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Partial List of Births
for Paulding County in 1895

Number Name in Full Date of Birth Place of Birth Sex Color Name of Father Name of Mother Residence of Parents by Whom Reported
Year Month Day County City, Town or Township
41 Cattell, G. M. 1895 Jan 16 Paulding Washington Twp M W Delarma Cattell A. C. Potters Paulding County Father
45 Conkle, FLossie 1895 Mar 31 Paulding Washington Twp F W H. Conkle A. N. Conkle Paulding County Father
43 Cross, S. E. 1895 Jan 11 Paulding Washington Twp M W Sanford Cross Amanda Seitz Paulding Coutny Father
35 Daugherty, Charles E. 1895 Jan 23 Crane Twp M John J. Daugherty Hattie M. Huich Crane Twp Father
19 Davis, Clea 1895 Apr 6 City F C.E. Davis Maud Dutton Paulding C. E. Davis
21 Davis, Florence M 1895 Feb 22 Grover Hill F Bernie B. Davis Louisa Stockey Grover Hill Mother
17 Dais, Goldie 1895 Feb 10 City F D. N. Davis Jesse V. Dopp Arena D. N. Davis
28 Deisler, Edward H. 1895 Jan 24 Emerald Twp M Harvey Deisler Cora B. Hanenkratt Emerald Twp Father
27 Demongoet, Ada B. 1895 Feb 27 Emerald Twp F Nicholas Demongoet Mary Schindler Emerald Twp Father
37 Demuth, George W. 1895 Feb 22 Cecil M F. F. Demuth Margret L. Crosby Cecil Father
8 Dill, not named 1895 Mar 14 Benton Twp M Monroe Dill Mary E. Michaels Benton Twp Father
24 Dixon, Geo. 1895 Mar 5 Latty Twp M Henry W. Dixon Ema Nulen Paulding County
15 Duglass, Nellie E. 1895 Jan 23 C Paul F Eli Douglass Essie Banks Paulding County
22 Duke, Chas. M. 1895 Mar 2 Grover Hill M Wesley Duke Jane Steinbour Grover Hill Mother
9 Dupler, Lester Meritte 1895 Jan 11 Benton Twp M Jesse Dupler Emma Jane Gibson Benton Twp Father
19 Parcher, Clarance McKinley 1895 Apr 15 Crane Twp M H. F. Parcher Lucinda Scott Crane Twp.
16 Parker, Mary J. 1895 July  10 Benton Twp F Calvin Parker Carline Holtzworth Paulding County
23 Paulus, Edna Eva 1895 Dec 8 Paulding Twp F Lafayette Paulus Lydia Auspach Briceton
40 Pearson, Jennie 1895 Aug 17 Washington Twp M Marion Pearson Ollie Kinder Washington Twp
41 Pedit, Phebe 1895 Sept 29 Washington Twp F G. W. Pedit Phebe Curtis Washington Twp
24 Peltier, Mary Elizabeth 1895 Apr 3 Latty Town F Joseph Peltier Caroline Riebs Latty
2 Pemberton, Floyd Alolphus 1895 Nov 13 Benton Twp M Jesse W. Pemberton Jennetta M. Gibson Benton Twp
27 Perl, Otto W. 1895 Sept  25 Van Wert Co. Latty Twp M James E. Perl Cora Goodwin
28 Perry, David W. 1895 July 3 Paulding Carryall Twp M David Perry Flora Robertson Carryall Twp
32 Perkins, Chrissie 1895 July 24 Latty Twp F Wilbert Perkins Maggie Pitman Dague Ohio
30  Peterson, Elsworth 1895 April 25 Auglaize Twp M Wm. Peterson Hamitt Naveau Emerald Twp.
22  Phillips, Chester Earl 1895 July 4 Paulding Twp M Fred Phillips Minerva Lake Briceton Ohio
1 Philpot, Rayman 1895 Apr 1 Jackson Twp M A. Philpot Louisa Francis Jackson Twp.
20 Phoenix, Edward 1895 Aug 1 Crane Twp M John Phoenix Lucinda Carter Crane Twp
10 Pickering, Clara Edith 1895 Nov 17 Paulding Co. F R. W.  Pickering Alice Licklider Paulding County
7 Place, Nellia M. 1895 Dec 23 Jackson Twp. F Frank Place Minnie Workman Paulding County
13 Poland, Cosy M. 1895 Aug 29 Blue Creek Twp F Cris Poland Minnie Fogle Blue Creek Twp.
35 Post, Seanser 1895 June 21 Latty Twp M James Post Lucinda P. Ferrow Auglaize Twp
34 Potter, William C. 1895 Nov 18 Latty Twp M Jefferson Potter Laura M. Noffsinger Grover HIll
15 Price, Homer M. 1895 Sept 20 Benton Twp M Wm. D. Price Estella Craig Paulding County
42 Priest, Florence M. 1895 Sept  29 Washington Twp F Isaac Priest Amanda Faylor Washington Twp.
12 Prill, Doyt L. 1895 Aug 9 Blue Creek Twp M J.G. Prill Florence Lethers Blue Creek Twp

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