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Biographies were taken from The History of Northwestern Ohio & History of Paulding County (H H Hardesty & Company Chicago IL/Toledo OH 1882)
Compiled and Transcribed by Janet Kwasniak and Mike Sandridge

LACY, Elmer G. - is a carpenter and farmer in Auglaize township, where he settled in 1876, is the son of Gershom and Hannah (Johnson) Lacy, and was born in New York, August 2, 1828. His wife, Clarissa F. Richards, was born in Medina county, March 25, 1833, and they were married in Fulton county, September 9, 1855, and have four children: Franklin V., born June 17, 1857; Edgar P., August 13, 1859; Ammi R., March 20, 1862; Charlotte A., June 27, 1868. Mr. Lacy was a participant in the late war, a member of Company G, 60th Sharp Shooters; was discharged on account of disability, after serving thirteen months. Mrs. Lacy’s brothers, Henry and Frank Richards, were also in the service. They were sons of Ammi and Percia (Pease) Richards. Mrs. Lacy is engaged in hotel keeping at the Junction of the canal in Paulding county. Address, Junction, Paulding county, Ohio.

LAMBERT, Josias - is a resident of Brown township, settling there in 1851; was born in Clarke county, Ohio, May 20, 1815. His first wife was Sarah, daughter of William and Sarah (Winens) Murphy. Her children are: Sarah Ann, Esther, Jane, Jonathan, Dana A., Hezekiah, Wesley, Celestia Jane, Clarissa, Permelia, Oliver P., and Orilla. His second marriage took place in Sidney, Shelby county, Ohio, his choice being Mary C. Park, whose birth took place in Shelby county, July 12, 1843. Their children are: Nancy, born June 11, 1876, died November 16, 1876; Orlando L., November 15, 1877. Ames and Sarah (Albin) Lambert, both of whom are deceased, were Josiah’s parents. Mrs. Lambert’s parents were John H. and Catherine (Nagle) Park, both of whom died in Shelby county. Mr. Lambert has been Township Trustee for several terms, and has filled nearly every township office in the gift of the people. He was in the three months’ service during the war of the Rebellion, and after his time expired he re-enlisted in the 38th Ohio, serving until the end of the war. Three of his sons were in the service, Jonathan, Hezekiah and Wesley; the latter was killed at Jonesboro. Mr. Lambert is engaged in the mercantile business at St. Andrews. His address is Royal Oak, Paulding county, Ohio.

LANDES, Solomon  - is a farmer in Auglaize township, where he located in 1854. He was born in Tuscarawas county, January 6, 1820, and his parents are Henry and Catherine (Eiman) Landes, settlers here in 1851. Solomon died February 1, 1872, leaving his wife, Eve Frances (Wills) Landes, and six children, namely: Mary Olive, born January 21, 1856; Emma Linda, December 24, 1857; John H., October 12, 1859; David W., January 17, 1862; Florence L., August 18, 1864; Isaac V., May 24, 1867. Mrs. Landes is a daughter of David and Catherine (Shuler) Wills; was born in Licking county, January 6, 1827, and married in New Philadelphia, December 1, 1854. Solomon served in the alte Rebellion one month, in Captain Kauffman’s company, 100th Ohio; was discharged for disability. Mrs. Landes conducts the business on her farm and can be addressed at Junction, Paulding county, Ohio.

