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Biographies were taken from The History of Northwestern Ohio & History of Paulding County (H H Hardesty & Company Chicago IL/Toledo OH 1882)
Compiled and Transcribed by Janet Kwasniak and Mike Sandridge

FERGERSON, Jasper A. -
and Susan Ellsworth, his wife, were both born in Luzerne county, Pennsylvania. His birth, October 8, 1829; hers, March 25, 1831, and married in Erie county, Ohio, on the 9th day of October, 1856. His parents are Richard and Polly (Rice) Fergerson; hers are Avery and Susan (Fitch) Ellsworth. The names of their children are: Henry E., born August 7, 1857; Augustus, December 5, 1859, died March 20, 1861; Jennie A., December 25, 1863, died April 13, 1879; John S., February 16, 1870, died October 20, 1877. Mr. Fergerson was the first marshal in the town of Paulding; filled the office of Sheriff for six years, and has held several other offices. He is now proprietor of the Caroline House. Address, Paulding, Paulding county, Ohio.

FILLEY, David - is a resident of Carryall township, where he is engaged in school-teaching; he settled in Paulding county in 1871. His birth took place in Indiana, August 28, 1859. His father, Benjamin Filley, was born March 22, 1831; his mother's name was Elma Jane (Goodrick) Filley. They also settled in this county in 1871. Mr. Filley's address is Antwerp, Paulding county, Ohio.

FINAN, John - settled in this county in 1848, where he is engaged in farming. Mr. Finan was born in the county of Sligo, Ireland, December 23, 1804, and was married to Ellen Moran, July 10, 1837. Mrs. Finan was also born in Sligo, Ireland. They have the following children: James, born August 28, 1838, died March 10, 1873; Rodger, January 27, 1840; John, April 28, 1842, died October 18, 1871; Edward, October 25, 1844; Peter, July 27, 1847; Mary, May 12, 1849; Michael, November 1, 1851; Infant baby, December 5, 1853, died same day; Thomas, January 15, 1856. Mr. Finan’s first four sons were born in Ireland; his fifth, Peter, was born on the ocean near the mouth of the St. Lawrence river, and the balance in this country. His son, Edward, served in the war of the Rebellion in the hundred day service. Mr. Finan’s parents were Rodger Finan and Eleanor (Calloway) Finan; the former died in 1837, the latter in 1844. Mrs. Finan’s parents were Manus Moran and Eleanor (Hunt) Moran, both deceased; the former in 1838, and the latter in 1849. Mr. Finan has held the office of Supervisor for eight terms. His address is McGill, Paulding county, Ohio.

FISH, Orlando - is a native of Ohio, having been born in Union county, Ohio, August 4, 1855, and married in Delaware county, Ohio, October 2, 1879to Eliza Ann, daughter of Peter and Mary Ann (Hinton) Coonfare; she was born in Pulaski county, Indiana, April 23, 1855. They had one child Clarence L., born July 21, 1880, died November 27, 1880. His parents are Cornelius and Elizabeth (Rend) Fish. They still live in Union county, Ohio. His wife’s parents are residents of Pulaski county, Indiana. His wife had one brother in the war of the Rebellion. Address Mr. Fish at Royal Oak, Paulding county, Ohio.

FISHER, Samuel - was born in Richland county, Ohio, May 25, 1822; his parents being Jacob and Catharine (Davis) Fisher; his mother died in Ohio in 1833, and his father in Iowa in 1872. Mr. Fisher’s first wife was Julia A., daughter of John and Julia A. (Hobletzell) French. The children by this marriage are: Christina, born January 20, 1846; William W., September 16, 1848; John W., April 19, 1852; Rebecca E., August 25, 1854; Lafayette R., August 10, 1857; Lurie V., September 20, 1861. Mr. Fisher’s first marriage took place in Crawford county, January 4, 1845. His second marriage occurred in Van Wert county, Ohio, June 24, 1878, his wife being Esther A. (Ferguson) McCullough, who was born in Maryland in October 1829. Her father, John Ferguson, died in that State. Mrs. Fisher’s first husband, John F. McCullough was killed at Dallas, Georgia, when in an engagement under General W. T. Sherman. Mr. Fisher was a member of the 132d Ohio, being engaged around Washington at the time of General Early’s raid. The birthplace of his parents was Chambersburg, Pennsylvania. Mr. Fisher first settled in Defiance county in 1851, and moved to Paulding county in 1855. Business; farming and blacksmithing. He is still a resident of Brown township, Charloe, Paulding county, Ohio.

