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Biographies were taken from The History of Northwestern Ohio & History of Paulding County (H H Hardesty & Company Chicago IL/Toledo OH 1882)
Compiled and Transcribed by Janet Kwasniak and Mike Sandridge

ABBOTT, Aaron -born a slave in Middlesex county, Virginia, in April 1796, is the son of Maniel and Dafny Abbott. His wife, Harriet Jones, also a slave, is a native of Clarke county, Kentucky, born June 10, 1813; her parents were Robert Canon and Jane Jones. She has had four children: Baisil, born September 3, 1854, deceased; Evaline, December 15, 1857, deceased; Samuel J., September 3, 1860, resides in Blue Creek township. Mr. Abbottís first marriage was with Charity Abbott; her children were: Lewis, born March 5, 1829; Henry, May 8, 1831; Caroline, August, 1833; Anthony, deceased; Charles, January 8, 1842; Mary, 1844, deceased; Martha, June, 1848; Margaret, May 13, 1850, deceased. Mr. Abbott purchased his own freedom for $1,050; also his first wife for $500; his second wife for $650; his children, the eldest, nineteen years of age, for $700; the second, also nineteen years of age at time of purchasing for $850; and his son Anthony for $700. He was hired out by his master to an iron company for seven years; he performed extra labor during the time to the amount of $920, and secured credit for the balance. After paying for his children he bought a farm in Powell county, Kentucky; became a successful farmer and stock raiser, and finally owned a distillery. He had two trades; molder and stone mason. His son Charles enlisted at Covington, Kentucky, August 7, 1864, in the 117th United States Colored Infantry, Company C, commanded by Captain E. H. Morris; was in the siege of Richmond and Petersburg, Virginia; was discharged August 10, 1867; was on garrison duty in Texas two years, two months and ten days. He is now a farmer. Address, Pleasant Point, Paulding county, Ohio.

ADAMS, Edgar W. -born in Union County, December 20, 1858, is the son of Charles M. and Selina J. (Ewing) Adams; his father died in Ohio, his mother in Iowa. Edgar W. and Alice M. Burton were united in the bonds of matrimony in Paulding County, October 5, 1879. She was born in Pickaway County, December 7, 1854, and has one child: Selina G., born October 11, 1880. Mr. Adams has held the offices of Clerk, Assessor and Trustee of Washington Township. His father was in the late war; first enlisted in the 10th Ohio Light Artillery; re-enlisted in the 17th Ohio, and was discharged at the close of the war. His uncle, Aratus Ewing, also a soldier, was killed in Arkansas. Mr. Adams is engaged in teaching. Address, Paulding, Paulding County, Ohio.

AGLER, Gashim -a native of Pennsylvania, son of Conrad Agler, settled in this county December 15, 1879, which is also the date of his marriage to Rebecca Hanover, born in Delaware county, Ohio, December 13, 1846, and daughter of Isaac and Mary Ann (Tucker) Hanover; her father is deceased; her mother lives in this county. Gashim was in the war of 1861, enlisted in 1863, in the 36th Ohio, and was discharged in 1865. The following are some of the engagements in which he took part: Winchester, Fisherís Hill, and Cedar Creek. Mrs. Aglerís mother has been twice married; her second husband was John Burkhart. Mr. Agler is a farmer, and his address is Dupont, Putnam county, Ohio.

AKERMAN, John - served his country faithfully, as his military record will attest. He enlisted January 1, 1862, and was discharged January 1, 1864; he re-enlisted January 1, 1864, being promoted to First Lieutenant of Company I, 46th Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry, on the 19th of August, 1864. He was in the following engagements under General Grant: Shiloh, siege of Corinth, Vicksburg, and the following under General Sherman: Jackson, Mississippi; Mission Ridge, to the relief of Knoxville, through to the Sea; Resaca, Dallas, Hope Church, Noon Day or Peach Tree Creek, Kenesaw Mountain, July 22 in front of Atlanta, July 28 at the same place, August 3 at Atlanta, Georgia; Cedar Bluffs; Savannah, Georgia; Columbia, South Carolina; Bentonville, North Carolina; from there went to Raleigh; from there to Washington by way of Fredericksburg; then to Louisville; mustered out and received his discharge at Camp Chase, from whence he returned home, having served three years and eight months, losing but six days, which he considers good for a Democrat. He had five bullet holes in his clothes at the battle of Kenesaw Mountain, not losing a drop of blood; his cartridge box was shot away twice at the same engagement, but not a mark was made on his person; the only time he lost was from a congestive chill. He was married to Sarah Ann Fisher in Allen county, October 31, 1858; her birth occurred in Perry county, Ohio, September 15, 1840; his in Allen county, May 12, 1838. Their family embrace: Norton J., born August 12, 1859; William N., November 21, 1861; Emma M., July 1, 1864; Eugene A., July 30, 1866; Charles H., November 26, 1868, died January 4, 1869; Loren E., February 9, 1870; John J., March 8, 1873, died August 29, 1879; Eva J., June 22, 1876; Newton A., January 16, 1879. Mr. Akermanís father, William, died in Allen county; his mother, Keziah B. (Carroll) Akerman is still living. His wifeís parents were Christian and Eva (Stumbaugh) Fisher, the former deceased; the latter living with her children in Allen county. Mr. Akermanís father was Commissioner for twelve years in Allen county, while John has been Trustee of Latty township for six years; was Justice of the Peace for one term; in Hardin county he served four years as Trustee. He settled in Paulding county, November 15, 1872. He had two brothers, Samuel B. and William H., who were soldiers of the late war. Mr. Akerman and his wife are members of the Christian Church. He is a farmer, and should be addressed at Harring P. O., Allen county, Ohio.

