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Partial List of Births
for Paulding County in 1892

Number Name in Full Date of Birth Place of Birth Sex Name of Father Name of Mother Residence of Parents by Whom Reported
Year Month Day County City, Town or Township
61 Cadwalder, everett 1892 Jan Paulding Paulding Twp M J.T. Cadawalader Sarah D. Nevell Paulding Twp Father
12 Carneyham, Hnery F. 1892 Oct 3 Brown Twp M Jess Carneyham Sarah Bidlack Brown Twp Mother
19 Carr, Aristee 1892 June 12 Carryall Twp M John P. Care Samantha Comes Carryall Twp Father
25 Carr, Blanch Amelia 1892 Sept 18 Jackson Twp F W.E. Carr R.M. Preston Jackson Twp Father
26 Carr, Lilly May 1892 Dec 3 Jackson Twp F Absalom Carr Sarah Cooper Jackson Twp Father
55 Cashal, Nellie 1892 Nov 2 Paulding Twp F Lawn Cashat Loisa Chaney Paulding Twp Mother
29 Cates, Arina 1892 Aug 2 Latty Twp M L. Coles Malice Harris Latty Twp Father
58 Ceamer, Anna J. 1892 Dec 10 Paulding Twp F L.O. Cramer Cora Blanel Paulding Village Father
65 Chambers, Mary J. 1892 May 2 Paulding Village F Carey Chambers Bill Hiverden Paulding Town Mother
16 Champion, Verda J. 1892 Oct 5 Carryall Twp M George W. Champion Mary Eley Carryall Twp Father
23 Clark, Mary Grac 1892 June 15 Jackson Twp F John J. Clark Chrisinia McCarty Jackson Twp Father
66 Claybaugh, Rollie Roy 1892 June 12 Washington Twp M Levi Claybaugh Celia A. Litefoot Washington Town Father
28 Clayton, Elod C. 1892 July 18 Latty Twp F Geo Clayton Clarra Brookhard Latty Twp Father
11 Cleves, F. A. 1892 Aug 19 Brown Twp M H. Cleves Mahala Heaves Brown Twp Father
32 Cloer, Altha 1892 Dec 23 Paulding F G.B. Close S.E. Boner Paulding Father
33 Cluno, Arter 1892 July 21 Paulding M Thomas Cluno Sarah Reid Paulding Twp Mother
17 Cluts, Jacob J. 1892 Oct 2 Carryall Twp M Henry Cleets Carrie Sawers Carryall Twp Father
20 Collins, Paul 1892 Nov 16 Payne M Abiner Collins Vidora Haines Payne, Ohio Mother
24 Connin, Edward 1892 Nov 5 Jackson Twp M Clarence Connin Emma Kaiser Jackson Twp Father
34 Cooper, Tiller Lattee 1892 July 18 Paulding Twp F Geo. Cooper Rosa Sander Paulding Twp Mother
63 Copeland, Alice 1892 April 16 Paulding Village F E.P. Copeland Lula Smith Paulding town Father
21 Coplin, not named 1892 May 25 Harrison Twp M James Coplan Jr. Annie Zinson Harrison Twp Father
31 Copoc, Elizabeth 1892 Oct 9 Latty Village F William Copoc Mary Long Latty Village Father
18 Cotrell, Zelia Verl 1892 June 17 Carryall Twp F Orvill Cotrell Flora E. Eley Carryall Twp Father
22 Covley, Ruthie 1892 May 13 Erie Vermillion F Philip Covley Lena Ross Jackson Twp. Mother
67 Cox, Ella 1892 Mar 6 Washington Twp F James Cox Elea C. Washington Twp Father
60 Crawford, Lena 1892 Dec 25 Paulding Village F T.G. Crawford Amanda Hamilton Paulding Village Father
27 Creviston, Raymond P. 1892 Nov 1 Jackson Twp. M P.P. Crevister L.L. Ritter Jackson Twp. Father
14 Croninger, Hazel 1892 Dec 27 Brown Twp F Croninger, - Lalond Jennie Brown Twp. Father
