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Biographies were taken from The History of Northwestern Ohio & History of Paulding County (H H Hardesty & Company Chicago IL/Toledo OH 1882)
Compiled and Transcribed by Janet Kwasniak and Mike Sandridge

MALOTT, David - opened his eyes upon the world in Stark county, Ohio, August 22, 1817, and became a resident of this county as early as 1840. In the year 1849, on the 30th day of August, he promised to cherish and protect Asenath W. Woodcock, a native of Knox county, Ohio, born October 13, 1830. Six children have been the result, only two of whom are living. The family commenced with Hannah J., born July 6, 1851, died April 25, 1866; Mary A., June 10, 1853, resides in Paulding county, Ohio; Eleanor, January 16, 1855, died August 29, 1864; Thomas B., September 22, 1857, died June 27, 1870; Sybil A., February 18, 1859, resides in this county; Oliver S., November 17, 1861, died January 23, 1862. Mr. Malott is a son of Thomas, who death occurred in October, 1854, and Maria E. (Albert) Malott, who died in 1845. Mrs. Malott’s parents are Bernard B. Woodcock and Hannah J. (Davis) Woodcock; the latter died July 2, 1870; they came to this county in 1843. Mr. Malott has filled different offices at various times: Township Clerk, seventeen terms; Justice of the Peace, six terms, etc. His first wife was Nancy A. Ball, married May 12, 1844, and she died February 30, 1849. Her children were: Maria E., born October 15, 1845, died December 3, 1845, and George W., January 20, 1849, resides in Putnam county, Ohio. Mr. And Mrs. Malott each had a brother in the late war. Joseph Malott was in the 68th Ohio fourteen months; became disabled and was discharged from service. James W. Woodcock served in the same war; was in the 14th Ohio. Mr. Malott is a farmer. Address, Payne, Paulding county, Ohio.

MALOTT, Joseph - is a native of the Buckeye State, his birth having taken place in Stark county, January 27, 1827; his marriage in Paulding county, Ohio, April 9, 1851, and his wife;s birth in Knox county, Ohio, March 30, 1832. The name of his choice was Rebecca C. Woodcock, whose parents settled in this county in 1843. Their names were Bernard B. and Hannah J. (Davis) Woodcock; the latter’s death occurred July 2, 1870. Mr. Malott served in the 68th Ohio fourteen months during the war of the Rebellion; he was discharged on account of disability. His wife’s brother, James M. Woodcock, was a member of the 14th Ohio. Thomas, who died in October, 1854, and Maria E (Albert) Malott, who died in 1845, were the parents of Joseph Malott. His children are names: James M., born February 24, 1852, resides in Whitley county, Indiana; John W., September 30, 1853, died May 8, 1874; Mary A., April 22, 1856; Joseph O., July 30, 1858; Delbert M., June 3, 1868. Mr. Malott has been Township Trustee three terms, and has held several other offices at different times. His business is farming. Address, Laud, Whitley county, Indiana.

MANN, Medary D. - son of Abijah and Betsy A. Mann, was born in Delaware county, October 15, 1849. He is a descendant of J. Q. Adams on his mother’s side, and, of Horace Mann on his fathers. He located in this county in 1877; was married October 10, 1878 to Alice McMillan, a native of Allen county, Ohio, born November 17, 1856; she is a daughter of James J. and Harriet (Gilliland) McMillan. S. J. Mann, brother of M. D., enlisted in 1862, in the 45th Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry, and followed John Morgan through Kentucky, Indiana and Ohio; was present at his capture at New Lisbon, Columbiana county. Mr. Mann graduated at Ann Arbor, in 1877; has been Prosecuting Attorney of Paulding county, elected in 1878, and again in 1880; is at this date practicing law at Paulding.

MAY, Allen -son of Daniel and Catherine (Zinn) May, settlers of this county in 1848; was born in Wayne county, November 3, 1845. He was married in Brown township, Paulding county, April 21, 1874, to Sarah Jane Jackson, born in Montgomery county, June 6, 1850, and is the daughter of Edward Dow and Catherine (Borger) Jackson, settlers here in 1855. They have three children: Heber Prescott, born June 11, 1875; Anna Claire, April 13, 1879; Maud C., July 4, 1881. Mr. May served as Assessor in the year of 1880. His brothers, Cyrus B. and Thomas J. May, were members of Company C, 68th Ohio, in the late war. Business, farming and teaching. Address, Junction, Paulding county, Ohio.

