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A $10.00 initial donation fee to cover the first half hour of time for any look-ups per
 name or two questions with additional fees applicable, depending on the type of document
 requested, additional research time, copying & etc. Sometimes in order to
 help us locate the correct information, it would be very helpful to send
 along an ancestor chart on the name(s) or family being researched. This
 saves valuable time for both parties involved in locating the correct
 family or name(s) and no additional fee for the same information you have already
 collected in your files.

 When our research is competed, we will notify you of the records, book(s), and
 etc. we have searched.  Payment must be received before the  information will be released.

 Township cemeteries - one of our volunteer(s) will take a picture of the tombstone of your deceased relative. The cost is $10.00 per photo with additional pictures $5.00 each from the same cemetery.  A different cemetery the initial fee of $10.00 will apply again. This charge is for emailed picture which include time and travel expense involved in going to the cemeteries -  pictures printed by the society will have an additional fee for printing, shipping & mailing.  Note: If the only research you want is a tombstone picture the initial $10.00 fee will cover the first picture.

 All requests must include a stamped self-addressed envelope and fee.

 Thanks to our volunteers for donating their time doing the research.  The fee charged is to keep the society in operation and publish more Pike County books.   If no books are published - all researcher will have a harder time collecting their genealogy information.

 Thank you and good luck in your research!

Pike County Genealogy & Historical Society
P. O. Box 224
Waverly, Ohio