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Dixon Township

Burson-Harris-Huffman-Dixon Township

Sec: NW 1/4 of Sec.1l Location On south side of Dixon Road. East of Wyatt Road (County Road 26). Reached by crossing field. Coord: 394335N, 0844412W


Location: On Fairhaven Road. Just off Concord Road. Across from Concord Church. NW corner of NE1/4 of SEC: 16. Coord: 394245N, 0844606W

Conger - North Cemetery

North 3227 Camden Sugar Valley Road, West of Camden-Sugar Valley Rd (County Road 21), south of its intersection with Ohio State Route 732. near Sugar Creek. Sec: SW1/4 Sec: 24 Coord: 394115N, 0844251W


Toney West of Lybrook Rd. south of Dixon Rd. NE1/4 Sec: 7 (1912) Coord: 394321N 0844757W

Gard - Winholt

West side of Camden-Sugar Valley Rd. NW1/4 Sect: 25

Sugar Valley

West of Eaton-Oxford Rd. south of SR 732. SE1/4 Sec: 24


North of Concord Rd. and west of Lybrook Rd. behind buildings on Elleman farm. SE1/4 Sec: 7

Gasper Township


North side of Antioch Rd. just .5 Mile west of US 127 south of Eaton SE1/4 SEC: 15 394200N 0843755W


South of Consolidated Rd. east of US 127 and railroad on Litchiser farm West SEC: 14

Camp Run - Saylor - Young

East of Wayne Trace Rd., south side of Yost Rd. SW1/4 SEC: 25 394033N 0843630W

Felton - Kinkaid

Longman Rd. at Lakengren SE1/4 SEC: 30 394058N 0844208W


East side of Winters Rd. just south of SR 732 at Lake Lakengren SE1/4 SEC: 18 394216N 0844138W

Muttonville - Methodist

Northeast side of Camden-Sugar Valley Rd (CR 21). west of Paint Creek Rd. SW1/4 SEC:31 393932N 0844115W


Remains may have been moved to Mound Hill. Three miles south of Eaton, on US 127. SW1/4 SEC: 26

Poyner Baptist - Felton - Kincaid

North of Paint Creek Rd (TR 233/225). at Lake Lakengren SW1/4 SEC: 29 394026N 0844107W


Southwest side of Longman Rd. east of Camden-Sugar Valley Rd (CR 21). NE1/4 SEC: 31

Gratis Township

Brubaker - Phillips Cemetery

Located west of SR 122 North Street.

Fairfield Cemetery

Located on west side of SR 503, north of West Elkton.

Fairview Cemetery

Located on west side of SR 122, south of Brubaker Road, north of Gratis (Winchester).

Fairmound Cemetery

Located on west side of SR 503, north of town (West Elkton).

Friends Cemetery

Located on east side of SR 503, south of West Elkton (at Quaker Church).

Gratis (Old) Cemetery

Located on east edge of Gratis.

Greenbush Cemetery

Located at Greenbush & Pleasant Valley Roads.

Phillips Family Burial Ground

Located on west of Brubaker Road, north of SR 725 on Brubaker Farm.

Geeding Family Burial Ground

Located north of Lantis-Geeding Road on Barnhart Farm.

Unnamed Burial Ground

Located east of Pleasant Valley Road on Beam Farm.

Harrison Township

Boland - Bolens

NW1/4 SEC 34 Southeast of Lewistburg .5 mile west of Lewisburg-ozias Road. Under 1-70. .25 mile east of SR 503.

Euphemia - Roselawn

South of US 40, on SR 503, at Lewisburg (Euphemia) NE1/4 28 395107N 0843234W

Hunt - Loy - Tilman - Hapner

Hunt (1871) or Studebaker (1912) farm. SW1/4(middle) SEC: 3 395436N 0843154W

Indian Mound

North of Verona Rd. SEC: 22,23

Indian Mound

SW1/4 SEC 27

Lewisburg - United Brethern

SW1/4 SEC 27. East of Lewisburg. mile south of US 40. On north side of Salem Road.

Lower Lewisburg - Horn

SW1/4 SEC: 27 Southeast section of Lewisburg. On north side of CR 15.

