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Biographies were taken from The History of Northwestern Ohio & History of Paulding County (H H Hardesty & Company Chicago IL/Toledo OH 1882)
Compiled and Transcribed by Janet Kwasniak and Mike Sandridge

BAKER, Henry - was born in Lancaster county, Pennsylvania, September 2, 1818, and came t this county in 1856, where he is engaged in farming and stock raising, in Benton Township. He was married in Richland county, October 4, 1842, to Anna, daughter of John and Margaret (Moser) Kerchner, who died in April, 1832, and January 14, 1846, respectively. They have had a family of eleven children: Margaret N., born July 2, 1843, died July 3, 1843; Oswell W., December 15, 1844; Samuel L., October 4, 1847; Catherine M., January 15,1850; Ephraim H., May 7, 1851, died August 11, 1851; Anna L., February 15, 1853, died March 7, 1853; Mary L., May 29, 1855; Eliza J., July 12, 1857; Leonard J., August 15, 1859; William H., March 8, 1862, died August 29, 1864; Benjamin E., March 15,1866, died July 7, 1866. His parents were Christian Baker, who died December 23, 1835; and Margaret (Kissel) Baker, who died May 12, 1873. Mr. Baker was Supervisor three terms in this township, and Trustee in 1865. His brother, Hiram, served in the late war in the hundred-day service. His wife was born in Schuylkill county, Pennsylvania, January 15, 1822. Address, Dixon, Van Wert county, Ohio.

BAKLE, Peter - was born in Germany on March 7, 1836, and emigrated with his parents to Seneca county, Ohio, in 1847, thence to Paulding county in 1854. His parents are deceased. Peter Bakle was married to Adlaide Schlered at Junction, Paulding county, Ohio, on September 23, 1860, by Rev. Father Hoeffler. She was born December 14, 1839, in Germany, and came with her father and mother to Seneca county in 1850, and from there to Paulding county. Her parents are living in Defiance county, Ohio. Peter Bakle’s children are: Adolph, born June 18, 1861, died December 10, 1861; Francis Rudolph, July 7, 1863; John P., March 4, 1865; Mary A., October 19, 1867; Leander, August 8, 1869, died January 15, 1876; Daniel, April 4, 1873; Andrew, January 23, 1875. Francis, John, Daniel and Andrew reside at home with their parents. Mr. Bakle was a member of Company E, 192d Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry; enlisted February 11, 1865, and mustered out of service at the close of the war. Business, farming. Address, Junction, Paulding county, Ohio.

BALDWIN, Lucas - is a native of Addison county, Vermont, born June 12, 1820, and settled in Paulding county in 1866. His father, Thomas Baldwin, died in 1868, aged eighty-four; his mother, Esther (Wiltson) Baldwin, died December 24, 1879, aged eighty-seven; they were natives of Morris county, New Jersey. Lucus Baldwin and Elizabeth Bailey were married in Brownhelm, Lorain county, Ohio, November 14, 1852, by Joseph Swift, Esq., and their family consists of George, born June 26, 1854; Frederic, May 22, 1857; Laura, February 15, 1859; Thomas, February 26, 1861; Esther, August 20, 1863; Walter, October 13, 1866. The first five were born in Lorain county, Ohio, and the last was born in Paulding county, Ohio. Frederic is a teacher in the public schools of this county. Mrs. Baldwin’s father, Isaac Bailey, died October, 1858, at the age of eighty-six; her mother, Roxanna (Granger) Bailey, died November, 1843, at the age of fifty-five. They were natives of New York. Mr. B. is a lineal descendant of Nicholas Baldwin, who migrated from Wales to New Jersey in 1600. Business, farming. Address, Emmett, Paulding county, Ohio.

BALDWIN, Warren - was born in Hardin county, Ohio, April 3, 1837, and his wife, Alice C. Porter, in Logan county, March 27, 1853. Their marriage took place in Paulding, on January 20, 1876, and they are the parents of two children; Warren E., born October 9, 1876, and Althea May, born August 20, 1881. R. B. and Mary (Smith) Porter are the parents of Mrs. Baldwin; they located in this county in 1874. Mr. Baldwin served four and a half years in the late civil war, a member of the 13th Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry; participated in many hard contested battles and escaped without injury, except a slight wound at the battle of Chickamauga. Mr. Baldwin’s first wife, Ettie J. Smith, was born in Hardin County, November 15, 1847; married December 22, 1870. The children of this union were: George E., born in Logan county, December 28, 1871; James K., born in Paulding, September 24, 1874. Mrs. Baldwin died at Paulding, October 3, 1874. Her parents were James and Mary (Taylor) Smith. Mr. Baldwin has been engaged in the drug business in the village of Paulding for the past nine years. Address, Paulding, Paulding county, Ohio.

