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Biographies were taken from The History of Northwestern Ohio & History of Paulding County (H H Hardesty & Company Chicago IL/Toledo OH 1882)
Compiled and Transcribed by Janet Kwasniak and Mike Sandridge

HADDOX, Jacob - a merchant and hotel proprietor in Payne, where he located in 1881, is a nataive of Hancock county, born July 30, 1834. Louisa A. (Leiter) Haddox, born in Crawford county, Ohio, May 9, 1838, is a daughter of Andrew and Susan (Cook) Leiter, both deceased. She was married to Jacob July 30, 1863, in Hancock county, Ohio, and they are the parents of Wellie M., born July 4, 1864, died August 25, 1864; Lavvay L., November 3, 1865; Arnold L., April 8, 1868; Edna P., December 19, 1869; Ora D., September 9, 1871; Samuel H., March 4, 1873, died March 17, 1873; Susie G., September 17, 1874; Mary L., June 23, 1877; Bird E., March 3, 1879, died November 26, 1880. Mrs. Haddox had four brothers in the war of 1861: David C., Henry S., and John P. Leiter were in the 21st Ohio, and all served from the opening to the close of the war. John P. died about eighteen months after he returned of disease contracted while in the service. Joseph P. was a member of the 99th Ohio; also served during the war and was discharged. Address, Payne, Paulding county, Ohio.

HAGER, Jonas S. - and Catherine Jane Woodard were married in Ohio, May 6, 1846. His birth occurred in Fairfield county, August 23, 1824, and hers in New York, November 27, 1827. Their children are Susan Ann, born May 13, 1847, died July 25, 1848; Victoria Elizabeth (Most), August 2, 1850; Angelina B. (Baker), September 9, 1856; William Franklin, January 8, 1861; Dolly L., July 10, 1867. Mr. Hager’s parents were Daniel, born in Pennsylvania in 1793, died March 18, 1838, and Rebecca (Ginter) Woodard, born in the same State in 1794, died October 6, 1846. Mr. Hager is a minister of the Christian Church, and is also a physician. He served as United States Examiner five years in this county; was in the war, a member of the 156th Ohio; was Assistant Surgeon; served to the close of the war. His brother, Daniel, was taken prisoner and kept until the close of the war. His brother, Alexander, was wounded at Chickamauga; both were members of the 18th Ohio. Mr. Hager can be addressed at Junction, Paulding county, Ohio.

HAGERTY, Samuel - has held the office of Township Trustee two terms in Benton township, and is engaged in farming. He was born in Adams county, Ohio, March 13, 1851, and was married in Paulding county, Ohio, April 21, 1881, to Mary Krohn, who was born in Crawford county, Ohio, May 5, 1861. Mr. Hagerty settled in this county in 1876. His parents were William Hagerty and Elizabeth A. (Storer) Hagerty, the latter deceased. His wife’s parents are John Krohn and Franny (Fox) Krohn; the former died April 14, 1877. Mr. Hagerty’s address is Payne, Paulding county, Ohio.

HAINES, Augustus Eddy - and Emeline E. Crowder, were married in Union county, Ohio April 15, 1852. Their children are: Alice G., born February 5, 1853, and married to William Phelps, Union county, Ohio, being their residence; SalmonW., September 24, 1854, resides in Paulding; Martha W., May 3, 1856, married Francis Bashore; Ellora Celestine, November 1, 1857, died March 3, 1881; Cynthia Ann, March 7, 1859, married John Bashore; Mary Lucinda, October 6, 1861, married William Morley; Elmer Augustus, March 14, 1865; Ida May, May 21, 1867. His wife’s birth occurred in Champaign county, Ohio, April 12, 1829, her parents being John and Elizabeth (Browder) Crowder. Mr. Haines’ parents are Joseph and Rachel (Ballinger) Haines. His birth took place in Logan county, Ohio, September 11, 1831. He has held many minor township offices, is engaged in farming, and his postoffice address is Paulding, Paulding county, Ohio.

