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Partial List of Births
for Paulding County in 1891

Number Name in Full Date of Birth City, Town or Township Sex Name of Father Name of Mother Residence of Parents by Whom Reported
Year Month Day
8 Damen, Charles Bail 1891 Oct 20 Melrose  M George Damon Viola Douglas Brown Twp. Mother
20 Daniels, Mettie V. 1891 Dec 17 Harrison Twp. F John Daniels Rosa Casanova Harrison Twp. Father
4 Dapp, Gerna. 1891 June 17 Bluecreek Twp F Wm. Dopp Anna J. Mahan Bluecreek Twp. Daniel Lehman, Assessor
2 Datteres, John Carl 1891 Aug 11 Auglaize Twp. M W. H. Dolleres Addia A. Moat Auglaize Twp. Mother
28 Davis, Flossie Blanch 1891 July 10 Latty Twp. F W. S. Davis Edeth Mercer Latty Twp. Father
3 Davis, Millie L. 1891 Nov 30 Bluecreek Twp. F D.N. Davis Jessie V. Dopp Bluecreek Twp. Daniel Lehman, Assessor
27 Davis, Wm. C. 1891 May 18 Latty Twp. M John W. Davis Ida Lumberman Latty Twp Father
23 Deavers, Martin E. McKinley 1891 July 28 Jackson Twp. M Rudolph Deavers Marth Weex Jackson Twp. Father
12 Delbert, Felver 1891 Sept 7 Benton Twp. M not given
23 Delong, Albert F. 1891 Feb 6 Harrison Twp. M J. M. Delong Lizzie Hooker Harrison Twp. Mother
22 Demond, Inft 1891 Oct 27 Payne M John Desmond Ella Wrtsie Harrison Twp. Father
19 Demongeot, Clara M. 1891 June 13 Emerald Twp. F Nicholas Demongeot Mary A. Shindler Emerald Twp. Mother
17 Demongeut, Lewis Ed. 1891 Nov 6 Crane Twp. M Lewis Demongoet Melina Autowel Crain Twp. Father
38 Dempsey, Inez Z. 1891 April 10 Washington Twp. F E. A. Dempsy Sally Hearn Washington Twp. Mother
32 Dempsie, James H. 1891 Mar 30 Washington Twp. M James Dempsey Mary Em Morton Washington Twp. Father
29 DeVon, Ethel May 1891 Dec 25 Latty Twp. F W. H. DeVon Mary A. Baker Latty Twp. Father
25 Dickenson, Alva E. 1891 Feb 26 Latty Twp. F James H. Dickenson Catharine Pickering Latty Twp. Father
24 Dickinsen, Mona Labittice 1891 Sept 1 Jackson Twp. F Thomas Dickinson Matilda Seren Jackson Twp. Father
27 Dillen, Carl J. 1891 Jan 31 Latty Twp. M F.E. Dillen S.E. Auspach Latty Twp. Father
26 Dillen, George E. L. 1891 Nov 2 Latty Twp. M Robert Dillen Flora Colaflower Grover Hill Father
7 Dilts, Lydia Ellen 1891 Sept 26 Melrose M J.W. Dilts Nancy Marvin Brown Twp Father
16 Doda, Maud J. 1891 April 16 Crane Twp. F Geo. Doda Cara Schyler Crane Twp. Father
39 Dorman, William Clinton 1891 Sept 20 Washington Twp. M J.J. Dorman Henrietta Crist Washington Twp. Mother
10 Doster, Wallie Franklin 1891 Oct 29 Brown Twp. M Melvin Doctor Celina Upp Oakwood C.J. Christy, Assessor
5 Dupes, Oscar A. 1891 June 18 Bluecreek Twp. M George Dupes Sarah L. Wable Bluecreek Twp. Daniel Lehman, Assessor
6 Durham, Sophiah May 1891 Aug 29 Bluecreek Twp. F Al Dunham Arrilla James Bluecreek Twp. Daniel Lehman, Assessor
14 Dysinger, Oliver C. 1891 June 27 Crane Twp. M Isaac Dysinger Leona Applegate Crane Twp. Mother
12 Dysinger, Perl L. 1891 April 30 Carryall Twp. F Alv Dysinger Ida Lind Antwerp Father

Dilts, Lydia Ellen (#7), record was checked as "Male"

Copied by Susan A. Wilson

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