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Biographies were taken from The History of Northwestern Ohio & History of Paulding County (H H Hardesty & Company Chicago IL/Toledo OH 1882)
Compiled and Transcribed by Janet Kwasniak and Mike Sandridge

PARRISH, John S. - and his wife, Mary J. (Cowden) Parrish, were born and married in Putnam county, and lived there until they came to Paulding county in 1878. His birth was on the 2d of August, 1837, and hers January 3, 1838, and their marriage occurred December 31,, 1860. Their children are: Emma, born September 25, 1862; Nettie, September 26, 1864; Iona L., June 4, 1866, died May 26, 1871; John Brown, April 21, 1870; Lewis E., July 16, 1874, deceased. Mr. Parrish's parents are John and Sarah (Brown) Parrish. Mrs. Parrish is the daughter of William and Sarah (Bogart) Cowden. John S. was one year Trustee of Jackson township. Mrs. Parrish had three brothers in the late war. Mr. Parrish is a blacksmith, shoemaker, farmer and stock dealer. Address, Charloe, Paulding county, Ohio.

PAULUS, Henry - settled in Paulding county in 1871. Mr. Paulus was married in Darke County, Ohio, December 26, 1852, to Christena Mary Bope, born in Wurtemberg, Germany, June 3, 1831. The following are his children: George Washington, born September 15, 1853, died February 25, 1859; John Henry, born June 10, 1856, died March 6, 1859; Augustus D., born September 26, 1858, resides in Paulding township; Lafayette, born February 10, 1861, resides at home; Louisana, born October 30, 1862; Jacob Philip, born January 16, 1866, died September 10, 1867; Clara Catherine, born March 18, 1871; Dora R., November 11, 1872; Charles W., March 13, 1875; the three last reside at home. Mr. Paulus was born in Preble county, Ohio, May 31, 1833. His parents were Daniel and Louisana (Treon) Paulus. His wife’s parents were Philip and Magdalina (Weissenberger) Bope. Mr. Paulus has held several township offices. He has an honorabale discharge from the 128th Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry. His brother, Samuel Paulus, was in the army and re-enlisted and served all through the war, and lost his health. Another brother, Jonathan Francis, was in an Illinois regiment all through the war. Mr. Paulus is a farmer near Flat Rock Creek, and his address is Paulding, Paulding county, Ohio.

PEASE, Cornelius - was a soldier of the war of the Rebellion; he enlisted February 14, 1862, in Company A, 54th Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry, being in all the battles in which the regiment took part; was wounded at the battle of Peach Tree Creek, and at Columbia, South Carolina, but did not leave his regiment; was discharged at Camp Dennison, August 15, 1865. His brother, John, was a member of Company B, 2d Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry, serving three years; another brother, William, was in the same Company and regiment, serving the same length of time; the latter re-enlisted. Cornelius was born in Preble county, Ohio, March 1, 1844, and married in this county October 31, 1869, to Leanna Alice Parrette, daughter of Jeremiah and Mary (Whitmore) Parrette. She was born in Rockingham county, Virginia, December 23, 1855. Their family consists of: William Hamilton, born July 11, 1872; Almeda Helen, April 28, 1875; Bertie Marion, August 2, 1877, died September 3, 1877; Daisey May, November 13, 1879. Mr. Pease is a contractor and lumberman. His parents are John C. and Mary (Strickler) Pease. Address, Antwerp, Paulding county, Ohio.

PERRY, David - son of David, sr., and Almira (Beebe) Perry, was born in Michigan, May 5, 1846, and became a resident of this county in 1855. He was married in DeKalb county, Indiana, October 13, 1869, to Ethelinda C. Johnston, born April 23, 1849. Her offspring number five, namely: Ada Amelia, born October 28, 1871; Margaret Alma, April 9, 1873; Garry Sylvester, February 6, 1875; Ora Belle, November 7, 1876; Marion Price, May 3, 1880. David Johnston and Margaret (Kemp) Johnston are the parents of Mrs. Perry. Mr. Perry enlisted August 3, 1863, in the United States Marine Brigade and participated in the following battles: Rodney, Grand Gulf, College Hill, Greenville, Port Derusa, and up Red River; returned to Mississippi, then home on furlough; returned to the Mississippi and served on provost duty at Vicksburg until discharged. Mr. Perry is a farmer in Carryall township. Address, Antwerp, Paulding county, Ohio.