MAY, Daniel - was twice married. His first wife was Catherine Zinn, daughter of John and Elizabeth (Farlow) Zinn; her children are: Thomas J., born March 12, 1842; Cyrus B., October 7, 1843; Allen, November 3, 1845. His second wife was Charlotte Ann Deviney, who was born in Cumberland county, Pennsylvania, October 30, 1830. They were married in Wayne county, September 21, 1851; the children by this wife are: Emma, born November 21, 1852, resides in this township; Flora E., July 15, 1856, resides in Ionia county, Michigan; James B., September 10, 1858, died December 8, 1870; Jeremiah E., February 5, 1861; Hannah M., May 9, 1863; Ida C., November 18, 1865; Alice V., January 5, 1871; Lottie A., August 19, 1874, died April 8, 1877. Mr. May has been Township Trustee three years. He made this township his home in 1848. His parents were Jacob and Christine (Detter) May, both of whom died in this county. Two of his sons were in the war of 1861-Thomas J. in the 68th Ohio, and Cyrus B., in the same regiment. Mrs. May’s brother, John Deviney, was killed in the army by accident. The parents of Mrs. May were John and Elizabeth (Reamer) Deviney, the father dying in Pennsylvania and the mother in Ohio. Mr. May was born in York county, Pennsylvania, February 20, 1819, and settled in this county in 1848. He is a farmer. Address, Charloe, Paulding county, Ohio.

McCASKEY, Milton O. - a native of Ohio, settled in Paulding county in 1873. He is the son of Matthew and Lucinda (Nixon) McCaskey, who came to Lucas county in 1834. He was married in Fulton county, Ohio, to Jane Martin, a native of England, and they have the following children: Rosa, resides in Lucas county; Armanda, resides in Defiance county; Fannie, in Paulding county; Osro M., Cena and Albertie live at home. Mrs. McCaskey is a daughter of Robert and Susan (Hodless) Martin. Mr. McCaskey was County Commissioner of Fulton county, Ohio, and was several terms Township Trustee in said county. Business, farmer and drover. Address, Cecil, Paulding county, Ohio.

McCLURE, Alexander J. - never sought honors at the hands of his fellow citizens, but has held the offices of Township Clerk and School Director. He was also a soldier during the war, volunteering in the 197th Ohio, the last regiment which went to the field from Ohio. His brother Samuel was also a soldier, serving three years in the 100th Ohio, being discharged in 1865. Mr. McClure’s birth took place in Allen county, Ohio, March 12, 1836, his parents being Alexander, deceased, and Margaret (Neely) McClure. On the 20th of October, 1859, he was married to Arena Rumbaugh, whose birth occurred in Allen county, Ohio, October 10, 1841. Their family are: Marion Lincoln, born May 5, 1861; Alexander H., October 29, 1862; William R., August 26, 1864; Charlie T., August 28, 1866; Grant A., April 16, 1868; Horace A., August 7, 1870; Clara D., October 13, 1872, died January 15, 1873; Lewis A., November 30, 1873, died February 2, 1874; Bruce E., May 6, 1877; Edward Stanton, March 18, 1879; Robert Garfield, September 14, 1881; all reside at home, making a happy and contented family. Mrs. McClure’s parents are William and Anna (Aldridge) Rumbaugh, the former deceased. Mr. McClure is the owner of three hundred and sixty acres of land in Paulding county. When he settled here it was sparsely settled. He built the first brick house in the township. Both Mr. And Mrs. McClure and their second son are members of the Methodist Episcopal Church, the latter being steward of the Middle Creek class. Mr. McClure is a farmer, and his address, Gilbert’s Mills, Paulding county, Ohio.

McCLURE, James - farmer and Superintendent of Poor, has been a resident of Washington township since 1878; is a native of Allen county, born March 10, 1841; his wife, Martha J. Ferguson, was born in the same county, September 18, 1848, and their marriage took place in Lafayette, December 31, 1863. Their offspring number five: Charles E., born February 17, 1865; James A., October 29, 1866; William D., November 10, 1868; Samuel Emmet, October 1, 1871; Bertie Eugene, October 4, 1877, died July 24, 1878. Moses and Mary S. (Watt) McClure are the parents of James, settlers of this county in 1880. Mrs. McClure’s parents are Elijah and Rosanna (Kramer) Ferguson. Moses McClure was one of the first settlers of Allen county, settling among the Indians in 1825, when there were no roads or villages, and living the life of a pioneer and hunter; hauled their provisions from Champagne county with ox teams. James McClure was a member of the 20th Ohio, three months’ service, enlisted in 1861; re-enlisted in the 4th Ohio for three years, or during the war. He had four brothers in the service; one held rank of Second Lieutenant; one was wounded. Address, Paulding, Paulding county, Ohio.

