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Biographies were taken from The History of Northwestern Ohio & History of Paulding County (H H Hardesty & Company Chicago IL/Toledo OH 1882)
Compiled and Transcribed by Janet Kwasniak and Mike Sandridge

SCANLON, Franklin - Franklin Scanlon settled in this county in 1852. He was born in Dublin, Ireland, January 1, 1821, and married in that city in April, 1843, to Margaret Davis, who was born in Sligo, Ireland, April 15, 1829. Their children are: James L., born June 12, 1850, resides in Larue, Ohio; Mary E., November 17, 1855, resides in Cincinnati, Ohio; Kittie U., March 5, 1857, resides in Larue, Ohio; Franklin B., August 13, 1859; Maggie E., November 13, 1862, resides in Fort Wayne, Indiana; Carrie E., January 18, 1865; John H., February 24, 1869; his son, James, served in the late war. His daughter, Kittie U., is at present teaching school in Benton township, Paulding county. Mr. Scanlon is a mechanic and resides in Montgomery, Marion county, Ohio. Address, Larue, Ohio.

SCHAADT, Nicholas - was born in Marie Sancho county, Murmor, France, January 20, 1844, and settled in Paulding county, October 24, 1868. His wife, Magdalena, was also a native of France, born in Bertleming county of Sarburg, February 14, 1845, the they were married, June 16, 1865, in Domaver, Blamo county, France. Their family are: Elizabeth, born in France, August 16, 1866; Mary Clementine, December 13, 1868;Constantine Margaret Sellestin, May 14, 1870; Jacob, May 26, 1872; Anthony, March 12, 1875, died September 6, 1880; Nicholas, July 24, 1877; all but the first were born in Paulding county. Mr. Schaadt’s father, Jacob Schaadt, was born in France, February 2, 1810, and lives with his son, Nicholas. His mother, Barbary (Ebenar) Schaadt, was born in France, March 10, 1808, and died December 30, 1874, in Paulding county. They were married August 16, 1842, and migrated from France to Hancock county, Ohio, December 15, 1866. Three children were the result of their union: Barbary Constantine, born May 14, 1846, died June 18, 1861, in Germany; Elizabeth, born September 17, 1848, in France and Nicholas. Mr. Schaadt is a farmer in Emerald township; owns eighty acres of land; forty-two acres are under cultivation. Address, Reid’s, Paulding county, Ohio.

SCHLEGEL, Anthony - came to this county with his parents in 1860. His father leased land for five years; soon his health failed and the work of the farm devolved upon his sons, and was well accomplished. The roads were in a very bad condition, and much inconvenience was experienced in getting about. At the expiration of the lease they bought land upon which the subject of this history still lives. He was born in Baden, Germany, July 26, 1848. His father, Columbus, landed in this country in 1854, was born in Baden, Germany, August 24, 1812, his mother, Mary Anne (Mustard) Schlegel, was a native of the same place, born September 9, 1811. The children of this aged couple are: Florid, born October 16, 1844; Conrad, June 9, 1847; Anthony, July 26, 1848; Lewis, September 24, 1850; they all were born in Baden. George in 1851, and Joseph, May 19, 1852. Anthony was a member of Company B, 182d Ohio, enlisted September 16, 1864, discharged July 12, 1865; Florid was also in the army, Company K, 107th Ohio. Anthony is a farmer and stockman. Address, Junction, Paulding county, Ohio.

SCOBY, Joshua - is a son of William and Mary (Schoonover) Scoby, born in Franklin county, Ohio, April 17, 1818, and located in this county in 1859. His wife, Sarah Ann Banks, is a native of New Jersey, born April 18, 1819, their marriage taking place in Paulding county, August 1, 1860. One child is the result of this union, Edwin G., born April 9, 1862. William and Esther (Carroboom) Banks, parents of Mrs. S., settled in the county in 1837. Mr. Scoby was a soldier in the war of 1861; enlisted in Company I, 100th Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry, August 12, 1862, and served eight months; was sick four months of that time, and has never recovered from the disease contracted from the exposure and hardships incident to a soldier’s life. His son William, was a member of the 14th Regiment Ohio Veteran Volunteer Infantry; served in first call for three months, and re-enlisted in 1863 in the same regiment, and served to the close of the war; was with Sherman on his march to the sea, participating in all the battles of the regiments while with it; had his pocket comb and looking glass broken in his pocket by a bullet, but received no wound himself. Mr. Scoby’s first marriage took place in Hancock county, December, 1840, to Mary Mullen, daughter of Benjamin Mullen. The children of this union were William A., born in 1844; Andrew J., 1850, Hiram H., 1852; Mary Elizabeth, 1854. Mrs. Scoby’s first husband was A. P. Seely, to whom she was married August 18, 1836. Their children were: Esther, Charlotte, Lucinda, William B., and Sophia, who were twins; George, Cassander A., and A. P.; the two last were also twins. Mrs. Scoby’s father was one of the early settlers of the township. Address, Antwerp, Paulding County, Ohio.

