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Biographies were taken from The History of Northwestern Ohio & History of Paulding County (H H Hardesty & Company Chicago IL/Toledo OH 1882)
Compiled and Transcribed by Janet Kwasniak and Mike Sandridge

GALBREATH, Alexander - settled in Paulding county in 1875, and was born in Darke county, December 14, 1840. In the same county, February 2, 1860, Mary C. Phillips became his wife. She was born in Preble county, January 29, 1842; her parents are Richard and Elizabeth (Werts) Phillips. Mr. Galbreath’s parents are John and Alcira (Offill) Galbreath. Eight responsibilities have been added to their family circle: Jasper N., born May 6, 1861; Elizabeth A., November 17, 1862; John R., July 22, 1867; Adlaska, April 28, 1869,; Rosella, June 13, 1871, deceased; Emma J., January 4, 1873; Effie D., January 4, 1875; Willie, January 14, 1878, deceased. Mr. Galbreath enlisted in Company I, 1st Ohio Cavalry, August 18, 1863; served in the army during the remainder of the war; was engaged in the battles of Chickamauga, Mission Ridge, Kenesaw Mountain; siege of Atlanta, Georgia; Franklin, Tennessee; discharged September 13, 1869 at Hilton Head, South Carolina. He is now engaged in farming. Postoffice address, Pleasant Point, Paulding county, Ohio.

GASSER, James Parmlee - and Helen A. Cullen were married in Napoleon, Ohio, December 25, 1872, and settled in this county the same year. He was born in Benton, Crawford county, February 12, 1851. She in Maumee, Lucas county, April 18, 1853, and the union has been blessed with three children: Roy C., born October 12, 1873; Dorr Isdell, April 9, 1875; Frederick Harold, May 29, 1877. James Gasser is the son of Frederick and Prudence (Coon) Gasser. Mrs. Gasser’s parents are Seth and Susan (Perrin) Cullen; located here the same year she and her husband came. Frederick Gasser, sr., was a musician in the one hundred day service in the late war. James is engaged in the dry goods business, on Williams street, Paulding, the county seat of Paulding county. He is also a member of the firm of Gasser Bros., manufacturers and dealers in lumber, doors, sash, flooring, etc.; also engaged in buying railroad ties, hub blocks logs, etc.

GASTON, Joseph M. - came to this county in 1848, at the age of twelve, with his parents, Abraham V. and Lydia (Metzger) Gaston, his birth having taken place in Northampton county, Pennsylvania, October 23, 1836. Margaret Collins, who became his wife in this county, November 30, 1864, was born in Defiance county, May 10, 1842; daughter of John and Harriet (Murphy) Collins. They removed from Defiance county in 1849. Mr. Gaston was a member of the 16th Illinois Volunteer Infantry; was in the service four years, one month and seventeen days; took part in many hard battles. He had two brothers in the army; one died of disease contracted in service; the other, George, is now living in Nebraska. Mr. Gaston returned to his home and friends without a single wound. He is in the livery business in Paulding, Paulding county, Ohio.

GENSEL, George W. - settled in this county in 1865, removing from Allen county, Ohio. He was born in Pickaway county, Ohio, December 25, 1847. His parents, Gideon and Ann Elizabeth (Hoover) Gensel, came to this county the same year he cam; the former died June 7, 1881. Mr. Gensel was married in this county, February 6, 1873, to Lucinda M. Pease, daughter of Mark and Matilda (Mook) Pease, residents of this county since 1848. They died in the years 1862 and 1849, respectively. Lucinda A., was born in Preble county, Ohio, December 18, 1848, and married in this county February 6, 1873. Their family consists of: Frasa J., born November 12, 1873; John G., September 21, 1876; Lizzie A., June 16, 1879. Mr. Gensel enlisted in 1865 in the 192d Ohio, and served about eight months. His father and two brothers were also in the army, the former in the 46th Ohio, three-years’ service; John F. was a member of the same regiment, became ill at Columbus, and died at Chattanooga in 1863; his brother, Jacob W., enlisted in the 81st Ohio for three years, served in three regiments, having enlisted three times. His brother, James H., served in the Rebel army, in the 20th Mississippi, was wounded and taken prisoner by the Northern army at the battle of Fort Donaldson, kept in the Northern prison at Chicago eight months and then exchanged. Gideon Gensel’s first wife, Eliza Kendel, to whom he was married in Shepherdtown, Maryland, December 26, 1835, died September 26, 1836. Mr. Gensel is a carpenter, and can be addressed at Payne, Paulding county, Ohio

