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Partial List of Births
for Paulding County in 1883

Number Name in Full Date of Birth Place of Birth Sex Name of Father Name of Mother Residence of Parents by Whom Reported
Year Month Day City, Town, Township
60 Brown 1883 Feby 5 Brown Twp. M Washington Brown Rachel Street Brown Twp. Father
61  Brown 1883 Feby 5 Brown Twp M Washington Brown Rachel Street  Brown Twp. Father
62 Boeman 1883 August  16 Brown Twp. M Scott Beman Cora Jackson Brown Twp. Father
50 Campbell, Phillip E. 1883 April 7 Brown Twp. M John Campbell Annie Small Brown Twp. Father
47 Caskey, Daskey 1883 April 31 Brown Tp. F Robert Caskey Catharine Harmon Brown Twp. Father
48 Croshaw, Howard 1883 July 9 Wood co., Weston Twp. M Spencer Croshaw Elizabeth Ream Brown Twp. Mother
49 Cline, Jesse Susanna 1883 July 8 Brown Twp. F Jesse Cline Mary Cline Brown Twp. Father
52 Densmore, Eliza J. 1883 Aug 15 Brown Twp. M John Densmore Mary Linaberry Brown Twp. Father
55 Fish, Verna Belle 1883 Feby 4 Brown Twp. F Orlando Fisher Mary Croonfare Brown Twp Father
53 Fox, Manfred C. 1883 May 20 Brown Twp. M M. Fox Ose Wood Brown Twp. Father
56 Grimes, Edgar A. 1883 Oct 1 Brown Twp. M William Grimes Ida May Brown Twp. Father
57 Grimes, Millie 1883 Novem 8 Brown Twp. F John Grimes Sarah Brown Brown Twp. Father
59 Holcomb, Macon 1883 Novem 27 Brown Twp. M Scott Holcomb Josephine Abbucky Brown Twp. Father
66 Litrick, William 1883 May 29 Brown Twp. M R.W. Litrick Abigail Vowal Brown Twp. Father
68 McMillen, Harry A. 1883 Jan 31 Brown Twp M George McMilen Eliza Jane Upp Brown Twp Father
67 McQuestion, Carrie E. 1883 June 22 Brown Twp. F John McQuestion Margaret Radley Brown Twp. Father
70 Mead, John 1883 August 17 Brown Twp. M Clark Mead Alice Ayers Brown Twp. Father
71 Morris, Victoria 1883 June 8 Brown Twp. F Edwin Morris Mary Garden Brown Twp. Father
69 Myers, Lilian Alice 1883 July 29 Brown Twp. F Franklin Myers Melissa Burt Brown Twp. Father
72 Noffsinger, Jessie M. 1883 Sept 21 Latty F Jesse Nofsinger Nancy Shinaberry Brown Twp. Father
73 Place, William J. 1883 Dec 7 Brown Twp. M Frank Place Maria Shively Brown Twp. Father
74 Potter, Nelson L. 1883 Novem 8 Brown Twp. M Daniel Potter Libbie Scott Brown Twp. Father
82 Scott, Bessie May 1883 Sept 2 Brown Twp. F William B. Scott Alice Fritz Brown Twp. Father
83 Shirley, Ella Grace 1883 Nov 26 Brown Twp. F John W. Shirley Rachel Friman Brown Twp. Father
81 Shively, Albert 1883 Novem 15 Brown Twp. M Lewis Shively Hattie Carey Brown Twp. Father
86 Simons 1883 Dec 30 Brown Twp. F William Simons Rachel Wright Brown Twp. Mother
88 Simons 1883 August 16 Brown Twp. F Peter Simons Eliza Mosher Brown Twp. Father
89 Simons 1883 August 16 Brown Twp. M Peter Simons Eliza Mosher Brown Twp. Father
84 Stanton, Lawrence 1883 April 24 Brown Twp. M Charles Stanton Libbie Gary Brown Twp. Father
90 Thomas, Clark 1883 April 2 Brown Twp. David Thomas Ruth McCoy Brown Twp. Father
92 Thrasher, Olive 1883 August 17 Brown Twp. James Thrasher Myra Thompson Brown Twp. Father

Copied by Susan A. Wilson

Paulding County Birth Index

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