BANKS, John - has been twice married, his first being in Carryall township, March 28, 1839, to Mary, daughter of Russell and Mary Slade; her death occurred September 12, 1850. His second wife, Minis Purdy, had been previously married to Samuel Lybarger, May 23, 1842, by whom she had two children, Sarah Ann, born July 21, 1843; Samuel Purdy, February 13, 1848; her husband died November 19, 1847. His second marriage was to Minis Lybarger, October 19, 1851, in Carryall township; her birth occurred in Pennsylvania, January 1, 1823, her parents being Nathaniel Purdy, born April 18, 1770, and Chloe (Nicholson) Purdy, born August 18, 1789. By this mariage one child has been born, Richard Thomas, August 29, 1856, who resides in Carryall township. Mr. Banks was born in Cumberland county, New Jersey, July 2, 1814. His brother, W. R. Banks, served in the 14th Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry. Jedediah, another brother, was in the 132d Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry, and contracted disease which caused his death. Mr. Banks is a farmer and settled in the county in 1828. His postoffice address is Antwerp, Paulding county, Ohio.

BANKS, John M. - is the son of Richard and Elizabeth (Champion) Banks, was born in Hamilton county, April 4, 1822. On the 20th day of February, 1856, he was married to Henrietta Vories, and their offspring are: Lewis G., born March 4, 1857; Burton B., November 27, 1858; Elizabeth J. M., August 3, 1860; John Gailord, December 1, 1873, died March 9, 1874; Harry Grigg, August 22, 1875; Victor Apelles, August 30, 1878. Peter D. Vories was born February 20, 1809, died May 12, 1877; her mother, Margaret (Luke) Vories, was born July 12, 1819. They came to this county in 1840. Mr. Banks took part in defense of theUnion in the late war of the Rebellion; enlisted in September, 1861, in Company G, 14th Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry, under Captain W. H. Eckels, and participated in the following battles: Mill Springs, Wild Cat, Chattanooga, where he was wounded in both arms and sent to the hospital, where he remained two months, and was then sent home; he had to be fed for forty days as he could not use his arms. Mr. Banks was one of the early settlers in the county; coming when it wa a dense forest, settlers were few and no roads or bridges and no mills. About the best feature of the country was, that game was very plenty, and we could have meat if nothing else; could capture a deer or turkey at any time, and supply themselves with fish from the Maumee. Business, farming. Address, Antwerp, Paulding County, Ohio.

BANKS, Richard S. - born in Clermont county, Ohio, January 16, 1818. He has served as County Treasurer eight years under the old constitution and four under the new. He has been Deputy Clerk of Paulding county. Governor Tod appointed him Provost Martial for this county, which he filled until Congress created the Provost General Office, when he was appointed the enrolling officer for the county, which he resigned on being elected Auditor of the county, which office he filled four years. He has also filled the offices of Deputy Recorder, Assessor for six years and Clerk of School Board for several years. His father was one of the Commissioners who appraised the land taken for the Wabash & Erie canal. Mr. Banks was married February 4, 1841, to Harriet Gordon, whose birthplace was Orange county, New York. They have four children: Clinton, Ledru, Rawlings and Thomas C. His parents weere Richard and Elizabeth (Champion) Banks, who settled in this county in 1834. His father was born September 13, 1783, married June 3, 1809, and died April 11, 1858. He is engaged in farming in Carryall township, and should be addressed at Antwerp, Paulding county, Ohio.

BANKS, Thomas C. - was born in Sussex County, New Jersey, June 18, 1810, and with his parents, Richard S. and Elizabeth (Champion) Banks removed from Hamilton County in 1884, being among the early settlers. Fort Wayne was the center of trade at that time, and all the products were taken up the Maumee in Pirogues to the Fort. Mr. B. was married in Crane Township, Paulding County, January 24, 1839 , by General H. N. Curtis, Esq., to Caroline Gordon, born Orange County, New York, May 15, 1819, and whose parents were: William Gordon, native of New York, died in 1854, and Jane (Runnells) Gordon, also a native of New York, died in 1826. The children of Thomas C. Banks are Elizabeth J., born December 22, 1839, resides in Hicksville, Ohio; George G., October 21, 1842, resides in Christian County, Missouri; Caroline A. and Emeline F., September 8, 1843, live at home; Thomas C., April 11, 1848, died November 4, 1848; Harriet E., December 22, 1850, at home; Richard S., December 26, 1851, at home; John M., December 30, 1853, at home; Nancy A., January 8, 1856, died August 20, 1866; Clara E., July 14, 1858. Thomas Clayton was born April 10, 1861. The children were all born in Paulding County. Mr. B. served as Sheriff of the county for two terms; County Commissioner two terms; Fund Commissioner two years; was the first Justice of Carryall Township, and Township Trustee several terms. He was Provost Marshal of Paulding County during the war. His son George was Special Messenger to Genral Augur, at Washington, District of Columbia nearly three years. Business, farming. Address, Antwerp, Paulding County.

BARNES, James - is a son of John and Elizabeth (Lowry) Barnes, who settled in this county in 1857. He was born in Columbiana county, June 29, 1833. His wife, Almira Crawford, was born in Sandusky county, November 10, 1833, and died April 4, 1870. She was a daughter of William C. and Sabrina (McIntyre) Crawford. They were married in Medina county, in September, 1857, and their family consists of: Ella, born December 8, 1860; Charles Estey, May 19, 1863; Emmet, October 22, 1866; Alma, October 18, 1870. Mr. Barnes has been Infirmary Director four years, and Township Trustee the same. His brothers, Gilbert and John, enlisted in 1861, in the 100th Ohio, for three years. John died in hospital, and Gilbert was honorably discharged. Mr. Barnes is one of the wealthiest farmers in the township. Address, Paulding, Paulding county, Ohio.

