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Biographies were taken from The History of Northwestern Ohio & History of Paulding County (H H Hardesty & Company Chicago IL/Toledo OH 1882)
Compiled and Transcribed by Janet Kwasniak and Mike Sandridge

DAGUE, Hamilton C. - and Lavaria Williamson were married in Licking county, Ohio, October 10, 1867. They have a family of seven children, namely: John C., born September 14, 1868; Hamilton H., March 4, 1869; Lucy, June 8, 1872; Albert, March 31, 1874; Estella, February 26, 1876; Lucinda R., February 19, 1878; Lillie B., April 23, 1880. Mr. Dague was a soldier of the war of the Rebellion, being a member of the 95th Ohio. The following are some of the engagements in which he took part: Richmond, Kentucky, was wounded in the right leg, the ball remaining there and can still be felt; taken prisoner August 30, 1862; paroled and sent home in September; exchanged and went back to duty in March, 1863; at the battle of Jackson, Mississipi; at the siege of Vicksburg; second battle of Jackson, Mississippi; Callersville, Tennessee; detached as Paymaster’s guard, serving nine months; was in the raid after Price in Missouri; came back to St. Louis; went to Nashville, Tennessee, in which engagement he was wounded in the left arm between the elbow and shoulder, an ounce ball passing through his flesh; he was granted a furlough and came home for fifty days, joining his regiment again at Montgomery, Alabama, remaining until mustered out. He had two brothers in the army, Henry in the 22d Ohio, and John W. in the 76th Ohio. Mrs. Dague has also two brothers in the army: George Dallas and Smith Williamson in the 76th Ohio; the latter died and was buried at Rome, Georgia. James W. and Melinda (Green) Williamson are Mrs. Dague’s parents and live in Licking county, Ohio. His parents, John and Caroline A. (Monroe) Dague, made Licking county their home, and where his father died. Mr. Dague has been Trustee of Blue Creek township and Justice of the Peace of the same township, but he resigned both positions to go into mercantile business. He was the first Postmaster at Pleasant Point, and held that office about three years in all. He is farming and stock dealing. He came to this county October 7, 1871, making Latty township his home. He was born in Franklin county, Ohio, May 9, 1845; his wife in Licking county, April 11, 1846. His address is Pleasant Point, Paulding county, Ohio.

DANIELS, Johnathon - was born in Holmes county, Ohio, February 20, 1825, and came to this county in 1852, and is engaged in farming. He was married in Paulding county, April 22, 1880, to Louisa J. Burk. She was born in Pickaway county, Ohio, November 26, 1838. His first wife, Sarah Ann (Ellison) Daniels, died March 8, 1864, by whom he had one son, Elisha, born October 11, 1863. Mr. Daniels has held several township offices. His parents were Elisha and Anna M. (Scott) Daniels, both deceased. His wife’s parents are John Burk and Catherine (Upperman) Burk; the former died February 24, 1876. Mr. Daniel's address is McGill, Paulding county, Ohio.

DAVIS, Samuel W. - is a native of Licking county, Ohio, his birth having taken place May 28, 1846. His wife, Sarah D. Money, was born in Jay county, Indiana, August 18, 1846, and married in that locality, September 13, 1868. Mr. Davis’s parents were William R., who died in Illinois, and Mary D. (Armstrong) Davis, whose death occurred in Jay county, Indiana. Mrs. Davis’s parents, William and Cenoth (Denney) Money, live in Jay county, Indiana. The family of Mr. Davis embrace Augusta L., born August 29, 1869; William M., September 24, 1875, died January 18, 1877; Anna E., November 3, 1877; Howard Otis, February 28, 1880. Mr. Davis has held the office of Trustee of Latty township for two terms, also Cosntable for the same time. His uncle, George Armstrong, was a soldier in the war of 1812. Mr. Davis and wife are members of the Christian Church, having associated themselves with that body eleven years ago. The date of his settlement in Paulding county was October 6, 1867, the locality being nothing but a forest. He is engaged in farming. Address, Gilbert’s Mills, Paulding county, Ohio.