SCRIBNER, Joseph L. - is a resident of Emerald township; settled in this county in June, 1880. He was born on August 30, 1836, in Upper Canada, near London on the Thames river; was married in Hardin county, Ohio, on July 14, 1859, to Margret Mairs, who was born in November, 1844, in Logan county, Ohio. Their children are: James Perry, who was born April, 10, 1861, in McComb county, Michigan; Mary Minerva, was born on December 10, 1864 and died September 14, 1873; David Edgar, born April 6, 1867, died September 28, 1872; Charles Otis, November 9, 1873, in Hardin county, Ohio; Maggie Laurette, February 28, 1876, born in Allen county, Indiana. Joseph’s parents are Nathan and Mary M. (Summer) Scribner, and the names of his wife’s parents are David and Rachel (Hill) Mairs. Mr. Scribner conducts the business of farming, and is also a locomotive engineer. His postoffice address is Emmett, Paulding county, Ohio.

SHADE, Abraham - born in Cumberland county, Pennsylvania, September 1, 1820, was an early settler of Paulding county, having located here in 1856, when the county was nearly all a wilderness. His first wife, Annis, was a daughter of Samuel and Catherine Reid, both of whom died in Ohio. The children of this wife are: Samuel, born November 25, 1844; Sarah J., June 14, 1847; Almira P., December 8, 1852; Catherine, November 7, 1854; David, August 27, 1856; Christopher, deceased. Mr. Shade’s second wife is Mary J. Tuller, who was born in New York, December 13, 1836. One child has been born to them, Mary Armina, born July 17, 1875. Mr. Shade’s parents both died in Indiana; their names were Christopher and Sarah (Shadow) Shade. Mrs. Shade’s parents were Amasa and Ruth (Knight) Tuller; her father died in New York and her mother in Pennsylvania. One of Mr. Shade’s sons was in the war of 1861, a member of the 68th Ohio. Abraham is a farmer, having seven acres of land in splendid condition. His address is Charloe, Paulding county, Ohio.

SHAFER, Servatus - settled in this county in 1873. He was born in York county, Pennsylvania, May 13, 1836; his parents were Frederick and Mary (Bitner) Shafer; the mother dying in Montgomery county, Illinois April 8, 1874. February 14, 1861, in Jay county, Indiana, he was united in marriage to Mary A. Brooks, who was born in that county April 19, 1840. Their children are: Martha J., born February 28, 1862; Nancy C., March 23, 1863, died July 13, 1864; an infant son, born and died October 23, 1867; Sarah A., January 10, 1871; Thomas H., May 30, 1873, died August 28, 1873. Mrs. Shafer’s brother, Aaron Brooks, was a soldier of the war of the Rebellion, losing a leg at Fort Donaldson, which caused his death. Her parents were John, died in 1844, aged fifty-three years, and Mary (Campbell) Brooks, died January 3, 1871, aged seventy-nine years. Mr. Shafer is a resident of Harrison township, where he is engaged in farming and stock raising. Address, Payne, Paulding county, Ohio.

SHELLEY, Francis - and Lucinda Myton were united in marriage in Allen county, Indiana, May 10, 1857. He was born in Richland county, Ohio, February 7, 1837; her birth took place in Crawford county, Ohio, June 15, 1841. Their family are: Mary J., born April 26, 1860; Joseph F., December 28, 1865; Clarissa A., August 30, 1869; Emily A., January 29, 1872. His parents were settlers in this county in 1840; their names were Francis Shelley, died August 6, 1866, and Mary J. (Shanbarg) Shelley, who is still living in the township, aged ninety-two years. His wife’s father, Robert Myton, died March 9, 1880, and her mother, Rhoda (Homan) Myton, April 26, 1873. Mr. Shelley was Supervisor for one year. He was in the war of 1861, in the 68th Ohio; served three years, being discharged in 1864, at Savannah, Georgia. His brother Henry was in the 100 days’ service. Mr. And Mrs. Shelley are members of the United Brethren, and active workers in the Sunday School. He is a farmer and stock raiser. Address, Payne, Paulding county, Ohio.

