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Partial List of Births
For Paulding County in 1879

Number Name Date of Birth Place of Birth

County          Township

Sex Father Mother Residence of Parents
361 Bailey, James H. Aug. 10, 1879 Paulding Latty M Bailey, Nat Stall, Arminta C. Washington Township
339 Bashore, Otto Sept. 12, 1879 Paulding Paulding M Bashore, Solomon Messinger, Mary A. Paulding Twp
340 Bashore, Riley A. Dec. 18, 1879 Paulding Paulding M Bashore, Joseph Messinger, Sarah N. Paulding Twp
359 Bowman Dec. 16, 1879 Paulding Washington M Bowman, Isaac Richardson, Matilda Washington Township
360 Bowman, Bertha L. July 1 1879 Paulding Washington F Bowman, Henry Garrison Sarah L. Washington Township
362 Brown, Jesse Sept. 1, 1879 Paulding Washington M Brown, Jesse Hall, Hannah C. Washington Township
366 Campbell, Georgia A. Sept. 11, 1879 Paulding Washington F Campbell, Samuel Hoopinggarner, Eliza J. Washington Township
364 Cottell, Frederick J. Nov. 6, 1879 Paulding Washington M Cattell, George W. Muma?, Lavina J. Washington Township
367 Cross, Armintus July 4, 1879 Paulding Washington M Cross, H.d. Cook, Mary A. Washington Township
365 Curtis, Mary C. May 31, 1879 Paulding Washington F Curtis, John Bowtell, Mary B. Washington Township
368 Dempsey, Bishop March 14, 1879 Paulding Washington M
343 Dix, Edwin Stephen May 3, 1879 Paulding Paulding M Dix, Edwin S. Potter, Elizabeth Paulding Twp
345 Hakes, Sarah Lula Sept. 30, 1879 Paulding Paulding Village F Hakes, Charles Hankins, Isabella G. Paulding Village
346 Hardesty, Flora Addie Sept. 4, 1879 Paulding Paulding Township F Hardesty, A. I. Coffen, Caroline Paulding Twp
349 Jackson June 14, 1879 Paulding Paulding Village M Jackson, Andrew C. Brown, Lucy A. Paulding Village
324 Kinkade, Ottia? A. Dec 13, 1879 Paulding Latty M Kinkade, Araund? McCurdy, Rachel Latty Twp
351 Linn, Pearl Elise April 8, 1879 Paulding Paulding F Linn, Gotlieb Reinhardt, Elise Paulding Twp
350 Long April 2, 1879 Paulding Paulding M Long, Adam Binkley, Sarah Paulding Twp
353 Long, Carrie Dell Aug. 7, 1879 Paulding Paulding F Long, W. E. Cooper, Lesine Paulding Twp
325 Monebrab? Oct 15, 1879 Paulding Latty M Moneybraker, Samuel John, Rebecca J. Latty Twp
326 McClure, Robet W. July 15, 1879 Paulding Latty M McClure, William W. Gilbert, Ann Latty Twp
327 Noffsinger, Eli W. June 17, 1879 Paulding Latty M Noffisinger, Enox Stewart, Polly A. Latty Twp
330 Stillwell, Isaac V. Feb. 14, 1879 Paulding Latty M Stillwell, George Kohn, alma Latty Twp
356 Stillwell, Jennie Edith Sept. 15, 1879 Paulding Paulding F Stillwell, Lewis Paulding Twp
357 Straw, rose Myrtle Dec. 10, 1879 Paulding Paudling Village F Straw, William F. Craig, Martha Lavinia Paudling Village
331 Thurston, Pearl Nov. 9, 1879 Paulding Latty F Thurston, Norman Peet, Ida Latty Twp
332 Tignor, Reuben P. Aug. 19, 1879 Paulding Latty M Tignor, David Conkle, Jemima Latty Twp
333 Tigner, Emma F. Aug. 19, 1879 Paulding Latty F Tignor, David Conkle,Jemima Latty Twp
334 Wyatt, William H. Dec. 25, 1879 Paulding Latty M Wyatt, Nathan Fristoe, Sarah E. Latty Twp
335 Wolcott Aug, 11, 1879 Paulding Latty M Wolcott, Erastus Jones, Susan E. Latty Twp

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