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Pike County People & Stories

The Funeral  
John D. Hagen 
An Old Pioneer     
Robert's  Emmitt's Letter 
Dr. Leonidase E.  Will's Retires   
Famous People of Pike County 
Col. Higgins Memorial 
Mother Eliza D. Stewart  
Jacob Steinhour's Birthday 
Ed Weiss Writes of Local History 
The McLaughlin Reunion 
Leonidas (Ott) Warne - Grand Marshall - 1976 
Robert Morgan's Group 
Adam Burner's personal property sale 
Miller Family goes to Ness Co., Kansas 
Our Hugenot's 
Davis & Mitchell Families   
  Wartime Family Reunion 
 Gotleib Oyer 
Harry McKenzie paid Tribute    
William White Family Reunion 
Letter from John Lahy   
Letter from Old Resident 
Beaver has strong German Roots 
Letter from a former Pike County Citizen 
Tale of Jackson Township Slave Heritage 

 Pike County Genealogy & Historical Society
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