BARNES, James K. - and Rachel Deardorff were married in this county, February 9, 1859. Their family consists of John M., born June 19, 1872, died January 6, 1874; Maggie Jane, July 10, 1875; Samuel J., January 17, 1877; Leroy Marshell, December 9, 1881. Mr. Barnes was born in Erie County, Ohio, February 15, 1845; and his wife in Logan county, July 12, 1852. His parents, Hiram Barnes, born in 1799, died May 5, 1863; Mary (Hartwell) Barnes, born 1806, died February, 1871. His wife's parents were Samuel Deardorff, born 1821, and Margaret (Jordan) Deardorff, born in 1825. They settled in this county in September, 1854. Mr. Barnes was in the three months' service. His wife's father, Samuel Deardorff, was a member of the 96th Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry serving over a year. He was in teh siege of Vicksburg where he served as a sharpshooter, and several other engagements. Mr. Barnes is engaged in the manufacture of tobacco and caddy pail staves. His address is Antwerp, Paulding county, Ohio.

BARNES, Levi M. - was born in Licking county, Ohio, September 19, 1825, and was married in the same county, September 10, 1845, his wife being Emma Eaby, who was born in Yorkshire, England, January 17, 1827. Mr. Barnes died November 26, 1875. Their children were: Allen G., born December 29, 1848; Victor A., August 31, 1850; Orlando A., June 1, 1856; Sidney H., August 15, 1861. The three latter reside in Paulding county. Allen G. enlisted in the 68th Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry, and died April 5, 1864, of the measles, in hospital at Chattanooga, Tennessee. Mr. Barnes has been Justice of the Peace, County Treasurer and County Commissioner each one term. His parents were Allen and Eunice (Hale) Barnes. His wife’s parents are George and Helen (Dunn) Raby. Mrs. Barnes is engaged in farming, and should be addressed at Paulding, Paulding county, Ohio.

BARNETT, John F. - was born in Chambersburg, Franklin county, Pennsylvania, November 30, 1844; settled in this county in 1872, and married Maggie Laverty, in Michigan, July 5, 1874; her birth occurred in Northumberland county, Pennsylvania, September 26, 1844. They have two children: Eva May, born September 2, 1875; Nellie G., April 26, 1879. He was a member of the 17th Pennsylvania Cavalry; enlisted in 1864 and served until the end of the war. His brother, W. A. Barnett, was also in the service most of the time during the war. The firing at the battle of Gettysburg could be plainly heard at Mr. Barnett's home at Chambersburg, where his parents, George and Susannah (Bonebrake) Barnett, still reside; his wife's parents reside at White Pigeon, Michigan, their names being Andrew and Sarah Ann (Schuyler) Laverty. Mr. Barnett is a member of the Council of Antwerp; he is engaged in the manufacture of carriages and wagons, also blacksmithing in all its branches. His address is Antwerp, Paulding county, Ohio.

BARNHOUSE, Eber - and Susannah Sharpe were united in the bonds of matrimony, in Meigs county, July 16, 1846, and settled in this county in the year 1854.He was born in Hardy county, Virginia, January 2, 1813; she is a native of Meigs county, born February 9, 1826. He is the son of Philip and Kesiah (Daniels) Barnhouse; she is a daughter of Thomas and Unity (Merritt) Sharpe. Mrs. Eber Barnhouse is the mother of four children: John W., born April 22, 1847, died July 22, 1847; Rinaldo F., May 7, 1849, resides in Paulding county; Serepta M., December 17, 1850, resides in Paulding county; Orlando, April 17, 1858, died August 15, 1862. Eber Barnhouse has filled the office of Justice of the Peace for six years, and Township Trustee five years; was the first Infirmary Director in the county, serving two terms. He was also one of the first voters in the township. He occupied the farm he first settled on, in 1854. Postoffice address, Paulding, Paulding county, Ohio.

BAUGHMAN, Charles W. - is the son of Robert Alexander and Margaret (Armstrong) Baughman. He is a resident of Paulding township, where he located in 1877. On the 24th day of March, 1881, in Springfield, Ohio, he was united in marriage with Eleanor McBeth, born in Champaign county, Ohio, in 1854. She is the daughter of Robert and Jemima (Winwood) McBeth. C. W. Baughman is a native of Cincinnati, born in 1844; was one hundred days a member of the 139th Regiment, Ohio National Guards. He is an Attorney-at-Law and also a grocer. Address, Paulding, Paulding county, Ohio.

BELL, William - was born in Ashland county, November 7, 1842; is the son of Joseph and Easter (Johnson) Bell; the latter died in Columbus, Ohio. He was married in Putnam county to Matilda Wilser, daughter of Daniel and Rebecca (Diehl) Wilser; her father resides in Putnam county; her mother is deceased. Eight children have been added to the household of Mr. Bell, namely: Rebecca E., born June 12, 1867; Margaret J., February 14, 1869; Mary E., April 19, 1871; Laura A., April 9. 1873; Stella C., March 30, 1876; Gracie M., November 10, 1878; Charley M., March 30, 1880, died April 9, 1880; William E., March 17, 1881, died July 2, 1881. Mr. Bell is the postmaster at Hamer; is also Treasurer for Washington township. He was a member of the 87th Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry; enlisted June 10, 1862, and received his discharge October 1, 1862, at Camp Delaware, Ohio; re-enlisted in the 2d Ohio Heavy Artillery, January 28, 1864; was discharged August 23, 1865. His brother, John Bell, was killed at Atlanta, in General Sherman’s command. Mrs. Bell had three brothers in the army: Henry, John and Daniel. Mr. Bell is a dealer in general merchandise at Hamer, Paulding county, Ohio.