SHINABERY, George - {His} parents were John and Ruth (Yoakam) Shinabery, who are both deceased. He was born in Knox county Ohio, March 25, 1819.His marriage took place in Allen county, Ohio May 17, 1838, his choice being Caroline, daughter of Benjamin and Margaret (Vanhorn) Meek, who both died in Allen county. The family consists of thirteen, namely: Anna R, born March 8, 1839, resides in Kansas; John N, born March 14, 1841, died January 26, 1881; Margaret J, October 2, 1842, died December 24, 1864; Benjamin, born January 12, 1844, resides in Latty township; William, September 1845, died same day; Mathew, September 1, 1846, resides in Kansas; and Michael, June 3, 1848, resides in this township, Druzilla C, April 2, 1850, died August 23, 1854; George W, June 16, 1852, resides at home; Robert N, April 8, 1854, at home; Isaac, January 29, 1858; Samuel, January 13, 1858; Nancy Catherine, May 29, 1860; the latter reside in the Latty township. Three of the family served in the army, John N, Benjamin, and Mathew; Benjamin was wounded in the line of battle, near Atlanta, in the right thigh, for which he draws a small pension. Mr Shinabery has been Justice of the Peace for nine years; also clerk of Latty township for six years; he is at present Notary Public, having held that office for the last five years. When he came to this county, things looked hard, there being no home in the township into which he could move. He took shelter with a family of hunters for three days until he could finish building his house, the floor being made of bark. He commenced to clear his farm on the 7th of May and by the middle of June he had four acres of corn planted. He owns 369 acres in his farm. His wife has been a member of the Methodist Episcopal church for 48 years and he for 46 years. His post office address is Gilbert's Hill Paulding county Ohio.

SHIRLEY, David C. - was born in this township in 1840, his parents settling here in 1835. They were Robert and Sarah (Hudson) Shirley; his mother died in November, 1857. David C. was married at Findlay, Ohio, March 11, 1866, to Rachel R. Strother, who was born in Hancock county, Ohio, October 1, 1843. Their children are Franklin S., born December 14, 1866; Eddie C., October 4, 1870, died May 9, 1873; Ada J., January 21, 1872, died July 19, 1874; Millard J., March 5, 1874, died December 18, 1878; Joseph R., April 9, 1881. Mrs. Shirley’s parents were John J. and Margaret (Moody) Strother, the mother dying in Hancock county, Ohio, and the father in Paulding. Mr. Shirley was in the war of the Rebellion, being in no less than three regiments-the 88th, 132d and 192d Regiments of Ohio Volunteer Infantry. He was discharged in 1865 at Winchester, Virginia. His brother, Ben, was in the 68th Ohio, and died in Fort Defiance in September, 1862, on his way home. Mr. Shirley’s wife had three brothers in the army - Thomas, Joseph and William Strother. They all returned home. Mr. Shirley is engaged in farming. Address, Charloe, Paulding county, Ohio.

SHIRLEY, Joseph H. - was among the defenders of the Union in 1861. Three of his brothers also did service in the same war. Their names were, Elias W., who served in the 138th Ohio, David C., in the same regiment, and B. F., in the 168th Ohio, who died in Defiance, on his way home on furlough. Mr. Shirley’s first wife was Mary E., daughter of Lewis and Osee Ward. Her children are: Clarance M., born August 22, 1859; Homer, March 16, 1861; Stephen W., June 24, 1863. His first wife was born in Northumberland county, Pennsylvania. His present wife is Melinda, daughter of Henry and Susan C. (Osmond) Nash, who was born in Zanesville, Ohio, November 10, 1848. They have two children, Alice R., born July 23, 1870, and Warren C., March 19,1 879. Mr. Shirley was born in Defiance county, Ohio, April 20, 1832, and settled in this county in 1834. His parents are Robert and Sarah (Hudson) Shirley; the latter died in 1861. He has been Postmaster for twenty years, and is at present a Notary Public. Address, Royal Oak, Paulding county, Ohio.

