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Biographies were taken from The History of Northwestern Ohio & History of Paulding County (H H Hardesty & Company Chicago IL/Toledo OH 1882)
Compiled and Transcribed by Janet Kwasniak and Mike Sandridge

NAVEAU, Almeda - is one of the most successful teachers in Paulding County, she having taken charge of a school at the age of eighteen years, previous to which she had attended school in her native village. Her first experience was in the Union School at Defiance for 3 years; then at the Normal School at Lebanon. She is at present engaged in teaching. Her father, Hubert Naveau, has held the office of County Commissioner for one term, and also several other township offices, and is now a merchant and farmer in Junction. Her mother's name is Mary Ann Day. Almeda's birth took place at Junction, February 16, 1859. Her postoffice address is Junction, Paulding County, Ohio.

NEIGH, Peter - is a farmer and a carpenter, and his wife, Hester Sampsel, and himself were born in Columbiana County, Ohio, he on August 7, 1809, and she on December 27, 1814. They were married in the same county October 4, 1838, and have the following children: Reuben B., born December 7, 1839, died January 9, 1841; James A., May 27, 1841, died July 26, 1864; Sarah C., February 12, 1843; John C., June 26, 1845; Anna C., January 23, 1847; Margaretta E., July 30, 1848; Maria L., June 7, 1850, died January 7, 1851; Elizabeth A., December 3, 1851; Lydia J., October 23, 1858, died November 6, 1862; Martha A., February 18, 1857. Mr. Neigh’s parents are John Neigh and Catherine (Kinnamon) Neigh, both deceased. His wife’s parents are Nicholas Sampsel and Catherine (Bricker) Sampsel, both deceased. Mr. Neigh has held the office of Township Treasurer two years. He settled in this county in 1847, and his wife died August 2, 1859. He had two sons in the late war: John C., served in the 132nd Ohio for one hundred days, and James A., served in the same regiment, and died of measles, July 26, 1864, at Point of Rocks Hospital, Virginia. Address Mr. Neigh at Hayne, Paulding County, Ohio.

NEWLAND, Josiah - was born in Fayette County, May 2, 1840. His parents were Martin and Elizabeth (Culberson) Newland. The subject of this sketch is at the present time running a circular saw mill, which is located in Section 18, Latty Township. Postoffice address, Pleasant Point, Paulding County, Ohio.

NEWLAND, Martin - settled in this county June 8, 1850; his birth place was Virginia. He was married in Clinton County, Ohio, April 7, 1836, to Elizabeth, daughter of Alexander and Anna (McHenry) Culberson. Her father died in Indiana and her mother in Ohio. Her birth took place in Indiana, September 30, 1818. She is the mother of the following children: Alexander, born October 11, 1837, died March 12, 1853; Josiah, May 2, 1840; Alvira A., July 29, 1842; Albert, October 12, 1844; Culberson, July 17, 1848; Mary E., September 8, 1852; Anna E., April 25, 1854; Martin E., September 12, 1857; William R., may 11, 1861. Mr. Newland’s parents were Paul and Mary (Brumback) Newland, both of whom died in Auglaize County, Ohio. Mrs. Newland had a half-brother in the war of 1861, and also three nephews; her nephew John Culberson died in the hospital in Virginia. This section of the country was very sparsely settled when Mr. Newland settled here; wild animals were very plentiful, especially wolves. Address, Defiance, or Oakwood, Paulding County, Ohio.

NOBLE, Calvin Lee - was born in Trumbull county, Ohio, October 21, 1813, came to Defiance September 17, 1838, when the county was a wilderness. Was agent for the American Fur Company, bought most of the furs from the Indians and shipped direct to London, England. Was also agent for the American Land Company to superintend the laying out of Bryan, Williams county. Served as Recorder of Williams county; first Sheriff of Defiance county. Was elected to State Legislature from the district comprising Williams, Defiance and Paulding counties, served two years; was there when the war broke out; was Probate Judge of Paulding county three years; was Commissioner of Williams county, and Collector of leases of Miami & Erie canal twelve years. Mr. Noble was married to Ann Marie Brubecher, in Defiance, February 22, 1842. His wife was born in Clark county, Ohio, April 16, 1822. Their children are: Henry Duval, born July 19, 1844, died April 4, 1851; Ann Eliza, September 15, 1846; Charles Horace, August 20,1860; Helen L., March 1, 1863. Mr. Noble’s parents are David Noble and Rachel (Turrell) Noble; his wife’s parents are Benjamin Brubecher and Eliza (Rosegrant) Brubecher. Mr. Noble settled in Paulding county in 1858, and is at present engaged at farming. When Mr. Noble was married in Defiance, Defiance county, it was then the county seat of Williams county. Mr. Noble may be addressed at Paulding, Paulding County, Ohio.

