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Birth Records: Volume 3


G - J

Pickaway County, Ohio


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This file was contributed for use in the OHGenWeb Pickaway County by county Marcia Dudley.

The following records were extracted from a filmed copy of Volume 3 (1887-1908) Birth Records of 8) Birth Records from Pickaway County, Ohio.  The film was made in 1962.  It is old and partially "browned out."  Therefore, this information is incomplete. 




Galick Edward Samuel 20 Aug 1887 M WH A. Almira Hoover
Grant Etty Pearl 9 May 1887 F WH Allen A. Rebecca J.Collins
Grace Marion Osborn 21 Oct 1887 F WH Charles S. Anna Smith
Green Elizabeth L. 1 Jul 1887 F WH Martin Fanny E. Beck
Green Merty Lilly 16 Jan 1888 F WH George Emma Welchauser
Gordon Bessie 12 Nov 1887 F WH unspecified Ella Godon
Grice Daisy B. 18 Jul 1887 F WH John D. Alice Hays
Grant Mary Florence 8 May 1887 F WH Amos Minnie Spade
Grice  Harry W. 18 Oct 1887 M WH George W. Mary A.Worstill
Griffey Maud 7 Mar 1888 F WH James F. Catherine Williams
Grabill unnamed 10 Jan 1888 F WH J. M. Hattie Geiser
Graham Pearl Levene 26 Nov 1887 F WH W. M. H. Gilleland
Gulick Pearl    22 May 1887 F WH Ira Amelia Wehe
Graffis Arthur Frank 16 Apr 1887 M WH Frank Sallie C. Thorn
Green Henry Guy 16 May 1887 M WH Wm. A. Rebecca Blosser
Garee Elsie 5 May 1887 F WH John Maggie Fretwell
Gochenouer Hester 25 Jun 1887 F WH Littleton Sarah R. Gibson
Gray Alex 11 Apr 1887 M WH Wm. A. Ola M.Durrett
Gloyd Ermy 26 Dec 1887 F WH William Mary Reed
Gochenouer Corra 7 Feb 1888 F WH George Elizabeth Clellan
Gussman Clarence 27 Nov 1887 M WH Charles    Abbie Young
Grossman Isaac 23 Oct 1887 M WH Abe Sallie Riger
Gelfillen Roy Lowe 22 Nov 1887 M WH Elliott Oliver Sarah Margaret Young
Glick Addie E. 15 Jan 1888 F WH Luther Lizzie Read
Gerhard Freddie 18 May 1888 M WH George B. Lizzie Trump
Garrison unnamed 4 Apr 1889 M WH Thomas Mary M.Whiten
Huffer Archy B. 6 Jun 1887 M WH Isaac Abigal Drake
Huber May ? Aug 1887 F WH Joseph Lizzie Kuhn
Huffer Dory May 6 May 1887 F WH Thomas Alice Hines
Hanly Cliffy 11 Nov 1887 M WH Frank  Hetty Nichelson
Hilter Roy Evans 14 May 1887 M WH Geo W. Ida M. Lutz
Hall George 16 Jan 1888 M WH William C. Louisa Palm
Hedges Roy 27 Sep 1887 M WH George Chloe Dunlap
Hummel Anna Blanche 22 Dec 1887 F WH William    Susie Baughman
Hines Carrie 3 Aug 1887 F WH J. B. Emma Wright
Helwagen Ray 17 Jul 1887 M WH Elmer Mary E. Adkins
Hatfield Harry 30 Jul 1887 M WH Nelson Susie Baughman
Harmount unnamed 6 Aug 1887 M WH N. F. G. E.Mark
Hanson Ada 8 Aug 1887 F WH Benjamin Maggie Done
Henninger Ida 31 Dec 1887 F WH Frederick Fredereka Kohler
Huston unnamed 6 Jun 1887 F WH J. W. Susan S. Bray
Hall Burnice C. 29 Aug 1887 F WH Samuel Anna E. Wilkins
Hulse John F. 28 Nov 1887 M WH J. Reaves Ettie D. List
Holliday George J. 15 Jan 1887 M WH Samuel Ada Bethards
Huff Clara W. 6 Mar 1888 F WH Clinton Mary Shannon
Hatfield S. E. 6 Dec 1887 M WH W. C.  Susan Redden
Hanson B. E. 24 Jul 1887 M WH William Vie Winfough
Hirch J. F. 21 Jan 1888 M WH George Jessie Mitchel
Haller J. S. 26 Mar 1888 M WH I. T. Sarah Justus
Hays Elmer 17 Jul 1887 M WH B. F. Mary Fridle
Hill Coral 28 Jul 1887 M WH J. C. Jetta Stinson
Hill Florence 20 Feb 1888 F WH Henry Sarah E. Brown
Imler Clyde 11 Jun 1888 M WH Henry B. Isadora Mowery
Irwin Mary Louise 15 Sep 1890 F WH Samuel J. Helen Ballane
Imler Minnie M. 8 Jul 1890 F WH Stanley B. Mary E. Eckstine
Imler Walter 11 Apr 1892 M WH Levi Ellen W. North
Imler Elsie 14 Jul 1892 F WH Stanley B. Mary E. Eckstine
Imel Verna Belle 6 Jul 1893 F WH Gabriel Grace Barret
Imler unnamed 28 Aug 1894 F WH Stanley B. Mary E. Eckstine
Ingman Edna 1 Sep1894 F WH G.E. Mary E.Grice