SHISLER, Caleb - settled in this county in 1868, and he is justified in saying that Paulding county is a healty locality, as he has never had an occasion for the services of a doctor during his residence here. He was born in Fairfield county, August 5, 1836, and married in this county May 9, 1861, his choice being Elizabeth J. Kretzinger, who was born in Wayne county, Ohio, March 17, 1841. Their children comprise Arthur H., born March 7, 1863; Grafton, November 12, 1865; Anzalletta, June 2, 1868; Homer, November 28, 1872; Della, January 31, 1878. Mr. Shisler’s father, Samuel, was born in Orange county, Virginia, August 17, 1793; he was a teamster in the war of 1812. General Zachariah Taylor was born in the same locality. Samuel died in 1869 on his son’s farm. Mary (Bolinger) Shisler, Caleb’s mother, was born in Maryland, May 6, 1794; her death took place in Brown township. Mr. Shisler’s father, John Kretzinger, was born in York county Pennsylvania, July 8, 1810; he laid out the Kretzinger Cemetery; Daniel May’s wife was the first person buried there. Jane Ann (Burtnett) Kretzinger was Mrs. Shisler’s mother; she was born in Cumberland county, Pennsylvania, July 6, 1814, and died in Brown township in 1874. Mrs. Shisler’s parents came to this county in October, 1846. Caleb enlisted in the 192d Ohio, February 10, 1865; he was a member of Company E, Captain Harpster commanding; he was discharged at Winchester, Virginia. Henry Kretzinger, a brother of Mrs. Shisler, was a member of the 100th Ohio. Caleb is a farmer and carpenter. He has one hundred and forty-five acres in his farm. Address, Oakwood, Paulding county, Ohio.

SHONK, John S. - was born in Holmes county, Ohio, August 4, 1859; came to this county in 1872, where he has since resided, and is engaged in the manufacture of cigars, of which he keeps a large and good stock. Mr. Shonk was never married. His brothers and sisters are: Daniel M.., born March 4, 1867, died November 12, 1868; Ada Josephine, November 14, 1861; Harmon H., October 9, 1863; Laura B., August 3, 1865; William F. and Allen G. Mr. Shonk’s parents are Josian Shone and Pauline (Swartzfager) Shonk. Mr. Shonk’s address is Paulding, Paulding county, Ohio.

SHRIVER, Samuel - a son of Elias and Jane (Siles) Shriver, was born in Stark county, Ohio, October 14, 1828. He is a merchant and farmer in Brown township; settled in this county in 1849. Both of his parents died in Stark county. He married Clara Ward in this county, January 24, 1857. She was born in Pennsylvania. They have six children, named Ida, Virgil, George W., Bertha, Osee, and Horace G. Mrs. Shriver’s parents were Lewis and Osee (Osmond) Ward, both of whom died in this county. Mr. Shriver has held the offices of Trustee and Constable. He served during the war of 1861, in the 182d Ohio, and was discharged at the close of the war. Postoffice address, Royal Oak, Paulding county, Ohio.

SHUGARS, Henry - was born in Berks county, Pennsylvania, March 14, 1814. His wife, Elizabeth (Howmon) Shugars, was born in Stark county, Ohio, April 28, 1818. They were married in Wayne county, Ohio, in September 1835, and have the following children: Barbara, born October 17, 1839; William, November 11, 1842, died June, 1865; Mary C., April 23, 1845; Franklin, August 3, 1849; Henry J., February 15, 1852. Mrs. Shugars died March 28, 1866. Mr. Shugars’ son, William, served in the late war, and died of the measles at Washington, D. C. where he is buried. Mr. Shugars parents are Michael Shugars and Barbara (Gruber) Shugars, both of whom died in Wayne county, Ohio. Mrs. Shugars’ parents were Frederick and Elizabeth (Rishler) Howmon, both of whom died in Wayne county, Ohio. Mr. Shugars is engaged in farming, and his address is McGill, Paulding county, Ohio.

SIMMERS, Barney - served during the late war in Company E, 53d Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry; he was in the following engagements: Pittsburg Landing, Corinth, Germantown, Iuka, Lagrange, Tennessee; thence to Memphis where the regiment entrenched; from there to Vicksburg, where an engagement took place, and thee the regiment was furloughed, returning to Vicksburg; thence to Memphis by boat; was engaged at Holly Springs, Mission Ridge, Tunnel Hill, Buzzards Roost, Peach Tree Creek, Big Shanty, Kenesaw Mountain, etc. Mr. Simmers was born in Franklin county, Pennsylvania, January 17, 1829, and married in Armstrong county, Pennsylvania, December 16, 1852, to Lydia Powel, who was born in Pennsylvania, January 11, 1834. Their children are: Charles H., born September 13, 1853, died December 5, 1858; Annie Elizabeth, August 13, 1855; John M., February 26, 1857; Daniel, March 17, 1859, died March 28, 1859; Lucy, June 10, 1860; infant son, born and died July 31, 1865; Amy Catherine, December 24, 1866, died same year; Lydia Amelia, January 11, 1868; Julie Ettie, May 13, 1869; William J. S., August 20, 1872; Florence May, May 31, 1877. Mr. Simmers’ parents were John and Laura (Rogers) Simmers. His wife’s parents were Mathias and Ann Eliza Powel. Mr. Simmers is a farmer, having settled in Carryall township in 1866. His postoffice address is Antwerp, Paulding county, Ohio.

