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Partial List of Births
For Paulding County in 1881

Number Name in Full Date of Birth Place of Birth Sex Name of Father Name of Mother Residence of Parents by Whom Reported
Year Month Day City, Town or Township
177 Barnhart, Hattie 1881 Feb 3 Crane Twp F Nicholas Barnhart Mary Werget Crane Twp Nicholas Barnhart
176 Barnhart, Nettie 1881 Feb 3 Crane Twp F Nicholas Barnhart Mary Werget Crane Twp Nicholas Barnhart
178 Breece 1881 March 9 Crane Twp F Lawrence Breece Elizabeth Ours Crane Twp Elizabeth Breece
142 Carr, David E. 1881 Feb 22 Carryall Twp M David Carr Carolina Crane Antwerp Ohio David Carr
143 Clark, Dallas G. 1881 Feb 22 Carryall Twp M Joseph E. Clark Martha Goff Carryall Twp Joseph E. Clark
139 Conine, Donvernon 1881 March 18 Carryall Twp M A.H. Conine Arletta Edson Carryall Twp A.H.Conine
180 Crouse, Harriet E. 1881 Feb 20 Crane Twp F John H. Crouse Harriet M. Hughes Crane Twp John H. Crouse
145 Dove, Effie 1881 Feb 25 Antwerp F J.W. Dove Caroline Chaney Antwerp, Ohio J.W. Dove
415 Gilespie, Flo Ella 1881 August 8 Washington Twp F William Gilespie Martha J. Pease Washington Twp
417 Harmon, Jesse 1881 Oct 16 Washington Twp F Jesse Harmon Hetty Hammond Washington Twp
418 Hipp, John Geo. Frederick 1881 Dec 31 Washington Twp M John J. Hipp Millie Burbage Timberville, Ohio
151 Homes, Della May 1881 March 17 Carryall Township F Simeon Homes Hat S. Cuttings Antwerp Ohio Hat s. Homes
416 Howell, Ira Ellen 1881 Nov 3 Washington Twp F Thomas P. Howell Maria Antoiette Bard Washington Twp
154 Jacobs, Frank 1881 Jan 16 Carryall Twp M M.P. Jacobs Ellen Strout Carryall Twp M. P. Jacobs
153 Jailor, John W. 1881 March 19 Carryall Township M Peter Jailor Fanny More Carryall township Peter Jailor
419 Johnson, Pesley 1881 Dec 8 Washington Twp M H.M. Johnson Harriet Culbertson Washington Twp.
421 Kirkpatrick, Martha 1881 June 27 Washington Twp F Evan Kirkpatrick Elizabeth Deakins Washington Twp.
420 Kirkpatrick, Sarah 1881 June 27 Washington Twp F Evan Kirkpatrick Elizabeth Deakins Washington Twp
370 Lines, Bertie 1881 Jan 11 F Edward Lines Mary Hunter Washington Twp Father
157 Long, Alice M. 1881 Feb 22 Antwerp F G.A. Long M.E. Long Antwerp Ohio G.A. Long
423 McCurdy, Mary 1881 Dec 28 Washington Twp F Sylvester McCurdy Sarah Jane May Washington Twp.
160 Morison, Ottis Ladd 1881 Feb 27 Antwerp M J.W.N. Morison Eliza Morison Antwerp Ohio J.W. Morrison
372 Moten, Chester A. Arthur 1881 Feb 8 M Benjamin Moten Armeda Gaines Washington Twp Father
375 Myers, William Ruse 1881 Dec 18 M Noah Myers Nettie Leatherman Washington Twp Father
187 Oswalt, Ida May 1881 Nov 8 Carryall Twp F C.A. Oswalt Rosetta Justice Paulding Co.
195 Place, Dallas L. 1881 April 2 Carryall Twp M Lewis Place Julia Hughes Paulding County
378 Place, Emmanuel 1881 Feb 13 M Charles Place Susan Ann Shively Washington Twp Father
189 Reeb, Cora 1881 Sept 5 Carryall Twp F Charles Reeb Rose Ann Riesch Paulding Co.
191 Rogers, Willie Earl 1881 Aug 16 Carryall Twp M W.W. Rogers Dency Munger Paulding Co.
193 Rumbaugh, John H. 1881 July 9 Carryall Twp M J.J. Rumbaugh N.D. Foster Paulding Co.
194 Rumbaugh, Julia A. 1881 Aug 16 Carryall Twp F Abraham Rumbaugh Rosetta Foster Paulding Co.
171 Schooley, Flora E. 1881 May 3 Carryall Twp F Chas. M. Schooley Flora E. Champion Carryall Twp Chas. M. Schooley
196 Simmers, Harry Earnest 1881 Oct 1 Carryall Twp M Arthur Simmers Mercy Handy Paulding Co.
169 Sliter, Chas. Franklin 1881 April 3 Antwerp M Wm. R. Slyter Sarah J Hersell Antwerp, Ohio W.R. Slyter
165 Snook, Ory Vinton 1881 March 25 Carryall Township M B. Snook Marinda Evans Carryall Township B. Snook
380 Souverns, Daisy Pearl 1881 Feb 16 F H.L.W.Suverns Mary Ann Longacre Washington Twp Father
168 Steen, Nettie A. 1881 March 7 Carryall Township F A. Steen Ellen Schriver Antwerp Ohio A. Steen
381 Taylor, Andrew Jackson 1881 March 12 M Edward Taylor Catharine Dickerson  Washington Twp Father
439 Turner, Mahala E.F. 1881 Feb 12 Washington Twp F William Turner Louisa Davis Washington Twp
443 Weimer, Noah 1881 Aug 8 Washington Twp M Jacob Weimer Louisa Bailey Washington Twp
441 Wetherill, Nancy Agnes 1881 Dec 12 Allen Co. F Thomas F. Wetherill Nelia Rumbaugh Washington Twp
442 Wilson, Clara Dora 1881 Nov 29 Washington Twp F Samuel Wilson Frances Bibb Washington Twp
440 Workman, David William 1881 April 8 Washington Twp M John Workman Susan E. Hutchinson Washington Twp
175 Yeager 1881 Feb 17 Antwerp, Ohio F Christian Yeager Sophia Yeager Antwerp, Ohio C. Yeager

Myers, William Ruse (#375) - handwritten above entry in different handwriting: see correction of Birth Record Vol. 5 Page 295
Turner, Mahala E.F. (#439) - colored
Wilson, Clara Dora (#440) - colored

Copied by Susan A. Wilson

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