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Marion Township's History

Marion Township, the smallest in Pike County, is located in the southwest corner of the County, with an acreage of 13,922 acres.  It is four miles from east to west and 5 ½ miles from north to south.
Marion Township was formed from Beaver Township which was organized by Ross County Commissioners on September 8, 1814 and it included all the area of the Scioto River and south of Ross County.  That area now is divided up between Jackson, Seal, Marion and Union Townships.

The area which is now Marion Township was settled along McDOWELL'S Run and Beaver Creek by these early settlers: David SAMPSON, James SAMPSON, David SAMPSON, Jr., John BEACH, Lyttleton BRADFORD, John YEAGER, Peter WYKOFF, Elijah PYLES, Jacob KELLER, John and James McDOWELL.

The town now known as Stockdale was previously called California and prior to that was identified by its Post Office name, Flat.  The land that the village of California was laid out on was owned by Azariah EDWARDS, his wife Esther, and William SAMPSON and his wife, Eliza.  They added a second addition to the town, and some years later the AUSTIN Addition was added.

This little town boasted a woolen mill erected by William GORDON - first they just carded wool, later they made blankets, jeans, flannels and yarn.  A flour mill was erected by NELSON, AUSTIN and Israel (Jake) DEWEY in 1853, later it was taken over by John B. BROWN.

They also had a blacksmith, and a wagon shop that was started by SAMSON and BROWN, later it was run by Henry ELHOFF.  Timothy WILSON and Joseph SMITH also operated a blacksmith shop.  F. D. WILSON also ran a blacksmith.  A man by name of Jacob STUPP ran a wagon shop with Lewis ELHOFF.

There were two general stores, one run by O. E. EMORY, the other by S. D. MASTERS.  Mrs. Nancy AUMILLER had a millinery shop, Dr. J. S. SAMSON was the Druggist, J. R. WHITE had a Saddle and Harness shop, E. V. SAMSON ran the Post Office and was a Notary Public, John DURANT ran a Hotel on Main Street, and Dr. L. D. ALLARD was a resident physician.

The first Schoolhouse was erected in  1827 one mile east of California (Stockdale), later it was known as the GORDON School.  This building still stands and is the residence of Dutch & Edith MAGAW.

The United Brethren Church seems to have been the first organized, by Rev. David BONEBARKE.  The Methodist Episcopal Church was established in 1835.  The Free Will Baptist, Methodist Protestant, Pleasant Hill Brill  Church and the Salem Methodist Episcopal Church were established in the township at a later date.

Permanent records of these early settlers, as well as, their descendants, have been left to posterity by means of the cemeteries that were established in various parts of the township.

These records in stone have been read, recorded and are now being published for the benefit of those people who are unable to visit and see for themselves.

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