HAINES, David - son of Joseph and Rachael (Ballinger) Haines, was born inChampaign county, May 15, 1814. He has been a resident of this county since 1867, when he settled here with his family. Sophia C. E. Pope, his wife, daughter of Peter P. and Elizabeth (Davis) Pope, was born in Richland county, April 16, 1830, and their son, Lewis Branson, was born November 25, 1864. She was the mother of: Rachael, born August 23, 1837; Sarah, February 9, 1840; Robert, December 1, 1841; Joseph, August 11, 1844; Victoria, February 17, 1847; Jane, August 18, 1849. Robert enlisted in the 128th Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry, and performed the duty of a soldier till the close of the war; was one of the men chosen to go after the body of General McPherson. Joseph served in the 132d Ohio. Mr. Haines is a farmer. Address, Paulding, Paulding county, Ohio.

HAKES, Charles - commenced his earthly career in Huron county, October 9, 1834, and was brought by his parents, Robert and Clarissa Caroline (Dresser) Hakes, to this county as early as 1837, when the subject of this sketch was but three years of age. In his twenty-sixth year he was married to Isabel G. Hankins, in Paulding county, April 12, 1860. She was a native of New Jersey, daughter of Samuel S. and Ann P. (Gulick) Hankins. Her family consists of: Frank A., born January 23, 1861; George R., July 17, 1865; E. May, May 11, 1867; Mary Ann, July 18, 1869; Charles Edward, March 6, 1871; Clara Isabella, March 22, 1878; Sarah Lulu, September 30, 1879. Mr. Hakes is at this time, 1881, County Auditor. Has held the offices of Justice of the Peace, Clerk in Brown township, served as Recorder nine years, and Auditor five years. Enlisted in 1861 in Company F, 38th Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry; was wounded at Mission Ridge, Tennessee, shot through the body and disabled for over a year. He was a non-commissioned officer when he first enlisted; afterward promoted

HALLINAN, Thomas - was born in Ireland, December 22, 1826, and his wife, Mary Fox, was also born in that country. They were married in Defiance, June 22, 1857. Their family are John, born March 31, 1848, died at Antwerp, April 16, 1874; William P., born March 17, 1860; Mary Ann, August 6, 1863; Thomas, August 24, 1864, died July, 1865; Bridget, born July 25, 1866; Margaret, September 6, 1868; Dennis, June 15, 1871, died June 18, 1872; Thomas born May 20, 1873, died in July, 1874. His parents are Dennis and Mary (Donlon) Hallinan. His wife’s parents are Martin and Bridget (Shannon) fox. Mr. Hallinan was a member of the Council of Antwerp for two years. When he came to Antwerp boats could be run all over the lower part of the town in Spring and Fall and a good part of the Winter. He is engaged in farming. Address, Antwerp, Paulding county, Ohio.

HANKINS, Benjamin F. H. - and Nancy J. Kniss were married in Charloe, February 25, 1865; his birth took place in this township, February 23, 1848, and his wife’s in Washington township, May 14, 1844. They have a family of seven children, namely: Anna B., born November 25, 1865; Beatrice M., June 24, 1867; Charles, March 15, 1869; William, June 12, 1871; Franklin, September 29, 1873; John C., January 13, 1876; Alfred R., March 21, 1878. The paternal grandparents of these children are Samuel S. and Ann P. (Gulic) Hankins, and the maternal grandparents are Benjamin and Catherine (Mellinger) Kniss. Mr. Hankins has been Postmaster inCharloe for six years, and he has also held the office of Clerk for one term. During the war of 1861 he enlisted in the 14th Ohio, serving three months; re-enlisted in the 68th Ohio; he afterwards joined the 132d Ohio as Captain of Company H, serving until the end of the war. His brother, George W., died at Hilton Head, and the place of his burial is unknown. Mr. Hankins is a merchant. Address, Charloe, Paulding County, Ohio.

HANNA, Sylvanus - and Emily Meyer were married in Seneca county, Ohio, January 8, 1865; he was born in the same county January 5, 1840, where his wife was also born July 27, 1839. They have the following children: Alice A., born April 14, 1866; Edna E., December 28, 1869; William D., January 28, 1873; Sarah L., March 16, 1876; Clarence J., January 17, 1880. The parents of Mr. Hanna are James, born in Ireland in 1801 and Sarah (McClellan) Hanna. They both reside in Seneca county, Ohio. His wife’s parents are David Meyer, born May 2, 1803, deceased, and Elizabeth (Woolett) Meyer, who was born in Maryland, and is at present residing in Seneca county. Mr. Hanna has been Township Trustee for two terms. He settled in Brown township in April, 1877, where he has a farm of one hundred and sixty acres, fifty-five or sixty of which are cleared. Address, Junction, Paulding county, Ohio.

