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Partial List of Births
for Paulding County in 1896

Number Name in Full Date of Birth Place of Birth Sex Color Name of Father Name of Mother Residence of Parents by Whom Reported
Year Month Day County City, Town or Township
30 Danes, E. L. 1896 Sept 27 Dague M Hugh Danes Lina Hook Dague
38 Davis, Verna 1896 Oct 4 Washington Twp. M Andy Davis Mary Stall Washington Twp.
36 Davis, Walter C. 1896 Aug 9 Benton Twp M John Davis Lidy Christliep Paulding County
31 Deenier 1896 Nov 19 Carryall Twp M Horace E. Denner Mary A. Wonnau Antwerp
2 Derr, Leroy 1896 Feb 17 Lucas Co. Toledo M Jonah Derr Jiny Scott Emerald Twp.
37 Dewitt, Clarence Carl 1896 June 21 Washington Twp M Fremont Dewitt Bell Thrush Washington Twp.
35 Dove, Henry Clary 1896 Apr 16 Benton Twp M Fredrick Dove Elizabeth Parcher Paulding County
29 Dupes, Alfred C. 1896 June 2 Blue Creek Twp M George Dupes L.D. Wabble Blue Creek Twp.
34 Dupler, Oscar R. 1896 Sept 26 Benton Twp. M Jesse Dupler Emma Gibson Paulding County
28 Dunham, George B. 1896 Nov 2 Blue Creek Twp. M Fred Durham Sophia Rothamel Blue Creek Twp.
26 Durfey, Hobert McKinley 1896 Oct 11 Crane Twp M LaFayette Durfey Allive Carr Cecil
32 Duval, Russell 1896 June 9 Carryall Twp M Orley Dural Gertrud Barchard Antwerp
27 Dysinger, Milva Fay 1896 June 14 Crane Twp. F Isaac Dysinger Ora Applegate Antwerp
33 Page, Ray 1896 Jan 12 Latty M Benjamin Page Susan Mathias Grover Hill
9 Page, Rosie M. 1896 Mar 18 Paulding Twp. F C.J. Page Amanda Leeth Paulding County
14 Page, Savilla 1896 Feb 20 Blue Creek Twp. F Benjamin Page Nettie Leyman Blue Creek Twp.
4 Parish, Jessey J. 1896 Jan 2 Jackson Twp M Charles F. Parrish Clara L. Medley Paulding County
6 Parish, William H. 1896 May 15 Jackson Twp. M John H. Parrish Betty Baughman Paulding County
18 Parker, Ida 1896 Feb 8 Crane Twp F Frank Parker Molley Bennett Crane Twp.
5 Parmenter, Crly 1896 Jan 1 Jackson Twp F Martin Parmenter Anna Kay Paulding County
38 Pease, Alva E. 1896 Feb 16 Washington Twp F Wm. H. Pease Mary Bowman Washington Twp
39 Pease, Geo. V. 1896 Feb 17 Washington Twp F Frank Pease Flora A. Allen Washington Twp
25 Perkins, Mable 1896 Apr 8 Harrison Twp F Charles Perkins Mauie Bennett Harrison Twp.
31 Perkins,Ollie B. 1896 Feb 26 Latty F Maudred J. Perkins Hattie Harrow Dague Ohio
26 Perl, Ethel Mary 1896 Feb 4 Harrison Twp F John O. Perl Harrison Twp
3 Peterson, Frank Ingiver 1896 Mar 28 Payne M Chris Peterson Addie Shelley Payne
8 Pfefferll, Albert D. 1896 Mar 5 Jackson Twp M John Pfefferll Rosy Huss Paulding County
11 Philips, Pearl M. 1896 Feb 15 Blue Creek Twp F John Phlip Sarah Muies Blue Creek Twp.
37 Plether, George 1896 Jan 30 Auglaize Twp M Henry Plesether Catharine Pinkel Auglaize Twp
29 Pocock, Mary N. 1896 Apr 18 Emerald Twp F W.H. Pocock Sarah J. Momony Emerald Twp.
17 Ponds, Joseph 1896 Feb 15 Melrose M Benjamin Ponds Mary A. Purner Melrose
36 Post, Bessy M. 1896 Feb 27 Auglaize Twp F William Post Anna C. Wolf Auglaize Twp.

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