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Camp Creek Township's History
Camp Creek Township is one of the eastern townships, of the three in Pike County on the West Side of the Scioto River. It is bounded on the east side by the Scioto River, on the north by Sunfish and Newton Townships and on the south and west by Scioto County. It has 17,579 acres and is one of the smaller townships.

It was named after the principal stream within its borders, Camp Creek. The creek was so named because a party of surveyors had camped on its banks several times. The early Indians used it for camping, also.

Many Indian arrowheads have been found along its borders down through the years. It is a spring-fed creek, clear and very cold.

The land along the Scioto River and Camp Creek is excellent farming ground, making Camp Creek Township to be considered primarily an agricultural area. The western part of the township is hilly and rough, but well covered with timber, mostly hardwood.

The canal passed through the township near the river for two and one half miles. There is only one small hamlet along the canal in Camp Creek Township, named for a Mr. COOPER who had a trading boat on the canal. He stayed for awhile in the southeast corner of the township along the canal and established a store. Later a post office was built using the name Cooperville. A good flouring mill was built on the canal, run by water power and quite valuable to the people who lived nearby. It was owned by Messrs. GWINN and Son. There were twenty-some people living there at that time.

Hezekiah MERRITT was the first settler, who came about 1801. He had lived near Lucasville from December 24, 1795.

Camp Creek Township originally belonged to Scioto County, but later became Seal Township. When Pike County was formed in 1815, it was part of Sunfish Township. In 1825, it became a separate township and named Camp Creek Township. There were four school districts with 340 school age children. The school property was valued at $1600.
Township officials for 1839 were: Trustees - James STARR, Henry DIETERICH and John MERRITT; Clerk was A. J. WESTFALL and the Treasurer, Henry STARR.

In 1840 the population was 299; in 1850 - 389; in 1860 - 738; in 1880 - 947.

Henry Chapel, Methodist Episcopal Church was organized in 1863. The church was built in 1876. Membership was forty and the Rev. MORRIS was the pastor. Sabbath school is connected with the church and fairly well attended.

Mt. Etna, United Brethren Church was organized in 1874, with the church having been erected in 1877. Rev. George MORGAN was the pastor in 1884. Some of the first members were G. W. DIETERICH and W. J. BROWN and their families. The membership is not large, but has grown steadily. The church building is no longer standing but the cemetery is still being used and well cared for. HOWARD Chapel, in the eastern part of the township, near the canal and Scioto River was erected in 1848 and used for school purposes for a number of years. It was made of logs, built by the citizens at a cost of about $125.00. It was used for church purposes by both the Methodist Episcopal and the United Brethren Churches. They had a Union Sunday School made up of about twenty members from each church. It is now the Howard United Methodist Church owned by the United Methodist Conference.

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