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Thank you to the Norwood Chamber of Commerce for the Norwood Day Parade. Over 90 organizations participated on a beautiful summer day in Norwood. The theme was "Norwood's Gateway: At the Lateral.". The Grand Marshall was Paycor CEO Bob Coughlin.
 July 23, 2014

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July 6, 1914
The City Council passed and ordinance regulating the use of buildings. The reason was that several strangers were sleeping in stables and sheds. It made it a misdemeanor for any person to dwell or sleep in a structure any part of which was used for domestic animals. Two days later, Thomas T. Justis filed a suit, claiming that it was against the state constitution and would be a waste of money to advertise it. On the 11th, Common Pleas Judge Cushing agreed. Justis’ lawyers said the way it was written, the ordinance would stop anyone from having a dog, cat or a canary in his home, but would not prevent any wild animal from being housed there.

July 16, 1914
Bids were requested for the rebuilding of the Norwood waterworks and light plant at Harris and Pine. The plans were developed by Architect G. W. Drach and Consulting Engineer Walter G. Franz. It was expected to cost about $62,000 for two boilers, an air compressor, two engines, two generators, switchboard and a water softening plant.

July 23, 1914
A. B. Ideson announced that he was to build a private dancing academy on Elsmere Avenue, between Cameron and Ashland Avenues. Weber, Werner & Adkins, who designed the Norwood City Hall, were the architects. Joseph Weber was to be the contractor.

July 24, 1914
A four-acre Beech Avenue property in East Norwood was sold by the Dana Manufacturing Company to the Dalton Adding Machine Company.

July 27, 1914
On July 27, 1914, Ohio Governor James M. Cox, spoke to the Democratic Club of Norwood at the Norwood Theater. It was reported at the time that the parade before the meeting was one of the largest ever given in Norwood. The Governor visited the Norwood facilities of the U. S. Printing Company, the U. S. Playing Card Company and the Globe-Wernicke Company. The party went to the Jefferson Avenue home of the previous mayor, William F. Fridman, for dinner.

July 31, 1914
By the end of the month, all the equipment of the Dalton Adding Machine Company had been transferred from Poplar Bluff, Missouri, to the Beech Avenue factory. The manufacturing of the adding machines was expected to begin shortly.

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