68 Crose, Isabel E. 1892 Oct 11 Washington Twp F Wm. Crosse Lottie Dougherty Washington Twp Father
69 Crose, James A.  1892 Dec 22 Washington Twp M Sanford Crose Amanda Smith Washington Twp Father
57 Croy, Ruth D. 1892 Nov 12 Paulding Twp F C.L. Croy Amelia Prist Paulding Twp Mother
64 Cutter, Philip 1892 Nov 27 Paulding Village M A.H. Cutter Nina Miller Paulding Twp Father
13 Dangler, Harvy E. 1892 Dec 29 Paulding Carryall twp M F.H. Dangler Florence Marill Carryall twp Father
14 Dangler, Olie May 1892 Oct 14 Paulding Carryall twp F H.L. Dangler Elizabeth Berrycreek ? Carryall twp Father
7 Daugherty, C. G. 1892 July 10 Brown Twp M H. Dougherty Clarissa Hipp Brown Twp. Father
9 Daugherty, Kate L. 1892 Aug 26 Crane Twp F John Daugherty Hattie M. Heinsch Crane Twp Father
3 Davidson, Mary Grace 1892 Mar 31 Paulding Bluecreek Twp F F. J. Davidson Mary R. Gina Bluecreek Twp Father
31 Davis, Ora L. 1892 Dec 23 Puldran ?? Latty Village M Melvin F. Davis Alice Johnson Paulding Twp. Father
16 Deardorf, not named 1892 Dec 31 Paulding Harrison twp M G.M. Deerdorf Frances Turney Harrison twp Father
33 Debolt, Leon L. 1892 Jan 15 Puldran ?? Latty vil M R.S. Debolt S.C. Perry Paulding Twp Father
8 Deibolt, John 1892 July 14 Scott M ?? Twp M J.M. Diebolt Mary Green Brown Twp. Mother
15 Deisler, Leon O. 1892 July 19 Paulding Emerald F Harvey Deisler Carie Hananlera ? Emerald twp Father
34 Dell, Myrtle M 1892 Mar 17 Puldran ?? Paulding F John Dell Josephine Heabgord Paulding Twp Father
5 Densmore, not named 1892 Oct 15 Paulding Melrose M John Densmore Mary Lineberry Melrose Mother
4 Densmore, Asa L. 1892 Oct 4 Paulding Brown Twp M Charles Densmore Sarah A. Bennett Melrose, Brown Twp Father
37 Dickman, Bernard 1892 Feb 16 Puldran ?? Paulding M J.B. Dickman Anna S. Ribenteky Paulding Twp Mother
2 Dill, Athalia L. 1892 Dec 14 Benton Twp F Monroe Dill Mary Micheds Benton Twp Father
1 Dill, Glen A. 1892 June  10 Paulding Benton Twp M George Dill Emma Nesbet Benton Twp Father
25 Dillen, Wm. F. 1892 Mar 7 Paulding Latty twp M Frank Dillen Sarah E. Auspach Latty twp Father
30 Dilts, Maud 1892 Mar 5 Puldran ?? F Mathan Dilts Maria J. Priest Latty Twp Father
x36 Dix, Ilo F. 1892 Jan 10 Puldran ?? Paulding F J.E. Dix Elizabeth Morrow Paulding Twp Father
32 Dodge. F. L. Jn. 1892 Feb 24 Puldran ?? Briceton Vil M T.L. Dodge Emiline Miles Paulding Twp Father
12 Donal, Nora 1892 July 16 Paulding Carryall Twp F Clives S. Donat Lydia A. Summers Carryall Twp Mother
35 Dora, Joseph 1892 Mar 4 Puldran ?? Paulding Twp M Peter Dora not known Paulding Twp Father
11 Dysinger, Hazel M. 1892 Aug 24 Paulding Crain twp F Dysinger, F.L. Ana Applegate Craine twp Father

above #5 in different handwriting: Edward

above #14 in different handwriting: for corection see Rec. of Reg. Of Birth, Vol. 6, Page 337.

Copied by Susan A. Wilson

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