HARDESTY, Amos F. - was born in Carroll county, Ohio, August 16, 1830. His first wife was Mary J. Crisman, by whom he had the following children: Ida May, born November 10, 1856, deceased; George, May 14, 1858; Isaac Franklin, December 29, 1859. Isaac and Sarah Crisman were Mrs. Hardesty’s parents. Mrs. Hardesty died November 9, 1860. His second wife, was Caroline Kaufman, who was born in Fairfield county, Ohio, July 25, 1840. The marriage took place July 29, 1861. Their children are: Daniel Armstrong, born July 14, 1862; Emma Jane, February 12, 1864; Hammond Winslow, July 23, 1865; William Sherman, April 23, 1867; Homer A., April 9, 1869; Eugene, October 17, 1870; Minerva Louisa, September 28, 1872; Cora Alice, October 1, 1874; Clinton Amos, December 8, 1876; Flora Adeline, September 4, 1879. Mr. Hardesty’s parents are Adam and Anna (Kimmel) Hardesty, who settled in this county in 1853. His wife’s parents are Benjamin and Elizabeth (Everett) Kaufman. Mr. Hradesty has been Justice of the Peace of this township for two terms, and has filled several other township offices. He is engaged in farming. Address, Paulding, Paulding county, Ohio.

HARDESTY, Philip Willard - is the son of William and Louisa Hardesty; was born near Hanover, Columbiana county, Ohio, March 5, 1815. His father was a descendant of the Puritans, and his mother of the Huguenots. His paternal grandmother was of Irish descent. She was the sister of the Rev. John Haggerty, of Baltimore, one of the first Methodist ministers on the continent. In 1853, Mr. Hardesty with his wife and children, removed to the then new county of Paulding, his present residence, where he practiced law in that and adjoining counties until the commencement of the war of 1861, when he retired to his farm, four miles from the county seat. In 1871 he was elected State Senator, receiving 11, 985 votes, filling a seat in the Sixtieth General Assembly of the State. He is the father of six children, viz: Helen Cornelia, William Francis, Laura Louisa, Francis Philip, Alice Adeline and Josephine Jaquette. Helen C., William F. and Josephine J. are deceased. Laura L., born July 28, 1850, is the wife of M. S. Amos, and is now living in Brookville, Saline county, Kansas. Francis P., born January 10, 1853, intermarried with Miss Flora A. Purman, and now lives in New Haven Allen county, Indiana, where he is engaged in the practice of law. Alice A., born July 13, 1856, is the wife of E. W. Meeks, esq., of Lemars, Iowa. Mr. Hardesty, with the assistance of his son, has cleared out a fine farm, well located, near the bank of Flat Rock Creek, on the Paulding and Fort Wayne road. He has over two hundred bearing fruit trees, and one hundred acres of fine drained land. Mrs. Hardesty was born near Baltimore, Maryland, January 9, 1821. Her father died while she was an infant, without leaving any record of his birth. Mr. Hardesty’s address is Paulding, Paulding county, Ohio.

HARGER, John P. - and Ellen A. Murphy were united in marriage January 23, 1878. They were born in this county May 31, 1854, and June 10, 1860, respectively. Their children are Edna L., born March 23, 1879, and Sarah Ann, June 7, 1880. Samuel and Elizabeth (Wickerham) Harger are the parents of John P., and George and Sarah (Kent) Murphy are the parents of Ellen A. George Murphy died in the military service. Mr. Harger’s first marriage took place December 30, 1872, with Sarah Long, daughter of Peter and Sarah (Kemp) Long; from this union one child was born, Hiram W., born November 7, 1873. Business, farming. Address, Junction, Paulding county, Ohio.