McCLURE, James N. - was born in Allen county, Ohio, January 7, 1831, and settled in Paulding county, September 33, 1858. His parents, Alexander and Margaret (Neely) McClure, came here in January, 1859. He was married to Lucinda, daughter of William and Anna (Aldridge) Rumbaugh, April 17, 1856, in Allen county. Their children are: Alexander F., born January 14, 1857, died March 16, 1859; William A., May 14, 1858; Delana R. B., March 16, 1860; James T., August 17, 1862, died October 2, 1862; Anna J., January 1, 1864, died September 2, 1865; Gordon C., April 15, 1870. Mrs. McClure’s father died in Allen county in 1867; her mother still resides there. Mr. McClure, although he has never sough an official position, has, nevertheless, been Assessor for four years, Clerk for one term, and Trustee for the same period. His father is of Scotch-Irish extraction. Mrs. McClure’s father’s nationality was German, and her mother Scotch-Irish. Mr. McClure’s father helped to build the first cabin where Lima now stands; he settled there in 1825. Both himself and wife are consistent members of the M.E. Church, giving liberally of their means to sustain divine worship in their neighborhood. He has one of the finest farms in Latty township, containing one hundred and sixty acres, which occupies his time taking car of. His postoffice address is Gilbert’s Mills, Paulding county, Ohio.

McCORMICK, George W. - a native of Ohio, was married in Sylvania, Ohio, October 3, 1853, to Margaret Degrosh, a native of Prussia, and they settled in Paulding county in 1863. Their children are: Georgiana, born November 18, 1854; Subrina, December 16, 1856; Nettie, April 5, 1861; George, June 12, 1866; May, July 30, 1868, died November 16, 1875; Viola and Iola, twins, July 18, 1871; Charles, July 26, 1875. Mrs. McCormick's father, Christian Degrosh, died in Henry county, Ohio, and her mother, Catherine (Lowell) Degrosh, lives in Defiance county, Ohio. James McCormick, a brother of George McCormick, was a soldier in the late war. Margaret McCormick's brother, Daniel Degrosh, was also in the war of 1861. Mr. McCormick was a canal boatman; boated on the Wabash and Miami rivers about thirty years. He died in Ohio, May 18, 1880. Mrs. McCormick keeps boarding house. Address, Cecil, Paulding county, Ohio.

McKEVITT, Peter - is proprietor of a saloon in Charloe, Brown township, Paulding county, Ohio. He was born in Syracuse, New York, March 7, 1844. He was married in Charlie, September 12, 1867, to Mary E. Freede, who was born April 2, 1846. Their children are Velletta M., Charles P., Alice H., Otta Trubadour, and Laura V. Peter and Mary McKevitt, father and mother of the subject of this sketch, are deceased; the former died in Syracuse; the latter in this county. His wife’s parents are Christopher and Mary (Matlock) McFreede; her father died in 1863. Mr. McKevitt was in the 100th Ohio, Company F, Captain Kaufman; he re-enlisted in the 68th Ohio, Company C, and was discharged in 1865. He settled in this county in 1853. His address is Charloe, Paulding county, Ohio.

McKOWEN, Hiram F. - was born in West Virginia, December 11, 1819, settled in this county in 1859, in Emerald township; is now a resident of Auglaize township. His father, Gilbert McKowen, died January, 1867; his mother, Lydia (Flesher) McKowen, is still living. His first marriage was in 1840, to Sarah Lewis, who died September 17, 1866. Their children were: Hiram M., Nathaniel H., Samuel, Adeline, William, Eliza, Sarah, Alice, John, Josiah and James. His present wife, Sarah, to whom he was married in Defiance, October 28, 1867, was born in Pennysylvania, September 22, 1822, is a daughter of George and Isabel (Hughes) Kemp, both deceased. She was twice married before she married Mr. McKowen; the first husband was Peter Long; the second, George Murphy. Mr. McKowen had three sons in the war of the Rebellion: Hiram M. was a member of the 68th Ohio, came home on sick furlough and died January 17, 1864; Nathaniel H. was in the 38th, served to the close of the war, and received an honorable discharge; Samuel belonged to the 21st, served one year and was discharged. Mr. McKowen served as Justice of the Peace in Emerald township three years and held the offices of Constable and Assessor five years. Business, farming. Address, Junction, Paulding county, Ohio.