LATIMORE, James F. - is a son of John and Violetta Latimore, who are both deceased, his birth occurring in Licking county, Ohio, on October 3, 1820. He settled in Paulding county in 1843, and was married in Crane township, Paulding county, on February 25, 1849, by B. B. Woodcock, Esq., to Rachel A. Burwell, born in Union county, June 18, 1827, whose parents were Ephraim and Sarah (Mapes) Burwell, both deceased. Their family consists of: Eleanor, born September 16, 1850; Medora, October 31, 1851, resides in Knox county; Levina, December 12, 1852, lives in Paulding township; Albert, December 13, 1856, lives at home; Charles, January 2, 1862, died September 17, 1862; Ida B., February 24, 1879, lives at home; all born in Paulding county except Medora, who was born in DeKalb county, Indiana. Mr. Latimore has held the office of Treasurer one year, Clerk several years, Assessor and Justice of the Peace fourteen years; was a solider in the late war, a member of Comapny A, 132nd Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry, one hundred day service, with the Pioneer Corps near Nashville, in 1865; mustered out of service at the close of the war. He had a brother who died at Nashville from wounds received at the battle of Murfreesboro, Tennessee; and a nephew who died in Andersonville prison, and another nephew who was wounded in the service. He was one of the early settlers; clerked in General Curtis' store; moved to DeKalb in 1850, and started a store, soon after which his store building and entire stock were destroyed by fire, which left him in quite indigent circumstances; when he returned to this county, settled in the woods, and for a livelihood hunted deer and other wild game of the forest, and endured all the hardships of pioneer life. Mrs. Latimore's father was the founder of Hicksville, Ohio, and one of the contractors during the construction of the Wabash Canal. He gave the town of Hicksville its name. Was one of the first Sheriffs of the county, and aided largely in the development of Paulding county. Mr. Latimore is a farmer in Crane township, Paulding county. Address, Cecil, Paulding county, Ohio.

LAWSON, Henry M. - a native of Pike county, Ohio, born July 29, 1842, and settler of this township in 1873, is the son of David and Elizabeth (Leeth) Lawson. The former died in the year 1875; the latter, born October 14, 1812, died September 28, 1873. He became the husband of Jane Haines on March 27, 1866, in Logan county, Ohio, where she was born, August 18, 1850. Their children are: Orland M., born December 24, 1866; Mary E., June 18, 1868; Lewis S., August 4, 1875; Loretta, May 23, 1877. The maternal grandparents of these children are David and Elizabeth A. (Branson) Haines; the latter died in 1862, and the grandfather migrated to this county in 1867. Mr. Lawson held the office of Trustee one year, and Superintendent of the County Infirmary five years, from 1875 to 1880. He took part in the war of 1861, belonging to the 73d Ohio; was over three years in service; was in the battles of the second Bull Run, Gettysburg, and Chancellorsville; was at the siege of Atlanta, and with Sherman in his march to the sea. He was taken prisoner at the battle of Gettysburg, sent to Belle Isle, and held there for sixty-three days, and on night at Libby prison, Richmond; received his discharge in January, 1865, and returned home. Address, Payne, Paulding county, Ohio

LAYMAN, Henry - was born on December 17, 1842, in Union county, Ohio; is a resident of Emerald township, where he settled December 13, 1876. He has eight brothers and sisters, all of whom are married. His father, Jacob Layman, was born November 8, 1805, and died May 14, 1861. His mother, Elizabeth (Crotingner) Layman, born on March 9, 1813, lived in Jay county, Indiana. Mrs. Layman’s parents, Levi and Elizabeth (Michael) Jenkins, are living in Defiance county, Ohio. Henry Layman and Abigail Ann Elizabeth Jenkins were united in marriage in Jay county, Indiana, on January 7, 1869, by Rev. Seth Wilson. She was born in Union county, Ohio, on the 19th day of July, 1850. They have five children: Flora Margaret, born January 4, 1870; Elizabeth Alice, born in Jay county, Indiana, August 15, 1871; John Wesley, March 9, 1873; Sarah Alda Loveta, September 12, 1875; Charles Elmer, born in Paulding county, September 22, 1879. Mr. Layman was elected to the office of Township Trustee April 4, 1881, and has been a member of the Board of Education since 1878. He was a private in Company A, 145th Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry; was in service four months. His grandfather and grandmother were among the first settlers of Union county, and endured all the hardships and privations of a frontier life. The grandfather was a soldier in the war of 1812. Henry Layman is a farmer and mechanic. Address, Reid’s, Paulding county, Ohio.