BENNETT, Jacob - was born in Union county, June 15, 1834, and his wife, Lucentia (Linnabery) Bennett to whom he was married June 8, 1856, was born in Delawary county, September 19, 1839, and they have one child, James Buchanan, born May 4, 1857. His grandparents are William Bennett, born August 4, 1812, and Nancy (Clark) Bennett, March 13, 1809, settlers of this county in 1850; and Andrew Linnabery, born in 1813, died in 1863, and Sarah (Young) Linnabery, born in 1815, settlers of Paulding county in 1849. Jacob enlisted in the 132d Ohio; served four months in that regiment and re-enlisted in the 192d Ohio, and served until the close of the war. Six of his family were in the army, and all returned home. Mrs. Bennett’s father was also in the army, in Company F., 138th Ohio; enlisted in 1862; served one year, was sent home on account of sickness, and died about two days after his return home. Her brother, Amos, was in the same regiment. He went with Sherman to the sea, and returned to Washington; never was badly scared, but was in many hard battles. Mr. Bennett is a farmer and deals in stock and ship timer. Address, Junction, Paulding county, Ohio.

BENNETT, John A. - was born in Chambersburg, Franklin county, Pennsylvania, November 30, 1844; settled in this county in 1872, and married Maggie Laverty, in Michigan, July 5, 1874; her birth occurred in Northumberland county, Pennsylvania, September 26, 1844. They have two children: Eva May, born September 2, 1875; Nellie G., April 26, 1879. He was a member of the 17th Pennsylvania Cavalry; enlisted in 1864 and served until the end of the war. His brother, W. A. Barnett, was also in the service most of the time during the war. The firing at the battle of Gettysburg could be plainly heard at Mr. Barnett's home at Chambersburg, where his parents, George and Susannah (Bonebrake) Barnett, still reside; his wife's parents reside at White Pigeon, Michigan, their names being Andrew and Sarah Ann (Schuyler) Laverty. Mr. Barnett is a member of the Council of Antwerp; he is engaged in the manufacture of carriages and wagons, also blacksmithing in all its branches. His address is Antwerp, Paulding county, Ohio.

BENNETT, Martin Van Buren - born June 5, 1841, settled in this county in 1850, and married July 3, 1863, to Catherine Wolf. She lived but a short time, her death occurring June 16, 1866. His second marriage, June 3, 1867, was with Angeline Harger, a native of Wyandotte county, born September 8, 1847, and their children are: William S., born January 25, 1868; Martin V., April 18, 1859; Laura R., August 21, 1870; Bennie F., October 2, 1872, died same day; Angie Katie, August 31, 1873; Cora Jane, August 20, 1875, died November 5, 1877; John I. C., June 22, 1878, died August 13, 1879; Washington Irving, February 33, 1880. The paternal grandparents of these children are William Bennett, born August 5, 1812, and Nancy (Clark) Bennett, born 1809, settlers of this county in 1850. The maternal grandparents are Samuel Harger, born September 22, 1819, and Elizabeth (Wickerham) Harger, born April 6, 1820. They settled in this county in 1849, and she died in 1858. Mr. Bennett has served as School Director for some time, Township Trustee two terms, and Land Appraiser in 1880. In May, 1864, he enlisted in the One Hundred Day Ohio National Guard; was under fire for sixty-two day, more or less every day, before Petersburg, Virginia; re-enlisted February 14, 1865, in the 192d Ohio; served until the close of the war. He is now engaged in mercantile business, and deals in timber. Address, Junction, Paulding county, Ohio.

BERLIN, Per. Christian - is a native of Sweden, where he was born October 3, 1844. He was a solider in the Swedish army. His parents were Christian M. and Malinda (Yensan) Berlin; the former died in Sweden. March 23, 1874, in Charloe, he was married to Nancy L. Campbell, whose father, Hamilton Campbell, died in 1872: her mother, Mary Ann, is still living. Her mother’s grandfather was a soldier in the Revolutionary war. Mrs. Berlin was born in Logan county, August 22, 1853. She is the mother of three children: George H., born April 15, 1876; Elnora M., July 17, 1879; John, December 21, 1881. Mr. Berlin settled in this township in 1872. He is engaged in farming. Address, Charloe, Paulding county, Ohio.

BIGELOW, Israel James - and Lydia Boutwell were married in Paulding county, November 7, 1875, and their children consist of charles Tilden, born August 31, 1876, and Albert Leroy, December 16, 1878. Mr. bigelow's birth took place in Franklin county, July 16, 1851, and her's in Wisconsin, October 265, 1856. Mr. Bigelow's parents, Freedom Bigelow and Elizabeth (Hobbs) Bigelow, came to this county in 1876. Her parents, Alonzo and Isabella (Roberts) Boutwell, settled here in 1857. Mr. Boutwell enlisted in the late war, but was not able to go into service on account of sickness. Address, Antwerp, Paulding county, Ohio.

