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Preble Facts

Created: March 1, 1808
Parent Counties: Butler County and Montgomery County.
Named for: Commodor Edward Preble (August 15, 1761 - August 25, 1807), a hero of the American Revolution.
County Seat: Eaton, named for; Gen. William Eaton (23 February 1764 – 1 June 1811), who played an important diplomatic and military role in the war with Tripoli and the Battle of Derne.

"That the permanent seat of Justice shall be 'fixt' at the town of Eaton, provided that the money, lands, lots, stone and labour, subscribed by the inhabitants of said town, shall be duly secured for the use of said county towards erecting publick buildings."—Commissioners' Journal, Vol. 1, p. 13.

Square Miles: 424.12, of which approximately seventy-three percent is covered in farms.

Adjacent counties

Earliest Available Dates of Vital Records
Birth Marriage Death Land Probate Court
1867 1808 1867 1805 1808 1808


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