Methodist - Piles

NW1/4 of SEC 15. Near old West Sonora Methodist Church (church is now gone).

Twin Chapel

East side of Yohe Rd (TR 430). south of Georgetown Verona Rd (CR 31). NW1/4 7 395342N 0843545W

Verona - West Baltimore

W center of SEC: 12. Halfway between CR 31 and CR 36. on East side of Verona Rd. southwest of Verona 395345N 0842946W

Israel Township

Ailes - Asay - White

South of Paint Creek-Four Mile Rd. and west of Eaton-Oxford Rd. NE1/4 2 The cemetery has been destroyed and now is used as a corn field.

Beechwood - Covanentor

West side of SR 177 at Eaton Oxford Rd. southeast of Morning Sun and east of Hueston Woods State Park SW1/4 25 393505N 0844315W

Caldwell - Clarks Plot Cemetery

A small burying ground located on Newcombe Street, about .25 mile east of SR 177, Fairhaven. NW1/4 SEC: 9


Northwest of Fairhaven-College Corners Rd. and Campbell Rd. SE1/4 SEC: 6


Northeast of Fairhaven on north side of Israel-Somers Rd. SE1/4 SEC: 4 393836N 0844612W

Friends - Quaker - Westfield Cemetery

1 Mile North of SR 725, SW corner of Israel-Somers Rd. at the Kenworthy Road. NE1/4 12 393821N 0844215W

Gamble - Hays - Steele

West side of SR 732 south of Paint Creek-Four Mile Rd. SE1/4 3 393833N 0844433W


On southwest intersection of Camden College Corner Rd (CR 24), and Jackson Rd (TR 259). NE1/4 21 NW1/4 22 393615N 0844542W

Kingrey - College Corner

North side of Kingrey Rd. just east of Fairhaven-College Corner Rd. and east of Talawanda Springs NW1/4 32 393450N 0844748W

Pioneer Graves

East of Morning Sun on east side of Eaton-Oxford Rd.--Ferguson farm 1912 SW1/4 24

John Ramsey Old Settler

Northwest corner, Camden-College Corner Rd. and Cline Rd. NW1/4 24


East of Ramsey Branch Creek SW1/4 14

Jackson Township


South of Washington Jackson Rd. and east of Oxford-Gettysburg Rd. SE1/4 25 394554N 0844245W

Price Rice

Single grave--lost 17

State Line

East of State Line Rd. south of Crawfordsville-Campbellstown Rd. NW1/4 19


West side of New Westville Rd. south of New Westville NW1/4 8 394845N 0844737W


South of Murray Rd. and east of West Florence-Campbellstown Rd.--lost NW1/4 10

Jefferson Township


West of Guy Murray Rd. and north of US40--moved to Springlawn NW1/4 31

Gettysburg Curry

Oxford-Gettysburg Rd. south of US 40 NE1/4 35 395006N 0844324W

New Paris St. Johns Catholic (part)

East side of SR121 at north edge of New Paris NE1/4 20 395200N 0844700W

Pleasant Hill

Hollandsburg Rd. and New Paris-Hillsboro Rd. just east of the Indiana State line NW1/4 6 395431N 0844827W

Springlawn Fairmount

South edge of New Paris on the east side of SR 320 SW1/4 29 395057N 0844729W


North of US 40 on north bank of Rocky Fork Creek NE1/4 33

Lanier Township

Brower - Foutz

Fisher-Twin Rd. 1/2 mile west of SR 503 on Miller farm NE1/4 9 394324N 0843254W

Brower - German Baptist

Northeast corner, Carlton Rd. and Enterprise Rd. on Ulrich farm NW1/4 25 394048N 0842957W


South of Halderman Rd. and west of Twin Creek SW1/4 15


Northeast of Germantown Rd. and west of Preble County Line Rd. NE1/4 12

Eikenberry - Wheatville

SR 122 at Wheatville just north of Carlton Rd. NW1/4 29 394107N 0843430W

Enterprise - Guntle - Ingomar

East side of Enterprise Rd. north of Moses Rd./Spitler Rd. SW1/4 13 394214N 0843000W

Fahrney - Neff

Twin Valley East side of Enterprise Rd. northeast of Gratis SW1/4 36 393932N 0842955W