SIMMONS, McCagia - and his wife Charlotte (Hayes) Simmons, were born free. He is a native of North Carolina, born August 8, 1839, and her birth took place in Logan county, Ohio, January 14, 1842. They were married in the same county, August 1, 1859, and their family of ten children, all living, are as follows: William D., born April 22, 1860; George H. B., January 27, 1862; Mary A., February 27, 1864; Joseph J., July 27, 1866; James A., August 27, 1868; John H., November 14, 1870; Narcissus, November 5, 1872; Amanda J., January 15, 1874; Margaret E. J., November 14, 1877; Watson M., February 28, 1880. Brinkley Simmons, born November 13, 1813, and Narcissus (Artis) Simmons, born October 12, 1820, are the parents of McCagia; the father is deceased; the mother is living in this township. The parents of Mrs. Simmons’ were William and Mary (Roberts) Hayes; her mother died in Logan county, Ohio, where her father still resides. McCagia’s only brother, Roland Green, was born December 20, 1837. Mr. Simmons fought against the rebels in the late war, a member of the 15th Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry. When he came to this county he first settled on Middle Creek and then moved where he is now living. He has forty acres of land, fourteen acres of wheat. His wife has for several years been a member of the Baptist Church. Address, Timberville, Paulding county, Ohio.

SIMPSON, Andrew V.- is engaged in farming and sawmilling in Crane township; has lived in the county since 1825, in which year he was born, August 22, in Chillicothe, Ross county, Ohio. On December 18, 1850, he was married by B. B. Woodcock, Esq., to Miss Henriette Eaton, who was born in New York, April 29, 1825, daughter of Nathan and Betsy Eaton, deceased. They were natives of Massachusetts, and came to the county in 1835. The children are: Hiram M., born November 29, 1851, resides at home; Eliza H., October 14, 1853, married and lives in the township; Arah Neal, January 12, 1856, resides at home; Mary E., December 31, 1857, resides in Brunersburg, Defiance county; Edathy F., November 20, 1859; Andrew N., February 24, 1867, died November 14, 1875. Mr. Simpson's parents, Andrew and Elizabeth (Williams) Simpson, were natives of Pennsylvania, and are both deceased. They were among the earliest settlers in the county; came to Maumee in 1825. His stepfather, Thomas P. Quick, was the first merchant in the county, and the Indians were yet quite numerous. Postoffice address, Cecil, Paulding county, Ohio.

SMITH, Andrew J. - and Caatherine Bogear are farmers in Carryall township, he having settled here in 1830, New York State being his native home, born March 3, 1816. Catherine was born in Shelby county, Ohio, March 16, 1840, and their marriage was in Allen county, Indiana, March 11, 1857, and nine children have followed this union, and all are living. Coe Mathias, born July 2, 1860; Andrew D., May 19, 1862; William H., September 22, 1864; Eliza Jane, September 8, 1866; Franklin T. S., September 5, 1868; John M., September 4, 1870; Dora A., October 22, 1873, died November 13, 1881; Harriet A., January 29, 1876; Newton C., February 15, 1880. Andrew J. is the son of Thomas and Jane Smith. Catherine’s parents are Mathias and Anne (Metzger) Bogear. Mr. Smith has held several public offices: Sheriff, Constable and Trustee. His first marriage took place in September 1848, with Nancy Swisher, born February 18, 1834, died April 20, 1855; her children were: Thomas Franklin, born April 26, 1851, died March 22, 1868; Henry L., November 12, 1852, died April 24, 1855; Andrew J., February 1, 1854, died April 24, 1855. When Mr. Smith settled here, Defiance county included Paulding, and settlers were compelled to go to Defiance to pay taxes. The country was in an entirely unsettled and uncivilized condition. Mr. Smith assisted in cutting the first road in the township; it was from the Defiance Line to the State Line. He has witnessed all the improvements of the county, as it was all forest except occasional open spots. Indians were plenty, though very peaceable, except when drunk they were somewhat troublesome. Game and wild beasts filled the forests. Address Antwerp, Paulding County, Ohio.

