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Partial List of Births
Paulding County - 1876


Name in Full Date of Birth Sex Name of Father Name of Mother Residence of Parents by Whom Reported Record Number
Year Month Day
Bibb, Leora May Alice Isabel 1876 Dec 2 F Charles E. Bibb Elizabeth Tate Washington Twp. Chas E. Bibb 380
Bigelow, Benjamin Lewis 1876 July 10 M Manson Bigelow Mariah Catharine Bousher Washington Twp. Manson Bigelow 373
Bigelow, Bertie 1876 Sept 16 F David Bigelow Jr. Lydia May Nichols Washington Twp. David Bigelow Jr. 368
Bowman, Hiley May 1876 Aug  11 F John Bowman Eliza Ann Garrison Washington Twp. John Bowman 374
Brown, Ellen 1876 Oct 28 F Henry Brown  Elizabeth Fox Washington Twp. Henry Brown 379
Butler, William Stelman 1876 Dec 5 M George W. Rutler Matilda Ann Leatherman Washington Twp. George Butler 353
Campbell, John Michael 1876 Nov 12 M Samuel Campbell Eliza Jane Hoosenyamer Washington Twp. Samuel Campbell 367
Dempsey, Olive Vienna 1876 May 29 F Elias A. Dempsey Sarah Hearns Washington Twp. 370
Dorman, Nancy May 1876 Sept 23 F James Dorman Fanny King Washington Twp. James Dorman 355
Grimes, Willes Hudson 1876 July 11 M Wm. H. Grimes Charlen Gillanx Washington Twp. Wm. H. Grimes 369
Groves, Thomas Henry 1876 Sept  10 M Thomas Groves Selina Catharine Winnet Washington Twp. Thomas Groves 362
Hipp, Julia Millie 1876 July 26 F John J. Hipp Millie Binbage Washington Twp. J.J. Hipp 371
Howard, John J. 1876 July 14 M Richard B. Howard Elizabeth James Washington Twp. Elizabeth Howard 386
Lacy, Jacob Ausker 1876 Apr 6 M M.A. Lacy Maria Middagh Washington Twp. M.A. Lacy 384
Laprico, Cora 1876 Oct 29 F Charles Laprico Nancy Rickman Washington Twp. Charles Laprico 383
Leatherman 1876 Aug 13 M Daniel Leatherman Mary Ann Alstater Washington Twp. Daniel Leatherman 356
Mackling, Clinton Ambrose 1876 Oct 3 M Geo. W. Mackling Elizabeth Ann Sisco Washington Twp. Geo. W. Mackling 359
Morland, Charles Eugene Gorfey Tonsey 1876 July 18 M Washington Tonsey  Julia Wilson Washington Twp. Washington Tonsey 378
Paterson, Jacob William 1876 April 17 M T.J. Patterson  Isabel Edwards Washington Twp. T. J. Patterson 354
Pease, Byron Delphos McClellan 1876 July 3 M Wm. Edgar Pease Elizabeth Lucas Washington Twp. Wm. E.  Pease 377
Pease, Silas Edward 1876 Oct 9 M Elwood Pease Charlotta Sanderson Washington Twp. Elwood Pease 376
Place, Amos Joseph 1876 April 10 M Charles Place Susannah Shivery Washington Twp. Charles Place 357
Plumb, Dilla Elanora 1876 Nov 11 F H. S. Plumb Sarah A. Hoosingarner Washington Twp.  Sarah A. Plumb 352
Sisco, Emma Minerva 1876 Oct 30 F Harvey Sisco Barbary Mackling " Harvey Sisco
Sisco, Elswood 1876 Aug 7 M George Sisco Mary A. Mackling " George Sisco

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Paulding County Birth Index

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