West side of SR 503 south of West Alexandria SW1/4 3 394406N 0843202W

Fisher - Fouts, Rubsam

West of Quaker Trace Rd., north of Fisher-Twin Rd. NE1/4 7

Holderman Halderman

U. B. East of SR503 on west bank of Twin Creek NW1/4 27

Holderman Ray

South side of Ray Rd. between SR122 and SR503 NE1/4 33

Indian Grave

North of Stock Rd. along Twin Creek SW1/4 2

Ketterman Halderman

South side of Ketterman Rd. east of Sharpsburg Rd.--gone SE1/4 32


West of Montgomery-Preble County Line Rd. at Twin Valley Farms SW1/4 36


North side of Moses Rd. east of Twin Creek Rd. SW1/4 14

Old Salem* Old Town, Lutheran West

Alexandria near Salem Lutheran Church on south side of US35 NE1/4 3

Sample Stover

West side of Stover Rd. south of US35 across from Washington's Gardens NE1/4 5


South of Carlton Rd. and east of Enterprise Rd.--relocated SW1/4 36

Sugar Hill - German Baptist

South side of US35 east edge of West Alexandria, east of Twin Creek NW1/4 2 394406N 0843100W


South of Carlton Rd. at Camp Meow SW1/4 26

Unknown - United Brethren?

North side of Moses Rd., west of Enterprise Rd. SW1/4 14 394206N 0843054W

Van Ausdal

North Factory Rd. off SR503 south of West Alexandria NE1/4 10

Wampler Wetja

Brubaker farm on west side of Twin Creek Rd. SE1/4 22

West Alexandria German Reformed

Near Salem Lutheran Church NE1/4 3

Wilson Suggs

On Johnson farm above Twin Creek south of Halderman Rd. SE1/4 15

Young Miller

West side of SR122, south of Ray Rd. on Aukerman Creek NW1/4 33

Monroe Township

Brown Twin Chapel

Intersection of Georgetown, Verona and Yohe Roads NE1/4 12 395342N 0843545W

Campbell Petry

Along Armantrout Run west of Price Creek, west of Monroe School SE1/4 16 395230N 0843927W

Crisler Walker

North of US40 east of US127 along Prices Creek--Removed to Dry Fork Cemetery NE1/4 26 395100N 0843642W

Dry Fork Baptist

North of Swisher's Mill Rd. at the end of Hensel Rd. NW1/4 13 395251N 0843654W

Hamburg United Brethren

West edge of Hamburg on south side of Hamburg Rd. NE1/4 17 395312N 0844042W

Monroe Monroe Universalist

Corner of Monroe-Central Rd. and Kimmel Rd. east of Hamburg SE1/4 9 395315N 0844015W

Price's Creek German Baptist

West side of SR726 behind the Church NE1/4 20


Crubaugh Rd. at Pence Shewman Rd. north of US 40 NE1/4 30 395128N 0844145W

Wehrley Landis, Ware

north of Ware-Miller Rd. east of SR726 SW1/4 21

Ware's Chapel

South side of Foos Rd. east of Monroe Central Rd. SW1/4 22 395152N 0843848W

Somers Township


(Abandoned) Devil's Backbone Rd (Old 725) west of Camden SW1/4 9 393739N 0844005W

Bank Springs Kirvin, Pottenger

East of bridge over Seven Mile Creek on Barnetts Mill Rd. NW1/4 2


South of Gasper-Somers Rd. near Camden Rd. NW1/4 3

Danser Newton, Williams

West of US127 and south of Oxford-Germantown Rd. SE1/4 33 393421N 0843903W



West of US127 and east of Stephens-Young Rd. south of Swan-Beatty Rd. NW1/4 28 393536N 0843936W

Fairmount Camden

North of Camden Rd. and N. Main St. in Camden NW1/4 10 393823N 0843832W


Old Civil War Grave East of Camden-Darrtown Rd. near Possum Run--Civil War burial--moved to Hardin County, OH SE1/4 29