SMITH, Josiah B. - was born in Coshocton county,m Ohio, April 4, 1847, and married in Holmes county, August 27, 1871, to Ruilla, daughter of Charles and Mary (Shrimplin) Purdy, born in Holmes county, August 10, 1947, and the family consists of: Charlie W., born March 25, 1872; Sala Victorene, November 18, 1877. Mr. Smith’s parents are Joseph N. Smith, born June 16, 1816, and Clarisa R. (Sea) Smith. Mrs. Smith had two brothers, John and Alfred Purdy, in the 68th Regiment Ohio Veteran Volunteer Infantry, serving three years and three months. Mr. Smith is a farmer and raiser of stock. Address, Antwerp, Paulding county, Ohio.

SMITH, Manard - is a son of James P. and Phebe (Estas) Smith, his birth occurring in Jefferson county, New York, February 11, 1841. His parents settled in Paulding county in 1863, where his mother died. Manard settled in the county in 1870, and was married in Canada, September 26, 1876, to Mary E. Beal, born in Canada West, December 6, 1851. They have 2 children, Ira Jay, born July 8, 1877, and Ralph Gordan, July 21, 1879. Mrs. Smith's parents are George and Jane (Farthing) Beal; they are living in Canada West. Mr. Smith was Assessor in Crane township in 1879. He went to California in 1864, and remained until 1870, when he returned and settled on the farm where he still resides. His grandparents came from the German empire. His address is Antwerp, Paulding County, Ohio.

SNOOK, Byron - a resident of Antwerp, was born in Paulding county, July 10, 1839; is a son of Wilson H. and Anna (Murphy) Snook; was married June 28, 1873, in Antwerp, Ohio to Marinda Evins, born in Tuscarawas county, Ohio, May 16, 1841. Her parents are J. T. and Jennie (Nelson) Evins. The children of Byron and Marinda are: Stewart Angus, born December 13, 1874; Maud M., January 13, 1876; Frank, January 31, 1878; Ora V., March 25, 1881; all reside at home. Mr. Snook has held the office of Assessor and other minor offices. He was one of the pioneers of the county, where he has always lived, and is connected with one of the oldest families in it. He is one of the proprietors of the Antwerp Mills, and is a very successful business man. Post office address, Antwerp, Paulding county, Ohio.

SNOOK, William N. - was born in Warren county, Ohio, March 17, 1819; his parents being William C. and Lomita (Stout) Snook, who came to Defiance November 9, 1826. William’s first marriage took place on October 1, 1840, his wife being Martha, daughter of Samuel and Sarah Ann (Hankings) Banks. Her children are: Peter, born October 13, 1841; Lomita, August 29, 1844; Joseph T., November 9, 1847; William N., jr., March 6, 1852; John S., December 18, 1862. His second wife is Hester Parker, who was born in Licking county, Ohio, February 4, 1820. Her parents are James and Mary Parker. This marriage took place May 4, 1881. Mr. Snook was Colonel in an Ohio regiment; his sons, Peter and Joseph, were in the 132d Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry, in the one hundred day service. He had also two brothers in the war, Colonel John Snook, who was killed at the battle of Chapin’s Hill, May 16, 1863, while commanding his regiment; his other brother, Peter, was in Price’s command in the Confederate army, being wounded five times, dying in Mexico. Mr. Snook has been Township Treasurer for thirty years; is at present Corporation Treasurer; he has been Commissioner, Infirmary Director and Justice of the Peace. He is one of the most extensive farmers in this county; he is cultivating 400 acres of land; in 1879 he raised 3,424 bushels of wheat; in 1880, 2784 bushels; in 1881 he has 200 acres in wheat, besides other crops. His address is Antwerp, Paulding county, Ohio.

SNOOK, WIlson H. - whose father was one of the first settlers of this township, erected the first frame barn in the neighborhood; on the old homestead there are some apple trees the seed of which were bought from the famous follower of Swedenborg, or as commonly called, Johnnie Appleseed. Mr. Snook was born in Carryall township in 1850. His wife was also born in this township November 18, 1854. Their marriage took place in Antwerp on the 11th of April, 1887. They have two children: Homer C., born March 25, 1878; Lee, July 10, 1860. Mr. Snook was Clerk of Carryall township for three years. Two of his brothers were in the late war; John S. entered the service when but fifteen years of age, and served until the close of the war, in Com. G, 14th Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry. William R. served three years in the 68th Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry under Colonel John S. Snook, his uncle. Another of his uncles was in the Confederate service. Mr. Snook is a practioner of law at Antwerp, and is also engaged in the real estate business and an insurance agent, representing some of the best companies. Mr. Snook’s parents are Wilson H. and Anna S. (Murphy) Snook. His mother came to this county in 1827, and his father in 1826. His wife’s parents are Zachariah A. and Adeline (Foxtater) Graves. Mr. Snook’s address is Antwerp, Paulding county, Ohio.