GIBSON, John A.  - was born in Mifflin county, Pennsylvania, November 25, 1838, and settled in this county in 1868. He was married in Marion county, Ohio, November 6, 1867, to Rebecca O. (Wescott) Messinger. Mrs. Gibson was born in Marion county, Ohio, August 25, 1840. They have the following children: Mary E., born August 24, 1868; William P., February 13, 1870; Jannettia M., September 24, 1871; Laura B., December 12, 1873; Emma J., August 25, 1875; John C., April 8, 1879, died September 1, 1879; Welthea A., August 21, 1880, died April 22, 1881. Mr. Gibson held the office of Township Trustee in 1877. He served in the 90th Ohio, and in the hundred day service, also his two brothers, Oliver and James, served in the hundred day service. Mr. Gibson’s parents were Thomas Gibson and Mary (Bollinger) Gibson; they came to this county in 1874. Mrs. Gibson’s parents are John K. Wescott and Elizabeth (Dunlap) Wescott; the former died February 5, 1881. Mr. Gibson’s first wife was Anna Montgomery, to whom he was married January 1, 1864; she died in November, 1864, (no children). Mrs. Gibson’s first husband was Elijah Messenger; married to him March 4, 1859; he was drowned in North Carolina, June 18, 1865, while a member of the 1st Ohio Cavalry, in General Sherman’s army. He served in the army four years; was prisoner in Andersonville three months. She had two children by this marriage, Adolphus C., born January 26, 1860, died November 19, 1860, and John M., born June 18, 1862, died October 18, 1862. Mr. Gibson is a farmer. Address, Payne, Paulding county, Ohio.

GILBERT P.M. , Philander - came to Ohio from New York State in 1832, and settled in Licking county, where he remained eighteen months. He helped to build a mill, after which he returned to New York and married Rhoda, daughter of Moses and Polly (Hawley) Goddard, May , 1836. The children by this marriage were: Philander O., born in New York, January 4, 1837, died September 11, 1840; Mary C., born January 4, 1840. His wife died May 11, 1842, in Licking county, Ohio. His second wife was Margaret Armstrong; she was born on the 5th day of February, 1820. His children by this marriage were: Olive, born March 31, 1843; Sarah J., October 30, 1846, died January 15, 1851; William, born January 22, 1848, died January 28, 1848; Byron, born October 11, 1849. His second wife died August 4, 1854. His third wife is Catherine Sewell, born in Kinsale, County Cork, Ireland; she is the daughter of Robert and Sarah (Lyons) Sewell, who are both deceased, having died in Ireland. The children by this marriage are: Sarah Ann, born September 22, 1858, and Kate E., September 7, 1861. Mr. Gilbert’s parents were Reuben and Nancy (Badgerow) Gilbert; the latter died in Licking county, the former in Iowa, in 1854. Mr. Gilbert has been Justice of the Peace in Latty township three years; has been the only Postmaster at the Mills, having held the office ten years. He is a practical miller, having followed it all his life. The mill that bears his name he bought in Franklin county and moved here, where it is still running and doing a good business. Address, Gilbert’s Mills, Paulding county, Ohio.

GONSER, Jacob - was in the war of the Rebellion. He enlisted in 1864, in the 2d Regiment Iowa Volunteer Infantry, and served until the close of the war; was all through Sherman’s campaign, and engaged in all the battles of the celebrated march. His birth took place in Tuscarawas county, Ohio, February 22, 1826. He settled in this county in 1861, where he engaged in farming and blacksmithing. His parents are Jacob and Mary (Bowle) Gonser. He was married in Medina county, January 1, 1860, to Rebecca A. Barnes, whose birthplace is Columbiana county, Ohio, and the date September 4, 1834. Their children are: Axcy A., born February 14, 1861; James O., October 13, 1863; Mary E. October 30, 1869; Charles, December 4, 1871. They all reside in Paulding. Mrs. Gonser’s parents are John and Elizabeth (Lowrey) Barnes. Address Mr. Gonser at Paulding, Paulding county, Ohio.

GORDON, Harrison H. - parents were Thomas and Sarah Jane Gordon, and his birth took place in Florida, Orange county, New York, in the year 1842. He married Alice G. Hallock at Goshen, New York, in 1869, her birth having taken place in Warwick, Orange county, New York, in 1850. They have one child, Edwin Van Sickle, who was born January 25, 1874. Mrs. Gordon’s parents are Elbert and Maria M. Hallock. Mr. Gordon has served as 2d Lieutenant in the 178th Regiment New York State Volunteers. He is engaged in the hardware trade at Antwerp, and keeps on hand all sorts of agricultural implements, mowers and reapers, threshing machines, portable engines, sewing machines and shelf goods. His postoffice address is Antwerp, Paulding county, Ohio.