FLECK, William F. - was born in Wayne county, Ohio, January 21, 1842; was married at Antwerp, Paulding county, Ohio, November 28, 1866 to Emily S. Hill. The following are their children: Ovil Waite, born December 26, 1873; Millie Hayes, August 24, 1876; William Nelson, December 27, 1878; the two first are deceased. Mr. Fleck’s wife was born n Defiance county, Ohio, October 27, 1846. He settled in this county in 1854, and has been Clerk of Antwerp corporation two terms. His parents were Henry and Rebecca (Bowers) Fleck, settlers in this county in 1847. His wife’s parents were Daniel McFalen Hill, born in 1809, and Pamelia (Snook) Hill, born in 1810; they settled in this county in 1834. William F. Fleck enlisted in company G, 14th Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry, April 22, 1861, fro three months; was discharged August 13, 1861. During this time, he served in West Virginia, and engaged in the battles of Phillippi, Cheat River, etc. He re-enlisted in the same company and regiment, August 26, 1861, to serve three years, W. H. Eckles commanding company, and James B. Steedman commanding regiment. He served in Kentucky, Tennessee, Northern Mississippi and Alabama; was in a number of skirmishes, but his regiment lost few men until the battle of Chickamauga, fought September 19 and 20th, 1863. From the brigade of which Mr. Fleck’s regiment formed a part was fired the first gun in that hard-fought battle, and Company G, going into the fight with forth-seven men, ran, file and musicians, lost thirty men, and of those taken prisoners, all but three were wounded. During the fight the regiment had six color-bearers shot. Mr. Fleck’s tent-mates, T. B. Harris, W. A. Tanner and J. Q. A. Conard, were wounded the first day of the fight; Conard was taken prisoner, and died at Andersonville. After the battles of Missionary Ridge, Lookout Mountain, etc., where the Northern forces were victorious, Mr. Fleck was one of twenty men belonging to Company G to re-enlist for three years, or during the war. Re-enlisting December 14, 1863, after thirty days’ furlough he returned to the army, participating in the Atlanta campaign, which terminated in the battle of Jonesboro, September 1, 1864. He was with Sherman’s forces in their celebrated march to the sea, and in the subsequent march across South Carolina, terminated in the capture of Raleigh, North Carolina, where he heard of President Lincoln’s assassination. Here, also, he heard that Lee had surrendered. Mr. Fleck’s regiment then marched to Washington, by way of Richmond, Virginia. Having been reviewed at Washington, they were ordered to Louisville, Kentucky, there mustered out to date July 5, 1865, receiving pay and final discharge at Cleveland, Ohio. Mr. Fleck gave four years and three months of faithful and constant service in the war. His present business is farming and stock raising. Address, Antwerp, Paulding county, Ohio.

FOSTER, Daniel Gilman - and Olive Murphy were married July 30, 1851. He was born in New York State, July 10, 1826. Her birthplace was Carryall township, October 30, 1830. Their children are: Nancy D. (Rumbaw), born May 20, 1852; George W., July 16, 1856; Rosella (Rumbaw), October 3, 1858; Olive Irena, July 28, 1861; John Anderson, April 18, 1864; Thomas G., May 26, 1866; Florence Cathlena, June 26, 1868; William Clarendon, July 23, 1870; Daniel P. M., September 15, 1872. Mr. Foster’s parents are George W. and Maria (Delaney) Foster. His wife’s parents are David P. Murphy, born April 19, 1807, and Nancy (Runion) Murphy, born October 31, 1808. They settled in this county in 1828. Mr. Foster was a member of Company C, 68th Regiment Ohio volunteer Infantry; enlisted October, 1861; discharged, June, 1865. He was in all the engagements in which the regiment took part, numbering twenty-one battles and seven sieges. The service so impaired his health that he was unable to do any labor and died January 18, 1874. Address, Mrs. Foster, Antwerp, Paulding county, Ohio.

