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Mifflin Township's History

When Ross County was organized in 1798, two townships were formed which represented all of what is now Pike County, west of the river and what later became the Scioto County line. These two townships of Ross County were Paxton and Pee Pee. From Paxton Township of Ross County, Mifflin Township was formed October 26, 1806 in Pike County. All south and west of Pee Pee Township composed Mifflin, out of which Sunfish, Perry and Benton Townships were formed, and part, if not all, of Pebble. Mifflin Township then dates from 1806, and next to Pee Pee is the oldest township organization in the county.

Mifflin Township is the second in size in Pike County, Jackson Township alone having a larger area. The number of acres in the township upon the assessment roll is 27,987 or an area of a little over forthy--three and one-half square miles. The township is bounded, commencing with Perry Township on the north and then east etc., by Perry, Benton and Sunfish Townships, Adams County and Highland County in the southwest part of the county.

The assessed valuation of the township in 1882 was real estate $131,481; personal property, $71,091; village property, $5,993; total $208,565.

The population in Mifflin was in 1870 - 645; in 1850 - 546; in 1860 - 821; 1870 - 1,108; in 1880 - 1,230.

Mifflin Township is not rich in its agriculture resources. The soil is varied and on the hills extremely thin or light, which along the valleys of the several creeks are to be found some excellent corn, wheat and grass lands. There is an excellent timber in the township.

Byington is a very pretty little place situated on the bank in the Valley of Sunfish Creek, near the center of the townships.

Latham is small an enterprising little hamlet, located in the east central portion of the township.

Business interest is conducted by G. W. LEGG, who keeps a general store on the corner of Chillicothe and Cincinnati. Postmaster; Christian MANGER operated a general store on Chillicothe Street; Wesley LEGG, a drug and general store; Joseph HAZELBACKER runs a general store and hotel; C. H. DAY is the proprietor of the only blacksmith shop in town. The only saloon is on Valley Street. The Latham Post OffIce was established in 1854, and F. G. PARKER was appointed Postmaster. J. G. GENTHER mailed the first letter.

The township being organized by Ross County in 1806, below is given the first township officers. Trustees, Wm PILLERS, Thomas GARDNER and John KINCAID; Overseers of the Poor, Abraham McCOY and Robert MONTGOMERY; House Appraiser, Burgess ELLIOTT and John GROVE, Constable, Joshua DAVIS, SR, Fence Viewers, George MOORE and Isaac PENNISTEN; Wm. PARKER, Clerk and Treasurer; Justice of Peace, Wm. DAVIS.

The following person were early settlers of Mifflin Township: John McCORD, John BARTON, Asher LEYTON, Reuben BRISTOL, William DAVIS, John KINCAID, Peter O'BRIEN, William PILLARS, Abraham BEEKMAN, William PARKER, William BEEKMAN, John BEEKMAN, Gabriel BEEKMAN, Neil DOUGHERTY, John GROVE, Joshua JOHNSON, Alexander CROSS, Thomas GARDNER, Robert MONTGOMERY, John CAMPBELL, Joshua DAVIS, Burgess ELLIOTT, Isaac PENNINSTEN and Jacob FOSTER.

A MR. MARCENS built the first gristmill on Sunfish Creek on the north side of the creek, opposite Byington in 1820. In 1823 Thomas HOLTON bought the mill and ran it until his death.

Churches located in the township: The Bethlehem Regular Baptist of Latham; The Latham Methodist Episcopal Church; Perseverance Methodist Episcopal Church, Byington; The Byington Christian Union Church and The Calvary Protestant Methodist Church.

There are ten school districts in 1883. Nace School, Bell Hollow, Byington, Lapperell, Latham, Grassyfork, Hachelshin; Beekman, Benner, Dry Bone.

(Abstract from the History of Lower Scioto Valley, Ohio - 1884)

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