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Partial List of Births
Paulding County - 1877


Number Name in Full Date of Birth Place of Birth Sex Name of Father Name of Mother Residence of Parents Reported by Whom
Year Month Day City, Town, Township
91 No Name 1877 Sept 1 Blue Creek M James H. Blake May Matilda Bitler Blue Creek
101 No Name 1877 Nov 27 Blue Creek F Lewis Benfor Celattine Sriner Blue Creek
97 Abbott, Minie May 1877 June 7 Blue Creek F Banzell Abbott May E. Lamb Blue Creek
99 Bennett, May Ellen 1877 Sept 13 Blue Creek F James R. Bennett Mary E. Coppers Blue Creek
92 Binger, Lucinda Ada 1877 March 18 Blue Creek F Samuel G. Binger May Jane Reed Blue Creek
113 Clark, Frederick Zard 1877 May 5 M Joseph Clark Martha Goff Carryall Township
111 Cluts, Iona 1877 Jan 14 Carryall F Jacob Cluts Elisabeth Marsh Carryall Township
112 Conard, Clarance Everet 1877 Aug 29 Carryall M Henry Conard Levisa Ball Carryall Township
382 Curtis, Elizabeth Martha 1877 March 12 F John Curtis May Bell Boutnell Washington Twp John Curtis
123 Demmers, Florance May 1877 May 31 F C.B. Demmers Lydia A. Powell Carryall Township
115 Derric, Jarome Edwin 1877 May 25 M Peter Derric Eliza D. Carryall Township
109 Detre, Frederick 1877 Apr 15 Carryall M Daniel Detre Mary Herland Carryall Township
375 Dunnihoo, George 1877 June 19 M A.I. Donnihoo Julia Ann Glunt Washington Twp. A.I. Donnihoo
128 Franks, Cornelius Ellsworth 1877 Nov 24 M George Franks Sarah E. Manges
387 Grant, Etna Lillie 1877 March 28 M Alonzo Grant Sarah Louisa Garrison Washington Twp. Alonzo Grant
125 Harrington, Arthur Dean 1877 Nov 5 M Owen D. Harrington Clarissa E. Wallace Carryall Township
104 Harris, William 1877 Dec 4 Blue Creek F William Harris Mary Ann Ball Blue Creek
385 Hellard 1877 March 4 John Hellard Elizabeth Green Washington Twp. John Hellard
89 Howard, Franklin Allen 1877 Apr 9 Blue Creek M Gearkin Howard Barbara F. Ealy Blue Creek
121 Keesler, William Frederick 1877 Aug 23 M John Keesler May June Shafer Carryall Township
124 Layman, Richard 1877 July 2 M Eli Layman Margaret E. Murphy Carryall Township
372 Lucas, Melissa Jane 1877 March 19 F Isaac Lucas Anna F. Cattell Washington Twp. I. Lucas
98 Manual, Rutherford B. 1877 June 21 Blue Creek M James Manual Cynthia Coble Jackson Township
131 McGuire, John F. Adams 1877 Oct 20 M Wm. McGuire Bridget Carigan Carryall Township
122 Munger, Edward Wayne 1877 Nov 27 M Zenas Munger Florance S. Justice Carryall Township
381 Myers, Sophia Catharine 1877 March 25 F Daniel Myers Amelia A. Curtis Washington Twp. Daniel Myers
108 Oswalt, Jennie Elanor 1877 Sept 9 Carryall F Jacob Oswalt Celesta Herland Carryall Township
129 Place, John William 1877 Aug 8 M Lewis Place Julia Hues Carryall Township
103 Rankin, Lilla Theresa 1877 Aug 24 Blue Creek F Robert Rankin Catharine S. Bligh Blue Creek
119 Reeb, North Garfield 1877 Aug 28 M Wm. Reeb Alice Crawford Carryall Township
110 Savage, Harry F. 1877 Sept 2 Carryall M Francis Savage Isabel Grooms Carryall Township
116 Smith, Sala Victorine 1877 Nov 18 F Isaiah Smith Ann Purdy Carryall Township
106 Stiner, Harriet Susa 1877 Sept 4 Carryall F John Stiner Jane Crane Carryall Township
132 Stuckey 1877 Apr 20 M Micah Stuckey Kesiah Applegate Carryall Township
90 Weaver, Martha Ellen 1877 June 18 Blue Creek F William Weaver May Jane Trembridge Blue Creek
385 Weimer, Elizabeth 1877 Feb 20 F Jacob Weimer Loueza Baily Washington Twp. Jacob Weimer
96 Wiliamson, Judson 1877 April 9 Blue Creek M G.D. Williamson Sarah J. Dague Blue Creek

Harris, William (#104) - is marked as a colored "female" in the record

Abbott, Minie May (#97) - colored

Manual, Rutherford B. (#98)  - colored

Copied by Susan A. Wilson

Paulding County Birth Index

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