FRENCH, Andrew Y. - born in Crawford county, Ohio, September 14, 1845, settled in Paulding county in 1853, with his parents, William T. and Mary (Yeagly) French. He was married in Paulding, Ohio, March 30, 1867, to Lottie B. Harbaugh, who was born in Richland county, December 12, 1847. Her parents, Frederick C. and Margaret (Aston) Harbaugh, settled in this county in 1866. Mr. French’s children are: Frederick William, born November 20, 1867; Minnie K., September 10, 1869, died February 14, 1870; Ethel, January 3, 1877. Mr. French was in the 10oth Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry; enlisted July 30, 1863, and discharged July 31, 1865; was engaged in the battles of Buzzard’s Roost, Resaca, Knoxville, Franklin, and Nashville. He is now proprietor of a hotel in Paulding, Paulding county, Ohio.

FRENCH, William T. - whose death occurred October 24, 1879, was born in Crawford county, May 29, 1819. He was a son of John and Julia A. (Hobelsell) French; settled in Paulding county in 1853. His wife, Margaret J., to whom he was married January 5, 1853, is a daughter of Thomas C. and Sarah (Cartwright) Poyns, who came to this county in 1861; she was born in Conneaut, Ohio, October 19, 1833, and her children are: Courtland J., born December 23, 1853, died January 17, 1854; Carrie L., September 30, 1857; Effie, July 11, 1860, died November 17, 1860; Sankey L., December 23, 1861. Mr. French has held the offices of Clerk of Courts three years; Recorder, seven years; several years Postmaster, and Justice of the Peace one term. His son Andrew Y. served three years in the army. Mrs. French’s father also served in the army; he enlisted in the 11th Regiment Michigan Volunteer Infantry; served thirteen months, and was discharged for disability; then re-enlisted as a substitute, for nine months, in the 9th Indiana Cavalry; again re-enlisted in the 7th Indiana Cavalry, for three years, or during the war; was injured in the battle of Okolona, Tennessee, and died, July 20, 1870, from injuries received during the war. Mrs. French also had twin brothers in the war. Edward C. served seventeen months in the 11th Regiment Michigan Volunteer Infantry, was discharged for disability, and died at Nashville, on his way home; Edwin G. served three years and was discharged at the expiration of his term of service with the loss of his left hand at the battle of Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Mrs. French is a dressmaker in Paulding, Paulding county, Ohio.

FRY, Joel - and Matilda King were both born and married in Logan county, Ohio; the birth of the former occurred on May 1, 1844, of the later November 7, 1844, and their marriage, April 3, 1867. Their children, all living at home, are: Mary M., born February 15, 1868; William C., September 25, 1869; Amos W., March 1, 1873; Laura J., June 10, 1875; Ashby R., August 12, 1877; Peter Edward, June 12, 1880. Joel’s father, Peter Fry, resides in Logan county; his mother, Emeline (Golden) Fry, died December 30, 1858. Mrs. Fry’s parents, Jacob and Mary (Rolands) King, died March 3, 1870, and September 25, 1878, respectively. Mr. Fry served in the defense of the Union, in the 128th Ohio; his brother, John Fry, was in the same regiment. Amos, another brother, served in the 4th Ohio. All were honorably discharged at the close of the war. Mr. Fry’s business is farming. Address, Payne, Paulding county, Ohio.

FRYMAN, William Augustus - son of Jacob and Rachel (Gallant) Fryman, was born in Delaware county, January 14, 1841, and settled in this county in 1852. He was married January 14, 1879, to Alsinda Murphy, born in this county. Her parents are Daniel and Elizabeth (King) Murphy, settlers of this county in 1850. She has one child, Theannas, born November 7, 1879. Mr. Fryman enlisted in 1862, a member of Company C, 68th, Ohio; was in the battles of Atlanta, Jonesboro, Orangeburg, and several skirmishes; went through with Sherman to the sea. His father was in the same company and regiment; died at Vicksburg of brain fever. The subject of this history has been twice married; his first wife was Sarah Jane Doyle, daughter of Joshua Doyle, by whom he had the following children: Ida Ellen, born August 9, 1868; William Henry, September 9, 1870; Jacob Harvey, February 9, 1874. Mrs. Fryman died December 4, 1875. Mr. Fryman is a farmer in Auglaize township. Postoffice address, Junction, Paulding county, Ohio.