HARRIS, John V. - was born in England, October 22, 1824, and died September 16, 1864. His wife, Mary J. Wilkins, was born in Muskingum county, Ohio, October 22, 1826, and her marriage to Mr. Harris took place in that county, August 30, 1844. The children by the above marriage were: Permenas, born July 8, 1845, resides at Antwerp; Elizabeth (Kennedy), September 15, 1846, resides in Bay county, Michigan; Theodore, June 17, 1848; James, December 20, 1850; John, August 17, 1852; Charles, September 26, 1854; Keziah Ellen (Collins), August 18, 1858; William Henry, March 26, 1861; Frances Ellsworth, July 2, 1863, died August 7, 1863. John V.’s parents were John and Elizabeth Harris, the latter of whom died February 9, 1879. Mrs. Harris’ parents were Robert B. Wilkins, born July 1, 1794, and Elizabeth (Holmes) Wilkins, born March 15, 1795, died October 7, 1855. Mr. Harris was a Sergeant in Company A, 132d Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry. He contracted disease in the army which caused his death four days after coming home. His widow and childen still manage the farm in Carryall township. Permenis Harris was a member of Company I, 100th Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry, serving three years, and was engaged in the following battles: Rocky Face Ridge, Eutoy Creek, Franklin, Nashville, Resaca, Atlanta, Wilmington, Raleigh, North Carolina, and several others of minor importance. He was discharged June 23, 1865. The following is a list of Mrs. Harris’ brothers and sisters: Rebecca, born July 27, 1819, deceased; Fafnettis, January 4, 1821; Thomas R., July 6, 1823; Rezin, April 8, 1825; Mary Jane, October 22, 1826; John S., May 11, 1828; Louisa, June 13, 1830, died April, 1863; Elmer, March 5, 1832; William A., April 17, 1834, died October 21, 1858; James N., January 24, 1836; Benjamin W., February 3, 1862. Address, Mrs. Harris at Antwerp, Paulding county, Ohio.

HARRIS, William - a farmer in Blue Creek township, was born in Alvamar county, Virginia, September 2, 1825, son of Charles and Abbie (Harris) Harris. In Pike county, Ohio, January _ , 1854, he was married to Mary A. Ball, also a native of Alvamar county, Virginia, born May 11, 1836, and their family consists of: Samantha, born March 2, 1855, deceased; Beatrice V., October 21, 1856, resides in Defiance; Thomas, March 19, 1858; William E., November 25, 1859; Barreteer, September 15, 1861; Elizabeth, March 20, 1863; Charles, November 24, 1866; John, December 30, 1868; Marcellus, June 26, 1871; Sarah Lena, August 26, 1873; Mary,, August 26, 1875, deceased; Annetta, December 4, 1878. Mr. Harris has for two years honorably filled the office of Supervisor. He was one of the fortunate ones who served in defense of the Union and returned to his home and friends; he was a member of Company G, 25th Ohio; was in the campaign around Petersburg and Richmond, Virginia; at the battle of Fort Fisher, North Carolina, and the battle of the Wilderness. He enlisted February 27, 1864, and was discharged September 21, 1865. He is engaged in general farming. Address, Pleasant Point, Paulding county, Ohio.

HARROLL, Jesse - was one of the early settlers of Paulding county, emigrating from Shelby county in 1824. He was born in Butler county, Ohio, May 6, 1813; his father and mother, William and Martha (Millinger) Harroll, are both deceased and buried in this county. They were among the first settlers on the Auglaize river. His wife, Sarah Ann Marcellous, is a native of Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, born January 13, 1821, and is the daughter of Henry and Sarah (Carr) Marcellous, both deceased, one in Defiance county and one in Paulding. Jesse Harroll’s children are: Marinda, born July 2, 1843; Louisa, February 7, 1845; George, August 12, 1846, died March 16, 1848; Henry, September 19, 1850; William, May 14, 1853, died January 12, 1854; Nancy, August 15, 1855, died October 14, 1855; Cordelia, September 22, 1859. His maternal grandfather participated in the wars of 1776 and 1812. Mr. Harroll has held nearly all of the township offices. Business, farming and timber dealer. Address, Royal Oak, or Timberville, Paulding county, Ohio.