BLAKE, Perry W. - is a farmer and carpenter in Blue Creek Township, Paulding County, where he settled in 1874. He and his wife, Amanda M., were both born in Gallia County, Ohio; the former September 29, 1832, the latter May 8, same year. They were married in Mercer County, September 14, 1855, and their children are: James H., born January 1, 1856; Byron B., May 7, 1859; Myrtle A., January 16, 1868; all are still living in Paulding. Mr. Blake’s parents are John G. and Nancy (Guy) Blake; and Mrs. Blake’s parents are James and Mary A. (Watkins) Cummins. Mr. Blake held the office of Township Trustee in 1879. Postoffice address, Paulding, Paulding County, Ohio.

BLAKESLEE, D. G. - is a native of the Buckeye State; was born in Claridon, Geauga county, Ohio, January 31, 1821. His parents both died in that county. Their names were Ozi and Axia (Taylor) Blakeslee. He was married in this township on January 8, 1858, to Harriet Allen, whose birth occurred in Defiance, August 23, 1837. They have two children, namely: Albert Earl, born June 6, 1869; O-ga-re-ta P., April 18, 1872. Mrs. Blakeslee’s parents were Oramel H. and Phoebe E. (Talbert) Allen; both died in Defiance county. Mr. Blakeslee was in the Pension Bureau at Washington from 1861 until 1865. His grandfather was a Drum Major in the war of the Revolution. He was a Colonel at Black Rock and had five sons in the war of 1812. Mr. Blakeslee came to this county in 1850, and built the first steam saw mill in the county. His address is Charloe, Paulding County, Ohio.

BOBSON, Joseph Piner - and Elizabeth Jane Davis were married in Franklin, Warren county, Ohio, February 14, 1863, and settled in Paulding county the same Spring. Their four children are: Clara A., born July 1, 1860, resides in Lockland, Ohio; William L. A., March 16, 1864; Charles Omer, December 21, 1866; Allen Page, June 13, 1869. The last three reside in this county. J. P. Bobson's father, William L. Bobson, was born in Virginia, and came to Ohio in 1830; his mother, Anna Bobson, is a native of Ohio, where Joseph P. was born, March 4, 1837. Mrs. Bobson was born in North Carolina, July 14, 1836. She is the daughter of Edward and Mary Davis, both natives of North Carolina, and removed to Ohio in 1832. A brother of Mr. Bobson's died in rebel prison near Lynchburg, Virginia, in the Summer of 1864. Business, farmer and cook. Address, Paulding Center, Paulding county, Ohio.

BOGART, Jesse Wilson - settler in Paulding county in December, 1880, was born at Columbus Grove, Putnam county, Ohio, April 21, 1842. Mr. Bogart, the subject of this sketch, and Mary A. Thompson, were united in marriage August 22, 1866, in Defiance county, and their children number four, beginning with Ida Olive, February 27, 1870; William Wilson, September 10, 1872; Flora Salina, January 10, 1874; Harry, March 4, 1877, all residing at home. Mr. Bogart is a son of William J. and Olive (Cox) Bogart; the latter died in Paulding county, April 10, 1855. William J. was killed at Chickamauga in a skirmish at the time General Steedman took command of that part of the army; he was about forty-five years of age: he was killed by the explosion of a shell. Jesse Wilson, the subject of this sketch, was also in the army and took part in the following battles: Deserted Farm, Virginia; Black Water, Virginia; Suffolk, Virginia; Fort Sumter, 1863; Petersburg siege of several days. He received a wound in his left shoulder July 18, 1864, and discharged May 20, 1865, from the 13th Regiment Indiana Volunteer Infantry. Mr. Bogart’s business was formerly that of engineer; is at present farming; has endured many of the hardships of a pioneer life. Address, Cecil, Paulding County, Ohio.

BONHOMME, Barney - is a resident of the township of Auglaize, Paulding county, where he settled in the year 1872. He is engaged in the business of ship timbering. He was born in St. Louis City, Canada. His parents were Barney and Mary (Vodre) Bonhomme. Barney, jr., was in the Fenian army in Canada in 1870. His postoffice address is Junction, Paulding county, Ohio.

BOOKER, William - deceased, and his wife, Sydney Jane Bibb, were both born slaves; he in Frankfort, Kentucky, she in Woodford county, Kentucky, August 24, 1828. When she was in her 22d year they were married in her native county, March 3, 1850. Their daughter, Mary Belle, was born May 23, 1851; George W., October 11, 1854. Mrs. Booker’s parents, Thomas and Isabella (Johnston) Bibb, are deceased; her father was killed at the battle of Petersburg by a rebel bullet while fighting for his liberty. William Phillips was the owner of William Booker; Sydney was the slave of Fanny Ware; both were liberated before the war of 1861. Together they settled on the farm that she now occupies in 1852. William died March 22, 1854. The family are members of the Baptist church. Mrs. Booker can be addressed at Timberville, Paulding county, Ohio.

BOWHOLTZ, John - and his wife, Mary (Eckerman) Bowholtz, settled in Paulding county in 1866. He is a farmer; was born in Mecklenberg, Germany, December 25, 1827. Address, Charloe, Paulding county, Ohio.

