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Biographies were taken from The History of Northwestern Ohio & History of Paulding County (H H Hardesty & Company Chicago IL/Toledo OH 1882)
Compiled and Transcribed by Janet Kwasniak and Mike Sandridge

RANDALL, Elijah - and his wife, Minerva J., were both born in Randolph county, Indiana, the former in 1849, the latter October 10, 1861. Elijah’s parents are John and Minerva (Sawyer) Randall, and the parents of Mrs. Randall are Charles E. and Rebecca J. (Alexander) Lewis. The children are: Rebecca J., born October 18, 1877, deceased, and Arretta, December 12, 1879. Mr. Randall is engaged in farming, and his postoffice address is Pleasant Point, Paulding county, Ohio.

RADENBAUGH, John P. - and Mary C. Quince were joined together for life in Paulding county, Ohio, December 7, 1866. His birth took place in Williams county, Ohio, December 10, 1842. She was born in Richland county, Ohio, September 10, 1847. The children are: Francis P., born September 11, 1866; Sarah A., February 23, 1868; John P., March 10, 1871, died April 17, 1872; Catherine D., October 7, 1873; Alonzo, April 21, 1875; Henry M., February 5, 1877. Mr. Radenbaugh has been Township Treasurer for three terms, and Trustee for three years. His parents settled in this county in 1852. Their names were John P. and Mary (Fisher) Radenbaugh; the former died in November 1867. Francis and Catherine (Shelley) Quince are the parents of Mrs. Radenbaugh; her father died July 8, 1879. Mr. Radenbaugh was in the war of 1861, enlisting in the 38th Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry, and serving until the close of the war, being in all the engagements in which the Army of the Cumberland took part. His brother, Henry, served eighteen months in the same regiment. Another brother, Charles W., served in the hundred days’ service. Mr. Radenbaugh is a farmer and merchant, in which latter business he has interested with him Joseph S. Quince. Address, Payne, Paulding county, Ohio.

RANDOLPH, Russell - born in Mahoning county, Ohio, October 28, 1846, and settled in Paulding county in 1869. His wife, Fannie E., to whom he was married in Paulding county, May 21, 1873, is a daughter of Milton and Jane (Martin) McCaskey, now living in Crane township. Fannie's birth took place in Fulton county, Ohio. Her children are: Boyd R., born February 12, 1874, and Charlie M., November 30, 1876. Mr. Randolph was a soldier in the late war, and also two of his brothers, John and James, and all are living. All were in the 12th Regiment Ohio Volunteer Cavalry, and all were discharged at the close of the war in 1865. Mr. Randolph is in the dry goods business. His address is Cecil, Paulding county, Ohio.

RANKIN, Robert - son of Robert and Ester (Dennison) Rankin, was born in Pennsylvania, August 23, 1822, andmarried in Van Wert County, Ohio, January 9, 1862, to Catherine Susan Blythe. Their family consists of: Cyrus C., born July 4, 1863; Mary E, August 22, 1865; Cora M., August 24, 1867; Ida C., November 30, 1869; Robert I., March 28, 1872; Rosa A., December 16, 1874; Lillie E., August 24, 1877; Nellie C., March 19, 1880. His wife's parents are Henry and May S. (Moore) Blythe. He has been Justice of the Peace for ten years, Township Clerk eight years; also District Assessor. Three of his sisters sons were in the service, one killed, one wounded. Mrs. R. was born in Jefferson County, August 2, 1841. Mr. Rankin settled in Paulding County in 1862, having purchased his land in 1851; is engaged in farming in Blue Creek Township. Address, Point Pleasant, Paulding County, Ohio.

