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 Seal Township's Cemeteries

1.  BARGER CEMETERY  - Section 18. SR 220 Southeast from Waverly 3 miles to farm road on right (.2 mile Northeast of railroad overpass).  1.2 miles down farm road to cemetery across road from house.

2.  BRUST CEMETERY - Section 31.  Appalachian Road (SR 32) East from US 23 to SR 220 junction.  Turn left and go .1 mile.  Cemetery on right 100 feet from road.  (PICTURE)

3.  CHASE CEMETERY - Section 8. - SR  220 Southeast from Waverly to Center River Road.  Go Northeast to Meadow Run Road.  Turn South  .8 mile.  Cemetery on right .4 mile from CR 54.

4.  CISSNA - PATTERSON #2 CEMETERY - Section 28.  Leave Piketon on Market Street going East across railroad tracks.  .4 mile from railroad to a street on left which goes to Piketon water tank.  Cemetery on right of water tank.

5. DANIELS CEMETERY - Section 30.  Appalachian Road (SR 32) East from US 23 to Schuster Road.  Turn right go .2 mile - cemetery 150 feet from road in clump of trees.

6.  DAPP CEMETERY - Section 15.  No longer existence.  Was located near Gregg' Hill.  (1975)

7. DOWNING CEMETERY - Section 6.  SR 220 east from Waverly to Center River road, North .4 mile to cemetery on right 150 yards east of road and across C & O Railroad tracks.

8. GIVENS CHAPEL - Section 32.  Appalachian Road (SR 32) East from US 23 to Germany Road.   .3 mile to cemetery on left by a church.   (PICTURE) 

9.  GREGG'S HILL  - Section 18.   SR 220 Southeast from Waverly to Piketon River Road.  Turn south and go to first dirt road on left.   Go to end of road.  Cemetery is 150 yards to right of road.

10.  HAMMAN CEMETERY - Section 31.  Appalachian road (SR 32) East from US 23 to SR 220 junction.  Turn left and immediately turn to right.  This road goes to church and cemetery about .1 mile from SR 20.  PICTURE

11.  HOLT CEMETERY - Section 5.  Appalachian Road (SR 32) East from US 23 to Shyville Road and turn right. .5 mile to Schuster Road on left.   Drive 1 mile to a gate on right.  Cemetery is on U.S. Government land 200 yards from road.

12.  LUCAS CEMETERY - Section 27.  Leave Piketon on Market Street crossing the railroad and going east 2 miles to old Gov. Lucas home on left.  Cemetery is about 400 feet East of the house and about 100 feet north of the road.

13.  MOUND CEMETERY - Section 6.   US 23 from Piketon to SR 124, East to Wakefield-Mound Road. Turn left and go .4 miles to cemetery.   (PICTURE) 

14.  PIKETON, OLD - RITTENOUR CEMETERY - Section 5.  On West Second Street at Western edge of Piketon.

15.  WILDAY CEMETERY - Section 8.  SR 220 Southeast from Waverly to Center River Road, North to Meadow Run Road on right about .5 mile South to cemetery on left 150 yards from road.

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