McLAUGHLIN, Thomas - born in Lafayette, Tippecanoe county, Indiana, on September 25 1844, was married to Anna M. Alexander, February 17, 1868, in Emerald township, Paulding county, by Alexander Scott, Esq. They have five children, all living at home. Their names are: Jennie, born December 7, 1868; Erdean, July 14, 1871; John, July 31, 1873; Guy, November 21, 1875; Agnes, November 1, 1879. John and Margaret Jane (Tate) McLaughlin are the parents of Thomas, they being natives of Ireland, as was also his wife’s father, Miles Alexander, deceased. Her mother, Amanda M. (Pickens) Alexander, was born in New York, and now resides in Kansas. Thomas McLaughlin has served one year as Township Trustee, and four as Constable; served four years during the late war, in Company F, 38th Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry; was in the battles of: Wild Cat, Kentucky, November 8, 1861; Mill Springs, Kentucky, January 19, 1862; Stone River, December 30, 1862; Stone River, January 1, 1863; Tullahoma; Chickamauga, September 19, 1863; Mission Ridge, November 25, 1863; Resaca, Georgia, Jonesboro, Georgia, Atlanta, Georgia; Savannah, Georgia; Smithfield, North Carolina; Raleigh, North Carolina. Business, farming. Address, Reid’s, Paulding county, Ohio.

McNUTT, Henry S.
Pastor of the United Brethren Church, Harrison township, was born in Ottawa county, Oho, June 11, 1836. His father, Calvin P. McNutt, died January 16, 1870, and his mother, Jane (Stults) McNutt, January 6, 1880. Mr. McNutt and Eliza A. Schoeten were married in Sandusky county, May 16, 1858. Her birth took place in the same county, November 17, 1841. They are the parents of seven children, namely: Bethiah J., born July 15, 1859; J. Edgar, June 8, 1863; Nathan H., October 14, 1865; Lucy L., October 13, 1867; Josiah W., January 9, 1870; Samantha M., May 26, 1873; May B., October 21, 1875. The father of Mrs. McNutt, Henry Schoeten, died August 25, 1857; her mother, Bethiah (Foster) Schoeten, resides in Lucas county. Mr. McNutt was a member of Company A, 189th Ohio, during the war of the Rebellion. He enlisted January 12, 1865, serving until the close of the war. During the year 1864 he was employed by the Government in repairing the Chattanooga & Nashville Railroad. Three brothers of Mrs. McNutt were in the Army; the oldest, Andrew, died near Goldsboro, when on the march with Sherman to the sea; James H. was living in Missouri at the beginning of the war, and was conscripted into the rebel army, serving only six months, when he deserted to the Union army under General Lyons; two days after his arrival the General was killed; James served until the close of the war. Albert S. was in Battery H, 1st Ohio Artillery, under Captain Norton, being in all the engagements in which the battery took part. Mr. McNutt’s address is Antwerp, Paulding county, Ohio.

MEARS, George W., Sr.  - and Caroline M. Weigle were married in Erie county, Ohio, December 26, 1865. He was born in Sandusky City, Erie county, May 4, 1844. Her birth took place in Huron county, Ohio, November 17, 1845. They have five children: James H., born December 6, 1868; Homer I., March 18, 1871; Anna B., February 15, 1874; Ora B., February 25, 1877; George W., jr., April 16, 1879. Mr. Mears is a resident of Carryall township, where he has a farm and is an extensive dealer in stock. He settled in this county in 1877. His parents are James and Deborah (Dimon) Mears. Barnhart and Martha (Mantz) Weigle are Mrs. Mears’ parents. Mr. Mears’ address is Antwerp, Paulding county, Ohio.

MELLINGER, William K. - {His} parents settled in this township in 1837; he was born in Putnam county, March 12, same year; his parents, Harrison and Margaret (Kendall) Mellinger, are both deceased. In Paulding county, October 12, 1858, Mary Richards, born in Lucas county, January 24, 1840, became his wife, and her daughter, Maggie E., was born December 6, 1859. Hiram Richards, Mrs. Mellinger’s father, is deceased; her mother, Ellen (Boyd) Richards, is living. Mr. Mellinger has filled the office of Assessor for three successive years; also three years as Treasurer. He enlisted in the three months’ service in the late civil conflict between the North and South; re-enlisted in the 128th Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry, and discharged July 18, 1865, at Columbus, Ohio. His paternal grandfather was a soldier in the war of 1776. Mr. Mellinger is a farmer by occupation. His address is Timberville, Paulding county, Ohio.