BOWYER, Joseph - deceased, was born in Morrow county, May 19, 1827, and came to Paulding county in 1856. His wife, Sarah Morris, is a native of Columbiana county, born October 5, 1830. Their marriage was celebrated in Morrow county, November 3, 1850. She is the daughter of John and Elizabeth (Goldy) Morris. Of their nine children all are living but two. They commence with Henry J., born December 9, 1851, deceased; Samuel G., January 29, 1854; William W., October 27, 1855; Lucinda A., January 28, 1857; Isaac S., September 12, 1859; Mary, January 25, 1861, deceased; Charles F., July 17, 1863; Joseph N., April 1, 1868; Cassius G., September 27, 1870; all reside in Blue Creek township. Joseph Boyer was one of the first Trustees in Blue Creek township, and held the office for eight successive years, beginning with 1857; he was also elected County Commissioner in 1874, and held the office until his death in February, 1880. He enlisted in Company K, 132d Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry, and served in the campaign of 1864 around Richmond and Petersburg. Business, farming. Address, Pleasant Point, Paulding county, Ohio.

BOYD, Joseph A. - is engaged in mercantile business at Chainge Bridge on the Miami Canal. He was born in Springdale, Hamilton conty, Ohio, July 30, 1848, removing to this county in 1871. He was married in Auglaize county, Ohio, February 9, 1869, to Malinda Sillin, daughter of John P. and Hannah (Patterson) Sillin, both of whom died in Auglaize county, Ohio. They have one child, John. Mr. Boyd’s parents are Nelson and Martha Jane (Mitchell) Boyd, the former of whom is deceased. Mr. Boyd has been Justice of the Peace of Brown township for three years. His father served in the war of the Rebellion, joining the 71st Ohio, and re-enlisted in the 132d Ohio, serving until the close of the war. Mr. Boyd is also engaged in the timber trade at Canal Port, or what is known as the Chain Bridge on the Miami Canal. He is also proprietor of the Central Hotel at Defiance, Defiance county, Ohio. He may be addressed at Charloe or Defiance.

BOYER, Allen - born in Logan County, September 8, 1848, is a son of Charles and Lucretia (Woodward) Boyer, who settled in Paulding County in 1851; both died in Paulding County. Mr.Boyer was married in this county May 9, 1869, to Rosanna Thomas, who was born in Seneca County, Ohio and is a daughter of William and Mary (Gocie) Thomas, now residing in Defiance County. They have the following family: Jennie, born February 1, 1871; Emma A., August 31, 1872, died July, 1873; Hattie M., December 19,1878; Clay A., August 1, 1875, died February 10, 1876; Katie, June 18, 1879; William A., July 5, 1881. Mrs. Boyer's brother Nicholas was in the late war in the 18th Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry, under General Steedman; enlisted at the opening of the war in 1861, and was a veteran, discharged in 1865. Allen Boyer is at present keeping a restaurant at Cecil. Address, Cecil, Paulding County, Ohio.

BREECE, Phineas - son of Samuel and Elizabeth (Cook) Breece, deceased, was born in Knox County, Ohio, March 3, 1814, and settled in Paulding county, Ohio in 1864. He was married in Knox county, October 9, 1834, by James Johnson, Esq., to Elizabeth Kinney, who was born in Knox county, January 16, 1816, which union has resulted in twelve children: Catherine, born July 31, 1835, resides in Van Wert county, Ohio; Sally A., April 8, 1837, died August 16, 1844; Rebecca, August 18, 1839, died August 19, 1844; William, October 1, 1841, died March 16, 1864; Honor, September 20, 1843, died September 3, 1849; Harriet J., January 27, 1847, resided in Michigan; Ellen A., July 18, 1849, resides in Paulding county; Hannah E., October 14, 1852, resides at home; Lawrence F., January 6, 1854, resides in Cecil, Ohio; Charles H., February 8, 1856, resides at home; Henry C., born April 15, 1858, resides at Cecil, Ohio; Henrietta C., born April 15, 1858, died September 3, 1879. Mrs. Breece;s parents were Nathaniel and Barbary (Sargent) Kinney, deceased. The son, William Breece, served in the late war, in the 99th Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry; enlisted in September, 1862; was soon taken sick and sent to the hospital, and was discharged. He enlisted in the service again in January, 1863, and died of small-pox, March 16, 1864. Mr. Breece;s parents settled in Knox county in 1811, among the early settlers of that part of the country. Mr. Breece is a farmer, and his address in Cecil, Paulding county, Ohio.

BREHAM, Oliver - was born in the Providence of Ontario, Christmas day in 1833, and settled in Paulding County, November 22,1862. He was married in Boswanquet, Ontario, to Margaret Wood, who was born in London, Ontario, September 14, 1835, and they have one adopted child, Minnie Maud, born April 9, 1872. Mr. Breham's parents are Louis and Margaret (Lazness) Breham, both deceased. Her parents were John and Eleanor (Richerson) Wood, who died in London, Ontario. Mr. Breham's father was in the British Army in the War of 1812. His business is farming and getting out ship timber, the latter of which he makes a specialty. His wife is a member of the Christian Church. Address, Cecil, Paulding County, Ohio.