LEE, Warren G. - and Anna E. Myers were married in Putnam county, Ohio, December 5, 1855. She was born in New Jersey, January 12, 1834, and his birth took place in Coshocton county, Ohio, April 13, 1828. They settled in this county in May 1869. The names of their children are: Orrin M., Moses C., Warren U., Henry H., Fred G., and Lorenzo C. Moses Lee, the father of Warren G., died in Putnam county, Ohio; Delra (Coupland) Lee, his mother, died in Putnam county also. Peter and Ann (Crouse) Myers were the parents of Mrs. Lee, both deceased. Mr. Lee has been Justice of the Peace and Assessor in Brown township. He is engaged in farming. Address, Oakwood, Paulding county, Ohio.

LESLIE, George - is at present Township Trustee of Paulding, and has held several township offices. His birth and marriage took place in Lawrence county, Pennsylvania, the former on July 4, 1811, and the latter in June, 1833. The same county was also the birthplace of his wife, Ruth McQueen, the date being October 28, 1814. Their family consists of: Anthony born July, 1834, resides in Paulding; George, August, 1836, died August, 1839; Elizabeth, August 11, 1839, married to John Tanner, and resides in Paulding; Clarissa, March 26, 1841, married John Phillips, resides in Milford, Indiana; James, January 9, 1843, died at Nashville, Tennessee, in 1864; Mary, January 19, 1845, married J. Baxter, resides in Paulding; John, March 2, 1853; Thomas, May 8, 1855. James enlisted in the 81st Ohio Volunteer Infantry, in 1862, and died of disease contracted in the army, at Nashville, Tennessee, in 1864. Mr. Leslie’s parents were George and Anna (Bowen) Leslie; his wife’s parents, Anthony and Elizabeth (Tindall) McQueen. Mr. Leslie is a farmer, with his postoffice address at Paulding, Paulding county, Ohio.

LEWELLYN, Thomas J. - was born in Athens County, Ohio, July 29, 1844; is a son of Alpheus W. and Ellen N. (Smitley) Lewellyn. James and Hannah (Harbaugh) Knight are the parents of his wife Susannah, who was born in Somerset County, Pennsylvania, June 15, 1849, and to who he was married in Athens Couny, July 27, 1867. Their family consists of: Cora J., born January 4, 1869; Flora E., March 28, 1872; Luretta B., October 29, 1874; Carrie May, 26, 1878, deceased; Eva Rosella, July 26, 1880. Thomas J. Lewellyn enlisted in Company K, 116th Ohio, August 18, 1862; was in the battles of Winchester, Cedar Creek, Cross Keyes, Lynhburg, Virginia; served in the campaign around Petersburg and Richmond, Virginia, and was discharged, August 8, 1865. Business, farming. Address, Van Wert, Ohio.

LOAR, John - son of Yoast and Mary (Smith) Loar, was born in Washington county, Pennsylvania, January 11, 1811. His wife, Mehetabel Moore, was born in Greene county, Pennsylvania, May 26, 1822, and their marriage took place in the same county, September 29, 1836. She is a daughter of Thomas and Eleanor (Bonnell) Moore. Her children are: Charlotte, born August 28, 1837, resides in Nebraska; Thomas N., March 19, 1840; Eleanor M., November 19, 1842; John W., October 25, 1844; the last three are residents of this county; Narcissa A. M., March 19, 1847, resides in Delaware county; Mehetabel, August 25, 1849, deceased; George, February 12, 1852, Isaac R., March 30, 1856; William, June 28, 1861, deceased. Mr. Loar settled in Paulding county in 1852; was Township Trustee in 1863, and has held a Supervisorship for eight years at different terms. His son, Thomas N., enlisted in Company C, 68th Ohio, November 15, 1861; was in the battles of Ft. Donelson, Pittsburg Landing, Iuka, Pocahontas, and was discharged October 17, 1862; also his son, John W., served in the 38th Ohio, enlisting in 1863 and was discharged at the end of the war. Mr. Loar's business is general farming, and his postoffice address is Paulding, Paulding county, Ohio.