RANKIN, William - is the son of Abraham and Sarah (Reeves) Rankin, was born in Tuscarawas county, Ohio, March 1, 1839, and migrated to Paulding county in 1865. He was married in Putnam county, November 22, 1860 to Jeanette (Marshall) Morrison, who settled in this county in 1866. Their children are: James A., Robert M., Thomas M. C., William E., deceased, Abagail, deceased, Cora Luella, and George W. Mr. Rankin's brother, James F., enlisted in 1863, in the 12th Ohio, served through the war, received an honorable discharge, and now resides in Kansas. His wife's brother Robert was in the 21st Ohio; was taken prisoner at Chickamauga, and kept in prison nine months, came home and died September 24, 1864. Business, farming. Address, Paulding, Paulding county, Ohio.

RATHBURN, Philip Clark - is a native of Medina county, Ohio, born January 31, 1844; is a son of John Stanton and Elizabeth (Hoot) Rathburn, who now reside in West CAiro, Allen county, Ohio. His marriage took place in Defiance county, August 23, 1861, to Mark E., Baker, and they located in Paulding county, February 25, 1880. Their union resulted in the following family: Lillian, born June 19, 1863, deceased; John S., October 11, 1866; James M., February 26, 1869; Idora, December 11, 1871; Amos A., January 2, 1875; Eva M., November 10, 1877; Cora V., July 18, 1880. Mrs. Rathburn's parents are Jacob and Hannah Baker. Mr. R. served in the late civil war; enlisted August 19, 1861, in the 38th Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry, and discharged July 12, 1862; was in the battle of Mill Springs; re-enlisted in 1863 in the same regiment. Business, farming. Address, Cecil, Paulding county, Ohio.

RAYMOND, Frederick John - is a son of John and Elizabeth (Strayer) Raymond; is a farmer and blacksmith in Auglaize township, where he has lived since 1852. His wife, Elizabeth (Decker) Raymond, born September 25, 1826, is a daughter of Frederick and Esther Decker. She was married in Pennsylvania, April 23, 1848, and has one adopted child, John W. Thompson, born November 19, 1861. Mr. Raymond enlisted in the 192d Ohio, February, 1865; served through the war; was some time in the Shenandoah Valley; was taken sick and sent to Harper’s Ferry Hospital, then to Baltimore and Philadelphia; was there discharged and went home. Address, Junction, Paulding county, Ohio.

REED, Joseph Sr. - was one of the early settlers of Blue Creek township, and witnessed all of the improvements since 1843. He was instrumental in establishing the first school, and also the first church, organized in the township. He was born in Stark county, March 19, 1815; is the son of Jacob and Elizabeth (Kaufman) Reed. His wife, Mary, daughter of John T. and Sophia (Miller) Traul, was born in Columbiana county, March 18, 1813, and married March 31, 1836 in Stark county. Their family has been increased by nine children: Lucinda, born April 14, 1837; Daniel, July 21, 1839, died August 15, 1840; Uriah W., July 29, 1841; John T., May 16, 1844, died March 11, 1859; Elizabeth M., January 8, 1847; Sophia C., January 2, 1850; Mary J., September 25, 1853; Joseph F., September 15, 1855; Sarah H., December 16, 1858. Mr. Reed served as Treasurer of Blue Creek township from 1848 until 1868, making twenty successive years. Joseph F., his son, and Jessie A. Ditto were married in Van Wert county, and have one child, Maud Ethel, born October 1, 1880. Business, farming. Address, Pleasant Point, Paulding county, Ohio.

REID, Capt. Robert Marion - is the son of Hon. John and Elizabeth Reid of Columbiana county, Ohio; he was born March 22, 1827, in Madison township in that county. His father represented the county in the State Legislature, and was its first Probate Judge. One the 1st day of September, 1853, he was married to Miss Harriet J. Carle, of Butler township, in his own native county, with whom he had two sons, and one daughter: Eugene Carle, born November 7, 1854; John, born September 20, 1857, died March, 1858; Mary Alice, born February 25, 1864. He filled many of the township offices, served as Land Appraiser, and for many years was Justice of the Peace; was a zealous working granger; held the office of County Deputy, and his death, which occurred on the 6th day of September, 1875, caused a vacancy that will be hard to fill. Mrs. Harriet J. Reid was born in Butler township, Columbiana county, September 5, 1832; she was married to Captain Robert M. Reid by Rev. William H. H. Moore, a Methodist minister; is the daughter of Richard L. and Mary Carle. Address, Reid’s, Postoffice, Paulding county, Ohio.

