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Partial List of Births
For Paulding County in 1880

Number Name in Full Date of Birth Place of Birth Sex Name of Father Name of Mother Residence of Parents by Whom Reported
Year Month Day City, Town or Township
338 Anspach, Charles, Al 1880 Jan 16 Paulding M Levi Anspach Elizabeth Klingler Paulding Twp
337 Anspach, George Alber 1880 Jan 16 Paulding M Levi Anspach Elizabeth Klingler Paulding Twp
358 Biddinger, Cora Ellen 1880 Jan 29 Allen Co., Lafayette, (Indiana?) F Nelson Biddinger Nancy Fergerson Washington Twp.
363 Brotherton, Harris 1880 Mar 7 Washington Twp. M John Brotherston Caroltte Underwood Washington Twp.
182 Cain, James Garfield 1880 May 16 Crane Twp. M Henry Cain Fannie Taylor Crane Twp. Henry Cain
140 Calkins, Archie Vinnetta 1800 July 11 Antwerp F E. Calkins Emma C. Burley Antwerp Ohio E. Calkins
181 Carr, Alfred 1880 July 31 Crane Twp M Thomas Carr Ruth Foster Crane Twp. Ruth Carr
179 Chester, Elvira M 1880 Aug 18 Crane Twp. F Henry Chester Catharine L. Peas Crane Twp. Henry Chester
141 Clay, Bertha B. 1880 Oct 30 Carryall Twp F H.J. Clay Lizzie Shoop Antwerp Ohio H. J. Clay
341 Cromley, Lyle Tate 1880 March 14 Paulding Village M Joseph B. Cromley Anna F. Tate Paulding Village
342 Dewitt, Eva may 1880 Feb 2 Paulding Village F Francis B. Dewitt Delila V. Williams Paulding Village
144 Durban, Charles Garfield 1880 Nov 2 Antwerp M W.H. Durban Amanda E. Kiser Antwerp Ohio W.H. Durban
183 Durfey, Elmer Wells 1880 Oct 11 Crane Twp. M Loren Durfey Frank Colby Crane Twp. Frank J. Durfey
344 Essex 1880 Feb 27 Paulding M Edwin S. Dix Elizabeth Potter Paulding Twp
146 Fields, Eddie M. 1880 June 15 Antwerp M W.P. Fields Carrie C. Dagfett Antwerp Ohio W.P. Fields
147 Franks, Minnie Alice 1880 April 26 Carryall Twp F George B. Franks Sarah E. Manger Carryall Twp S.E. Manger
148 Graves, Chester Arthur 1880 Dec 23 Carryall Twp M J.L. Graves Eliza M. Curtis Carryall Twp J.L. Graves
149 Gillespie, Mattie Lawrence 1880 Nov 21 Carryall Twp F W.R. Gillespie Hanna G. Allen Carryall Twp W.R. Gillespie
347 Hardesty, Theresa 1880 Feb 22 Paulding Village F Francis P. Hardesty Elosa A. Purman Paulding Village
348 Hardy, Henry Earl 1880 March 3 Paulding Village M Geo. P. Hardy Louisa C. Nash Paulding Village
152 Hill, Archie 1880 Aug 22 Antwerp M E.P. Hill Ida Lewark Antwerp Ohio Eli P. Hill
150 Houser, Mary Catharine 1880 July 11 Carryall Twp F Jacob Houser Jr. Charlotte Schill Antwerp Ohio Jacob Houser Jr.
323  Johnson 1880 Nov 16 Latty Twp. F Jacob Johnson Ellen Middleton Latty Twp.
336 Keeler, Nellie N. 1880  March 1 Latty Twp. F David E. Keller Eliza J. Dickerson Latty Twp.
155 King, Iva R. 1880 Apr 10 Carryall Twp F Anthony King Lucinda Slough Antwerp Ohio Anthony King