NOFFSINGER, Aaron - was born in Randolph County, Indiana, June 8, 1848, his parents being Eli and Sarah Ann (Wickersham) Noffsinger, the former whom is deceased, the latter still living in Indiana. He was married in Darke County, Ohio, February 8, 1869 to Mary Sippell, who was born in Darke County, December 22, 1848. Their offspring consists of: Emma G., born August 16, 1870; Ella A., August, 8, 1873; Oscar E., April 11, 1875; James W., February 3, 1879. Mr. Noffsinger settled on section 26 of Latty Township , where he owns eighty acres. A log cabin was on the place, it being one of the first erected in the township, and in which the subject of this sketch still lives. He has now thirty acres of cleared land. He is at present Justice of the Peace of Latty Township, and had held the office of Clerk for about five years. His wife had one brother in the late war. Mr. Noffsinger’s father was from Maryland; his grandfather on his father’s side from Pennsylvania, and his grandmother from New York. Business, farming. Address, Gilbert’s Mills, Paulding County, Ohio.

NOFFSINGER, Enos - son of Eli and Sarah Ann (Wickersham) Noffsinger, settled in Paulding County, Ohio in October , 1870, his birth having taken place in Randolph County, Indiana, on the 19th of August 1841. At the date of his settlement there was no clearing on his farm, which contains forty acres, his habitation being in the dense forest; by industry he has cleared twelve acres, and has a comfortable home. On the 7th of November, 1863, he was married to Polly Ann, daughter of Isaac M. and Cynthia (Lambert) Stewart; her mother died in Randolph County, Indiana, and her father in Kansas. Mr. and Mrs. Noffsinger’s children are: Daniel L., born April 12, 1865; Alice A., March 19, 1867; Cynthia B., September 11, 1869; Laura M., September 7, 1872; Clara A., April 27, 1875, died May 12, 1877; Eli W., June 18, 1879, died August 14, 1880; Sarah Jane, November 5, 1881. Mr. Noffsinger is at present one of the Trustees of Latty Township, and has filled the offices of School Director and Township Assessor for one term. Mrs. Noffsinger’s birth occurred in Wayne County, Indiana, November 17, 1844. Her great grandfather, Cortland Lambert, was a soldier of the War of 1812. Mr. Noffsinger is a farmer, with address at Gilbert’s Mills, Paulding County, Ohio.

NORRIS, Thomas - is a farmer in this township, where he settled in 1879. His prents Nathaniel and Sarah (Todd) Norrs, both died in Seneca County, Ohio. Anna Bloom, to whom he was married in Seneca County, March 25, 1849, is a daughter of John and Elizabeth (Yaut) Bloom, both died in Seneca County. Anna was born in Germany, November 14, 1826. Her children are: Sarah E., born December 22, 1850; Lewis C., May 25, 1852; Viola M., April 8, 1856; Lucius S. and Larison T., July 23, 1858; John N., April 8, 1861; William U., June 14, 1868; all reside in Paulding County. Mr. Norris has a farm of eighty arces: forty acres cleared. Address, Timberville, Paulding County, Ohio.

NORTHUP, Hiram - was born in New York State, March 18, 1827, and settled in this county in 1843. He was married in Paulding County, Ohio, April 18, 1850 to Victoria Shelley, born in France., March 20, 1832, died April 23, 1879. They have the following children: Andrew J., born May 17, 1851; Frances, April 2, 1853, died February 10, 1873; William H., March 12, 1858; Charles E., February 13, 1870. His two brothers, William and Lewis, served in the late war. Mr. Northup’s parents were John Northup and Sarah (Horton) Northup, both deceased; his wife’s parents were Francis and Mary J. Shelley, the former deceased. The first election held in this township was at his father’s house in 1843. Five votes were cast in this township proper. This election was comprised of four townships, namely, Blue Creek, Paulding, Harrison, and Benton. The entire vote cast was twelve. Mr. Northup is engaged in farming and his postoffice address is Payne, Paulding County, Ohio.

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