MIDDAUGH, Alfred - son of Jeddediah and Anna (Caddington) Middaugh, was born in New York State, June 25, 1832, and settled in this county in 1865. He was married in Holmes county, April 18, 1865, to Elizabeth Purdy, who was born in the same county, April 27, 1845. Their family consists of: Apellus W., born October 4, 1868; Louis Linn, July 12, 1870, died August 17, 1870; Earl Dilworth, July 11, 1876. Mrs. Middaugh’s father, Charles Purdy, born April 7, 1795, died April 12, 1877, and Mary (Shrimplin), born April 8, 1803. Mr. Middaugh served as Supervisor three years in Holmes county, Ohio. Mrs. Middaugh had two brothers in the late war, John and Alfred Purdy, both in an Ohio regiment. Mr. M. is a farmer and stock raiser. Address, Antwerp, Paulding county, Ohio.

MILLER, Cornelius B. - was born in Geauga county, Ohio, September 28, 1836, and married August 16, 1869, in this county. Rachel V. Pugh was his choice; she was born in Berkley county, Virginia, July 21, 1847. They have four children: Mary A., born July 13, 1870; William N., September 1, 1872; Malford J., November 2, 1877; Rose J., October 2, 1879. Mr. Miller’s parents are both deceased. John, his father, on February 12, 1872, and Rebecca (Cash) Miller, his mother, January 26, 1872. His wife’s parents were Job and Mary A. (Sheppard) Pugh, her father dying September 2, 1873. Cornelius has been both School Director and Supervisor in Harrison township. He was in the 31st Ohio during the war of the Rebellion, and contracted disease which caused the loss of his sight, for which he draws a pension of $14 a month. His brothers, David M. and Isaac, were in the war. His wife had five brothers in the war: David N. Pugh, who was wounded nine times; Eli F. was killed ata Joensboro; John M. died from the effects of a wound in the same battle; Moses N. was wounded twice; William M. was in the 38th Ohio. Mr. Miller is a farmer. Address, Antwerp, Paulding county, Ohio.

MONEY, Alexander - son of William and Cenoth (Denney) Money, was born March 8, 1843 in Jay county, Indiana, where his parents still reside. He came to Paulding county in 1874, and the farm on which he settled in Latty township was all woods, except what had been used for ship timber. He was married to Anna M. Castle, who was born in Gallia county, Ohio, August 1, 1847, on October 11, 1868, in Jay county, Indiana. Her parents, Isaac N. and Eliza C. (Cooper) Castle, still reside in that county. Mr. Money’s children number four, as follows: Llewellyn C., born May 22, 1870; Oscar A., July 10, 1874; Mary L., April 8, 1878; Cora L., October 5, 1881. He has held the office of Trustee of Latty township for two years. He is a farmer, and his postoffice address is Gilbert’s Mills, Paulding county, Ohio.

MOONEY, P. H. - was born in Ireland, January 1, 1828, and emigrated to this country at the age of thirteen, arriving at Philadelphia June 18, 1841. His first wife was Ellen Cecelia Patterson, born in Ireland May, 1829, and died August 26, 1852. Her children are: Mary Elizabeth, born October 12, 1848, and died August 16, 1849; Hugh Daniel, October 24, 1850, died August 16, 1851; they are interred in St. Mary’s Cemetery, Philadelphia. His second wife, Elizabeth is a daughter of Joseph and Ann (Coleman) Gregory, who came from England June, 1820. Her children are: Ella C., born in Defiance, Ohio, January 1, 1860, resides at Antwerp; James P., April 2, 1861, resides at Antwerp; Hugh G., July 30, 1862, died April 7, 1877. Their marriage took place in Fort Wayne, Indiana, March 25, 1859. Mr. Mooney’s parents are Hugh and Rose (Darragh) Mooney. They came to Philadelphia in 1844. Mr. Mooney was very successful in organizing military companies in Philadelphia and Detroit. In 1857 he clerked in Monroe, Michigan; came to Defiance, Ohio, in 1859, and to Antwerp July 5, 1860. He enlisted in Company G, 14th Ohio Volunteer Infantry; he was promoted to First Sergeant; served in the first call for 75,000 men; he was Second Lieutenant in the three years service; was promoted to Captain, November 27, 1861, in the 68th Ohio Volunteer Infantry. He was in all the engagements of the Army of the Tennessee, 17th Corps. He had four brothers in the Navy; Richard, John, Hugh, and James. John and Hugh were lost on the United States Steamer Oneida, February, 1871, where one hundred and twenty officers and men were drowned. The cause of the accident was the collision of the Oneida with a British iron mail steamship. Mr. Mooney has held the Corporation Clerkship eleven years; Clerk of School Board twelve years; Township Clerk one year; Census enumerator of Antwerp corporation and Carryall township for the tenth census, in 1880; was also Clerk in the State Insurance Department of Ohio two years. He is in the boot and shoe business. Address, Antwerp, Paulding County, Ohio.