HARSHMAN, Woolery - and Harriet Long were married in Champaign County, Ohio, June 3, 1824. They both were born in Rockingham County, Virginia, He, September 26, 1797; she, April 3, 1805. They have a family of twelve children, named, Daniel, August 1, 1826, died September 18, 1827; David, September 26, 1828, died in March, 1879; Henry, March 9, 1830, died in August, 1846; Isaac, March 8, 1832, died in October, 1841; Joseph, January 6, 1834, died in September, 1834; John, April 6, 1836, died in September 1836; Jacob, born in July 1838, died in September 1838; Rebecca, October 30, 1842; Caroline and Clarissa, twins, May 6, 1846; William, February 15, 1848; Mary, March 19, 1851, died August 18, 1881. Two of his sons, David and William, served in the late war in the hundred day service; was honorably discharged and came home. His parents Daniel and Elizabeth (Fultz) Harshman are both deceased. Mr. Harshman has held the office of Trustee for several terms. Mr. Harshman is engaged in farming and his post office address is McGill, Paulding, County, Ohio.

HART, David - was born in Wayne county, April 25, 1820, and settled in Paulding county in 1852, and died April 22, 1861. His father, John Hart, died February 21, 1868; his mother, Mary E. (Smith) Hart, died July 4, 1875; both had reached the age of eighty-four. Mr. Hart was married in Wayne county, April 24, 1845, to Amelia Wagner, who was born in Union county, Pennsylvania, January 25, 1821. Their nine children were: David A., born January 26, 1846, died April 23, 1864; Mary E., March 21, 1847, resides in Dayton; John P., March 27, 1848, resides in Charloe; Simeon P., January 28, 1850, died December, 1877; Rebecca, August 16, 1851, resides in Van Wert county; George W., October 1, 1853, lives in Charloe; Sarah E., April 15, 1855, died November 11, 1860; Catherine, September 23, 1856, died September 10, 1857; Eldora F., August 28, 1861, resides in Plymouth, Marshall county, Indiana. Mrs. Hart’s father, Peter Wagner, died May 8, 1849; her mother, Elizabeth (Oron) Wagner, died November 20, 1854. David A. Hart enlisted in Company K, 16th Ohio, on January 11, 1864, and died of measles at the marine hospital, New Orleans, April 23, 1864. John P., George W., and Eldora F., are teaching school. The latter graduated at Plymouth, Indiana. John P. Hart’s address is Charloe, Paulding county, Ohio.

HARTZOG, Joshua - settled in this county, February 26, 1850, migrated from Schuylkill county, Pennsylvania, where he was born Janaury 19, 1830. His parents, Christian and Catherine (Lintamoot) Hartzog, are both deceased. Lewis and Saviah (Eaton) Cole, both deceased, were the parents of Alzina E. Cole, born in New York, November 16, 1828, who became the wife of Joshua in this county, November 11, 1876. He has been Township Trustee two terms. He was about six months at Camp Dennison. Mrs. Hartzog’s grandfathers were both in the war of 1776. Mr. Hartzog has been thrice married; his first wife was Eliza J. Mackrill, daughter of Demit and Ellen (Ridenour) Mackrill; her children were: James, born May 20, 1852; Priscilla, December 5, 1854, died August 11, 1859; Mary E., August 3, 1856; Sarah A., July 8, 1859. Christian M., July 31, 1862; Samantha M., December 2, 1866; Hermie A., April 22, 1868; Joshua B., February 3, 1870; Benjamin L., November 16, 1871. The second wife was Sarah J. Blythe. Mr. Hartzog and his wife are members of the United Brethren Church, and all of his children but one. He is a farmer by occupation. His address is Gilbert’s Mills, Paulding county, Ohio.