LOGAN, John P. - was born in Halifax, Virginia October 7, 1854, and spent the early part of his life in slavery. He left Virginia April 16, 1874, and was freed in 1865, at the time of Lee’s surrender, came to Bedford, Pennsylvania, remaining till September; thence to Kittaning, north of Pittsburg, where he dealt in human hair, and accumulated money to educate himself with. He entered Reid Institute, Pennsylvania, October 18, 1878, studied fifteen months to become a preacher; thence to Carrier Seminary. During his school days he prepared a lecture, “Eleven Years a Slave.” After traveling, preaching and lecturing several months, he commenced teaching school in this county; after which he became clerk in a store, and assistant postmaster for Daniel Leatherman. On June 7, 1881, he received a full power of attorney to transact legal business for Mr. Leatherman, who died June 29, 1881, when Mr. Logan became his successor, and secured his appointment as postmaster at Timberville on July 14, 1881. His parents are Alg and Fannie (Coleman) Logan. Mr. Logan’s brother, William N., ran away from his master and joined the Union Army in 1863. Business, merchant and postmaster. Address, Timberville, Paulding county, Ohio.

LONG, Jacob - settled on his farm in 1855, which then contained eighty acres. He built a cabin and cleared the land, having experienced hard times. Now he has fine buildings and a splendid farm of two hundred acres on Flat Rock Creek. Mr. Long was born in Coshocton county, Ohio, February 18, 1833, and married in Hardin county, Ohio, December 14, 1854 to Sophia Aunspach, who was born in Perry county, Ohio, March 10, 1834. Their family embraces William Allen, born October 1, 1855; Levi, March 22, 1857, died March 20, 1861; John, born November 27, 1858; Peter, December 21, 1860, died July 4, 1862; Louisa, born August 6, 1863; Melancthon, July 7, 1865; Lydia Ann, December 11, 1867; Harriet May, November 10, 1873; Emmett Clarence, January 23, 1876; all the children living reside in Paulding. John and Esther (Saner) Long are Jacob’s parents. His wife’s parents are Peter and Lydia Ann (Linn) Aunspach. Mr. Long’s postoffice address is Paulding, Paulding county, Ohio.

LONGWORTH, Bennett Warren - and Mary M. J. Eaton were married in Latty township, January 24, 1875, by George Shinebery, Justice of the Peace. He was born in Auglaize county, Ohio, April 24, 1848, and settled in this county in October 1873. His wife was born in Franklin county, Ohio, January 28, 1852. Their family consists of: James Lewis, born December 14, 1875; Rhoda A., August 17, 1877; Anna L., March 6, 1879, died November 11, 1881; William W., July 12, 1880, died September 25, 1880; Letta L., December 7, 1881. Mr. Longworth served in the war of the Rebellion, being a member of Captain William S. Carlyle’s Company C, in the 31st Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry, being engaged in the following battles: Resaca, Georgia; Tunnel Hill, Georgia; Dalton, Georgia; Polk’s Gap, Kenesaw Mountain, Peach Tree Creek, Atlanta, July 20, 1864; Jonesboro, September 2, 1864; was never wounded, but was run over by a government wagon and had his leg broken, and was discharged July 20, 1865. His parents were Jonathan and Teresa (Langley) Longworth; his father died in Auglaize county, April 10, 1874; his mother still lives in that county. His wife’s parents were William and Susan A. (Agler) Eaton; her mother died in this county August 16, 1881, and her father still lives here. Mr. Longworth’s first wife was Martha A. Widner, died April 17, 1872, by whom he had one child, Flora May, born April 11, 1872, died August 5, 1872. The mother and child are buried in the old cemetery at St. Mary’s Auglaize county, Ohio. Mr. Longworth should be addressed at Gilbert’s Mills, Paulding county, Ohio.

