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 Charter Members

Pike County, Ohio O. G. S. Charter Members:

Nora (Duke) Bailey,  Piketon, Ohio
Mrs. Ben Beard, Bowersville, Ohio
Arthur Bennett, Chillicothe, Ohio
John Bevier,  Mansfield, Ohio
Carol Bevier,  Mansfield, Ohio
Ruth Brasie, Waverly, Ohio
Juanita Bryant, Waverly, Ohio
Gladys Chalmers, Waverly, Ohio  (1906 -  1998)
Marie (Taylor) Clark, Chillicothe, Ohio   (1933 - 1985)               
Mary Lou (Francis) Cole,  Strongsville, Ohio
Raymond Dailey,  Waverly, Ohio
Dorothy Dailey, Waverly, Ohio
Frank Donohoe,  Waverly, Ohio
Kathryn Donohoe,  Waverly, Ohio
Bernice Francis,  Waverly, Ohio  (1908 -1999)
Robert W. Frey, Waverly, Ohio  (1941 - 2002)
Carol Frey, Waverly, Ohio
Eleanor A. Hamman,  Sabina, Ohio
Dorothy (Calvin) Harris,  Piketon, Ohio (1917 - 1995)
Marian Hartley,  Columbus, Ohio
Anna Brooks (Henry) Heller,  St Tempe, AZ
Virginia Hinds, Waverly, Ohio  
Perry Horton, Chillicothe, Ohio
Cora Horton, Chillicothe, Ohio
Kathryn Horton,  Chillicothe, Ohio
Violet Hughes, San Francisco, CA
Ruth E. Hunt,  Waverly, Ohio
Mrs. Francis Obetz,  Columbus, Ohio
Margie (Dean) Peery,  Waverly, Ohio
C. D. Pitts, Waverly, Ohio (1902 - 1984)
Isabel Potts, Columbus, Ohio
Ruth (Louis) Sakal,  Waverly, Ohio (1918 -         )
Lloyd Savage, Chillicothe, Ohio
Jean Savage,  Chillicothe, Ohio
Meg Scott, Columbus, Ohio
Charles W. Stewart, Waverly, Ohio
James E. Swiger,  Waverly, Ohio
Loraine Swiger,  Waverly, Ohio (1898 - 1992)
Dr. J. Morris Swiger,  (Honorary),  Palos Verdes, CA
Dr. L. Andre Swiger,  (Honorary), Canal Winchester, Ohio
Ruby Woods,  Waverly, Ohio (1923 - 1964)

At the November 18, 1973 Meeting it was voted that all persons joining the Pike County Genealogical Society before February 28, 1974 would be considered CHARTER MEMBERS.

 Ruth Sakal, Secretary

** If you have any information on any of the above charter members, please forward us a copy and we will post as time permits.     We have entered year of birth &  death dates, if available.                                                                   

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