SNYDER, Isaac - is engaged in farming and stock raising in Benton Township, Paulding County, Ohio. He has held several offices in the township: Trustee three terms, Treasurer two terms, Pathmaster for three years. Mr. Snyder was born in Rockingham County, Virginia, January 29, 1819, and settled in this county in 1854. His wife, Emily (Dannels) Snyder, was born in Marion County, Ohio, January 29, 1839. He was married in Paulding County, April 30, 1857, and has the following children: Anna, born December 1, 1857; Valentine, July 8, 1859, died February 20, 1862; Noah F., July 19, 1860; Joseph, February 14, 1863; George, February 18, 1865, died September 15, 1866; Emily, May 3, 1867; Elizabeth, March 27, 1869; Rosa, November 10, 1871. Mr. Snyder’s brother was in the late war, got his discharge and returned home. Mr. Snyder’s parents are Valentine Snyder, born December 21, 1793, died September 17, 1880, and Catherine (Martz) Snyder, born April 21, 1795, died December 4, 1838. Mrs. Snyder’s parents were Elisha Dannels, died 1853, and Ann M. (Scott) Dannels, died 1875. Mr. Snyder’s first wife was Eliza (Body) Snyder; she died July 18, 1856. He had the following children by his first wife, Lydia, born June 20, 1841; Catherine, September 10, 1842; John, March 3, 1844; Eliza, May 2, 1845; Rebecca, December 13, 1847, died May 12, 1864; Isaac, January 22, 1850; Sarah, January 7, 1852; Lewis, March 19, 1856. Address, McGill, Paulding County, Ohio.

SNYDER, Peter P. - is a resident of Carryall township, is a farmer, carpenter and stock raiser. His birth occurred in France, June 24, 1830, and came with his parents to New York in 1853, settling in this county in 1872. His father, Joseph Snyder, was born in 1778, died in 1850; his mother, Margaret (Smiley) Snyder, was born in 1786, died in 1858. His wife, Delia, was born September 24, 1833, and is a daughter of Joseph H. and Arelda (Calkin) Davis, natives of Vermont, and born in the years 1795 and 1796 respectively. Mr. And Mrs. Snyder’s children are nine, viz: George, born July 29, 1852, died February 8, 1858; Joseph E., April 24, 1855; Josephine J., July 5, 1857; Charles F., October 18, 1859; Monroe, January 14, 1864; Agnes C., March 20, 1866; Nellie A., March 19, 1868; Freddie T., December 11, 1870; Clinton L., December 11, 1875. Mr. And Mrs. Snyder were married in New York, June 10, 1851. Mr. Snyder migrated from Onondaga county, New York, to DeKalb county, Indiana, in 1864; thence to this county in 1872. Address, Antwerp, Paulding county, Ohio.

SOWERS, George W. - and his four brothers were in the War of the Rebellion. He served in the 9th Ohio Cavalry for three years, enlisting at Zanesville, Ohio; served eighteen months as ward master and steward in No. 3 General Eruptive Hospital at Louisville, Kentucky. Horatio served in the 31st for three years; Alvah J., and Richard were in the 32nd Ohio for four years; Thomas was in the 62nd Ohio for three years and all returned home at the end of the war. Richard was taken prisoner at Atlanta, and was in Andersonville forty-two days, then exchanged, and he died two years after the war from disease contracted in prison. The subject of this sketch was born in Muskingum County, Ohio, settled in this county in 1873, and was married to Martha J. Thrush, October 13, 1859, by whom he had the following children: Anna E., born September 18, 1861; Sarah F., May 3, 1863; Henrietta, born June 17, 1866, died August 7, 1868; Carrie M., June 9, 1869; Catherine, October 30, 1880. Mrs. Sowers was born in Morgan County, Ohio. Mr. Sowers parents are George Sowers, died August 13, 1859, and Catherine (Woun) Sowers. His wife’s parents are John W. Thrush, died May 3, 1857, and Henrietta (Brown) Thrush. Mr. Sowers has held several offices in the county, and is at present filling his 2nd term as County Commissioner. His is engaged in farming, and his address is Payne, Paulding County, Ohio.