Imler Theresa 14 Feb 1896 F WH Schuyler Emma Butterbaugh
Ingman James 15 Nov 1895 M WH Geo. Mary Grice
Irwin Pauline 5 Mar 1898 F WH Samuel J. Nellie Ballard
Imler Carl 3 Oct 1898 M WH Schuyler Emma Butterbaugh
Imler Dollie 22-Jan-1900 F WH Schuyler Emma Butterbaugh
Imler Claude 29-Oct-1900 M WH William Cora Greeno
Imler Bessie 1-Apr-1901 F WH Schuyler Emma Butterbaugh
Inskeep Eleanor 24-Nov-1900 F WH I. L. Mary Redman
Irwin Maxine 26-Jun-1901 F WH Samuel J. Nellie Ballard
Irwin Lilly E. 22-Mar-1902 F WH Frank Rebecca McDaniel
Iles Loudema Florence 13-Dec-1901 F WH Geo R. Addie Hampshire
Ingham Wayne Lester 10-Sep-1902 M WH Bert Flo Burgoon
Ingham Walter Leslie 10-Sep-1902 M WH Bert Flo Burgoon
Imler Ruth 11-Feb-1903 F WH Schuyler Emma Butterbaugh
Inskeep Marvene 7-Jul-1902 F WH Isa Mary Redman
Ingham unnamed 1-Mar-1905 F WH Geo. Mary Grice
Ihler (Iles?) Mineard 13-May-1904 F WH George Ada Hampshire
Irvin Charles 18-Apr-1905 M WH Maudlin May Garrison
Iles Dorothy 5-Sep-1905 F WH George Ada Hampshire
Imler Mary E. 16-Apr-1906 F WH Link Effie Rooker
Imler Helen 14-Oct-1906 F WH Henry    Ida Scheer
Imler Bruce 21-Feb-1907 M WH Schuyler Emma Butterbaugh
Imler Ronald 16-Aug-1906 M WH Foster G. Amanda J.Wolf
Jester Maud 22 Aug 1887 F WH M. L. Mary E. Danner
Jester Pearl 29 Jul 1887 M WH Joseph Ellen Trump
Johnson Leah R. 16 Apr 1887 F WH John Rebecca Adams
Justus Blanche 26 Feb 1888 F WH William Lucinda Weaver
Justus K. M. 2 Jun 1887 F WH Wesley Dolly Crabill
Johnson Ross B. 3 Sep 1887 M WH Jesse  Mary F.Darling
Johnson Prissie 4 Oct 1887 F WH John Alice M. Hubbard
Jeffries Jesse C. 8 Dec 1887 M WH John Clara Kohl
Jennings Robert 10 Jun 1887 M WH Harry Sallie Palm
Jones Minnie Gertrude 28 Aug 1887 F WH Henry  Martha Jennings
Jenkins Bell 23 Jul 1887 F WH John Mary Cooper
Johnson Fannie 7 Nov 1888 F WH unspecified Dora Johnson
Justus Hazel B. 1 Jun 1888 F WH Isaac Mollie E. Coakley
Justus Cora V. 18 Nov 1888 F WH Wesley Dolly Grabill
Jones Cliffra Ward 9 Apr 1888 M WH George B. Effa Murphy
Justus George A. 19 Feb 1889 M WH Jacob Cynthia Merriman
Jahn William Henry 27 Dec 1888 M WH Henry  Mary Leffler
Jahn Elsworth C. 19 Sep 1887 M WH Henry  Mary Leffler
Jackson Levirta 6 Oct 1888 F CO Lige Jennie C. Jackson
Jonas Hattie 9 Sep 1889 F WH William Fannie Drum
Johnson Francis Marilla 5 Aug 1889 F CO Elisha Rosa Tamm
Julian Bessie K. 19 Jul 1889 F WH Frank Lillian Kocher
Jeffries Georgie C. 30 Jan 1890 F WH John  Clara Kohl
Jackson unnamed 2 Feb 1890 F CO Lige Jennie Jackson
James unnamed 30 Sep 1890 M WH Philip Mary M.James
Jolly Eunice M. 20 Jan 1890 F WH James Lettitia Porter
Johnson Vern  26 Apr 1889 M WH James M. Jr. Mary Ann Beavers
Jester Fred 9 Sep 1889 M WH M. L. Mary E.Denner
Jones Sarah 7 Nov 1889 F WH David Maggie Allen
Johnson Odra M. 15 Dec 1889 F WH Minor Hannah Morrison
Jones Jennie 25 Dec 1890 F WH Clifton Alice Huffman
Jones Harry L. 12 Feb 1891 M WH Hudson ________Redman
James Charley 23 May 1890 M WH Charley Mary Bush
Justus William M. 5 Jul 1890 M WH Wesley L. Dolly Grabill
Jolly George  28 Oct 1890 M WH Allen Lucy Mash
James Latta 17 Sep 1890 F WH Carrol Millie Windburn
Jester Jennie 9 Feb 1891 F WH M. L. Mary Denner
Jester Lottie 16 May 1890 F WH J. W. Ella Trump
Justice Anna Ruth 16 Sep 1891 F WH Wm. A. Ella Sullivan
Jones A. N. 22 Feb 1892 M CO Hutson ________ Redman
Jones William H. 4 Sep 1891 M WH George B. Ethelinda Murphy
Jackson Lafayette 25 Dec 1891 M WH Danil Hannah E. Clellan
Janes Hazel  16 Sep 1891 F WH John Ettie Baker
Jones Dana 18 Aug 1891 M WH Hiram Rosa Chittum
Jackson Edgar McK. 10 Jul 1891 M CO Elijah Jennie Jackson
Jones Ellis Russell 17 Feb 1893 M WH Clifton Alice Jones
Johnson unnamed 1 Mar 1893 M WH John L. Flora Hudson
Jolly F. 8 Mar 1893 M WH James Letty Porter