DEARDORFF, Samuel A. - and Margaret Jorden were united in wedlock, April 11, 1844. His father, Abraham Deardorff, died November 7, 1858; his mother, Nancy (Hodges) Deardorff, March 10, 1871. Margaret’s father, William Jorden, died in 1847; Margaret (Coffel) Jorden, her mother, is still living. Mr. And Mrs. Deardorff are the honored parents of ten children, all living, but one. The first, William, was born on the 20th day of February, 1845; Mary F., born September 28, 1846, died May 28, 1865; Eliza A., March 4, 1848; John D., June 25, 1850, is a resident of Logan county, Ohio; Rachel B., July 12, 1852; Susan C., June 22, 1854; Rebecca J., June 3, 1857; James F., June 26, 1859; Samuel L., March 26, 1861, and Margaret A., December 20, 1863. All reside in Paulding county but John D. Samuel A., was born in Bedford county, Virginia, August 11, 1820, and Margaret, his wife, was born in Greene county, Ohio, March 16, 1824. Mr. Deardorff and his son William were in active service in the late war. The father in the 96th Ohio for one year, received his discharge on account of disability, and returned home; the son served eighteen months in the 128th Ohio. Business, farming and carpentering. Address, Antwerp, Paulding county, Ohio.

DEMPSY, Elias A. - and Sarah Hearn were married in this county November 28, 1875. His birth occurred in North Carolina, January 26, 1839, and hers in Logan county, Ohio, March 21, 1857. Their children are: Ollie V., born May 29, 1876; Cora J., February 20, 1877. Mr. Dempsy is a son of James and Keturah (Ash) Dempsy, settlers of this county in 1863. Mrs. Dempsy’s parents are Lorenzo D. and Mary (Roberts) Hearn. Elias A. has been Clerk of the township five years; holds the seal of the county for Notary Public. His first wife was Elizabeth Jackson, daughter of Richard and Sophia Jackson. Her children were: James A., born January 1, 1862; William C., April 16, 1863; Elias S., December 9, 1864; Mary E., December 18, 1866; Minnie A., March 15, 1870; Keturah, February 11, 1872; Elizabeth C., January 10, 1874. Mr. D. owns a farm of eighty acres. He was educated in Logan county among the Quakers, and is exerting himself for the benefit and improvement of his family. Address, Timberville, Paulding county, Ohio.

DICKEY, Allison H.  - was born in Blair County, Pennsylvania, April 10, 1832, and settled in Paulding county in 1865. He is the son of David J. and Anna (Hetrick) Dickey; the former lives in Blair County, Pennsylvania, the latter is deceased. His wife, Julia A., was born in New York, July 28, 1836, and they were married in Toledo, November 1869. She is a daughter of Dennis Roe; her mother is deceased. Mr. Dickey’s brother William was killed in service during the late war. Allisson H. Dickey is Captain of the canal boat Blockade; has been a boatman since 1844. Address, Cecil, Paulding County, Ohio.

DIX, P. Alvin - is a physician and surgeon, practicing his profession at Paulding, the county seat of Paulding county; office in his brick block, south side of Court House Square. He makes a specialty of diseases of the eye and ear and operative surgery. His wife assists in the practice. He was born in Van Wert, Ohio, June 13, 1850, and married in the same place December 16, 1871, to Sade E. Beck, who was born in Van Wert, February 14, 1852. The following are the names of their offspring: Eva May, born May 27, 1873; Ira J., August 31, 1874; Peres M., January 3, 1877; Clarence A., February 16, 1879. Mr. Dix’s parents are Peres M. and Lovina (Wise) Dix. His wife’s parents are Michael and Mary A. (Feighner) Beck. Mr. Dix has held nearly every township and town office in the gift of the people, and at present is County Coroner. His brother, Stephen S., enlisted in the 46th Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry, April 1864, and served until the close of the war. He had also a number of relatives in the service. His post office address is Paulding, Paulding county, Ohio.

DONAT, Isaac - settled in Paulding county in 1849; migrated with his parents, Jonathan and Polly (Snyder) Donat, from Stark county, Ohio, where Isaac’s birth took place, September 10, 1840. Phebe M. Beadle, daughter of David and Mary M. (Millard) Beadle, settlers of this county in 1850, was born in Warren county, Pennsylvania, April 22, 1840, and married in Paulding county, April 3, 1866, by Rev. B. L. Rowen, to Isaac Donat, and five children have been added to their home: Mary Roberta, born June 15, 1867; Isaac Willard, February 1, 1869; Clara Josephine, April 26, 1871; John Edward, October 1, 1872; Francis Otterbein, March 26, 1878. Mr. Donat was a soldier in the late war; enlisted August 26, 1861, in Company G, 14th Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry, and participated in the following battles: Wild Cat, Atlanta, Jonesboro, Kenesaw Mountain, Peach Tree Creek, Chickamauga, Mission Ridge and all the battles of the regiment after enlisting till the close of the war, and did not miss a march except one half day in an ambulance; was a soldier almost four years and had his haversack hot off, but escaped himself with a wound; was mustered out July 21, 1865, as Sergeant of Company G, 14th Regiment Ohio Veteran Volunteer Infantry. The Captain at the time of his enlisting was William H. Eckles, and when discharged, George W. Eckles was the Captain. He has served five years as Supervisor, School Director one term, and re-elected in spring of 1881. Business, farming. Address, Antwerp, Paulding county, Ohio.

