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Partial List of Births
for Paulding County in 1894

Number Name in Full Date of Birth Place of Birth Sex Color Name of Father Name of Mother Residence of Parents by Whom Reported
Year Month Day County City, Town or Township
42 Cattell, M. J. 1894 Dec 15 Paulding Washington Twp M W Isaac Cattell Mary Blythe Paulding County Father
47 Cavanaugh, May 1894 Feb 12 Paulding Cecil F W Terance Cavanaugh Johanna Mahoney Cecil Mother
46 Chester, Hubert Ray 1894 May 30 Paulding Crane Twp M W John H. Chester Elizabeth Sunday Crane Twp Mother
44 Cross, W.J. 1894 July 20 Paulding Washington Twp M W W. J. Cross S. A. Daughterty Paulding County Father
23 Daggon, Leonia E. 1894 Sept 16 Grover Hill F Chas. W. Daggon Anna L. Davis Grover Hill Mother
11 Dankirt, Anna 1894 Oct 4 Latty Village F John Daukirt Caroline Blohse Latty Ohio Caroline Daukert
20 Danner, James M. 1894 Aug 7 Latty Twp M T. V. Danner Ora Peterson Latty Twp Mother
30 Davis, F. B. 1894 May 3 Washington Twp F Andy Davis Mary Stall Paulding County Father
26 Davis, Jona 1894 Jun 7 Blue Creek Twp F Marion Davis Anna Rider  Scott Marion Davis
29 Dell, Charles E. 1894 Oct 16 Defiance Delaware Twp M Henry N. Dell Slyva Lichty Emerald Twp Father
16 Dell, Etta Ruth 1894 Dec 19 Paulding City F J.E. Dell Josephine Habogood Paulding County Josephine Habgood
7 Delong, Mary 1894 Sept 27 Harrison Twp F Frank Delong Orilly Adams Harrison Twp Frank Delong
6 Delong, Q. Tona 1894 Nov 7 Harrison Twp F Conners J. Delong Henrietta Mathson Harrison Twp Conners J. Delong
32 Dempsy, F. M. 1894 May 18 Washington Twp F J. A. Dempsy M. E. Morton Paulding County Father
3 Densmore, Effie 1894 July 10 Melrose F John Densmore Mary Linnabary Melrose Mother
1 Densmore, Ernest C. 1894 Sept 8 Melrose M Charles Densmore Sarah A. Bennett Melrose Father
2 Diltz, Itha Ray 1894 Dec 8 Melrose M William Diltz Nancy Marvin Melrose Mother
5 Doctor, Walter 1894 Nov 4 Harrison Twp M Charles Doctor Katherine Blardt Harrison Twp Charles Doctor
25 Dopp, Saylor 1894 Nov 8 Blue Creek Twp F Charles Dopp Clarry McCane Tipton Chas. Dopp
33 Dorman, Oliver R. 1894 Apr 9 Washington Twp F Jacob Dorman Anna Crist Paulding County Father
12 Dotterer, Orpha V. 1894 July 18 Auglaize Twp F William H. Dotterer Adda Most Auglaize Father
4 Drew, Hazel 1894 Aug 22 Payne-Harrison Twp F Drew James Nirick Emma Payne Ohio Father
14 Drexler, Hanry 1894 Aug 13 C Paul M _____________ Ameliz Drexler Paulding County
34 Drummond, J.T. 1894 Nov 15 Washington Twp F Chas Drummond Anna Hipp Paulding County  Father
10 Dunfee, George Lester 1894 July 24 Benton Twp M A. C. Durfee Sarah Ann Sims Benton Twp Father
36 Durfey, Nettie R. 1894 Nov 26 Crane Twp F E. L. Durfey Mary A. Carr Crane Twp Father
13 Dysinger, Glenn S. 1894 Oct 10 C Paul M Albert Dysinger Ida Lynde Paulding County

above #14 Drexler - illegitimate
above #16 Dell - In the margin, in a different handwriting - correction see Reg. Births Vol. 9 Page 26
above #32 Dempsy - colored

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