HASTINGS, Samuel - removed from Guernsey county, Ohio, where he was born October 20, 1835, when twenty-nine years of age, to Van Wert county, Ohio, settling in the woods in Liberty township, where he remained till 1874, when he moved to his present farm in Latty township, where he now has a fine farm of one hundred and sixty acres. His parents, William and Mary Ann (Ashmore) Hastings, are natives of Guernsey county, where his mother still lives; his father died there in 1849. His marriage took place in Guernsey county, March 26, 1861, his wife being Rachel E. Edwards, who was born in the same county, January 12, 1839. Their children are: Lewis Ross, born May 24, 1862; William Chase, February 11, 1866; Mary E., July 6, 1868; Emily E., February 9, 1871; Lawrence W., January 30, 1873, died September 12, 1878; Daisy B., June 11, 1877. They all reside at home. Mrs. Hastings’ parents, Lewis and Elizabeth C. (Wilson) Edwards, live in Blue Creek township, Adams county, Indiana. Mr. Hastings held the office of Trustee of Latty township for two terms. He was a solider of the late war, enlisting in the 172d Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry; he was discharged at Gallipolis in 1864; his brother, William, was a chaplain in the army. Grandfather Hastings was a participant in the Rebellion in Ireland in 1798, between the Catholics and Protestants. Samuel and his wife are members of the Methodist Episcopal Church. Mr. Hastings has always voted the Republican ticket, casting his first ballot for John C. Fremont in 1856. He is a farmer, and his address is Gilbert’s Mills, Paulding county, Ohio.

HAYS, James S. - is a farmer of Latty township, owning a farm of forty acres, twenty of which is splendid farming land. He came to the county April 20, 1874. He is at present a Township Trustee. His birth took place in Union county, Ohio, June 11, 1837, his parents being William and Anna (Piper) Hays. In Mill Creek township, Miami county, on April 26, 1859, he was married to his partner for life, her name being Almira Myers, her birth occurring in Union county, May 11, 1842, whose parents, Christian and Hannah (Graham) Myers, make that county their home; her mother still lives there, her father being deceased. The family of Mr. And Mrs. Hays embrace the following: Gideon, born June 1, 1860; Anna F., March 10, 1862, died February 2, 1870; Laura, March 24, 1864, died August 31, 1865; Leroy W., April 26, 1866; Ida May, July 12, 1869; Ellen M., March 17, 1871; Albert, September 23, 1874, died July 18, 1875; Mary, April 16, 1876; Bertha, February 18, 1879. They all reside on the farm. Mrs. Hays’ maternal grandfather was a soldier in the war of 1812, dying in the army while quite a young man. Mrs. Hays is a member of the United Brethren Church. Address, Gilbert’s Mills, Paulding county, Ohio.

HENDERSON, George A. - was born in Brooke county, West Virginia, December 23, 1836. His parents were Thomas I. And Ethalinda (Magee) Henderson. Mr. Henderson’s wife, Eliza J. Lewis, was born in Hanover, New Jersey, January 26, 1839. Their marriage took place in Delaware county, Ohio October 19, 1871. They have the following children: Charles T., born September 11, 1872; Fred R., August 22, 1874; Arthur B., January 17, 1877; Ethel, December 7, 1880. William T. and Sarah (Fowler) Lewis are the parents of Mrs. Henderson. He was a soldier in the war of 1861, being a member of the 18th U. S. Infantry, and was discharged on Lookout Mountain, Tennessee, February 28, 1865. He was in the 2d Brigade, 1st Division, 14th Army Corps., General Thomas, Commander. He was injured by a fall while in line of battle at Kenesaw Mountain, which will disable him for life. Mr. Henderson is a bookkeeper and grain dealer, and is at present engaged in farming. Address, Charloe, Paulding county, Ohio.

HENREY, Jacob - has held the office of Constable in this township for twelve years. Mr. Henrey settled in this county in 1843. He was born in Lancaster county, Pennsylvania, April 25, 1814, and was married in Holmes county, Ohio, January 12, 1842, to Cynthia Dowell, who was born in Holmes county, April 27, 1823. They have the following children: Mary A., born November 18, 1842, died October, 1843; Christina, March 10, 1845, died May 15, 1881; Melissa J., January 19, 1847; Lewis D., May 9, 1849, died October, 1853; Almira, March 29, 1851; Hannah M., October 27, 1854, died March, 1855; Angeline, March 8, 1856; Emily, June 28, 1858; Lucinda, February 28, 1861, died June, 1862; James M., June 24, 1863; Wilson P., February 19, 1866. His granddaughter, Cora E., was born February 9, 1869. His wife’s brothers, James and Thomas, served each three years in the war of the Rebellion, and were honorably discharged. Mr. Henrey’s father died at Philadelphia in 1816; he was a soldier in the war of 1812, and was buried with all the honors of a soldier; Mary (Higgins) Henrey, his mother, died in Stark county, Ohio, in 1836. His wife’s parents were Lewis T. Dowell, died in St. Joseph county, Indiana, in 1878, and Christina (Long) Dowell; her mother still lives. Mr. Henrey is engaged in farming. His address is Payne, Paulding county, Ohio.