STAFFORD, Coland J. - was born in Williams county, Ohio, January 14, 1847, and settled in Paulding county on March 15, 1875. He was married in Michigan, August 13, 1871, to Anna C. Conley, born in Seneca county, Ohio, April 24, 1856, and their children are: Edmond J., born December 24, 1874, and Ambrose E., born March 14, 1876; both reside at home. Mr. Stafford's father, Ethan Stafford, is deceased; his mother, Sally (Halsted) Stafford, is living in Michigan. Mrs. S. is a daughter of John and Julia (Hiter) Conley, both living in Michigan. Mr. Stafford was in the war of the Rebellion, joined the Michigan Sharpshooters; was taken prisoner and taken to Andersonville and kept six months; was paroled, and at the termination of the parole the war closed. He enlisted January, 1863, and was discharged July 1, 1865, at Washington. His brother, Charles Stafford, was with him in the service and discharged August 1st; he is living at Estella; his business is farming; address, Sumner, Michigan. Mr. Stafford's first wife, Ellen H. Conley, daughter of John Conley, died August 16, 1870; she was the mother of Ethan Stafford, born September 25, 1867; Robert H., born August 16, 1869. Father Ethan Stafford was in the Black Hawk war.

SUTTON, Jacob - claiming Randolph county, Indiana as his birth place and March 7, 1842 as the time. He has been twice married. His first wife was Isabella, daughter of Henry and Elizabeth Smith; and his children by this marriage are: Henry, born June 17, 1864; Joseph, September 30, 1866; Marnelvia, October 18, 1868; John, December 22, 1870; Nevada J., October 13, 1872. His second wife was Charlotte D. Hinkle. His present one is Elizabeth Ann Kinkade, who was born in Monroe county, Ohio, June 4, 1860, their marriage taking place in Latty township, August 31, 1879, and their son, Cornelius V., was born May 6, 1880. His wife’s parents are Arona and Elizabeth (Snyder) Kinkade; her father lives in Latty township, and her mother died in Monroe county, Ohio. Mr. Sutton’s parents are living in Randoldph county, Indiana, their names being Joseph H. and Martha (Johnson) Sutton. His grandfather was a soldier in the war of 1812; served in the Indian wars in the State of Ohio, and died August 10, 1881, in Randolph county, Indiana, at the advanced age of nearly ninety years. Mr. Sutton is at present Treasurer of Latty township, being elected in 1881. Both himself and wife are members of the Christian Church. His livelihood is gained by farming. Address, Gilbert’s Mills, Paulding county, Ohio.

SWITZER, Jacob - was born in Elk Run township, Columbiana county, Ohio, March 30, 1819. He came to Putnam county, April 24, 1841, residing in that county until 1849; he then moved to Brown township, Paulding county, remaining there until September, 1876, moving then to Paulding Center, where he built and owns the Caroline House, corner of Caroline and Williams streets. Mr. Switzer served as Justice of the Peace in Greensburg township, Putnam county, Ohio, and also in Brown township for four terms; served as Coroner of Paulding county two terms, and one term as Mayor of Paulding corporation. Mr. Switzer was married t Elsie Kirkendall, in Putnam county, Ohio, on the 22d day of January, 1846. His wife was born in Columbiana county, April 27, 1829. His family consists of: Benjamin J., born April 30, 1847; Sarah E., January 21, 1849; Josephus, September 10, 1851, died September 29, 1853; James A., December 21, 1853; Thomas E., December 8, 1856; Charles Francis, February 13, 1859; Philip S., May 14, 1868; Mary Ann, October 31, 1870. Mr. Switzer’s brother was Sergeant in Company F, 38th Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry, for three years; was in the battles of Millspring, Pittsburg Landing and Mission Ridge; was in Washington, District of Columbia, when Earley was there. Mr. Switzer’s son Benjamin was in Sherman’s march to the sea. Mr. Switzer’s father is John Switzer, and his mother is Elizabeth (Neesbaum) Switzer. His wife’s parents are Benjamin Kirkendall and Sarah (Slack) Kirkendall. Mr. Switzer’s postoffice address is Paulding, Paulding county, Ohio.

SWITZER, Thomas - is a clerk in Charloe, in this county, having resided here since his birth, which occurred at St. Andrews, December 8, 1856. Mr. Switzer’s parents are Jacob E. and Elsie (Kirkendall) Switzer, both living I Paulding county, Ohio. He was married at Fort Brown, September 5, 1880 to Arminta, daughter of Alexander and Sarah (Reid) Brown, whose birth took place in Liberty Center, Crawford county, Ohio, July 4, 1855. Mr. Switzer’s father and his brother Benjamin were in the late war, the former being a Sergeant in Company F, 38th Ohio; Benjamin was in the 132d Ohio. Address Mr. Switzer at Charloe, Paulding county, Ohio.

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