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Biographies were taken from The History of Northwestern Ohio & History of Paulding County (H H Hardesty & Company Chicago IL/Toledo OH 1882)
Compiled and Transcribed by Janet Kwasniak and Mike Sandridge

WADE, Francis Marion - was born in Knox county, Ohio, December 22, 1833, and settled in this county in 1867. His wife, Harriet (Van Skiver) Wade, was born in Defiance county, January 18, 1840, and married in the same county, February 16, 1867. Their children are: Charlie T., born October 27, 1867; Thomas, December 14, 1868, died 31st of same month; Paul, March 18, 1870, died August 11, 1870; Gertrude, September 26, 1872; Daniel March 28, 1875; Roy, March 28, 1875; Harriet Grace, March 30, 1878; Holland, December 30, 1881. The paternal grandparents are Thomas Wade, born in 1798, died in 1874, and Mary (Severns) Wade, who died in 1852. The maternal grandparents are Isaac B. and Nancy (Wells) Van Skiver. Mr. Wade had served as Township Treasurer, and is now filling the office of County Commissioner, having been elected in the Fall of 1878. His brother, Thomas Benton Wade, was a member of Company F, 54th Ohio; was a prisoner in the hands of the rebels for sixteen months; was in many hard fought battles. Mrs. Wade’s father served in company B, 68th Ohio; died at Fort Donelson; she also had three brothers in the army. Mr. Wade is a farmer, and can be addressed at Defiance, Defiance county, Ohio.

WATSON, James Norman - and his wife, Martha Ball, were both born in slavery in Alvamar county, Virginia, the former in October 1828, and Martha, December 21, 1833. They were married in the same county, May 30, 1850, and their children, twelve in number, are all living but one; they are: Sarah E., born February 15, 1850; Norman, December 19, 1851; John J., September 7, 1852; Emma J., May 30, 1856; Mary Alice, March 6, 1857, deceased; Anna M., May 12, 1859; Alexander, September 20, 1861; Julia M., October 25, 1863; William E., September 25, 1865; Cora Bell, May 19, 1868; Flora A., December 11, 1871; David D., May 27, 1874. Mr. Watson is the son of David and Patsy (Beverly) Watson, and his wife’s parents are William and Elizabeth (Clinton) Ball. James Norman belonged to one master during all his slave life-John Crank, and at his death he liberated all of his slaves. Martha Watson’s master was John Fauls; he migrated to Pike county Ohio; liberated all his slaves and then lived about among them until his death. Mr. Watson is a farmer. Address, Pleasant Point, Paulding county, Ohio.

WATSON, John J. - settled in Washington township in 1868; is a son of Norman and Martha J. (Ball) Watson. He subscribed for this history for the advancement of education and his own satisfaction.

WEBSTER, Ralph D. - editor and proprietor of the Paulding Democrat, is the son of J. H. and Mary (Tucker) Webster, born in Chautauqua county, New York, March 9, 1855, located in this county January 9, 1879. His maternal grandfather is a veteran soldier of the war of 1812, and engaged in the battle of Sackett’s Harbor; he now resides four miles from Fremont, Ohio. On July 17, 1875, he was married to Clara J. Snider, born in Ottawa county, Ohio, February 2, 1858, daughter of Philip R. and Octa (Webster) Snider. Their son, Harry L., was born March 7, 1877, and died December 29, 1879. Mr. Webster is editor of the only Democratic paper published in the county. Address, Paulding, Paulding county, Ohio.

WEIMER, Jacob - is a native of Perry county, Ohio, born March 1, 1843, and is the son of Adam and Elizabeth (Ramsey) Weimer. He is now serving his second term as Justice of the Peace. His wife, Louisa (Bailey) Weimer, was born in Hardin county, Ohio, October 30, 1846, and her mother, Sarah (Deaking) Bailey, resides with her. Her father, James Bailey, died in 1876. She was married in Paulding county, October 3, 1867. Eight children have been added to thir family to brighten and enliven their declining years: Ella M., born Octobe 24, 1868; George H., January 24, 1869; Edward and Mary E., twins, February 1, 1871; Alexander, June 17, 1873; Adam F., February 20, 1875, died March 8, 1876; Sarah E., March 7, 1876, died July 14, 1876; William and Nancy, twins, May 28, 1880. Mr. W. was in the war of 1861, enlisted in the 38th Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry, August 18, 1861; discharged September 19, 1864, at the expiration of his three years; re-enlisted in the 192d Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry, and was mustered out at the close of the war. He has a farm of eighty acres. His postoffice address is Royal Oak, Paulding county, Ohio.