371 Leffingwell, Fannie 1880 Nov 12 F Robert Leffingwell Hettie Wilson Washington Twp Father
352 Leslie, Ora Clyde 1880 Feb 4 Paulding M Thomas Leslie Sarah Alice Wesver Paulding Twp.
158 Long, Lula M. 1880 Sept 6 Antwerp F John Long Elisabeth Trullinger Antwerp, Ohio Elisabeth Long
369 Loy, Rebecca M. 1880 Nov 12 F W.F. Loy Susan Loy Washington Twp. Father
156 Lybarger, Edna Etha 1880 Sept 7 Carryall Twp F N.A. Lybarge Martha Viers Carryall Twp N.A. Lybarger
374 Mackling, Dallas E. 1880 Dec 24 M George Mackling L. Sisco Washington Twp Father
354 Matthews, Daisy Belle 1880 Feb 26 Paulding Village F Jacob C. Matthews Lottie C. McCabe Paulding Village
159 Monreau, Henry J. 1880 July 13 Antwerp M Fred Monreau Lucinda Langlois Antwerp Ohio Fred Monreau
373 Myers, Charles 1880 Dec 17 M Noah Myers Nettie Leatherman Washington Twp Father
376 Norris, Susan 1880 Nov 2 F Curtis Norris Ellen Dicus Washington Twp Father
377 Oliver, Frances Mertie 1880 Oct 31 F D. P. Oliver Maggie E. Mellinger Washington Twp Father
161 Parrott, Elmer 1880 June 9 Carryall Twp M W.S. Parrott S.N. Majors Antwerp Ohio J.W. Morrison
355 Patton, Elsie 1880 Feb 26 Paulding F Matthias Patton Mary E. Grissom Paulding Twp.
162 Picket, Guy 1880 Oct 16 Carryall Twp M J.W. Picket Josephine E. Dennie Antwerp Ohio J.W. Picket
164 Perry, Marion P. 1880 May 3 Carryall Twp M David Perry Ethlinda C. Johnson Carryall Twp David Perry
379 Prowont, Lorenzo Henry 1880 Aug 10 M David Provont Mary Bidlack Washington Twp. Father
166 Smith, Homer 1880 May 10 Carryall Twp M W. R. Smith Lydia Brunn Carryall Twp W.R. Smith
167 Snook, Elizabeth Myrta 1880 April 11 Carryall Twp F W.N. Snook, Jr. Jennie Smith Antwerp Ohio W.N. Snook, Jr.
170 Schnitker, Minnie 1880 July 8 Antwerp F Charles Schnitker Emma Slusser Antwerp Ohio Emma Schnitker
329 Shinabery, Carrie S. 1880 March 9 Latty Twp F Michael Shinabery Susan E. Girod Latty Twp.
328 Spray, Hannah 1880 March 4 Latty Twp F George W. Spray Sarah Montgomery Latty Twp.
172 Tubbs, Lottie 1880 Oct 10 Antwerp F C.H. Tubbs Sada Mulford Antwerp Ohio C.H. Tubbs
173 Walker, Lyman David 1880 April 26 Carryall Twp M W.S. Walker L.M. Carr Antwerp Ohio W.S. Walker
383 Weimer, Nancy 1880 May 27 F Jacob Weimer Louisa Bailey Washington Twp Father
382 Weimer, William 1880 May 27 M Jacob Weimer Louisa Baily Washington Twp Father
384 Weyer, Ottis 1880 Sept 18 M Lewis Weyer Mary May Washington Twp Father
385 Williams, Charles G. 1880 July 4 M Thomas J. Williams Mary Loy Washington Twp Father
386 Wilson, Berta 1880 May 12 F Robert Wilson Harriet Moxley Washington Twp Father
174 Wilson, Rena Mable 1880 Aug 14 Antwerp F W.D. Wilson Eva S. Laverty Antwerp Ohio W.D. Wilson

Durfey, Elmer Wells (#183) - Recorded as "Colored"

Copied by Susan A. Wilson

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