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American History Essay Contest

   Open to students in grades 5 through 8.  Every fall a topic is announced and contest instructions are sent to the schools by participating chapters. Essays are judged for historical accuracy, adherence to topic, organization of materials, interest, originality, spelling, grammar, punctuation, and neatness. Winners receive a beautiful certificate and an opportunity to read their essay to the chapter.  Awards are given at chapter, state, and national levels.  National awards are presented during the Continental Congress in July.  Interested teachers may email a request for more information by clicking here.

Good Citizen Award and Good Citizenship Award

    The DAR Good Citizens award is given to outstanding high school seniors for the contributions to their communities and their schools.  This committee recognizes and rewards high school seniors who possess good citizenship qualities of dependability, service, leadership, and patriotism in their homes, schools, and communities. Each award is given on a merit basis including completion of a questionnaire, essay, scholastic record, and a letter of recommendation. National awards for the first, second, and third-place winners include scholarships to the school of their choice.

    The DAR Good Citizenship award is given to a child in grades 5-11 who is dedicated to honor, service, courage, leadership, and patriotism. 

Junior American Citizen Award

    The Junior American Citizens Committee (JAC) is DAR's second oldest youth-oriented committee, preceded only by the Children of the American Revolution. Students have participated in JAC since October 1901. The original objectives of this committee were: 'To instill good citizenship in the youth of all races, creeds, and economic backgrounds, by teaching loyalty to the United States of America, giving practical ideas for service to home, community, school, and country; thus encouraging a deeper sense of social responsibility and increasing interest in the study of Civics, Social Studies and the History of the U.S.A.' Reaching out to students in grades K-12 across America, the committee fosters the idea that the rights and responsibilities of citizenship can, and should, be taught from an early age.

    The JAC Contest is open to all students in preschool through high school, students in public, private, and parochial schools as well as in sanctioned home-study programs, including those students who may be physically or mentally challenged or in gifted/talented programs.  Youth groups may also participate. This contest is conducted without regard to gender, race, religion, or national origin. Any school, organization, or person can participate in the JAC Contest using the materials provided free of charge, under the sponsorship of the local DAR chapter.

Air Force ROTC and Army ROTC Awards

    In the spring of each year, we recognize an outstanding ROTC student at their respective awards ceremony.  We award a Junior ROTC medal to a cadet at Fairborn High School, a Senior ROTC medal to a student in the Army ROTC at Wright State University, and an Air Force ROTC medal to a cadet from either the University of Dayton, Cedarville College, or Wright State University at a joint Air Force ROTC program at Wright State. 

DAR Genealogy Preservation Project

    Some of our members are assisting in the current project of entering lineage information from applications to create a searchable database.  The goal is to index DAR genealogical, organizational, and membership information into computerized, searchable databases. This will assist in preserving these valuable records and significantly enhance the application approval and membership record retrieval processes.

Sewing Adaptive Clothes for Amputees

    In conjunction with a local church, some of our members are helping to fulfill the needs of armed services personnel whom have sustained injuries that prohibit them from wearing normal clothing.  Items such as shirts, shorts, skirts, pajamas, and even underwear are taken apart on the sides and Velcro is sewn in where the seam usually is located.

Supporting Veterans

    We collect greeting cards and postage stamps for the Veterans Affairs Hospital.  The cards are put on meal trays for holidays and the stamps are sorted and collected by the veterans.

Supporting DAR schools

    We collect Campbell's soup labels to assist the DAR funded schools.



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