HIPP, John J. - has been a resident of this township since 1863; he was born in Auglaize county, Ohio, July 27, 1836; his father, John George Hipp, and his mother, Barbara Hipp, both died in Auglaize county. His wife, Amelia, born in Maryland, is a daughter of Isaac and Eliza (Timmons) Burbage, who migrated to this county in 1853, and are both deceased. Her children are: Mary L., born September 1, 1870; Anna B., and Eliza Belle, twins, June 16, 1873, the latter died August 22, 1873; Julia A., July 26, 1876, died March 10, 1878; Karl Otto Bismarck, February 19, 1879. Mr. Hipp has held the office of Township Treasurer for two years. His brothers, George and Frederick Hipp, served through the war, returned at the close, and are both deceased. Mr. Hipp owns and operates the Timberville grist mill, and can be addressed at Timberville Postoffice, Paulding county, Ohio.

HIXSON, Daniel W. - physician and surgeon, was United States Pension Examining Surgeon for the Provost Marshal during the war, also Examining Surgeon for the State of Ohio. Mr. Hixson was twice married; his first wife being Mary Wynkoop, by whom he had one son, Columbus. His first wife died in 1855, also his son Columbus died the same year. Mr. Hixson’s second wife was Rachel A. Harvey, by whom he had the following children: Jessie B., born in Plymouth, Indiana, Mattie, Frank, Maud, Golding and Mary, who all reside in Paulding. Mr. Hixson was married to his first wife in Indiana. Mr. Hixson was appointed County Clerk for one term. His second wife was born in Indiana, to whom he was married on September 9, 1856. Mrs. Hixson’s father is Timothy Hixson, and his mother was Sarah E. (Wynegar) Hixson. He was born in Highland county, Ohio, July 16, 1835. His postoffice address is Paulding, Paulding county, Ohio.

HOLLAND, Thomas B. - is a lawyer, practicing in Paulding; is a descendant of Barton Andrew and Lyda Holland, and was born in Allen county, March 1, 1845. At Ada, Ohio, September 21, 1871, he was married to Mary D. Scott, daughter of David Scott. She was born in Auglaize county, January 20, 1852. Her first child, Charles Barton, was born July 29, 1873; Maud Ray, September 9, 1875. Mr. Holland served as Prosecuting Attorney of this county from 1875 to 1877. He was in the war of the Rebellion, Lieutenant of Company K, 118th Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry; was wounded at Resaca, Georgia, May 14, 1865, after which he was discharged, to enable him to accept a commission as Lieutenant in the 180th Regiment, remaining in that regiment until the close of the war. He is a member of the law firm of Holland & Baldwin, practicing at Paulding, the county seat of Paulding county.

HOLLEY, Hansbary - who was born in Fayette County, Kentucky, April 8, 1819., and son of Rhode and Sarah (Smith) Holley, settled in this county in 1860, and married in Clinton County to Julia A. Madison, born in Highland County, and daughter of Willis and Mary (Scott) Madison. Their family consists of: Mary J., born July 1, 1846; James R., January 17, 1848, died in 1871; George, May 1, 1850; Millie A., December 25, 1852; Sanford, July 10, 1858; Mary, George and Millie reside in Lima, and Sanford in Paulding County. Mr. Holley is engaged in farming. His address is Pleasant Point, Paulding County, Ohio.