REYNARD, Christopher C. - was born in Crane township, January 1, 1845. His parents, Christopher and Elizabeth Reynard, died in this county. He was married in Paulding county, October 7, 1871, to Eliza J. Hughes, born in Crane township, April 13, 1846. Their children are: Harry Denison, born April 29, 1873; Ruby Adela, January 14, 1875; Daisy Desolee, March 9, 1877; all reside at home. Mrs. Reynard's parents were Denison Hughes, born in 1800, died June 11, 1874, and Hannah (Barnes) Hughes, born in 1805, died August 14, 1880, in the house now occupied by Mrs. Reynard. Denison Hughes' family consisted of: Mary Ann, born March 22, 1822; Eliza J., February 21, 1824; A. J. H., November 8, 1827; Loretta P., May 1, 1830; Robert B., December 2, 1831; William S., May 8, 1834; Denison S., October 12, 1836; Jasper N., March 28, 1837; Harriet M., December 12, 1843; Eliza J., April 13, 1846; Andrew T., March 30, 1849. Three of Mr. Hughes' sons were in the war of 1861; Denison S., Jasper N. and Robert B.,; Andrew J., another son, was accidentally killed by the discharge of his gun while deer hunting. Mr. Hughes and his father were both in the war of 1812. Mr. Reynard was in the war of 1861; his death occurred December 20, 1879, of typhoid pneumonia, after a short sickness. Mrs. Hughes conducts the business of her farm, which consists of one hundred and ten acres, seventy of which are cleared. In the year 1881, she raised 417 bushels of what. She taught seven terms of school before she was twenty-five years of age. She has three small children to care for, and intends to give them a fair education. Her postoffice address is Antwerp, Paulding county, Ohio.

RICE, Edward - has been twice married. He married his first wife, Mary, in June, 1845. She died in December, 1863, leaving a son, Edward, who was born April 21, 1854, and who was married to Eliza J. Doring, November 7, 1880. She is a daughter of Joseph and Eliza Doring, the former of whom is deceased. The second wife, of Mr. Rice is Margaret A. Howey, who was born in Bloom county, New York, January 20, 1819. Her parents, both of whom are deceased, were Joseph and Catherine (Mapes) Howey. The date of the mother’s death is April, 1876. Mr. Rice was born in Summit county, Ohio, October 6, 1812. Both of his parents are deceased. They wdre Thomas and Lucy (Steel) Rice. Mr. Rice was in the war of the Rebellion, a member of the 68th Ohio, serving two years. He is a farmer of Harrison township. Address, Antwerp, Paulding county, Ohio.

ROACH, William - is a carpenter and joiner, and was born March 25, 1839. He was married in Paulding county, February 15, 1865 to Laura A. Mallett, who was born in Hancock county, Ohio, April 26, 1849. Their children are: Nancy J., born in November 1866, died same month; Maria J., February 8, 1868; Francis M., November 21, 1870; Almira, November 17, 1873; Armanda L., April 12, 1876, deceased; Talbot C., December 8, 1880. Mr. Roach was in the war of 1861; enlisted first in the Dennison Guards, served six months, and re-enlisted February 9, 1865, in the 192d Ohio; was discharged in August 1865. Mr. Roach’s wife had five brothers in the war; one of them died in hospital. Mr. Roach’s parents were Thomas H. and Susan (Kimmell) Roach; his father was killed with an ax, in 1866. His wife’s parents were Edward and Margaret (Bridgeman) Mallett. They settled in this county in 1844; both are deceased. Mr. Roach’s address is Royal Oak, Paulding county, Ohio.