WENTWORTH, Benjamin L. - was born on the 11th of February, 1825, in Foxcroft, Penobscot county, Maine. In 1835, at the age of ten years, he emigrated with his parents, Thomas and Rachel (Townsend) Wentworth, to the then far West, Ohio, and settled on the banks of the Maumee, in Defiance county, where tradition transmits the tale of barbarity by the dusky native. The sojourn here was not long, and in the Winter of 1839-’40 they removed to Harrison township, Paulding county, Ohio, being the first white settlers in the township, and the only ones in a territory embracing the whole Flat Rock country, extending from near the State line to the Auglaize river. At this time the country surrounding the many scenes of Mr. Wentworth’s early life was one unbroken wilderness, with none for neighbors save the red man, the howling wolf, and other wild inhabitants of the forest. On the 13th day of April, 1854, Mr. Wentworth was united in marriage with Miss Susannah Myers, of Defiance, Ohio, daughter of Benjamin and Elizabeth (Gruber) Myers, who was born in Chambersburgh, Pennsylvania, March 30, 1830. As a result of this union, there were born to them four children: Frank B., the present Superintendent of the Paulding schools; Eva Belle, Carrie Blanche, and Loe Myrtle. Mr. Wentworth has been Auditor of Paulding county three terms, and is at present the Probate Judge of the county, having been elected to that office in 1878, and re-elected at the last general election, in 1881. Much might be said that would be interesting, concerning the early life of Judge Wentworth, but space here will not permit. His postoffice address is Paulding, Paulding county, Ohio.

WHETSEL, Eli - is a son of Daniel and Jane (Townsend) Whetsel, and was born in Rockingham county, Virginia, December 25, 1814, and settled in this township in 1866. He was married in Champaign county, December 29, 1839, to Margaret A. Grimes, now deceased, who was a native of Hampshire county, Virginia, born May 16, 1816, and their family consisted of: George, born September 3, 1841, died in February, 1879; Amanda J., May 24, 1842, died in 1859; Charles G., May 25, 1844; Margaret A., March 15, 1846; Rebecca, May 3, 1848; James S., December 26, 1849. George enlisted in the 5th Massachusetts Cavalry (colored), and Charles G. in the 27th Ohio (colored); he was in the battles of Petersburg, South Side Railroad, Virginia; Fort Fisher, and Hatches Run; was discharged September 21, 1866. Mrs. Whetsel’s parents were James and Hannah Grimes. Mr. W. is a farmer and brick mason. Address, Paulding, Paulding county, Ohio.

WHETSTONE, Frank - settled in Blue Creek township in 1879; is a farmer, and the son of James and Huldah (Metz) Whetstone, and was born in Auglaize county, Ohio, on August 25, 1859. His wife, Nancy Hardin, daughter of Isaac and Esther (Ridley) Hardin, was born in the same county, September 28, 1860. Their marriage was also in Auglaize county, Ohio, on October 6, 1875, and they have two children: William Osborn, born Janaury 13, 1877; Charles C., December 22, 1879. Address, Pleasant Point, Paulding county, Ohio.

WIEGEL, Augustus F. - was married to Kate Eusteen in Sandusky City, Erie county, Ohio, June 2, 1873, in which county both were born, his birthday being May 27, 1850 and hers on September 15, 1857. They have three children: Cora M., born October 10, 1876; Gracie E., August 10. 1878; John H., October 7, 1880. Mr. Wiegel has been Constable of Harrison township six months; Clerk five years, and is at present Assessor. His parents were Barnhart and Martha A. (Mautz) Wiegel, the former dying in November, 1871. His wife’s father, William Eusteen, together with three other men, were drowned in Sandusky Bay in June, 1873, the steamer Jay Cooke cutting in two the small boat in which they were. Her mother, Mary E. (Drum) Eusteen died in 1859. Barney H. Wiegel, a brother of Augustus, was in the war of 1861, having enlisted in the 55th Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry, and was in several engagements. He was wounded at the second battle of Bull Run, which has caused him to become an invalid. He draws a pension of sixteen dollars per month. Mr. Wiegel is a farmer. Address, Payne, Paulding county, Ohio.

