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Perry Township's History

Perry Township is an irregular triangular form, lies in the northwest corner and has some of the best farming land in the county.  The hills on the east are like those in Mifflin and Benton Townships, rocky, rugged and broken and of little use outside of cattle ranges.  Beech Flats is a handsome area of level county, good farming land as well as Baker's Fork.  There is plenty of timber for all practical purposes but no coal or iron ore.  The hills are slate and sandstone.

Ross County, bound the township on the north on the east by Benton and Mifflin Townships, on the south by Mifflin Township, and west by Highland County.  Within these bounds are 14,462 acres of land placed upon the assessment roll and assessed valuation for 1882 was $212,592; personal property $84,698, village property, $10,512; total valuation $307,802.  The valuation of the land is the highest in the county, excepting Pee Pee and Jackson Townships, and is a factor over $14.63 per acre.

Cynthiana is a very pretty little village. "The hamlet was laid out between 1835 and 1840 by David Eubanks, brother of Misses Rhoda and Rebecca Eubanks,  He gave the name in honor of his wife, Anna and daughter, Cynthia.  He died in the State of Missouri, August 21, 1857, aged seventy-four years.

There are seven school districts in Perry Township as follows:  Bryan School - Teacher, Miss Julia Jones, scholars, forty-five, Melon School - Teacher, Miss Ida Smith, scholars fifty-seven; Cynthia School - Teacher E. G. Tenor and Miss Nana Jones; scholars, sixty-seven; West School - Teacher James Butler,; scholars, twenty-seven; Penn School - Teacher, H. Hempstead; scholars sixty-five; Bell Hollow School - Teacher, R. W. Smith; scholar, twenty; Jimtown School - Teacher, F. M. Kelley; scholars, forty-four.

The population in 1840 was 565; 1850, 653; 1860, 625; 1870, 748; 1880, 879.

In 1812 a tannery was located in Perry Township, probably the first one in the county.  John Ferneau, father of Daniel Ferneau, was the proprietor.

The churches located in the township as follows:  The Methodist Episcopal Church of Cynthiana was organized in 1841 by Rev. Henry Horton, some twenty-five persons; Christian Union Church was organized at Cynthiana in 1864 by Rev. J. Givens, Membership twenty-five; The United Brethren Church was also located at Cynthiana and is one of the oldest churches in the county, having been organized in 1820.  The first pastor was Rev. William Steward with a membership of fifteen; the Presbyterian Church of Cynthiana was organized May 7, 1846; Fairview Chapel was the name given to the Christian Union Church of Cynthiana was organized May 7, 1846; Fairview Chapel was the name given to the Christian Union Church which was organized by James McKibbens in 1882.

Names of a few of the old pioneers in Perry Township as follows:  John Swan, James Wilson, John Core, David Irons, Jno Ferneau, Nathaniel Willis, Jno Shields, Benj Umpstead, Jno Penn, George Eubanks, Stephen Berry, Samuel Garner and David Eubanks.

(Abstract from History of Lower Scioto Valley, Ohio - 1884)

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