PHILIPS, Abraham - born in Shelby county, Kentucky, June 10, 1801, son of Robert Woods and Susan Woods, slaves of Robert Woods; both died in Kentucky. Abraham was fifty-six years a slave, belonging to five different masters. He has been married four times; his first wife, Lucy Woodford, was sold away from him; his second, Nancy Durfy, was stolen from him; the third was Eliza T. Allen, born March 20, 1820. His children are: Susan, Philip, Evaline, William, Soloman, Nancy, Millie, Loyd. His fourth wife was Matilda Obanion, a native of Maryland, to whom he was married January 18, 1877. Philip O. Philips, his last master, liberated him in 1856. He has been a member of the Baptist Church sixty-two years; has been Deacon and Trustee in the church for many years. Two of his sons are ministers. William has preached for twenty years, and been an Elder for twelve years. Loyd has been a licensed preacher for about ten years; his first wife was Lucy E. Hardin; they had nine children, six of whom are living. Loyd’s present wife was Georgiana Howard, daughter of Richard and Elizabeth Howard. Abraham endured all the horrors of slavery; expects and awaits his reward when he crosses the River Jordan, to clasp hands with those of his race gone before; awaits the call of his Master, when he will be free, indeed. Mr. Philips is engaged in farming, and his address is Plumb’s Cross Roads, Paulding county, Ohio.

PORTER, Robert B. - is a druggist, and was born in Licking county, Ohio, May 9, 1828; settled in this county in 1874. His wife’s name was Mary H. Smith, and she was born in Logan county, Ohio, May 16, 1834. They were married in Logan county, Ohio, December 4, 1851, and have four children: Alice C., born March 28, 1853; Don C., June 15, 1859; Frank S., July 6, 1866; Herbert M., July 17, 1871. Mr. Porter was a member of Company I, 132d Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry; was in the service five months. His parents are Charles Porter and Margaret (Moore) Porter. His wife’s parents are Benjamin Smith and Cynthia (Garwood) Smith. Mr. Porter’s address is Paulding Center, Paulding county, Ohio.

POTTER, George W. - is a son of William and Fanny (Squires) Potter, was born in Wayne county, New York, September 11, 1826. Rachel, daughter of Isaac and Elizabeth (Brannon) Young, became his wife September 1, 1850, in Jay county, Indiana, and five children have blessed their union: Elizabeth, born August 3, 1851; William B., February 18, 1854; Phebe F., February 27, 1857; Emma R., November 23, 1859; Mary A., August 23, 1865. Mr. Potter was several years Justice of the Peace in Morrow county, Mayor of the village of Paulding; is now Justice of the Peace. He took part in the late conflict between the North and South; enlisted in Company F, 43d Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry. Is at this date a banker in Paulding, Paulding county, Ohio.

POWELL, Amanda R. - was born in Fayette county, Ohio, December 13, 1864, and settled in this county April 12, 1876. She is the daughter of Hembray M. and Evaline M. Powell. Her mother died at Jamestown, Greene county, Ohio, August 13, 18__; her father died in Paulding county, August 5, 1879. Amanda’s home is 4 ½ miles north of Paulding. She commenced teaching school June 13, 1881, at Timberville, this county. She has two brothers, James and Joseph Powell, and two sisters, Lida and Matilda Powell. Address, Reid’s postoffice, Paulding county, Ohio.

POWELL, James M. - is a farmer and teacher in Emerald township; was born in Augusta county, Virginia, February 8, 1852, and settled in Paulding county in 1876. He is a son of Hembray M. Powell, who died August 5, 1879, and Evaline (Quann) Powell,, also dead. Address, Reid’s Paulding county, Ohio.

POWELL, M. C. - is a merchant; his store is north of the court house; he keeps la general stock of dry goods, groceries, notions, etc. He is the son of Timothy and Margaret Powell, and was born in Urbana, Champaign county, July 14, 1839. His wife, Josephine M., is a daughter of Thomas and Cecilia (Brown) Miller, and was born in West Liberty, December 23, 1851. She is the mother of Edith B., born February 4, 1871; T. Wilford, December 13, 1873, died June 12, 1876; Ralph E., August 24, 1877. Mr. And Mrs. Powell were married in West Liberty, October 19, 1870. He was a solider in the late war, a member of Company F, 87th Regiment (three months) Ohio Volunteer Infantry; also in Company E, 152d Regiment Ohio National Guard. He settled in this county in 1873. Postoffice address, Paulding, Paulding county, Ohio.