GORDON, William - was born December 30, 1824, died March 11, 1873, aged forty-nine years. His marriage took place on July 15, 1860, to Melinda Masters, a native of Ohio, April 6, 1840, and their children, four in number, are all living; they are: John T., born January 29, 1861; Frances M., January 24, 1862; Lewis L., February 26, 1865; emma Dell, April 1, 1873. Mr. Gordon was a son of Samuel and Sarah (Ferguson) Gorden; settlers in Paulding county in 1825; Mrs. Gordon is a daughter of David and Wilhelmina (Rigel) Masters; the former born in Pennsylvania, August 8, 1807; the later born in Virginia, September 30, 1808. Mrs. Gordon’s former husband was William R. Burley, to whom she was married July 18, 1858, and his death occurred March 22, 1859, of typhoid fever. Mrs. Gordon and her sons conduct the farm. Address, Antwerp, Paulding county, Ohio.

GRANT, Joseph - was born in Sandusky county, March 9, 1826, and settled in this county in 1876. On the 25th day of June, 1877, he was killed by the falling of a tree. He, in company with his son Francis, and his son-in-law, went into the woods to make ties; they cut down a tree which in falling, struck another, and threw it back, or to one side, and before Mr. Grant could escape, it fell on to and completely crushed him. A wife and seven children were left to mourn his loss. In the Fall of the same year the family was attached with typhoid fever which took one, Josephine, from their flock. On the 8th of June, 1854, Sarah M. Netcher became Mrs. Joseph Grant; she was born in Pennsylvania, March 2, 1831. Her parents were natives of Germany; her father, Francis Netcher, was born in December 28, 1802 and died in 1880; her mother, Elizabeth (Miller) Netcher, was born in 1810 and died in 1850. Her children are: Catherine, born August 7, 1855; Christina, March 6, 1858, died November 29, 1873; Sarah Josephine, May 6, 1860, died November 16, 1877; Rebecca Jane, December 3, 1863; Frances Merian, December 15, 1865; John Franklin, April 28, 1868; Burton and Herbert, July 24, 1871. Business, farming. Address, Defiance, Paulding county, Ohio.

GREEN, Horace - and Harriet (Bebee) Green settled in Blue Creek township in 1865. Chatauqua county, New York, is the native home of the former, born February 22, 1831, and the latter was born in Cattaraugus county, New York, September 22, 1833, where their marriage occurred on her birthday in 1854. Three children have blessed this union: Levi S., born September 13, 1856, deceased; William H., April 20, 1860; and Mary W., October 1, 1871. The paternal grandparents of these children are Levi and Mary A. (White) Green, and the maternal grandparents are Seth and Wealthy (Gaylord) Bebee. Mr. Green filled the office of Assessor in 1866 and 1870, and was Trustee for three years; he was a member of Company K, 66th Ohio, enlisted November 5, 1861, and served during the war; was in the following battles: Winchester, Virginia, April 22 and 23, 1862; Port Republic, Virginia, June 9, 1862; Cedar Mountain, Virginia, August 3, 1862; Dumfries, February, 1863; was wounded at the battle of Chancellorsville, May 3, 1863, through the fleshy part of his right forearm, and was discharged from the service, January 18, 1865. Horace Green is a farmer and was the first man in the township to use underground drain. Address, Pleasant Point, Paulding county, Ohio.