BROWN, Alexander - is the son of William and Mary (Barnhart) Brown; the former died in Williams county, the latter in Crawford county, Ohio. Alexander was born in Pennsylvania, September 1, 1829; settled in this county in May, 1857. His wife, Sarah Reid, to whom he was married in Crawford county, Ohio, January 29, 1852, was born in Richland county, Ohio, January 31, 1834. She is the daughter of Samuel and Catherine (Siler) Reid; her father died in Paulding county, her mother in Crawford county, Ohio. Their children are as follows: Eliza A., born October 5, 1852; Arminta, July 4, 1855; Eva Frances, March 19, 1858; all reside in Paulding county. Mr. Brown was elected to the office of Commissioner October 1872, and served three years. He enlisted in the Union army February 1865; was mustered out of service September 1865; was a member of Company B, 192d Ohio, under Captain Isaac Paterick, Colonel Butterfield, and General Hancock. Business, mechanic, miller and farmer. Address, Royal Oak, Paulding county, Ohio.

BROWN, Deliverance -first came into Paulding county as a hunter in 1827, and remained about seven years, two or three months at a time. He was born in St. Clair county, Illinois, November 16, 1802. His wife, Julia A. Barcus, to whom he was married March 14, 1826, died December 10, 1863. Her daughter, Arrilla, was born December 10, 1826, and died September 14, 1847. His present wife, Rebecca (Trauxel) Brown, was born in Dauphin county, Pennsylvania, September 17, 1819, and married in this county, May 8, 1864. Her parents are John and Hannah (Jewry) Trauxel. The subject of this history is the son of Deliverance and Sarah (Nichols) Brown. He has served as Treasurer of this township four terms, and was one of the first Trustees of the township, also held the office of Trustee in Benton and Washington townships. He enlisted August 19, 1861, in the 38th Ohio, Company F, under Captain John Adams; was in the battles of Wild Cat Mountain and Mill Springs; was discharged in May, 1862. John Taggert, his son-in-law, was in the Mexican war; served during the entire war, and was killed on the way home. Mr. Brown is a farmer and hunter. Address, Pleasant Point, Paulding county, Ohio.

BROWN, Elijah J. - has been a citizen of this county since 1850. He was born in Windsor, Hartford county, Connecticut, on July 18, 1820, and his wife, Mary A. Griffin, born in West Suffield, same county and State, October 5, 1823, became companions for life on September 24, 1843, in Trumbull township, Ashtabula county, Ohio. Their family consists of Lucy A., born October 21, 1846 Joseph H., September 7, 1849; George W., September 17, 1853. Elijah is the son of Jesse Brown, born in 1786, died in 1869 in Michigan, and Lucy F. (Gates) Brown, born in 1796, died in 1856 in Ohio. They settled in this county in 1847. Mrs. Brown’s parents were David H. Griffin, born in 1794, died September 24, 1868; and Sarah (Warner) Griffin, born in 1796, is still living. Elijah J. was elected Justice of the Peace in 1867 and served one term, and again in the spring of 1879, which office he still holds. He was in the army of the late war, a member of Company I, 100th Ohio; was discharged in July, 1865, at Knoxville, Tennessee, after having served over two years. Mr. Brown is a physician and surgeon, and should be addressed at Paulding, Paulding county, Ohio.

BROWN, Joseph - son of William H. and Jane (Hill) Brown, was born in Westmoreland county, Pennsylvania, January 9, 1810. He settled in this county November 1853, moving into a cabin without a door; wolves and deer being plentiful in the neighborhood. His father died in Pennsylvania and his mother in Illinois. On September 30, 1841; in Tuscarawas county, Ohio, he was married to Esther Beard, a native of Ireland. They have the following family: Esther, born February 1, 1843; Jane, April 19, 1844; William, June 14, 1845; Robert, November 10, 1847; John, October 10, 1849. His wife’s parents were Robert and Esther Beard, both of whom died in Defiance county, Ohio. Mr. Brown was in the war of 1861, in Company B, 68th Ohio; Captain Sprague was the company’s first commander, and Captain Masters the last. The following are some of the engagements in which he took part: Fort Donelson, Pittsburg Landing, Jackson, Tennessee; Champion Hill, Siege of Vicksburg, Big Shanty, Georgia; Marietta, Atlanta, Savannah, Grand Review at Washington; discharged at Cleveland in 1865. His son, William, was in the same company with his father. He has been Supervisor of this township for several years, but has never sought any public office. Business; farming. Postoffice address, Defiance, Ohio.

BUDD, Everett A. - first-born of Eli and Mary A. (Clark) Budd, was born in Delaware county, Ohio, March 4, 1842. His father was also born in the same county, August 19, 1820; and his mother, in Lucerne county, Pennsylvania, March 30, 1821. They wee married in central Ohio, on the 30th of March 1841, and came into Paulding county in 1850, whee his father died July 6, 1867. His mother still resides upon the farm which was settled by the family. His brothers and sisters are: Mary C., born December 21, 1843; married to Captain Joseph Ice in the Fall of 1863, and died April 12, 1864; Remembrance L., born in Columbus, Ohio, February 13, 1846, married to J. C. Randolph in 1867; John C., born January 27, 1848, married to Mrs. Amelia (Kahlo) Hollingshead in 1879; Lucretia Ella, born November 4, 1853, married to Henry Varner, September 6, 1870; James E., born February 17, 1856, and Judge W., born July 22, 1860. Mr. Budd served for a time in the army of the Potomac as Orderly Sergeant of Company H, 132d Ohio Volunteer Infantry. He has long been identified with the schools of the county, and as a teacher has been eminently successful. He has one daughter, Rose Budd, born July, 1863.