ALLEN, Adamand Emily Elizabeth (DeGoot) Christy were married in Fayette county in 1871. She was born in Clinton county, January 6, 1842, and he in Fayette county, February 1, 1841. She is a daughter of James and Emily (Moorman) DeGroot. His parents are Aaron and Emily J. (Garner) Allen. Adam M. was a participant in the late civil war; enlisted in the Fall of 1861 in Company K, 44th Ohio, and served nearly four years; re-enlisted in the 8th Ohio Cavalry, and went under Sheridan in the memorable march of Sherman to the sea, participating in all the skirmishes incident to the march. Mrs. Allenís first husband, Robert M. Christy, was a member of Company K, 90th Ohio; was Orderly Sergeant of the Company; was discharged after ten monthsí service on account of disability, and died January 9, 1864. His children are: Lawrence James, born April 20, 1860; and May born October 13, 1863, both at home. Mr. Allen is a farmer, and may be addressed at Defiance, Defiance county, Ohio.

ANDERSON, Cyrus B. - a native of Blackleyville, Wayne County, Ohio, was born April 29, 1837.  His father, William B. Anderson, was born April 3, 1812; his mother, Jane (King) Anderson, was born December 22, 1813, died April 22, 1865. Cyrus B. was married in Wayne county, November 17, 1858, to Margaret Barkley, whose birth was in Ashland county, September 3, 1839. Their children are: Harvey A., born July 4, 1859; Francis Eugene, December 21, 1860; William A., November 8, 1865; Martin E., January 3, 1869; Henry Harrison, May 7, 1874; James Curtis, November 4, 1879. Mr. Anderson is of Irish descent on his fatherís side. He commenced teaching school in Wayne county, and has followed that business for twenty years in the counties of Wayne, Ashland, Williams, Paulding and Defiance; his is now a farmer; is a member of the Christian Church, and also three of his sons. He was in the war of 1861; enlisted in Company I, 16th Ohio, October 7, 1861, and discharged with the regiment at Columbus, October 31, 1864; re-enlisted in the 39th Ohio at Mansfield, April 4, 1865; was wrecked on steamship ďAshlandĒ off Oregon Inlet, North Caroline, April 22, 1865; was rescued by fishermen and taken to Roanoke Island. His brother, F. M. Anderson, was in the same company and regiment for three years; both passed through the war without receiving a wound; never was in the hospital, and never missed a march or battle. He is now a farmer and teacher. Address, Defiance, Defiance county, Ohio.

ANDERSON, Johnborn September 28, 1819, is a son of Samuel and Nancy Anderson. He settled in this county in 1853; was married April 24, 1845 to Rebecca Stillwell, who was born August 11, 1827, and died May, 9, 1871. Their children are: Mary J., born December 8, 1846, deceased; William Cass, August 10, 1848, deceased; Samuel R., January 1, 1850, deceased; Pleasant Arrilla, April 18, 1851, resides in Kansas; John T., September 28, 1853; James Harvey, January 27, 1856; Isadora J., November 27, 1857; Joseph M., December 4, 1860; Lydia O., March 24, 1863; Martha E., February 15, 1865; Emma R., November 21, 1867. Mr. Anderson was one of the first Trustees in Jackson Twp., and was Justice of the Peace for twenty years, and also served as Assesor. He was in the Army, a member of Company F, 38th Ohio, under Captain John Adams; was discharged in May, 1862. His son James Harvey Anderson and Emma R. Bowholtz were married in this county, October 5, 1880. Her birth occurred October 21, 1868. Mr. Anderson's business is farming, and his address Charloe, Paulding County, Ohio.