ROBERTS, Lyman - is a tile and brick maker, came to Paulding in 1880, from DeKalb county, Indiana, where he was born October 27, 1852. His parents, Samuel and Lucinda (Hayes) Roberts, are still residing there. His father was in the war of 1812; his brother Charles was in the late war, a member of the 30th Indiana Volunteer Infantry, served over three years and returned home sound with an honorable discharge. Address, Antwerp, Paulding county, Ohio.

ROBERTSON, W.H. - son of Henry and Harriet (Gorden) Robertson, was born in DeKalb county, Indiana, April 15, 1839. His parents came to Paulding county in 1826. He married Harriet J., daughter of Thomas and Sarah J. (Smith) Gorden, at Middletown, Orange county, New York, January 30, 1868, where her birth had taken place. Her mother resides in Paulding county. Mr. Robertson is at present, 1881, Treasurer of Crane township, Paulding county; has been Postmaster for twelve years. He served in the late war; enlisted in the 88th Regiment Indiana Volunteer Infantry, Company H, Captain Blair; afterward Captain D. L. Thomas commanded the company. The date of his enrollment was August, 1862, and was discharged at Indianapolis, June, 1865. He took part in the following battles: Perryville, Stone River, Chickamauga, Lookout Mountain, Mission Ridge, and on the March to the Sea; and the surrender of General Johnson at the close of the war. His brother Samuel was in the 14th Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry, under General Steedman, being at the battle of Chickamauga. Mr. Robertson was in this county at the organization of Cecil, and purchased the second lot in the town. Postoffice address, Cecil, Paulding county, Ohio.

RODGERS, William H. - came here in 1855 from Ross county, where his birth occurred, April 9, 1815. His parents were Samuel and Catherine (Mackey) Rodgers. He was married in Champaign county, September 22, 1843, to Jane Jones, who was born in Pickaway county, April 23, 1812; she is the daughter of Robert W. and Nancy E. (Johnson) Jones. Their family consists of: John S., born June 17, 1844, deceased; James H., August 25, 1846; Nancy E., September 3, 1848; Sarah E., July 22, 1851, died January 20, 1853; Clarissa Baker, August 28, 1861. Mr. Rodgers served as Trustee in this township in 1864. His son, James H., enlisted in the 132d Ohio, and served in defense of the Union in the siege of Petersburg and Richmond, Virginia, in 1864; was wounded in the knee on the 18th of June, and discharged the same year on account of disability. John S., another son, enlisted on March 28, 1862, in Company F, 38th Ohio, and served in all the battles under Sherman; was wounded in the stomach at Marietta, Georgia, on the 16th of June and died on the 18th of June, 1864. Mr. Rodgers' business is farming. Address, Paulding, Paulding county, Ohio.

ROGERS, George Henry -was born in Virginia, Southampton county, March 13, 1824. His first marriage was July 3, 1856, in DeKalb county, Indiana, to Julia A., daughter of Samuel and Christina Loomis. The children by this union are: Arvia Almon, born April 29, 1857; George A., March 6, 1859; Minnie L., July 9, 1861. Mrs. Rogers was born in DeKalb county, Indiana, in 1835. Mr. Roger’s second wife is Celia A. Beal, who was born in North Carolina, October 25, 1835. Her first husband was Andrew B. Hagan, to whom she was married October 30, 1851. His birth occurred January 16, 1831. The children by this marriage are: Patrick, born April 17, 1853, died September 13, 1855; Mary Catherine, February 23, 1855, died November 8, 1875; Bianca Edora, March 5, 1857; William Henry, January 28, 1859; Annetta Jane, March 7, 1861; Robert Andrew, March 28, 1863. Mr. Hagan died in Hillsboro, Tennessee, of typhoid fever. Her marriage to Mr. Rogers took place in Carryall township, October 17, 1866, and their children are: Leslie Wayne, born January 27, 1867; Suvilla A., born November 27, 1868; John Henry, June 1, 1870; Anna Orintha, August 9, 1872; Thomas Adrian, November 26, 1875; Maggie Penina, January 27, 1877. Mr. Rogers was a member of Company C, 68th Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry; served two years and eight months; was in the battles of Chattanooga, Kenesaw Mountain, Kingston, and several others. His brother, Uriah W., served three years in the 100th Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry, Company I, and his brother, Robert G., served the same period in an Indiana regiment. Mrs. Rogers had three brothers in the army: Benjamin B., Robert L., and William Henry Beal. The first was killed at the battle of Franklin; the second died of vaccination, and the last named served four years in the 68th Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry, returning home all sound. Mr. Rogers is a farmer and stock raiser of Carryall township, settling here in 1852 with his parents, Robert A. and Lucy G. (Whitfield) Rogers. The parents of Mrs. Rogers are Henry and Lucy Whittaker (Traves) Beal, settlers of this county in 1855. Address Mr. Rogers at Antwerp, Paulding county, Ohio.