BURBAGE, John - son of Isaac and Sarah (Tuman) Burbage, who are both deceased, is a native of Maryland. His wife, Mary Ellen Jenkins, to whom he was married in Paulding county, February 1, 1872, was born in Logan county, Ohio, October 11, 1851. Their children are: Isaac E., born February 21, 1873, and Sarah A. N., July 22, 1875. Mrs. Burbage’s parents are John and Sarah (Roberts) Jenkins, both living, the mother in Paulding county. Poke Burbage, brother of John, enlisted in 1862, in the 9th Ohio Cavalry, served until the close of the war, and returned home. Mr. Burbage is engaged in farming, and may be addressed at Timberville, Paulding county, Ohio.

 BURKE, John & Family - John Burke came from Pickaway county.  In this county he married Catherine Upperman.  Soon after their marriage they moved near Marion, Indiana.

This country too was as wild as any part of Ohio.  The courageous husband was elected constable.  This necessitated his absence from home, leaving his young bride alone many times at night, when the wolves would claw the door and howl around the cabin.  In Indiana there were born to them Louisa and Edward.  In later years they moved to Washington township, Van Wert county, Ohio.  Here were born Henry, Martha, John, Elizabeth, Zebulon, Charles, Mary, George and Cornelius.

Edward went to the war in 1861 and stayed until the close.  The father and Henry were out three years, until the close.  All came back alive.  John Russell a son of Phineas was shot by the side of Edward.

At the close of the war the John Burke family moved to Paulding co.  First they bought land in Blue Creek township, on which they never settled and later purchased 160 acres just south of the bridge south of town on the east side of the road.  The first house was a cabin, and later a frame house was built, all traces of which are now gone.

John Burke was of Irish parentage, Mrs. Catherine Burke was of Pennsylvania Dutch birth. 

John Burke died February 24, 1875, aged 56 years, 1 month and 16 days.  Mrs. Catherine (Upperman) Burke died June 17, 1892, aged 70 years, 3 months and 1 day.  They are both buried in the old Lehman cemetery.

Louisa Burke married John Waltz who was a brother of Ezekil Waltz.  Their children were Lucinda, Emma, Martha who died at the age of nine and Frank.

Edward Burke was married four times.  The third wife was Catherine Highstreet by whom he had two children, Margaret and Gertrude.  Edward died in 1911 in Ohio City.

Henry married Louise Switzer by whome he had six children.  Ann, Mary, Harry, Joseph, Elizabeth, and Fannie.  By a second wife there were born several children among whom were Goldie, Albert, Cornelius and others.

Martha became the wife of Philip Bellis who was a brother of James Bellis.  Their children were Charles, Susan and Jennie.

John chose for his wife, Sabina Coomer a sister of Webster Coomer.  Their children were Albert, Mary, George, Zebulon, Webster, William, Alvin, Alma, Blanche and Emma.  John died July 4, 1914 in Millersburg, Ind.

Elizabeth married Charles Ryel, whose history is with the Ryel family.

Zebulon never married, and always made his home with his brother George and family east of Payne where he died February 28, 1917.

Cornelius was twice married.  The first wife was Cora Woodwright.  The second was Grace Gangler.  He now lives with his sister Mrs. Ryel in Oklahoma.

Charles was married to Emma Extine who is a sister of Mrs. Emil White, Mrs. Conrad Sitcler and Mrs. Linius Kilpatrick.  Their home is east of Payne on 40 acres of the land owned by his father.  Their children are Jacob who married Martha Coomer a daughter of Webster and Anna (Sours) Coomer.  Ivy married Samuel Dill and Nora is the wife of Ansel Kohn.  Mary Catherine died at the age of thirteen.

George chose for his wife Angelinia Foreman daughter of Jackson and Lydia (Miller) Foreman.  George was born in Van Wert county, Ohio, January 1, 1857.  His wife was born Aug. 16, 1875 in Perry county.  Their children were Gertrude who died in infancy.  Myrtle married Charles Whetstone.  William married Ethel Harp daughter of Perry and Mae Harp.  A great sorrow came to this family when their son Jackson a promising young man died in 1906.  Etta became the wife of Roland Dull.  Helen a lassie of nine years is a great comfort to her parents.

(Taken from "History of Payne and Vicinity", by Mrs. Florence N. Cartwright, April 25, 1918, Payne Reflector - ***It should be noted that John Burke actually died in 1876, not in 1875 as mentioned in the above article.  Cornelius' 1st wife was Cora WHITRIGHT and not Woodright.

BURSON, Harrison S. M.D. - is a son of Aaron Fention and Rebecca (Chamberlin) Burson, who both reside in Hancock county, Ohio, in which county the object of this sketch was born November 19, 1845. He is a graduate of Cincinnati, Ohio, and Ann Arbor, Michigan Medical colleges, and is at present practicing in Oakwood, where he should be addressed 

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