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Benton Township's History

In size, Benton is the third largest township in Pike County, exceeded only by Jackson and Mifflin. It is about 1,100 acres larger than Pebble Township. The township is bounded on the north by Ross County, east by Pebble Township, south by Sunfish and Mifflin, and west by Mifflin and Perry Townships.

The assessment roll lists Benton Township as having 24,562 acres of land.

Benton Township is a rocky, hilly country. It's major streams are Sunfish Creek (in the southern part), Morgan's Fork and the West Fork of Sunfish Creek.

The valuation of land in 1882 was $145,843, Morgantown, $1,996; a total of $147,839, a fraction over $6.00 per acre. The value of personal property in 1882 was listed as $59,899.

Benton Towhship has the famous Waverly stone within its border, but it's greatest wealth was in timber, which was of very heavy growth, as well as being of the leading hard-woods, such as different kinds of oak, hickory, maple, etc. The population of Benton Township taken from the census was: 1850 - 639; 1860 - 811; 1870 - 1,119; 1890 - 1,474. Morgantown, the "capital city" of Benton Township, in the 1880's boasted a population of about 75. It is located in the valley of Morgan Fork creek near the mouth of the West Fork of Sunfish Creek. It is surrounded by ranges of lofty hills. In the mid 1880's, about a half mile north of the hamlet of Morgantown, Mr. MARHOOVER & Mr. EAGER kept a general store. C. A. RODGERS had a portable saw-mill, which was located just east of the town. This mill was probably in use from the late 1860's. During the 1880's, there were also two excellent gristmills in the township, one owned by Jno P. DEWEY, on Morgan's Fork in the northern part of the township, which was erected about 1850, and the other was on Sunfish Creek in the extreme southern portion of the township, owned by Mr. BRAMMER. The records of the township are among the lost papers, and full list of township officers could not be secured. Those holding offices, sometime around 1883-4 were: Trustees, John R. FORD, Wm. WATTS and Vincent BOND; Clerk, A. H. MOORE; Treasurer, W. H. WILSON; Assessor, Wm. ARMSTRONG; Constable, W. H. HERDMAN; Justices of Peace, Cyrus PARKER and Thomas LAMBERT. Benton Township in the 1880's boasted 7 school districts, they were:  Anderson's School - Teacher, Ida MILBURN, scholars, 68 Morgantownb School - Teacher, E. S. CUNNINGS; scholars, 68 AshenfelterSchool - Teacher, R. M. VINCENT; scholars, 72 Rolston's School - (teacher unknown at this time); scholars, 62 Greenbrier School - Teacher, W. M. HISER; scholars, 67 Colored School - Teacher, James JACKSON; scholars, 58 Bond School - Teacher, E. T. BOND; scholars, 52  Churches in the late 1880's were listed as follows:

The Methodist Episcopal Church of Morgantown organized around 1875 The Christian Church 2 Christian Union Church groups.

(Notes for this history were taken from the History of Lower Scioto Valley, Ohio 1884)

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