WILLISS, John A. - is a farmer in Auglaize township; settled in this county in 1880. He was born in Warren county, Ohio, July 25, 1881; is the son on Elijah C. and Rachel (Wilson) Williss; the former died January 17, 1851. He was married in Warren county, January 24, 1856 to Sarah A. Cross, born in Cincinnati, February 12, 1831, and daughter of John Cross, died June, 1860, and Sarah (Booth) Cross, died January, 1870. Their family consists of Emma J., born August 22, 1858; Charles E., January 3, 1861; Maria, February 23, 1863, died August 9, 1864; Marcshal C., September 17, 1865; Sarah V., May 7, 1869. Mr. Williss’ father was in the war of 1812; was at the battle of Bladensburg, where the British commander, General Ross, was shot. William W. Williss, brother of John A., was in the war of 1861. Address, Junction, Paulding county, Ohio.

WILTSIE, Samuel - was born in Otsego county, New York, January 23, 1827, his parents being George Wiltsie, who died May 17, 1838, and Asenath (Hutchins) Wiltsie, whose death took place August 1, 1861. Samuel was married May 16, 1850, to Mary A. Mumma, in Lancaster county, Pennsylvania, who was born in that county April 17, 1834. Their family comprise: Asenath, born March 26, 1851;, died March 15, 1852; Aldema, August 31, 1852, died August 10, 1866; Samuel H., March 16, 1855, resides in Paulding county; Emma, October 9, 1857, died March 30, 1877; Mollie, April 19, 1861, resides in Allen county, Indiana; Selina, November 24, 1864; Ella, March 30, 1867; Bertha, April 8, 1878; the last three are living at home. Mr. Wiltsie was in the hundred day service in the late war, a member of the 132d Ohio. He was also in the Mexican war one year and nine months in the 1st Regiment United States Voltigeurs, and participating in all the battles of the Valley of Mexico. His father, George Wiltsie, was a soldier of the war of 1812, and was wounded in the engagement under Perry on Lake Erie. His maternal grandfather, Samuel Hutchins, was a Captain in the Revolutionary war, serving from the commencement to the close. Mrs. Wiltsie’s parents were Peter, who died June, 1852, and Mary (Clare) Mumma, who died March 7, 1965. Mr. Wiltsie is a farmer. Address, Payne, Paulding county, Ohio.

WINFREY, John M. - is the minister of the Baptist Church, and his history is one of interest. His father, Leroy, was born a free man, but there was no record kept of the family births, and after his father’s (grandfather of the subject of this sketch) death, they were all sold into slavery, Leroy being sold four times. He was granted his liberty in 1852, and landed in Ohio on September 28th of that year. He is living in Latty township, at present, and very aged. John M. was married to Susannah Bass, daughter of Eliza Mitchell. His children by this marriage are: William, born February 16, 1855; Mary Ellen, April 20, 1846, died September, 1873; Asenath Delph, December 1, 1857, died January 7, 1874; Fanny Etta, September 3, 1859; Philena, May 8, 1861; Sally R., April 13, 1863; Effie Jane, August 17, 1866; John George, December 2, 1868. His wife died September 25, 1873. His second wife is Sarah T., daughter of Benjamin and Frances (Evans) Jones, whose birth occurred in Greene county, Ohio, January, 1830. Her mother died in Van Wert; her father died in Clinton county, Ohio. Mr. Winfrey was born in Albemarle county, Virginia, March 1, 1832, and settled in Paulding county in 1867. He was a member of the 4th Maryland Regiment, enlisting in 1865. He was at the battle in front of Petersburg, Siege of Richmond, was at Fort Fisher; and received his discharge at Newbern, North Carolina. He is now a farmer and minister, for which latter service he does not receive any remuneration. His wife is a member of his church. Address, Pleasant Point, Paulding county, Ohio.