MOORE, William C. - was born in Clermont county, Ohio, August 16, 1828, and his wife, Rachel Osborn, was born in the same county on December 18, 1829. They were married in Clermont county, Ohio, November 17, 1850. They have the following children: Sarah, born January 15, 1852; Margaret, October 9, 1853, died September 14, 1878; Henry C., April 23, 1855; John O., May 2, 1857; William F., August 12, 1859, died April 24, 1881; Francis E., September 8, 1861; James R., December 13, 1863; George W., February 10, 1868; Rachel, March 8, 1871. Mrs. Moore’s brother, John Osborn, was in the war, being in the 100th Ohio, and was killed at the battle of Juda Creek, Georgia, August 7, 1864. Mr. Moore settled in this county in 1865. Mr. Moore’s parents were William C. Moore, born January 16, 1794, died in September 1830, and Margaret (Higgins) Moore, born in New Jersey in 1802. Mrs. Moore’s parents were John Osborn and Sarah (Wood) Osborn; the former died March 15, 1873. Mr. Moore is engaged in farming and stock raising, and his postoffice address is McGill, Paulding county, Ohio.

MORLEY, Adam - was born in Carryall township, Paulding county, January 22, 1854; is the son of James and Ann (Adam) Morley, who were married on April 24, 1848, in England; migrated to Huron county, Ohio, in 1849, and to Paulding county in 1853. James Morley was born in Nottinghamshire, England on May 31, 1816, and died September 13, 1879. Ann was born June 29, 1829, in Yorkshire, England, now lives in Paulding county. James Morley helped to saw the lumber that was used in the building of the first elevator at Toledo; also assisted in the construction of the Miami Canal. Adam is a farmer in Crane township. Address, Cecil, Paulding county, Ohio.

MORRIS, Henry K. - was born in Brown county, September 9, 1830, and came to Paulding county in 1850. His was the third cabin in that part of the township. They were compelled to cut roads to place of building, as thee had been no improvements on that side of the Auglaize. He commenced in the woods on a 40 acre lot, now has 440 acres of land, and will soon divide with his sons; he has over 200 acres cleared, nearly 100 in wheat. His first marriage was on February 24, 1858, with Denisa Babcock, daughter of John and Elizabeth (Hardman) Babcock. The children were: John H., born March 31, 1854; George S., August 3, 1855; James H., January 12, 1857; Louisa T. (Kleinheim), May 10, 1859. On the 3d day of November, 1861, Mr. Morris was again married to Anna Jenkins, daughter of Malichi Berry and Polly (Taylor) Jenkins. Their children were: Joseph M., born November 20, 1863; and Elijah O., born February 22, 1865. The first wife died August 25, 1860; the second, March 15, 1875. His present wife was Laura A. Jenison, born in East Toledo, August 8, 1844, and their marriage took place at the Bethel Church in Auglaize township, February 8, 1880. Their first child, Helen Ermina, was born May 27, 1881. Mrs. Morris’ parents’ were Francis W. Jenison, born in February 1817, died March 9, 1865, and Ermina (Norton) Jenison, born in New York, September 27, 1822. His brother, G. W. Morris, was a member of Company C, 195th Ohio; he also had twenty-one cousins in the army. Mrs. Morris’ brother died of disease contracted in the service. Mr. Morris may be considered one of the fortunate men of the township, as, through his industry and good management, he has the best improved farm in the township; he has over twelve miles of under drain on his farm. H. K. is a son of Henry and Christina (Crawford) Morris, the former born September 1, 1801, and died August 22, 1851; the latter born December 28, 1801, and died October 12, 1879. He deals largely in stock and can be addressed at Defiance, Defiance county, Ohio.