PRICE, Robert C. - a native of this State, born August 15, 1842, is a resident of Carryall township; he is a farmer and stock dealer; settled here in 1880. His wife, Mary Lucelia Hatch, has been the mother of three children: Eldridge Gerry, born March 17, 1867; Ella Antoinette, November 22, 1868; James Oscar, August 16, 1874. Mrs. Price was born in the State of Indiana, July 13, 1842, and her parents, James and Betsy Backus Hatch, were born July 28, 1797, and July 23, 1800, both living in Allen county, Indiana. Mr. Price enlisted in the 44th Indiana Volunteer Infantry in the Fall of 1861, served almost four years; was in the following battles: Corinth, Perryville, Nashville, Russell Hill, Stone River, Murfreesboro, McMinville (he was wounded at the latter place), Chickamauga, Ringgold, Crawfish Spring, Chattanooga, Mission Ridge, Siege of Chattanooga; here he re-enlisted; was shot four times, wounded enough to start blood, but not to disable him enough to leave his command. Address, Antwerp, Paulding county, Ohio.

PUGH, Job - was born in Frederick county, Virginia, August 12, 1810, and married in Bedford, Pennsylvania, April 29, 1832, to Mary A. Sheppard, born in Frederick county, Maryland, August 31, 1816. They have had thirteen children as follows: Eli F., born July 7, 1834, killed in the army September 1, 1864; William H., March 10, 1836, died January 22, 1839; John M., November 3, 1838, died September 13, 1864; David M., March 6, 1840; Moses N., September 25, 1842; Catherine J. and William M., February ??, 1845; Rachel Virginia, July 21, 1847; Phillip C., July 14, 1849; Job E., June 21, 1851, died April 1853; James S., November 24, 1855; Wooster B., June 21, 1858, died June 21, 1862; Nelson J., September 13, 1862. Eli and Catherine (Fisher) Pugh were the parents of Job; they died in 1820 and 1851 respectively. His wife's parents were William and Catherine (Cloninger) Sheppard, both whom are deceased. Mr. Pugh has held several public offices. He had five sons who did service in defense of the Union; David N., was in the 14th Ohio, served four months; he re-enlisted in the 38th Ohio; was discharged for disability; he enlisted again in the 100th Indiana, serving until the end of the war; he was wounded nine times; Eli F., was in the 38th Ohio and was killed at the battle of Jonesboro, Georgia; John M., was in the same regiment, was wounded in the same battle, and died of his wound, thirteen days after, in the hospital at Atlanta. Moses N., served in the 160th Indiana three years and was wounded twice, once in the battle of Missionary Ridge and once at Bentonville. William served fifteen months in the 38th Ohio and was discharged for disability. Moses N., and William draw pensions. Mr. Pugh is a farmer of Harrison townshipl came to this county in 1855. Address, Antwerp, Paulding county, Ohio.

PUGH, Moses N. - was born in Frederick county, West Virginia, September 25, 1842. He enlisted in the 100th Regiment Indiana Volunteer Infantry, and was honorably discharged at the close of the war; was engaged in the battles of Mission Ridge, Resaca, Dallas, New Hope, Lovejoy, Jonesboro and Duncan’s Farm. He was wounded in the head, shoulder, groin and side, and is now an invalid; was in twenty-nine pitched battles. His brother Eli F., who was a member of Company F, 38th Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry, was killed at Jonesboro. John M. Pugh, another brother, and also a member of the same company and regiment, received a mortal wound in the same battle. His brother David N. was wounded nine times. Mr. Pugh was united in marriage in Jackson township, where he still resides, November 28, 1875, to Elizabeth Rainey, whose birth occurred in Fairfield county, Ohio, December 27, 1843. They have had two children: Flora Virginia, born August 18, 1876, died September 22, 1877; Jay, October 11, 1877, died same day. Job and Mary Ann (Shepherd) Pugh, settlers in this county in 1855, were Moses N.’s parents. His wife’s parents are Henry and Rebecca Shisler. Mr. Pugh is a farmer, shoemaker and carpenter. Postoffice address, Charloe, Paulding county, Ohio.


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