ROGERS, Uriah Wridgway - was born in Columbiana county, Ohio, July 17, 1840; and with his parents, Robert A. and Lucy G. (Whitfield) Rogers, settled in Paulding county in 1852. He married Dency Fidelia Munger in this county, March 26, 1869, her birth place being in Holmes county, June 30, 1849, and their family consists of: Cloey Lodema, born October 17, 1879; Zetta Melissa, April 1, 1873; Arthur Devine, September 9, 1876. John Devine and Sophia (Purdy) Munger were settlers of this county in 1852, and the parents of Mrs. Rogers. Mr. Rogers has served as Constable one year. He enlisted in Company I, 100th Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry, August 5, 1862; was in the battles of Rocky Face, Resaca, Atlanta, Knoxville, Columbia, Franklin, Nashville, Wilmington, Rolla, and all in which the regiment was engaged; was never absent from his regiment twenty-fours, unless on duty, and did not miss a day’s duty while in the service. His brother, George, was in the 68th Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry, and Robert in the 130th Regiment Indiana Volunteer Infantry, both three years’ service, and wounded and honorable discharged. Mrs. Rogers’ brother, Andrew J. Munger, was in the same regiment with her husband, serving all through the war after enlisting; was wounded at Burnt Hickory. Uriah W. was discharged June 20, 1865, as Sergeant. He is a farmer, Address, Antwerp, Paulding county, Ohio.

ROGERS, William Lane - son of Robert A. and Lucy G. (Whitfield) Rogers, who were settlers in the county in 1858, was born in Virginia, February 26, 1827. He was a farmer in Carryall township, and was married April 26, 1861, at Antwerp, to Lydia Ann Waltenberger, whose native home was in Summit county, Ohio, where she was born April 13, 1840. Their two children are: Roselia Viola, born May 29, 1863; Opal Hasting, January 12, 1868. George and Hannah (Kemmerrer) Walterberger are the parents of Mrs. Rogers. William Lane Rogers has been Assessor of Carryall township two years. Address, Antwerp, Paulding county, Ohio.

ROSS, Thomas Cooper - settler of Jackson township in 1872, was born in Jefferson county, February 10, 1830, and married to Nancy Willison in Union county, June 20, 1861. Her birth occurred in Harrison county on Christmas Day, 1838. Her children are: Amos W., born June 11, 1862; Rhoda Annabel, February 16, 1864; Hugh M., July 26, 1866; Alice, December 26, 1867; Charles T. C., August 19, 1871; Howard Dillon, September 26, 1876. Mr. Ross’ parents are William and Alice (Cooper) Ross; his wife’s are Amos and Ann (McMillan) Willison. Thomas enlisted in 1863, in the 31st Ohio; was in the battles of Missionary Ridge, Resaca, and Buzzard’s Roost; was wounded at Resaca; was discharged in 1865. He had two brothers in the service. Edward B. was in the Whitehorse Cavalry, and also in the 87th Illinois; he received a serious wound. Mr. Ross is a farmer, and should be addressed at Paulding, Paulding county, Ohio.