MOST, Serenous - and Gertrude Columbia, children of Adam and Mary (Reichter) Most, and Dania and Elsie (Ward) Columbia, were born , he September 17, 1833, and she in Fort Wayne, Indiana, February 13, 1847. She died February 8, 1880, leaving Helen, born November 1, 1867, and Addie A., born October 16, 1869. They were married June 14, 1866. Mr. Most settled in this county when it was in its infancy, in the year 1844, and has witnessed all the improvements; has held the following offices: Township Trustee, three years; Treasurer, two years; Assessor, six years; and Constable, one year. He enlisted in the late war on December 26, 1861, a member of Company C, 68th Ohio; was discharged September, 1865; was in many hard battles, and has a thorough knowledge of solider life. He is engaged in farming, and the mercantile business. Address, Junction, Paulding county, Ohio.

MOXLEY, Joseph -
was born a slave in Shelby county, Kentucky August 10, 1813. He is a farmer and sstockholder in the Toledo, Delphos and Burlington Railroad, and settled in this township in September, 1862. He was thirty-one years of age when he left Kentucky, went directly to Illinois, where he remained about six weeks, when he went to Canada; paid a man sixty dollars to ferry him across the Ohio river. His wife, Cynthia Ann, was a slave girl owned by John L. Clark; she died two years after he left; she had five children. He returned after the war and saw his old master, and brought away three of his children, all of whom except Caroline, deceased, reside in Washington township. His children are: Lewis L., born May 30, 1842; Mary J., December 28, 1843; Charles C., August 18, 1846; Caroline E., April 12, 1849, deceased; George W. L., September 15, 1851. His parents were Robert Ferris, a native of Kentucky, and Lucinda Wade; both died in Kentucky. His present wife, Rachel White, is also a native of Shelby county, Kentucky, born March 15, 1806; they were married in Warren county, Ohio, January 15, 1859. She is a daughter of Lewis and Patsy (Huff) White, both slaves; the mother died in Missouri. Mr. Moxley has been one of the Directors of the Agricultural Society in Washington township. He now owns a farm of one hundred acres, of which eighty acres are cleared and under-drained. He had no opportunity for an education, but is doing all he can for his children. Address, Timberville, Paulding county, Ohio.

MUMY, Henry M. -
son of Isaac and Mary M. (Blank) Mumy, and who were settlers in this township in 1871, was born in Schuylkill county, Pennsylvania, October 24, 1847, and located in Blue Creek township in 1870. He was married in Auglaize county, November 26, 1868, to Elizabeth D. Mahan, whose birth occurred in Hardin county, Ohio, November 26, 1850. The dates of the birth of their children were: Charles M., born January 5, 1870; Maud Etta, January 20, 1872; Willie O. and Minnie M., September 18, 1874; Clyde A., January 22, 1877. Mrs. Mumy is the daughter of Henry and Rosanna (Hill) Mahan. Mr. Mumy served as Clerk of the township during the years 1878, 1879 and 1880. His business is general farming. Address, Pleasant Point, Paulding county, Ohio.

MUNGER, Andrew Jackson - settled in Paulding county in 1852; was born in Holmes county, December 7, 1841, and married at Antwerp, July 4, 1866. His wife, Arclissa Jane Edgar, a native of Stark county, born February 15, 1845, is the mother of: Mina Belle, born May 14, 1867; Vernon Delford, June 4, 1870; Cora Venilla, June 20, 1878. Mrs. Munger is a daughter of Joseph and Teressa (Teeple) Edgar, settlers in this county in 1849. Mr. Munger’s parents, John Devine and Sophia Munger, settled here in 1852. Andrew J. enlisted in 1862, in the 100th Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry, Company I, and was in the battles of Rocky Face, Georgia, May 9, 1864, and Resaca, May 14, 1864; was wounded at Utoy, August 6, 1864; shot through both legs at Raleigh, North Carolina, April 26, 1865. These injuries annoy him considerably. He has been a resident of this county for thirty years; is a farmer. Address, Antwerp, Paulding county, Ohio