Patterson - Kiracofe

East of Somers Rd. and south of Somers-Gratis Rd. NW1/4 13

Lowes Chapel - Kenworthy

North side of SR 725 just west of Dillman Rd. and west of Camden SE1/4 7 393734N 0844118W

Mound builders

Indian Burial Ground North of Pogue Rd. and west of Magill Rd. on Davis farm SW1/4 22 393600N 0843830W

Old Camden - Orchard Hill Cemetery

M. E. Church, Orchard Hill SR 725 (Central Ave.) just west of Camden SE1/4 9 393744N 0843918W


East of SR227 (Old US127) across from Swan-Beatty Rd. SE1/4 21

Pioneer Graves

Near US127 and Wayne Trace Rd. NE1/4 12


East of Camden-Darrtown Rd. and south of Oxford-Germantown Rd. SW1/4 32 393415N 0844100W

Twin Township

Bantz Brennersville

Southeast Brennersville on south side of Brennersville-Pyrmont Rd. NE1/4 17

Banz/Bantz - Terrel

Northeast of Brennersville and north of Eaton-Lewisburg Rd. SW1/4 7


South side of Lexington Rd. west of Banta's Fork NW1/4 31

Bethlehem Chapel - Christian Church - Wysong

West of Wysong Rd. and south of Bantas Creek Rd. NE1/4 30


East of Prices Creek Rd. and west of Prices Creek SE1/4 6

Enoch - Imes

East side of Eaton-Lewisburg Rd. and north of Brennersville-Pyrmont Rd. SE1/4 8


West side of Eaton-Lewisburg Rd. NE1/4 4

Hart - German Baptist

West side of Price Creek, east of Twin Township Rd. NW1/4 21

Indian Burial Ground

East of SR503 at Falls Rd. SW1/4 15


West of Prices Creek Rd. and south of Scheying Rd. Northwest of round barn on Wolfe farm NE1/4 6

Myers Ware, Wehrley

North of Bantas Creek Rd. SE1/4 20

New Lexington - Old Presbyterian - Presbyterian - Lexington

East of SR503 and north of Lexington-Salem Rd. Behind old Nesbitt home, in New Lexington SW1/4 27


West side of Jordan Rd. north of Lexington-Salem Rd. SE1/4 14

Preble Memory Gardens

North side of US35 in Glenwood SW1/4 32


East of Quinn Rd. and south of Lexington Rd. NW1/4 32

St. Johns Chapel

South side of Lewisburg Rd. and west of Preble County Line Rd. NE1/4 1

Shiloh Lutheran

Preble County Line and Brennersville-Pyrmont Rd. SE1/4 12 394833N 0842903W

Sugar Grove

East side of SR 503 north of New Lexington NW1/4 27 394601N 0843155W


Eaton-Lewisburg Rd. 4


Across the road from Price's Mill 6


Near Wysong Rd. and Bantas Fork Creek Rd. NE1/4 30

Washington Township

Bonebrake - New Hope

In New Hope, north of US35 at Cemetery Rd. NW1/4 19 394712N 0844957W

Campbell - Holderman - Roberts

Old Camden Pike and Trunk Rd. SW1/4 11 394303N 0843724W

Crumbaker - Ferriell - German Baptist

North of Washington-Jackson Rd NW1/4 29

Fisher - May

SR122 southeast of Eaton SE1/4 2 394342N 0843706W

Fort St. Clair

SR355 south of SR122 west of Eaton. On the grounds of Fort St. Clair State Park, inside the loop through the park. NE1/4 4 394415N 0843918W


On the O. E. Juday farm NE1/4 5


East of Lowery's Run SE1/4 11

Mound Hill -Mound Hill Union

West of Eaton south of SR 122 NW1/4 3 394428N 0843846W

Preble County Home - Infirmary

Near Preble County Home for the Aged, on east side of Gettysburg Rd. 20 394539N 0843851W

Sherer Quill

West of Seven Mile Creek on Kramer Brothers farm SW1/4 7 394830N 0844148W

Spacht Swain

East of Spacht Rd. and south of Seven Mile Creek,on Ketron farm. SE1/4 17 NE1/4 20 394712N 0844042W

Zion Church Graveyard

West side of US127 north of Eaton at Lowry's Run SW1/4 11 394830N 0843754W

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