LOTHAMER, Thebold - was married in Germany in 1832 to Magthalina Gamber, and they have eight children, namely: Thebold, born June 4, 1836; Joseph, May 13, 1838; Anthony, April 23, 1840; Magthalina, August 8, 1842; Teressa, January 28, 1844; Ignatius, August 6, 1848; Morris, December 18, 1854; Agatha, January 13, 1856; Mr. Lothamer’s parents were Thebold Lothamer and Caatherine (Moser) Lothamer, both deceased. His wife’s parents are Joseph Gamber and Mary (Faver) Gamer, both deceased. Mr. Lothamer was born in Germany in 1808, and his wife in the same place in 1806. Mr. Lothamer is engaged in farming, and his postoffice address is McGill, Paulding county, Ohio.

LOY, William Francis - and Susan A. Campbell were married at Lafayette, Indiana, March 27, 1860, and of their nine children all are living but one: Millie Anjenetta, born May 2, 1862; Mary Angelia, January 11, 1864; Julia Ann, May 31, 1866; William F., September 4, 1868; Henry, August 11, 172; Delilah E., July 15, 1874, died August 3, 1875; Elizabeth A., July 16, 1876; Louisa C., September 29, 1878; Bertha R. M., November 3, 1880; all reside with their parents. Henry and Delilah (Venard) Loy were the parents of William; both died in Indiana. Berl and Fanny (Flynn) Campbell, parents of Susan, died in Indiana. Mr. Loy had four brothers in the war. His maternal grandfather was one of General Harrison’s scouts in the Indian War in the Maumee valley; was taken prisoner at Fort Jennings. He shot an Indian in the apple tree at Defiance; was taken prisoner at Tippecanoe, succeeded in escaping, and found one of his brothers wounded; he stopped the wound with leaves, and carried him on his horse about 160 miles, but he died of his wounds. He and three other scouts had a fight with five Indians around a tree, and not an Indian was left when the fight ended. He was buried in Marshall county, Indiana. Martha Loy, his wife, is buried in Randolph, Indiana. William F. Loy was born May 16, 1839, and Susan A. was born in Tippecanoe county, Indiana, March 1, 1845. He has been engaged in the mercantile business for three years; dealt largely in timber, and is at present clearing land. He has a farm of sixty-five acres of land on the Little Auglaize. Address, Hamer, Paulding county, Ohio.

LUTS, John - born in Ashland county, Ohio, on July 28, 1844, is a son of Jacob Luts, who settled with his family in Paulding county in 1850, now living in Antwerp, and Louisa (Wilkinson) Luts, deceased. He was married in Carryall township, Paulding county, on August 19, 1866, by George Woodcock, Esq. To Sarah Jane Brunner, whose birth occurred in Hamilton county, Ohio, February 22, 1847, and their children are: Samantha Elizabeth, born May 15, 1867; Jacob S., January 17, 1869; John C., October 5, 1873. Mrs. Luts is a daughter of Calvin and Anna (Spurier) Brunner, who have been residents of Paulding county since 1850. Mr. Luts served in the late war; enlisted August 1, 1862, at the age of eighteen years; was a member of Company C, 68th Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry; was in the battles of Raymond, Jackson, and Baker Creek, Mississippi; siege of Vicksburg, Black River, Mississippi, and Atlanta, Georgia, in 1864 he was with Sherman on his march to the sea; raid of Richmond; marched to Washington, and was mustered out of service at Louisville, Kentucky, at the close of the war. Mr. Luts escaped without being wounded, but being so young these trials impaired his health and constitution. Mrs. Luts’ brothers, Roland M. Brunner, died while in the service in Kentucky, and William Brunner, served four years and three months, and died in 1880 from the effects of disease contracted while in the service. She had two uncles in the army; one was killed at Milliken’s Bend and the other also sacrificed his life for the Union. Mr. Luts is a farmer. Address Reid’s, Paulding county, Ohio.

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