MURPHY, Robert S. - is a son of Joseph K. and Phebe A. (Carvin) Murphy; his birth-place being this township and the date, April 15, 1840. He was in the war of the Rebellion, first enlisting as private in Company E, 30th Regiment Indiana Volunteer Infantry, August 27, 1861; served with that regiment until March 3, 1863, when he was transferred to the United States Marine service; was appointed First Sergeant of Company H, March 9, 1863; was commissioned First Lieutenant by President Lincoln, May 9, 1864; participating in the following battles: Pittsburg Landing, siege of Vicksburg, and scores of smaller engagements; was discharged February 24, 1865, with the following endorsement from the commanding officer: “I have known this officer three years; have ever found him prompt and efficient in the discharge of his duty; as a gentleman, his character is irreproachable, and is brave even to a fault.”-D. S. Tallerdy, Major Commanding. Mr. Murphy was married in Allen county, Indiana, August 13, 1865, by George Nuttle, Justice of the Peace, to Roxana Evans, who was born in Mark township, Defiance county, June 23, 1847, and her death occurred October , 1878. Four children were born to her: Charles M., born June 21, 1866; Florence A., September 21, 1868; Cora B., June 23, 1872; Alva L., October 8, 1874. Mr. Murphy was Township Clerk of Carryall township for five years; he is at present Justice of the Peace, and was elected Auditor of Paulding county on the 11ath of October, 1881. His father was a local preacher in the Methodist Episcopal Church. His marriage occurred on the Phillips’ farm, which is now part of Antwerp corporation, on November 21, 1827, Rev. N. L. Thomas, officiating; his father died November 21, 1852. Mrs. Murphy’s parents were John and Jane (Nelson) Evans. Mr. Murphy’s business is Justice of the Peace, Express Agent, Broker and Real Estate Agent. Address, Antwerp, Paulding county, Ohio.

MUSSELMAN, John Stewart - was born in Darke county, Ohio, November 1, 1845, his parents being Daniel and Rachel (Harris) Musselman, the altter deceased; the former living in Randolph county, Indiana. His marriage took place in Randolph county, Indiana, November 23, 1867 to Nancy A. Smith, whose birth occurred in the same county, June 30, 1847. Their family consists of George E., born June 5, 1869; Francis R., October 4, 1872; Alpha E., April 7, 1875; Hily Jeanette, September 23, 1877. Mrs. Musselman’s parents are Abraham A. and Mary (Farrell) Smith, who still reside in Randolph county, Indiana. Mr. Musselman is at present one of the Trustees of Latty township, being elected in the Spring of 1881; he served one term as Assessor. He was a soldier of the war of 1861, enlisting in the 2d Ohio Heavy Artillery. He enlisted in 1863, and served until the close of the war. He has a farm of eighty acres, with fifteen improved, which is in fine condition. His religion is brief and pointed, “Do unto others as ye would they should do unto you.” And trust in God for your reward. His address is Gilbert’s Mills, Paulding county, Ohio.

MYERS, Jacob, Sr.
was born in Prussia, in 1808, and came to America in 1851; settled in Tuscarawas county. In the Spring of 1854, he migrated to Defiance county, and in the Fall of the same year to Jackson township, where he entered the tract of land upon which he made his home during his life. His nearest neighbor was two and one half miles from him, and dense forest between them. From this land Mr. Myers made a fine farm in the few years he lived. He died January 23, 1881. His wife, Margaret Shramm, was born in Prussia, in April, 1807, where they were also married in September, 1834. They had three children: Jacob, jr., born August 9, 1835; Frederick, April 23, 1838; Margaret, April 23, 1842. Jacob, born in Prussia, and Cornelia E. Moore, born June 22, 1840, in Hamilton county, were married in Paulding county, April 5, 1861, and their family consists of: John J., born December 11, 1862; George A., August 7, 1864; Margaret A., May 1, 1866; Frederick A., September 6, 1867; Fanny C. E., April 28, 1869; Willis F., April 8, 1871; Mary L., April 1, 1873; Amanda N. E., March 31, 1873; Arminta May, December 29, 1879; all living with their parents. Jacob, Jr., joined the army in defense of the Union, a member of Company H, 132d Ohio, 100 days' service; was at the siege of Petersburg and Richmond, Virginia; re-enlisted for one year in the 191st Ohio, served in West Virginia, and was discharged at Winchester, Virginia, August 27, 1865. Mr. Myers, sr., was a son of Philip and Elizabeth (Kurtz) Myers, and his wife was a daughter of Nicholas and Margaret (Wolfe) Shramm. Address, Junction, Paulding county, Ohio

MYERS, Joseph H. - son of Christian Myers, deceased, and Hannah (Graham) Myers, who resides in Union county, the native home of Joseph, born January 9, 1847. He was married in Union county, October 1, 1871 to Catherine Duvall, and their family has been increased by three children: Estella V., born December 14, 1872, died September 11, 1873; Gracie, October 17, 1874, died September 10, 1875; Joseph C., December 17, 1876, resides at home. Mr. Myers settled in this township, October 15, 1872; is in the livery business. His wife is a daughter of Daniel and Catherine (Walley) Duvall; the latter died in Putnam county. She had a brother in the late war, in the 121st Ohio. Her paternal grandfather was in the war of 1812. Mr. Myers’ address is Paulding, Paulding county, Ohio.

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