 1996-incorporated
    • November 26, 2001- incorp. canceled due to failure to file statement of continued existence
  • Victory Baptist - [Baptist] founded 1980, 3837 Elsmere Avenue
  • Washington Avenue Baptist Mission - [Baptist] 2147 Washington Avenue
  • Wesleyan Methodist - [Methodist] 5407 Warren Avenue
  • Word of Truth Ministries - [non-demominational] 2039 Weyer Avenue; founded 1995
  • Zion United Church of Christ [Church of Christ]
    Zion Evangelical & Reformed - [Evangelical and Reformed], also Zion Church (German Reformed)
    • at swc Sherman and Walter Avenues
      German Reformed Church at sw corner of Sherman and Walter, ca. 1904 German Reformed Church at southwest corner of Sherman and Walter Avenues, ca. 1904.
    • 1937-38 directory gives address as north side of Sherwood east of Montgomery Road
    • other, post 1924 directories record address as 2332 Sherwood Lane
    • October, 1891–first services at Norwood Town Hall
    • fall, 1892–dedication of new church at Sherman & Walter Avenues