GRIMM, Enoch - was born in Tuscarawas county, Ohio, August 4, 1821, and settled in Paulding county in 1865; was married in New Philadelphia, Tuscarawas county, August 1, 1858, by Rev. Aiken, to his third wife, Hannah Simmers, born in the same county, March 03, 1857. She is the daughter of Issac Simmers, deceased and Ruth (Davis) Simmers, living in Tuscarawas county. The children are: William F., born April 22, 1859; Joshua F., November 26, 1861; George M., January 24, 1864, died October 8, 1864; Jane E., his twin, died April 4, 1864; Edward H., March 16, 1866; Charles O., February 26, 1868; Ira L., October 11, 1870; Clara E., August 2, 1873, died December 18, 1873; Albert S., September 8, 1874; Harriet M., April 14, 1877, died April 21, 1878; Cornelia E., June 1, 1879, died July 1, 1880; Frank L., June 8, 1881. Mr. Grimm’s parents were John and Elizabeth (Rupert) Grimm, both deceased; his father was born in Pennsylvania, March 5, 1779, and removed to Ohio in 1812; died September 16, 1864. He was one of the earliest settlers of Tuscarawas county. His mother was born December 23, 1778, in Pennsylvania; died March 18, 1855; married February 9, 1802, by Rev. Jacob Geering. Mr. Grimm’s first wife, Eliza A. Yonker, was born December 23, 1825, in Carroll county, Ohio; married January 9, 1844, by Squire Craig, in Carroll county, Ohio, and died September 21, same year. The second wife, Sarah A. Speck, born March 2, 1828, was married July 21, 1845, by Rev. Galloway, in Virginia, and at the end of five years she wantonly deserted him leaving two children: Mary E., born July 19, 1846, and John W., born June 19, 1848. The present Mrs. Grimm had three brothers in the late war, all mustered out of service at the close of the war. Mr. G. is a farmer and owns a very fine orchard of five acres in Emerald township. Address, Reid’s, Paulding county, Ohio.

GROOM, Alvin - and Almira Beebe were married on March 4, 1849, and settled in this county in 1855. Their son, Arvin A., was born February 20, 1850. Arvin, sr., is a son of John and Polly (Parks) Groom; Almira Groom is a daughter of Borden and ___________(Williams) Beebe. Mr. Groom’s first marriage occurred July 20, 1825, with Deidama E. Roode; her parents were John and Abigail (Snow) Roode. Her children were: Leonard A., born February 2, 1837; Price, June 18, 1844, died June 14, 1864. Mrs. Groom’s first marriage was with David Perry, whose children were: Marion, born___________, died _________; Newton J., Clarinda, Isabella; Curtis; David Perry, May 5, 1846. Mr. Groom’s sons, Leonard A. and Price, were in the late war. Leonard was a member of a regiment of Michigan Cavalry; Price was in the 3d Regiment Michigan Volunteer Infantry; was wounded at the second Bull Run battle; was left three days without having any attention, and only corn to eat. Arvin Groom’s father, John Groom, was in all the battles of the war of 1812; was at Black Rock when the British crossed the river. Mr. Groom is a farmer and blacksmith in Carryall township. Address, Antwerp, Paulding county, Ohio.

GRUMMON, Fowler - was born in Delaware county, Ohio, September 6, 1843, and was married in the same county, to Drusilla A. Vansickle, on September 9, 1866; by whom he has the following children: Effie May, born June 2, 1867; Fred Monford, March 9, 1871; Daisy Fay, May 7, 1879, died March 26, 1881. Mrs. Grummon was born in Delaware county, Ohio, May 16, 1847. Mr. Grummon was in the late war, a member of the 96th Ohio for three years, and was in eleven battles; was discharged July 29, 1865. His parents were Lockwood Grummon and Lydia (Vail) Grummon. The former died June 14, 1857, the latter April 11, 1876. His wife’s parents were Peter Vansickle and Elizabeth (Price) Vansickle. The former died in February, 1854, and the latter May 10, 1875. He settled in this county in 1879, and is engaged in farming. Address, Payne, Paulding county, Ohio.

GUSLER, George - and Caroline Bennett were married in Latty township, Paulding county, Ohio, April 29, 1855, his birth taking place in York county, Pennsylvania, August 31, 1821; his wife’s birthplace was Tuscarawas county, Ohio, the date December 14, 1834. Their family are: John H., born February 19, 1856, resides in Latty township, Simon A., May 8, 1858, lives at home; Mary C., June 17, 1860; Jaren Louis, May 3, 1862; William B., August 15, 1864, died December 6, 1866; Laura E., February 2, 1867; George B., August 15, 1869, died December 25, 1872; Susan M., January 29, 1872; Violette R., February 12, 1875. Mr. Gusler was a Justice of the Peace in Washington township, and also Trustee for one term in same township. He has been Treasurer of Latty township for six years and Trustee two terms. He served in the war of the Rebellion, enlisting in the 196th Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry, and did duty in the Shenandoah Valley; he was discharged in September, 1865. His grandfather was in the Revolutionary war, serving on Long Island, under Washington. Mrs. Gusler’s brother was in the war of 1861, and died at Camp Dennison in 1862. Mr. And Mrs. Gusler are members of the Methodist Episcopal Church. His parents are George and Catherine (Witmyre) Gusler, settlers of Paulding county in 1852. His wife’s parents are Jared and Mary (Turner) Bennett. Mr. Gusler is engaged in farming, and his postoffice address is Gilbert’s Mills Paulding county, Ohio.

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