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Ottawa County Obituaries - Page 1

Obituaries are a valuable resource for genealogists.  You're invited to share any obituaries you have that are related to Ottawa County. 

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Obituary Date Name Image Link Source Contributor
June 12, 1884 Nichols, Achsa Scott   The Sandusky Register Kim Willie
February 21, 1885 Nichols, Roswell   The Sandusky Register Kim Willie
April 16, 1895 Townsend, Dr. Charles DeKay   The Clyde Enterprise Kim Willie

August 1911

Lewis, John C.   . G Knopp
October 19, 1917 Knopp, Albert A. Jr.   . G Knopp

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Key resources for obituaries:

On-Line:  Hayes Presidential Center Obituary Index
On-Line:  Toledo-Lucas County Public Library Obituary Index (1970-current)
On-Line:  Toledo Blade Archives (about 1940-about 2000)smallnew.gif (926 bytes)
On-Line:  Toledo Blade Archives (August 2000-present)
On-Line:  Wood County Obituary Index
On-Line:  Harris-Elmore Public Library - Grace Luebke Local History Digital Collectionsmallnew.gif (926 bytes)
Harris-Elmore Public Library
Ida Rupp Public Library
Newspaper Archives

Your contributions of obituaries will make this page a valuable resource to others.
New obituaries submitted must be from the 1927 or earlier.
Send submissions to county coordinator G Knopp.

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