DONLEY, John Mckee - is a son of Jesse, born February 19, 1820, died in 1855, and Mary (Crago) Donley, born September 29, 1820, and settlers of this county in 1844. John McKee is a resident of Auglaize township; settled here in 1873; was born in Defiance county, June 24, 1852. His sisters and brothers are James T., born March 1, 1840, deceased; Sarah, June 12, 1842; Levi, April 12, 1845; Calvin J., April 28, 1849, died August 23, 1863; John McKee is at this time Constable of the township; has held the office for two years; is also Postmaster, and follows his trade of shoemaking, and employs the best of workmen. His brother, Levi, was a member of Company B, 38th Ohio, and served two years; was with Sherman in his march to the sea. His brother, Calvin, was a member of Company C, 65th Indiana, and was killed August 23, 1864, at Atlanta. He enlisted when only fourteen years of age, and was killed soon after he was fifteen. Address, Junction, Paulding county, Ohio.

DOTTERER, Samuel - was born in Marion county, Ohio, June 8, 1850; settled in Paulding county, June 8, 1851. He was married in Indiana, January 1, 1872, to Eliza Zehendner, born in Allen county, Indiana. Mr. Dotterer’s parents were Christopher and Frances (Daniels) Dotterer, both deceased. The children of Mr. And Mrs. Dotterer are: George, born September 25, 1872, died January 16, 1873; Minerva, November 6, 1873; Lucy, July 26, 1875; Martha Ellen, September 1, 1877; Jacob, December 4, 1879, and all live at home. Mr. Dotterer has held the office of Supervisor several terms and has been School Director for the past five years. Business, farming. Address, Junction, Paulding county, Ohio.

DUNDERMAN, Jacob - is a dealer in timber and a wagon and carriage manufacturer in Antwerp. He was born in Liverpool, Medina county, May 22, 1842. His wife, Cordelia L. Lynde, was born in the same place November 20, 1842, where their marriage took place, April 19, 1866. Their children are: Albert E., born August 28, 1867; Wilford E., September 28, 1869; Avery, March 23, 1872, died July 28, 1872. Mr. Dunderman was a member of the Antwerp Council for two years. He served in the war of the Rebellion as a member in Battery D, 1st Ohio Artillery. He enlisted September 10, 1861, and was discharged August 14, 1863; was in the battles of Ivy Mountain, Pittsburg Landing, and several others. Mr. Dunderman started the first wagon and carriage manufactory in Paulding county. His parents are Philip and Mary (Dimling) Dunderman. His wife’s parents are Samuel and Sarah (Blanteron) Lynde. Address, Antwerp, Paulding county, Ohio.

DUNDERMAN, John - a resident of Paulding county since 1865, came from Medina, Ohio, where he was born February 13, 1844, in which county his wife, Helen, was born May 28, 1841. The result of this marriage is: Jacob Lewis, born December 25, 1864; George Cornelius, March 29, 1868; Frank Edward, February 26, 1871; Frederick William, July 19, 1874. John Dunderman’s father was born June 24, 1809, died July 17, 1871; his mother Mary Ann (Dimling) Dunderman, June 24, 1803, died February 15, 1871, both born in Germany. Mrs. Dunderman’s parents were also born in Germany, John Magetz, November, 1805, and Elizabeth (Dimling) Magetz was born in October, 1811. Mr. Dunderman has served as Supervisor two years, and School Director several years. Address, Antwerp, Paulding county, Ohio.

DURFEY, Andrew - Postmaster, Real Estate and Insurance Agent, has been a resident of Paulding since 1869. His parents are James and Jane (Nafus) Durfey. Cynthia H. Roberts became his wife in her own native county, Delaware, in the town of Sunbury, on the 14th of March, 1867. He is also a native of that county, born March 16, 1840. Their family consists of: Louie R., born August 24, 1868, died at Columbus, Ohio, July 16, 1869; John Q., August 1, 1871, resides with his parents. John and Julia Ann (Vance) Roberts are the maternal grandparents of these children. Mr. Durfey has served as Postmaster at Paulding since 1874. He was a member of the 18th Regiment United States Infantry, enlisted August 21, 1861; discharged June 24, 1865; held a commission as Second Lieutenant 42d Regiment United States Colored Infantry; discharged February 1866; was in the following contests: Corinth, Stone River, Chickamauga, Chattanooga, Mission Ridge, campaign in Georgia with General Sherman from May 7 to September 2, 1864; passed through all the above and many other engagements without a scratch, and was discharged with excellent character; held rank as Sergeant Major.

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