WISWELL, Wilson Shannon - was born in Franklin county, Ohio, October 26, 1843, his parents being William P. and Lydia (Hand) Wiswell. The mother died in Paulding county, and the father in Missouri. His wife, Susie Lucretia Zedaker, was born in Paulding county, their marriage taking place there April 24, 1877. Their children are: Oliver Perry, born January 24, 1878; Dick, November 17, 1879. Mr. Wiswell was in the late war; enlisted in the 32nd Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry, July 12, 1861, re-enlisting in Vicksburg in 1864. He was in the following battles: Monterey, Cross Keys, surrender of Harper's Ferry, Fort Jackson, Bragg's Landing, Chanssary Hill, Mississippi; Jackson, Mississippi; Champion Hill, Mississippi; Black River, Mississippi; raising the siege of Vicksburg; storming of Vicksburg, May 22, 1863. At the latter place he received a furlough. On his return he was in all the engagements from the fall of Atlanta to the surrender of Joe Johnston, including Sherman's March to the Sea. He received his final discharge and returned home. By trade he is a plasterer and mason, with his postoffice address at Cecil, Paulding county, Ohio.

WOODCOCK, Bernard Brown, M.D. - was born in Pomfret, Chautauqua county, New York, Tuesday, June 10, 1810. He settled in this county in September, 1838. His first marriage was to Hannah J. Davis, daughter of John and Violetta (Curtis) Davis; she was born at Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, November 30, 1809, and died July 12, 1871; the children by this union were: Asenath W., born October 13, 1830; Rebecca Caroline, March 30, 1832; Mary Ann D., January 1, 1834; Sybel R., March 2, 1836; Sarah Elizabeth, October 28, 1838; Hannah Jane, February 18, 1841, died January 22, 1853; James Marion, April 13, 1843; Romina Samantha, January 16, 1845; Maria Louisa, March 12, 1848; Martha Adeline, April 29, 1850. Mrs. Woodcock's previous husband was David P. Murphy, by whom she had three children: Olive, born October 30, 1830; Thomas, February 1, 1832; Georgiana, March 2, 1835, died October, 1864. Mr. Murphy died in July, 1834. Mr. Woodcock's second wife, Nancy Runyan, was born in Butler township, Hamilton county, who came to this county in 1824; the date of their marriage was September 7, 1871, in the city of Defiance, by John Slough, Esq. Oliver Cromwell and Asenath (Williams) Woodcock were Bernard's parents. Mr. Woodcock has filled the following offices: Sheriff, Deputy Sheriff, Commissioner, Coroner, Justice of the Peace, Constable, Supervisor, township Clerk, Treasurer, Trustee, and School Director. His only son, James Marion, enlisted in Company G, 14th Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry, and was discharged for disability; enlisted again in Captain Shirley's Company A, 132d Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry; he was in all the engagements in which his regiment took part up to the siege of Corinth. Six of his sons-in-law were in the Rebellion, their names being George W. Bogart, in the 132d Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry; Joseph Malott and William H. Bruner in Company G, 14th Ohio Volunteer Infantry; Captain Snook, 68th Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry; Captain P. H. Mooney, 68th Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry; was in all the engagements in which the regiment took part, including Sherman's march to the sea, and the grand review at Washington; Merrit J. Tunnacliff, in an Iowa regiment; John W. Weeks, in the New York State Guiard; Robert Mathews, in an Indiana regiment; Peter Slough, in the 100th Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry. In the year 1851, the subject of this sketch had 144 small-pox patients, and there were fourteen cases in his present wife's family; he lost only two cases out of the whole lot. Mrs. Woodcock's second husband was Richard Banks, whom she married March 10, 1836; she has four children by this union: Martha Jane, born December 17, 1837; Martin Van Buren, August 13, 1840; an infant son; Mary Jane, April 27, 1843; they all died in infancy. Address Mr. Woodcock at Antwerp, Paulding county, Ohio.

WORTMAN, John - born on April 11, 1848, in Bristol, Morgan Conty, Ohio, is a son of Barnett V. Wortman, died February 6, 1881 and Rachel (Strong) Wortman, living in Morgan County. He was married in the same county, March 21, 1872 by Rev. H. Sealock, to Anna Phipps, born in Noble County, May 28, 1854. Their first child was Alta, born May 28, 1874; the next, an infant, born April 25, 1875, died same day; Fred P., August 22, 1876; Frank B., March 24, 1879. The prents of Mrs. Wortman are Samuel H. and Mary (Miller) Phipps, now residing in Morgan County. Her father is a lineal descendant of Sir William Phipps. Mr. Wortman was Decennial Land Assessor in 1880 of Emerald Township; also a teacher of the public schools for fifteen years; is an importer and breeder of thoroughbred merino sheep, combined with farming and teaching. Address, Reid's, Paulding County, Ohio.

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