FULLER, Orson D. - was born in Cuyahoga county, Ohio, July 30, 1829. His parents were Able B. and Roxanna (Cole) Fuller, both died in Putnam county, Ohio; the former in June 1856, the latter in April 1840. He has been thrice married. His first wife was Ellen, daughter of James and Mary Mayberry and to whom one child was born, Nancy M., July 11, 1852; she lives in Brown township. His second wife was Mary Jamison, a sister of his present wife; he has also two children by this wife, John Francis, born August 27, 1854; Alexander T., December 13, 1857; both reside in Brown township. The present Mrs. Fuller is Cynthia, daughter of Francis and Rachel (Wroten) Jamison, both of whom are deceased-the father in Putnam county, the mother in Allen county. She was born in Allen county, Ohio, October 27, 1833, and their marriage took place in Putnam county, Ohio, March 4, 1860. They have three children: Mary A., born March 4, 1862; Julia E., April 7, 1864; Rachel F., August 25, 1866, died November 29, 1878. Mr. Fuller has no less than five different families residing under his roof, among whom there has always been a harmonious feeling. He has been Clerk of Courts in this county for three years. He had two brothers, Jonathan and Jacob, in the war of 1861; the first was a member of the 57th Ohio. Orson is a farmer, and a blacksmith. He settled in this county in November 1865. Address, Oakwood, Paulding county, Ohio.

FULLER, Samuel - was one of the pioneers of this county, having settled in Brown township in 1853; at that time there was no road from his place in Charloe, and he had to carry his grain on his back to mill. He was married in Illinois, December 19, 1837, to Eunice M. Ashley, daughter of Isaac and Eunice (Levette) Ashley. She was born in Genesee county, New York, March 9, 1817; her father died in Illinois; her mother died in Cuyahoga county, Ohio. Mr. Fuller was born in Whitehall, Vermont, November 18, 1812. Their family consists of: Willis, born March 31, 1839; Martha A., October 15, 1840, died April 20, 1841; Isaac A., July 9, 1842, died July 10, 1844; Albert, September 10, 1844; Happalonia, August 3, 1847; Ellen Ada and Ellen Adell, twins, September 27, 1851; Ellen Ada died October 17, 1851, and Ellen Adell died October 29, 1851. Mr. Fuller’s parents were Jacob and Lucy (Evans) Fuller; both are deceased. His sons Willis and Albert were in the war of 1861. Willis lost an arm, July 22, 1864, in front of Atlanta; they both remained in service until the close of the war. His father was a teamster in the war of 1812, and his grandfather was in the Revolutionary war. Mr. Fuller is a farmer. Address, Oakwood, Paulding county, Ohio.

FULLER, Willis - was born in Cuyahoga county, Ohio, March 31, 1829, and married to Nancy A. Burt in Paulding county, June 8, 1866; her birth took place in Morrow county, Ohio, March 23, 1848. Their family consists of Marwin C., born December 4, 1867; Earnest A., June 24, 1870; Minnie A., December 20, 1874. Mr. Fuller was in the war of the Rebellion, first enlisting April 22, 1861, in Company G, 14th Ohio; he re-enlisted in Company C, 68th Ohio; he lost an arm at the battle of Peach Ridge, Georgia, July 22, 1864. He was discharged June 27, 1865. He has served as Township Assessor for several terms, and Treasurer for one term. His parents were Samuel and Eunice W. M. (Ashley) Fuller. His wife’s parents are Lot and Abigail E. (Brown) Burt. They settled in the county in 1866. Mr. Fuller resides in Brown township, and his postoffice address is Oakwood, Paulding county, Ohio.

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