APPLEGATE, Oliver S., Jr. - is the son of Oliver S., Sr. and Sarah D. (Graves) Applegate, settlers in Paulding County in 1831. He was born in Carryall Township, December 14, 1844. His marriage took place at Antwerp, February 6, 1867, with Emily Cole, a native of Dekalb County, Indiana, born July 22, 1849, daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth (Johnson) Cole, settlers in Paulding County in 1844. Their family consists of Ella, born January 8, 1869, died on the 10th of the same month; Leona, January 10,1870, resides at home; Freddie, May 10, 1873, died October 10, 1875; Frank, January 17, 1875; Ora May, February 25, 1877; Willie, April 3, 1878, died April 17, 1878; Eluda Belle, March 5, 1880. Mr. Applegate, Jr., has been Marshall seven years in Antwerp, and Constable in Carryall Township five. Business Merchant in Antwerp, Paulding County, Ohio

ARMSTRONG, Robert G. - a sawmiller and lumber dealer, settled in Paulding County, June 20, 1877. His birth occurred in Belmont County, Ohio, September 8, 1840. The object of his choice, Mary Schriver, was born January 26, 1853, and they were married in Franklin County, Ohio, January 28, 1871, and their family consists of: Elsie Ann, Febuary 6, 1874; Henry Stanly, August 20, 1876; Maude Y., September 6, 1878; Robert Henry and Ann (Calweel) Armstrong, the latter whom died in Franklin County, were the parents of Robert G. Mrs. Armstrong's parents reside in Franklin County. They are Henry and Elsie (Cosgray) Schriver. Mr. Armstrong served in the late war; enlisted in August, 1862; discharged at Camp Chase, July 3, 1865; he also had four brothers in the army; all returned and are still lving. Address, Antwerp, Paulding County, Ohio.

ASHTON, Charles S. and Hannah E. Bruce were married November 6, 1869. She was born in Fredericktown, Knox County, Ohio, October 11, 1851. His birth took place in Allen County, Indiana, March 13, 1845. They have two children: John C. F., born August 16, 1870; Mary Henrietta, February 1, 1872. His parents were Zacheriah and Mary Elizabeth (Eveland) Ashton; the former born October 10, 1799, died February 1, 1863; the latter was born in 1818, died May 24, 1850. They settled in this county in 1847. Phineas and Elizabeth (Kinney) Bruce, are Mrs. Ashton's parents. Mr. Ashton was a soldier in the war of 1861. He enlisted in Company I, 100th Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry, serving 3 years. His engagements embraced siege of Knoxvlle, Rocky Face, Resaca, Eutoy Creek, Atlanta, Columbia, Franklin, Nashville, Fort Anderson, and wilmington. His brother, William W, died in Helema, Arkansas, August 1863, of sunstroke. Charles S. is a millwright and carpenter, i a resident of Crane Township, and should be addressed at Antwerp, Paulding County, Ohio.

ATKINSON, John A. - is the son of Wirts and Mary (Shepperd) Atkinson, and was born in Muskingum county, February 23, 1828. His wife, Sarah A. Bevis, was born in the same county, December 24, 1831, and they were married in Delaware county, March 27, 1851, and have had fourteen children: Sarah E., born May 9, 1852; William C., July 11, 1854, deceased; Mary R., February 9, 1856; Margaret E., June 17, 1858; Emma F., March 16, 1860; Anna E., May 11, 1862, deceased; Mattie V., May 14, 1863; John H. W., January 21, 1866; Lucretia, his twin, is deceased; Hattie B., November 12, 1868; Frank E., September 22, 1870, deceased; Edith E., and Edward E., August 2_, 1873. All reside in Paulding county. Mrs. Atkinson is a daughter of William and Elizabeth (Atkinson) Bevis. Mr. Atkinson has been a local preacher for twenty years; is now a farmer. David A. Atkinson, brother of John A., enlisted in the 85th Ohio, in August 1862; was in the battle of Arkansas Post; was wounded in a battle near Little Rock, and died from the effects of the wound. Mr. Atkinsonís postoffice address is Pleasant Point, Paulding county, Ohio.

AYERS, John W. - one of the pioneers of Paulding county, is the son of John Ayers, who emigrated from Pennsylvania in the early settlement of Ohio, locating in the eastern part of the State, near Bethlehem, Stark County, where, in 1818, the subject of this sketch was born. In 1832 he removed west to Harding county, and in 1837 to Putnam county; finally, in October, 1840, John W. located in Paulding county, and settled down to work at his trade as a carpenter and joiner. Times becoming dull, he concluded to study law, and entered the office of D. U. Harrington, studying for two years, after which he went to Lucas county, where the Supreme Court was in session, where he was admitted to practice law. Being an expert with his rifle, he was considered one of the best hunters in the State. In May 1846, he was married to Sarah S. Hankins, who was born in New Egypt, New Jersey, in November 1828. Shortly after his marriage he was elected to the office of Prosecuting Attorney of Paulding county, which office he has filled at different times for over twenty years. In 1864 and 1865 he represented the Northwestern District of Ohio, then composed of Williams, Defiance and Paulding counties, in the House of Representatives. He has now retired from the practice of law, and is engaged in mercantile pursuits. He resides on his farm, which is a large one, and adjoins the village of Charloe. His wife died in July 1880. Their family were: Mary, Emma, Ney; Murat, born December 4, 1852; Florence, January 26, 1859; Calvin, August 14, 1860; Allie, October 26, 1863. Mr. Ayers has been Justice of the Peace for twenty-four years. His postoffice address is Charloe, Paulding county, Ohio.

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