HOLZER Sr., Christian - has been a resident of Paulding county since 1866. He is a native of Berne, Switzerland, born January 28, 1833; is the son of John and Mary (Sigfried) Holzer. His wife, Savilla Kiggins, to whom he was married in Mercer county, October 12, 1857, also where she was born, August 19, 1839, is the daughter of Lewis and Arie E. (Shingledecker) Kiggins. She has been the mother of sixteen children. The first, Mary E., born September 18, 1858, died January 27, 1879; Christian, August 25, 1861; John F. and Martha E., January 28, 1864, twins, the former died July 20, 1864; William, June 23, 1865; Arminda C., October 16, 1866; Frederick E., February 17, 1868; Eliza Jane, February 1, 1870; Delinda, April 26, 1871; Margaret L., September 27, 1872; Purley A., February 23, 1875; Harriet R., November 10, 1876; Loring and Lewis, twins, April 6, 1878; Charles A., April 8, 1879; Athel V., April 6, 1881. Mr. Holzer held the office of Trustee of Blue Creek township during the year 1868. On September 16, 1861, he enlisted in Company A, 46th Ohio Volunteer Infantry, and remained in the army until September 10, 1864, when he was discharged on account of disability, having received a serious wound in his right shoulder, rendering him unfit for duty. He was in many severe battles, and has a thorough knowledge of a soldier’s life. Mr. Holzer is a farmer in Blue Creek township. Postoffice address, Pleasant Point, Paulding county, Ohio.

HUGHES, Jasper Newton - and Mary Coffelt were married in Crane township, this county, October 28, 1860. His birth took place in Paulding county, March 28, 1839, and his wife’s in the same county, January 19, 1841. Their family are: Henry C., born April 5, 1861, died May 11, 1880; Clarence Elmer, March 14, 1863; Rachael Helenor, July 10, 1865, died same day; Laura Luella, September 29, 1867; Ida Jannetta, December 8, 1869; John Jasper, December 10, 1873; Orley Denison, September 30, 1875; Maryetta, October 14, 1878, died September 19, 1880; William Edward, October 16, 1878, died same day. Mr. Hughes’ father, Denison, was born October 30, 1800, and died June 11, 1874; his mother, Hannah (Barnes), born August 30, 1804, died August 16, 1880. They came to Crane township in 1825. Mrs. Hughes’ parents settled here in 1828; their names were John Coffelt, born October 27, 1818, died 1852, and Rachel (Runyon) Coffelt , born October 10, 1817, and died in 1851. The subject of this sketch enlisted May 3, 1864, in Company A, 132d Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry, serving five months. He is a farmer and bricklayer. Address, Antwerp, Paulding county Ohio.

HUGHES, Robert Barnes - may justly be considered one of the pioneers of this township, having been born on the banks of the Maumee, December 2, 1831. His father had 375 acres in the original Hughes farm, 200 of which are cleared. Robert has in his present farm thirty acres cleared, there having been none cleared at the time he settled on it. His parents came to this township in 1824, and are both deceased. Their names were Dennison and Hannah (Barnes) Hughes. Robert was married in Crane Township, September 24, 1857, to Martha Heazlit, her parents being David W. and Hannah P. (Porter) Heazlit, both of whom are dead. Their family consist of: Francis C., born June 21, 1858; Leslie M., October 25, 1860; Victor C., July 1, 1862; Eva E., December 21, 1864; Cora, October 25, 1865; Ernest R., August 23, 1872; Zoe and Ziba, July 27, 1874; Hanna T., May 11, 1878, died August 30, 1878; Robert B., June 5, 1880. Mr. Hughes enlisted in the 14th Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry, on December 16, 1863, and was discharged July 11, 1865, at Louisville, Kentucky, by reason of General Order No. 24; was in the following engagements: Buzzard’s Roost, Burnt Hickory, and one engagement in Virginia. Mr. Hughes is a conscientious believer in a future, but belongs to no church. His address is Cecil, Paulding County, Ohio.

HUTCHINS, George - born in England, County of East Kent, Key Street, near Sittingbourn, November 14, 1821; is the son of James and Mary (Swan) Hutchins, who both died in England. He migrated from England to Cuyahoga county in 1851, then to Paulding county, Ohio, in 1853, where he was married, December 10, 1853, by Esquire Towsley, to Sarah Chester, who was born in Creaton, Northamptonshire, England, March 8, 1814. Her father and mother, William and Anna (Martin) Chester, died in England. They adopted their nephew, Albert Hutchins, at the age of fourteen years, born October 6, 1859, son of Charles and Elizabeth (Sperdle) Hutchins, both natives of England. He is now married to Jemima Wilson, daughter of William and Mary (Bates) Wilson. Mr. Hutchins is a farmer in Crane Township. Address, Antwerp, Paulding County, Ohio.

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