RUSSELL, Mary E. - was born in Madison county, New York, December 5, 1830, where she was married May 10, 1855, to James M. Russell, born in Trumbull county, Ohio, June 19, 1821. Mrs. Russell moved to Paulding county in 1854. Mr. Russell died September 16, 1879. Their children are: Jennie, born August 26, 1856; Alfred J., August 24, 1861, died June 22, 1877; Homer G., February 17, 1869. Mrs. Russell is the daughter of Adijah and Mary (Minor) Gleason. Mr. Russell was a son of James W. and Jean Ann (Wolfcale) Russell. Mr. Russell held many offices of trust in the township, and was Treasurer and Clerk of the county. He was in the Mexican war, enlisted in the 16th Regiment United States Infantry, in the State of Illinois, under command of Captain Owen and Colonel Tibbetts; he came to Paulding county in 1849. Miss Jennie Russell is a teacher by profession, having attended the normal schools at Fostoria and Ada. Mrs. Russell conducts the business of her farm. Address, Oakwood, Paulding county, Ohio.

RUSSELL, Rufus - and Jane Charlton, were united in marriage in Allen county, March 6, 1861. He is a native of Cattaraugus county, New York, born March 9, 1827; and she of Fairfield county, born July 9, 1834. Their parents are Ebenezer and Phoebe (Freeman) Russell, settlers in this county in 1859, and John and Elizabeth (Camp) Charlton. They have nine children, all are living but one: John Charlton, born June 17, 1852; Rufus, August 27, 1855; Edward, April 19, 1858; William, December 14, 1860, died October 6, 1875; Martin, July 15, 1863; Honorah, May 9, 1867; Elizabeth, March 21, 1870; Huron, December 16, 1872; Estella, October 6, 1875. Rufus and Edward reside in Texas; the remaining children in Jackson township. Rufus has filled the responsible positions of Township Treasurer, Trustee, and Infirmary Director. When he came here there was no road in his locality, and no house between his cabin and Paulding; he now has a fine farm in a flourishing condition. His brother Edward was in the 47th Ohio; enlisted in 1864; was honorably discharged. Mr. Russell’s address is Paulding, Paulding county, Ohio.

RYEL, John A. - was an early settler of this township, coming in 1855; it was twelve years before he had a neighbor within two miles of him; he helped build the first road in his neighborhood, and by his influence has several other built. He was born in Lewis county, New York, November 24, 1819, and married in Portage county, Ohio, July 20, 1845, to Catherine M. Yonker, who was born in Columbiana county, Ohio, August 2, 28, 1829. They are the parents of twelve children as follows: Chester E., born November 17, 1846, died May 20, 1848; Charles F., January 31, 1849; Sarah A., May 18, 1851, died December 10, 1862; Jerome V., April 11, 1853, died December 14, 1862; Rosetta J., August 26, 1854, died September 19, 1855; Mary H., May 5, 1857, died December 31, 1862; William F., February 28, 1860, died September 14, 1862; Julia A., April 4, 1862, still born; Maria E., May 18, 1863, died February 24, 1864; Walton M., July 11, 1864; Warmer D., April 16, 1866; Willie W. April 6, 1869. John B. and Clady (Waite) Ryel, are Mr. Ryel’s parents; they died in Lorain county in 1873 and 1872 respectively. His wife’s parents were Aaron D. and Maria (Lutz) Yonker; the former died February 6, 1870, aged seventy-six; the latter October 29, 1859, aged sixty-three. Mr. Ryel has been Supervisor, School Director and Special Road Agent in Harrison township. His father was in the war of 1812, and his paternal grandfather served as an aide to General Washington in the Revolutionary war; he received a wound. Business, farming. Address, Antwerp, Paulding county, Ohio.


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